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TRAVEL JACKET with built-in Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Gloves, Earphone Holders, Drink Pocket, Tech Pockets of all sizes! Comes in 4 Styles
TRAVEL JACKET with built-in Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Gloves, Earphone Holders, Drink Pocket, Tech Pockets of all sizes! Comes in 4 Styles
44,949 backers pledged $9,192,055 to help bring this project to life.

Extra Features/New Stretch Goals. Our Vision!

Posted by BAUBAX LLC (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Please read till the end. We've got a lot to share today.

Thanks to y’all, BauBax is now the most funded Clothing project in the history of crowdfunding!

You all have given us 15,000+ reasons to smile! Now, our founding family has members from 75 countries. We couldn’t be more excited!

A big shout out to some of our backers who are helping us with the comments section. We appreciate your support and encourage you to help future backers by answering their questions and/or guiding them to the FAQs section.

Kudos to some of our backers for being so innovative and suggesting new features for BauBax Travel Jackets. Yes, we hear you and the two new features introduced in this update are our backers’ ideas. We are so proud! We are open to more ideas; keep them coming!



We believe in disruption. We are young, nimble, and want to make a dent in the universe through continuous innovation. By mid of 2016, we plan to launch our Technology Powered Clothing products, that will enhance your lifestyle and give you super powers!

Google and Levi’s are developing denims to control your smart devices:

We are developing apparels that’ll help you control your environment and enhance your lifestyle. We plan to have sensors in clothes that'll measure your body vitals and help you track your health and performance. We are listing two examples below:

1. Built-in temperature sensors that will measure your body temperature and communicate with the smart Thermostat in your home to automatically set the room temperature that suits your body.

2. Sensors that’ll track your workouts, and display a visual analysis on your smart phone to help you analyze which muscles are being used the most. Future BauBax - Technology Powered Clothing would have several such features.

Hiral, our CEO, has been a Roboticist for past 11 years. He has won several international robot competitions, including a Gold Medal at RoboGames, San Mateo (one of the World’s Largest Robot Competition). He still has the robotics bug in him and plans to integrate it with the clothing of the future.

Yoganshi, our CDO, says “Regardless of what we do in the future, we’ll never forget our Founding Family members. They are the ones who’ve brought BauBax to life. We will try our best to launch all future BauBax products here on Kickstarter, to allow our backers access them at early bird prices."

Now let’s come back to the Present.


As mentioned in our last update, the pillow and zipper mold designs are underway. We have divided our operations team in several groups to run parallel processes and get all the parts ready before production begins in September.


We have scheduled a photo shoot on Thursday, July 30th. So, by early next week you should expect new images on the campaign page.


We’ve updated the sizing chart and tried to incorporate most of the requests that we’ve received thus far. If you need more details then please leave us a message and we’ll try our best to answer them.


Your Zipper is now, a Pen + Stylus + Bottle Opener.

We heard y’all - we’ve introduced new colors and tall sizes for both men and women.

At $5 million, you’ll unlock Touch Screen friendly Half scoop gloves (of the Sex in the City fame) that will keep you warm and productive on planes and when you are on the go.


You’ve got the power to get a bang for your buck! If each one of you could Share this Project on your facebook timeline with a caption of your favorite BauBax features, tag your friends and family, and encourage them to pledge, then we can potentially unlock the 4th Stretch Goal very soon. We’ve got some more features in mind which'll serve the unmet needs of travelers. We promise that higher the goal, the better the features. So, please help us spread the word.


Team BauBax.

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    1. Suzanne Collaborator on

      @Jamaica Sobrenilla: We do have replacement pens available for purchase. Please send a request to our exchange site: Total cost for US is $13 USD and $15 USD for international. Thank you!

    2. Jamaica Sobrenilla

      i lost my there any way i can buy a new pen.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alison Li on

      how to contact you for defective product?

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Ascencio Mariotti on

      Guys youve almost reached 5 million!!! congrats!!! time to update those stretch goals!

