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A Free-to-Play Online Open-World Multiplayer Survival Game!

A Free-to-Play Online Open-World Multiplayer Survival Game! Read More
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UPDATE #2: Alpha Now Available for the $25 Pledge!

That's right! We heard your feedback and are happy to announce that the RocketBear Pack now includes access to the alpha! Get cracking!


The Living: 30 days to survive

1. About the Living: 30 Days to Survive

  • A free-to-play PC online multiplayer survival game!
  • Open World Environment populated by players and zombie
  • Introducing a new genre: 30 real days to survive
  • Intense Co-op Survival Experience
  • Real-time gameplay (every hour in-game equals one hour in real time)
  • Random Events! Player-made scenarios will unfold as players fight for survival

2. Customized Character Creation

  • Four unique professions
  • Customizing everything from body type, skin color, hair styles, and much more. 
  • Earn in-game currency to purchases new outfits, weapons, and supplies for your character

3. Playing the Game

  • Players will need food, water, and shelter to stay alive
  • Team up with friends or hunt others for their supplies
  • Huge open world with accessible vehicles and houses
  • Play as a Zombie and hunt down other human players


What does 30 days to survive mean?

The Living cannot be put in any category that exists today. It is a multiplayer role-playing survival action sandbox game, with a twist. Every game is 30 real world days. Every day in-game lasts a real 24 hours. You have that long, 30 days, to stay alive.

There are no quests!  We throw players in a hostile environment with the tools to survive and it’s up to them to reach the end of the 30 days. Not only will you have to survive against zombies and other players, but you'll also need food, water, and shelter to stay alive.

Scoring Your Game

Everything you do, every kill you make, every resource you find, and every day that you stay alive will give you points and experience.  These points can be used to purchase new outfits and gear for your character. 

After the 30 days are up, everyone is ranked and achievements and points are revealed. If you think it is satisfying to get first place on a two-minute shooter, wait till you get ranked first after a 30-day zombie apocalypse.  Players will also be rewarded with gear and outfits that can only be obtained by surviving the 30 days.  It brings a sense of accomplishment that has not yet been seen in games.

Random Events

Players might encounter random events when playing the game.  They might see a military helicopter with equipment crashes near by.  Players can either risk their lives to get to the crash site first and get the supplies, or they can hang back and ambush other players that might venture near the crash site. 


The Living is Free-to-Play first and foremost, but because of the extensive customization, Survival Credits(SC) can be earned in-game by completing achievements and earning points. Players can also choose to purchase Blood Money(BM) through a simple online transaction.  The Living players can customize their experience by spending SC or BM on a variety of micro-transaction purchases.

This is NOT a Pay-to-Win game.  Players who do pay will not receive an unfair advantage to other players.

This will be a PC game that we would also like to distribute through steam.


Character creation will be a huge aspect of The Living, from outfitting your character to customizing everything from body type, skin color, hair styles, and much more.  Also with the Survival Credits you receive by playing the game, you can get new outfits to create a unique look for yourself.  Civilization might be gone, but your sense of fashion isn't!


Each character will get to choose from four unique professions. Each profession has a distinct set of skills that keeps them strong on their own but is more valuable in a group.  Any class that you choose to play solo is viable.

The Mechanic: the mechanic excels in fixing anything with a motor. In The Living, vehicles will constantly need mechanical attention. The last thing you want is to be in a dangerous escape from a horde of zombies and your car breaks down.

The Surgeon: with the proper tools and equipment the surgeon profession has the knowledge to heal. But it’s their ability to amputate other player’s limbs that sets them apart from the normal healing class. In The Living, if players are bit they are turned into a Zombie, but if a surgeon is in your group, he or she can cut a limb off to stop the infection from spreading. This leaves the amputated player to spend the rest of the 30 days with no arm or leg...but at least you're still alive.

The Survivalist: this character is your classic outdoors guru. They can identify poisonous and non-poisonous plants, berries, and roots. In The Living, players don’t have to solely rely on scavenged canned foods, but the natural food around them. The survivalist also has a unique item, a tent. The tent can be set up to provide a stealthy shelter almost anywhere. Other players are allowed in the tent...with the survivalist's permission of course.

The Politician: a born leader and motivator, whenever The Politician is around everyone in the group is inspired to keep going. Everyone can last longer without any food or water.  Being a Politician has other perks, like the key to the city, which unlocks certain rooms only located in the city that have an abundance of supplies and rare items.

When Professions get together:

In The Living, each profession has its own unique abilities, but when players work together their characters can perform a series of task called “Partnerships”. Each profession performs a different Partnership depending on which other profession they team up with. For example if a Mechanic teamed up with a Surgeon, with the right materials, they could create a deadly weapon.


