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EYE OF THE HURRICANE is a feature film about a small Everglades community struggling to recover from a devastating hurricane
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116 backers pledged $27,550 to help bring this project to life.

A quick note from the Director...

The Home Stretch...

Look at how much we've raised in the last few days!!!!

Thank you guys!!!!

So many of you have stepped up and we've picked up the pace, but the we are in the last 3 days, and still short of the goal, so please, if any of you have put off pledging or calling your friends to pledge, the time is now!!!! 

I am using many exclamation points in this note to drive home the urgency of this!!!!!

The film is getting more wonderful with every day of work here on the sound and color.  We are going to have a truly lovely movie to show you all, if we can get it done, so keep the support engines in high gear.... My fingers are crossed for luck!!!

Just three more days!!!!


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A quick note from the Director...

Hi kickstarters!

I have been noticing some increased activity on the Kickstarter tally, and I want to just say THANK YOU for the continued effort and to say keep "kickin'"!!

6 Days to Go!  Not a lot of time left, but we are still in this fight!

As we speak, I am in Los Angeles, barricaded in a sound studio, putting in all the bells and whistles (literally) that are going to make our beautiful movie sing.  But alas, if we don't make our $ goal, no one will get to hear the lovely tones our movie emanates. 

So let's make this last money push the Big One!

Tell your friends, work your parents, manipulate your children, dare your siblings, guilt your grandmother, blackmail your boss...there's money out there and we need it! Support independent film!  And more importantly, support THIS independent film :)

144 hours to go!  Let's do it!


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Last week...

I know you are all incredibly tired of hearing about this...but this is the LAST WEEK to support the film.  We have an investor who will put in $10K if we can raise $10K in the next 5 days.  WE CAN DO IT WITH YOUR HELP!  PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO 10 FRIENDS TODAY!  You are not only supporting our film, but independent filmmaking in general!  Independent filmmaking is important in every country!!!  Especially one with no support of the arts.  Thank you!

Friday March 4, 2011 - ONE MORE WEEK ONLY!

This was such a fun (and collllllld) day!  The city of St. Marys, Georgia allowed us to shut down the main intersection to shoot the hurricane devastation scene, and on cue a storm rolled through.  Thanks, again, to our Production Designer Lawson Brown, his amazing team and all of St. Marys for helping us to create such an interesting and believable set!  L-R Andrew Wilson Williams ("Tyler"), Colin Ford ("Ballard"), Grant Collins (Homer), Writer/Director Jesse Wolfe, Wendi Motte ("Abby"), Producer Susan Johnson, Ben Sabet ("Willis").

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Thursday March 3, 2011...ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT AND $17K TO GO!

Hi all,

We are sooooo close, but still have a long way to go.  The good news is that we have been asked to submit our film for consideration by the Cannes Film Festival.  The bad news is, we have to submit in 3 weeks and need to complete a successful Kickstarter campaign in order to finish the film.  If each of you could please pass this along to 10 friends, we would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thanks again for your support!

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