    5. Missing avatar

      Rhianna Croucher on

      Are any of the pockets big enough to comfortable hold a book?

    6. Missing avatar

      Robbin Sawyer on

      How about for us larger lovely ladies please!

    7. Sharon Shum on

      Bomber in military for women as well would be awesome!

    8. Missing avatar

      Kylie Foo on

      Petite sizes! Please!

    9. Missing avatar

      amanda rossman on

      I'm sure some would use the bottle opener, but a small led flashlight would, IMHO, be more useful.

    10. Julie on

      No bottle opener, I like the idea of a small flashlight and whistle. I don't need the stylist either. Long lengths and include the blankets with the coats, no point of blanket pocket without blanket. Talks sizes good. I'm a huge Scottevest fan, but I'm very interested in this product, I love the new features

    11. AndreasLim on

      yeah please reconsider add another feature to replace the bottle opener... it's too common and not so special..

    12. Missing avatar

      Ee Jia Ying on

      Ah... I would also like to join the "No bottle opener please , blanket instead' club... I really don't find a bottle opener that important..we drink off cans/ bottles with twist offs.. The blanket would be much much much more essential.

      I am very excited for the product, and I hope that it'll arrive in time for my winter vacation!

    13. Missing avatar

      Hollie Tripp on

      oh that WAS a good point about sturdier sweatshirt material.

    14. Missing avatar

      Hollie Tripp on

      I LOVE the design and I'm super stoked about my order! Will we have the option of adding the blanket later but before the order ships? Haven't decided yet... :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Amanda Zhang on

      Hi, I really like the idea~ just wondering if the oil of pen can be refilled :)

    16. Mitul Patel on

      @jerry - I'm in agreement. I'm 6'3". I'm sure if I get a Tall size it would fit, but having a jacket that fits just below the waist line would be perfect.

      My wife is 5'10" and has a long torso, so she would actually have to get a men's jacket, as a women's would literally be too short.

    17. Mitul Patel on

      I have pledged for the 2 pack and the idea of a bottle opener and full gloves would be wasted features. I would go as far to say the same thing for the can holder. I can't remember a time when I was given a UK size soda can. Those two, at least should be replaced. RFID POCKET that's waterproof seems like a simple enough design.

      How long does the pillow stay inflated?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jerry on

      I would like to second @Rawia's request for longer coats. I really would like the bomber jacket, but I'm 187.96 cm (6 feet 2 inches) and have a belly. I prefer the bottom of my jackets to go below my belt. Something more like a pea coat.

    19. Missing avatar

      Abigail Wong on

      Hi there, I like to say a great job with the idea and design.

      While it's great to add so many features to the jacket, let's keep the jacket light weighted/sensibly weight. I'm not sure if weight was mentioned in the specification but weight would really be a concern and if it's too heavy and bulky. I have and I'm sure many of us would have a lot of good jackets with multiple (& deep) pockets but they are generally either too heavy or too bulky and you'll end up picking something light weighted whenever you travel.

      Do take this into consideration please.

      I understand it's supposed to be worn most time during travel but you would still want a light weighted/reasonable weight clothing..

    20. BAUBAX LLC 3-time creator on

      First of all a big thank you all of you for giving us so many insights and ideas! You are our founding family and we love it that you are actively participating and helping us be better!

      @Kavin S: Hi Kavin, firstly great suggestions that you for that, we shall be updating our page to incorporate them =). We are trying our very best that things will be on time and so far things are looking good. We have had a lot of backers ask us to remove the bottle opener since it might be a hinderance while screening hence we are reconsidering it.

      @Kado48 As stated in our earlier comment The Half Scoop Touch Screen friendly gloves are an add-on for those who feel cold in flights and need to cover their finger, while they are working on their iPhones or iPads.
      The reason why it's half scoop is because the bottom half of the gloves are still a part of the sleeves (no change to initial feature). We haven't changed anything with respect to the half gloves attached to the jacket.