Scavenging and Looting

You character will explore different areas to find items or weapons.  The only problem is that you will have a limited space in your inventory.  You will encounter difficult choices such as keeping a weapon to fight off zombies or take all the medical gear that could save you in the future.

Players may also choose to become bandits and hunt down other players for their resources.  In a world with out laws or regulation, it's hard to trust anyone.

What Happens After You Die?

While we are not ready to reveal every last detail, we know you are curious as to what happens if you are killed by other players or devoured by Zombies. If that were to happen, your character would rise a zombie! You hunger for blood and brains, you know only rage. However, perhaps somewhere in the wilds...there exists a way to change back into a human...or evolve your zombie to become a bigger threat!


We have shown a lot so far, and while there is still a lot more to talk about, we don't want to reveal it all up front! However, we wanted to give you a feel of how a scenario in The Living might play out:

Imagine you and a few teammates are in a house surrounded by hostile players.  They had ambushed you while your group was scavenging the house for supplies.  Teammates are stationed at every entrance of the house, to prevent them from flanking you.  Bullets are scarce and you are out-manned...but at least you have shelter to defend.

A shot rings out.

Glass goes flying as a bullet shatters the window and hits one of your team members in the shoulder.  After a moment of confusion, a Surgeon on your team runs in to tend to their wounds.  You hear a roar in the distance. The sound of the gunshot has alerted nearly every zombie in this neighborhood.  Your enemies are now feverishly trying to bash their way into the house. Even if the zombies take care of them, you're not prepared enough to fight the undead. Your teammates need a plan of action. Do you try to call a truce? Is the house even worth the trouble?  What do you do?


Help Us Make The Game!

To every gamer that has ever been promised something in a video game only to be let down: ease your minds. We're going to do our very best to deliver everything we talk about at launch. We are extremely passionate about this vision, but we need your help and contribution. All the funds you give us will go straight into the development of the game.

Visit our blog, follow us on twitter, and like us on Facebook and be a part of the creation of the game by voting on outfits, and much more.

Why $60,000?

We felt like this would be a good amount to get the Living the jumpstart it needs. Your money would go into setting up shop as well as hiring talented people to make the game. Additionally, the $60,000 goal would allow us to make a playable alpha to distribute and display for further support.

About RocketBear Studios

We are a group of artists, programmers, designers and writers. While we are still working on getting our group official (website, etc.), The Living is in progress and has been for some time now. Please check out our Blog at:


  • Both! Players can switch from either 1st or 3rd person any time. This gives flexibility for the players.

    Last updated:
  • We want everyone to know that we understand how ambitious this game idea is. The $60,000 is to jumpstart this game, and to create a playable build of the game for people to play.

    Last updated:
  • We want the players to have all their equipment for the next round of 30 days, but you will get them back after a small amount of time. We do this to keep the beginning of the next round from having balancing issues between new and experienced players.

    Last updated:
  • During production of the game will like to see if we can support multiple platforms. Mac is one of the systems we hope to put our game on as well.

    Last updated:
  • We're going to be hosting a poll on our Facebook page when the time comes. We'll let everyone know when we're taking submissions, and then the voting will commence amongst the top four or five!

    Last updated:
  • It's going to take some time, but rest assured we'll keep everyone updated with the progress. In the meantime, check out our twitter, faceboook, and blog!

    Last updated:
  • Not at all! When a user logs out, their character (and anything they might be carrying) is saved, and then disappears. It cannot be seen nor harmed in any way. When you log back in, you'll show up in the same place you left, but be aware that everything may not be as you left it (e.g. teammates going on without you, nearby unclaimed supplies being stolen, etc.).

    Last updated:
  • You got it! That's the plan. We don't much care for invisible walls. We understand that the whole map itself will have to have borders, but what's in it should be free game for all to explore.

    Last updated:
  • The current environment we're showing has 4 main "parts": the city, the forest, the suburbs, and the grasslands. There will be updates later on that will allow you to change what environment your game will use.

    Last updated:
  • At first? Yes. But if you've just read the question above this one, you'll see where we're going with this. Eventually we're going to provide updates that will allow you to select what type of enemies you'll be surviving against.

    Last updated:
  • Calm down, son. Once we've released enough updates, you'll have a plethora of choices. Want to fight rampaging robots in ancient China? Perhaps take on mythical creatures atop a snowy peak? We want to give you those choices.

    Last updated:
  • Once the game is started and those 30 days begins, how much time you spend in the world is your business. Technically, you could spend 15 minutes in the game. Find a weapon, gather a few supplies, find some shelter, and then log back out. You'll have received points for the survival actions you accomplished, but you wont have nearly as many points as someone who spent 15 days in the game. If that's winning to you, then congrats! You beat the game!

    Last updated:

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