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Female Freelance Assassins. Plot Outline: BAM! BAM! BAM! (Banter) BANG...DEAD.

We are fully funded but can still recieve pledges up until 12:44pm today! Additional funding will only help to make this spectacular!

"Hitwomen" is an upcoming webseries starring Lindsey Marks (aka Lady Jack) and Jolie Roberson (aka that hot bellydancer) as two freelance female assassins whose tongues are as sharp as their knifes and wit as quick as their bullets. Each webisode will feature a new target, and plenty of sarcasm, as the lead characters make their way through the absurdities of their profession and personal lives. Hitwomen will answer such pressing questions as "Assassin Union? Is it feasible?"

Think of it as Alias meets Cowboy Bebop meets Oceans 11 meets Firefly meets The Professional.

"Hitwomen" will have an emphasis on intense, complex action sequences done in the style of John Woo...sometimes. Sometimes done in the style of other guys. And... in our own style.  We have the unique opportunity to work with big budget special FX artist and armorer Matt Stratton.  Remember the flippy gun Angelina Jolie used in Wanted when she shot some dudes in a convenience store?  He built that shit.  You know what he's going to build for us?  Cooler shit.

The action will be the cake itself, the absurd scenarios and witty banter the frosting, our hotness the strawberries?  Help us bring this metaphor cake to life.

We are launching a fundraising campaign for the first 3 webisodes, and are intending on top-notch film quality and action sequences...We need to hit our funding goal in order to create the best possibles special effects, fight choreography, costuming and get our ideal locations nailed down. We are pleased as we could possibly be to create this and will be quite grateful for any support from $1 all the way to $1,000!

The project is conceptualized by Lindsey Marks (Burlesque dancer, performance artist, all around badass), Chris Sato (Director and writer) and Jolie Roberson (bellydancer, style guru, and wisecracker) with the Special FX and fight choreography of Matt Stratton (Wanted, Black Knight... and 40+ other feature films).

Once the first three episodes are funded and off the ground we hope to create an ongoing series.  We will also be launching a website shortly and will be posting constant media updates including videos, photos and blogs to the website and to Kickstarter. want to be part of this business?

You can find out more about us and the work we've done:


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