      @Tom: That is on our list for additional features =)

      @Ike Smith, @Karla Cosens, @Carol-Lynn Rössel, @Cheryl, @Ana, @Sandra Spector, @Tommy Sar: Thank you for your insights on the bottle opener we hear ya! and we are reconsidering it! We love it that our backers are giving us such good insights!

      @Rawia: Request recorded, we are considering longer coats once the kicksarter campaign has ended.

      @Yali @Scoobyschu: We will be offering plus sizes once we go into retail which is very soon! =) Unfortunately we cannot offer bigger sizes right now =(. We hope you understand!

      @Hung Fuen Mak, @Jean-Paul Thuot: Ah cool suggestions guys keep the ideas coming!

      @kaashaashxáaw: Thanks for the encouragement and support!

    21. fmotta on

      @Tom: Does " rfid pocket " imply something like the "Off Pocket" that blocks RF signals? That is a feature I would have use for. Occasionally, I need to put docs/wallet into a pocket and can appreciate not having to try to put them into their RF blocking cases while in line. The bottle opener seems to be likely something I'd have to remove so I can get through airport security without taking off the jacket.

    22. Scoobyschu on

      Plus size for women and a longer jacket style

    23. Missing avatar


      I kind of think your stretching your goal rewards a little far 3m then next at 5m. Most are looking for simple add ons - rfid pocket that's water proof for the tech products which is the design of these products and your adding bottle opener - most things are twist off! Please stay on track of what the purpose most people will use these jackets for. Thank you

    24. Missing avatar

      Ike Smith on

      I already have a bottle opener in my keychain...don't need another one. Please let me opt out or as someone else suggested, throw in the blanket (if that's not an option already).

    25. Missing avatar

      Karla Cosens on

      I really don't need/want a bottle opener hanging off my zipper. Bad idea.

    26. fmotta on

      Personally, I am extremely unlikely to use the bottle opener. A cork screw would not be TSA friendly. But, I recognize that beer is the common drink of the common people and it might be very useful to many others.

      I too would like more color options for the blazer.

    27. Carol-Lynn Rössel

      Hi. Please add me to the "no bottle opener/gloves with fingers/a blanket please instead" group. I like the idea of a whistle, though. But writing with a stylus /whistle/pen could be Totally Annoying. Please let us choose the original design; this is why I pledged.

    28. Missing avatar

      Rawia on

      Please consider designing longer jackets, maybe a trench coat length? �

    29. Missing avatar

      Hung Fuen Mak on

      Change bottle opener for keychain style ultraviolet light.
      If you travel, you will encounter "funny money".

    30. Kavin S

      Great update, guys! I'm looking forward to seeing the new pictures from the scheduled photo shoot, and wish you the best for your vision.

      Just a few comments and things I hope you can clear up:

      - I'm seeing in the comments section that a lot of people are asking about how they can add items to their selected reward level. It might be useful to make an add-on menu section in your campaign page with the prices for each add-on for clarity on how much $$$ to add.

      - It looks like people are having trouble with the sizing. I understand that manufacturing different sizes would incur considerable costs, but perhaps you could leave an explanation in your FAQ/campaign page on why you might not be able to offer more sizes yet. Fashion brands might be able to accommodate, but as a start-up, I'm sure it's more complicated.

      - With all the additions you're making, are you still able to guarantee that the jackets will be delivered on time? Or in the case of delays, are we able to update our shipping address?

      - How strong is the bottle opener and will it impact how much ink can be stored in the pen? I know some people would love to have a bottle opener, but it seems rather superfluous on your jacket to me if the purpose is for travel. EDC peeps might be interested in bottle openers and knives, but honestly, there are multitools that are more suited, and knives on a travel jacket just defeat the purpose. tl;dr I hope in your attempt to appease everyone, your jacket doesn't become too bloated with features.

      Thanks! As always, I appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting in.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      I agree with Dharma Poudel instead of the bottle opener you should throw in the blanket.

    32. Missing avatar

      Kado48 on

      I still am excited about this project but have to agree with other that are less enthusiastic on the full gloves and bottle opener. As a woman I really/definitely don't want a bottle opener on my jacket. Please be sure you are thinking about women in your design. I also can't think of a time that I wanted a full fingered glove on a flight, and I do air travel every week. I greatly prefer the original half glove - and would probably use that. Full gloves would be strange and I'd end up not using the feature at all. Would you still be able to use it without the fingers?

    33. Missing avatar

      Dharma Poudel on

      Bottle opener? seriously? You can open every beer bottles by twisting or even using your own teeth (well using teeth is easy once you master it). Rather give the blanket that everyone is asking for. And adding additional color as a stretch goal is not quite satisfying for me. Don't be greedy guys. Good luck!!

    34. Missing avatar

      Vivian on

      Not liking the idea of bottle opener. Also will it come in petite sizes???

    35. Billy Hui on

      Grey color Blazer will be fantastic! So glad to be part of the early bird =)

    36. fmotta on

      @Abilash: You evidently never worked for/with Steve Jobs or know nobody who did. I am aware of history (even been through a few concentration camps and know a number of refugees of WWII). I feel that anyone who posts information similar to this in an update is opening up the subject for discussion. I joined in.

    37. Missing avatar

      A.P. on

      Is it just me or the men's sweatshirt looks thicker and more supportive/sturdy? Women's sweatshirt looks so thin that I'm not sure it can support all the things we want it to hold. Are they made from the same material with the same thickness? As Clare mentions below, it also looks a bit short.

    38. Missing avatar

      Clare Shaddick on

      Due to the style of the ladies sweatshirt appearing short (box style) and without a ribbed band at the bottom I am considering ordering a men's small sweatshirt or ladies bomber as an alternative - I'd just like to pass this feedback on while you are in the design stages.....

    39. Missing avatar

      Leah Caringal on

      Amazing stuff and cool design! Can't wait to get mine!

    40. Missing avatar

      Cheryl on

      This was marketed as a TRAVEL jacket. Who needs a bottle opener on an airplane or train or bus? Thanks but I don't see this as a good addition.

    41. Abilash Pulicken


      No. Your comment demonstrates either a poor understanding of history and/or philosophy, and has no place in a Kickstarter discussion forum. Take these ideas somewhere else.

    42. ḵaashashx̱áaw on

      WOW this is the most technologically packed update I've seen! Congrats so far on reaching stretch goals! I like the gloves. Very excited to see what the jacket and bomber look like on me!

    43. fmotta on

      Thanks for the stretch goal and one that is reasonably easy to achieve.

      I am sorry to hear that you are inspired by yet-another-sociopath. I consider Steve Jobs akin to Adolph Hitler - and being inspired by him is similar.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ana on

      Would there be an option to get it without the bottle opener? Looking at the placement of where it is, it just looks like now there'd be an uncomfortable groove where your finger goes when you're using the pen to write.

    45. Missing avatar

      Yali on

      Understand that there is an updated sizing chart, would like to know if you cater for bigger size jackets?

    46. Jean-Paul Thuot on

      As cool as the bottle opener might be, a more useful travel item, especially for women, would be a whistle.

    47. Xenatos on

      I rather the blanket be a stretch goal and not an add-on more than anything else...

    48. Missing avatar

      Sandra Spector on

      Another 2 No votes for bottle opener. Agree with one commentor that most drinks have twist off etc now, and for those that don't I would think someone would provide it when they provide the bottle. Personally, I just love hide/ security pockets to stash some of my own stuff, but I understand there's already the Scotte vest etc. out there.

    49. Susie Ross on

      Could you offer the women's sweatshirt in other Tall versions? By the pictures shown, the women's sweatshirt is much shorter than the men's version, so if the smallest tall size for women is a 12T, I would have to order a men's small version since it is longer. There are many of us who are not overly tall but wear tall sizes because we have longer torsos. Can you offer 6T, 8T, 10T for women? Thanks.