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Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
78,471 backers pledged $20,338,986 to help bring this project to life.

Showing Love to Our Well-Rounded Family


Hi everyone,

Thank you for believing in Pebble.

As Kickstarter backers, you brought the most fully-featured smartwatches in our lineup—Pebble Time and Time Steel—to life. Your support helped us introduce these new products and experiences faster than a small company normally could.

While Kickstarter will always be our first home, we’re opening a new chapter with Pebble Time Round. Today, Pebble comes full circle.

Meet Pebble Time Round

Meet the new face of smartwatches.
Meet the new face of smartwatches.

Pebble Time Round is the latest addition to the Pebble watch lineup. Faithful to timeless watch design while being a true Pebble at heart, it’s the thinnest and lightest smartwatch in the world.

Pebble Time Round starts at $249 and can be reserved today at (shipping worldwide), Best Buy, Target, and Amazon. Watches start shipping and will be available at US retailers in early November.

Full details about Pebble Time Round are available now at and on the Pebble Blog.

Pebble Time Round & Time Steel Backers

We understand that announcing Pebble Time Round while wrapping up Pebble Time Steel rewards is a big surprise. Pebble Time Round offers a different mix of features and style, but we’d like to give Pebble Time Steel backers a chance to fall in love with both. For your patience and support, we’re offering Time Steel backers an exclusive discount and trial plan:

1) Reserve Pebble Time Round at before November 8 with the same email address you used to back Pebble Time Steel on Kickstarter. You will not be charged until your order ships. 

2) Enjoy Pebble Time Steel while waiting for Pebble Time Round to arrive. You may cancel your reservation at any time if you decide Pebble Time Steel is the one for you.

3) When your Pebble Time Round ships, we will automatically discount that order by $50.

4) When your Pebble Time Round arrives, try it for up to 30 days alongside Pebble Time Steel.

5) If you love both watches, Pebble Time Round is yours to keep for the discounted price! 

6) During the trial period, you may return Pebble Time Round or Pebble Time Steel, and we’ll refund you for the Pebble Time Round order. The price of watch you keep will equal your Pebble Time Steel pledge amount, plus the cost of return shipping.

7) Full details about this discount and trial plan can be found on our Help site.

Share Pebble with the World

With Pebble Time Round in the mix, there's great Pebble options for everyone. It’s never been easier to have a smartwatch that fits your style, blends into your life, and delivers tiny moments of awesome every day.

We hope you, our backers, are just as excited about today’s announcement as we are. If you know someone who would love to experience the new face of smartwatches, spread the love on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or wherever you like to post!

Until next time,

Eric + Team Pebble


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    1. Missing avatar

      mehc012 on

      You guys could have emailed us. I would have LOVED to participate in the program described above, but I stopped checking this site daily when I received my PTS. As a girl, the smaller Round is particularly appealing, but I can't afford one now as I just dropped the money on the Steel.

    2. Woravit on

      Still doesn't get the steel band.

    3. Nicolas Letarte on

      Received an email telling me they have successfully processed my order. So, I presume the shipping step will follow? There's a tracking # but it was the one for my PMS (Pebble Metal Steel) watch without the metal band.
      I'll keep you up to date!

    4. Missing avatar

      Keith Lim on

      Hi, I still have not received my Steel Band. What's the status? Thanks!

    5. Ralf Hosenfeld on

      my metal band arrived last Friday.
      Cool style.
      Thanks for delivery, but strongly disagree with communication

    6. Ironic Xavier on

      I just received my steel band today in Singapore. If you thought that Backer + Pebble = Sucker, what about Telsa Amazing? I backed their project and was promised delivery in May ... its November now and still nothing. lol .....

    7. Jamie White on

      They wont, they've got what they wanted ($20 Million USD in sales, possible funding for developing the Round) and now it seems Pebble Time Steels with metal straps are available in the shops!
      Backer + Pebble = Sucker.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kristopher MacMillan on

      It's the end of October and not only has there been no update in over a month there's no word on when backers can expect their steel bands.... How hard is it to post an update letting us know what's really going on? Obviously Pebble would rather focus on new products than fulfill their commitments to existing backers! If that's not the case then why not say something?

    9. Missing avatar

      Pål N. on

      Steelband finally arrived yesterday

      black,backer #11xxx

      So they are slowly trickling out I guess..

      Last time I will be using kickstarter I think :D

    10. Adriano Costanzo on

      It's really disappointing to see a new product here when I still haven't received the band that I preordered.

    11. Guillermo Ortiz Gonzalez on

      Y las steel bands siguen brillando por su ausencia...

    12. Missing avatar

      Keith Rees on

      Still waiting for the metal straps - we were told all would be shipped by the end of October. Still no sign of them though.

    13. Billy Bell on

      I've had my Pebble steel for over 2 months now, and still no steel band. You said over a month ago that all the remaining bands would be shipped by the end of October, and I've heard nothing. How about showing a little love to us?

    14. Missing avatar

      John Hanan on

      Can we get an update on the steel bands please? We're months overdue at this point, and launching an entirely new product before completing orders for the last one is not winning you folks any points with your backers. I love my Pebble Time Steel but it's getting harder to recommend with this stuff going on.

    15. Lorna Miller on

      Any news on the steel band? Getting a little ridiculous...

    16. Missing avatar

      Tony Ramsden on

      Hi Pebble. I want my steel band. I also want an awesome life. Maybe if I get my steel band awesomeness will automatically follow? Please help.

    17. Ralf Hosenfeld on

      When will we all receive the steel bands?

      Isn't that difficult, or?

      Please either inform and send out
      inform on estimated time table....

    18. Jamie White on

      Pebbles transparency is pretty poor so I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you.

      They made $20 million dollars from us, probably spent most of it developing the Round leaving a very small chunk of it to spend on fulfilling backers pledges, hence the real reason for all the delays.

      That's my two cents on what's really going on.

    19. Missing avatar

      Gustavo on

      Need update on steel bands. Last update was published 9/17 and promised complete fulfillment by end of October. Well, it's 10/27 and I haven't received a shipment email.

      If there are more delays, it's only fair to expect an update instead of trying to sell more watchers to supportive fans and original backers.

      It's fine to have delays, just be transparent

    20. Missing avatar

      CY Wong on

      Like many other backers, I have yet to receive my metal band, nor have I receive any email notification about when the metal band will be shipped.

    21. Missing avatar

      Miguel Ten on

      I was wondering if PS steel band was going to come this year, or maybe October was 2016 one!!
      Lucky me that I bought another brand's smartwatch and not trusting so many delays...
      I wonder we will get some sort of compensation... will we?

    22. Gavin Anderegg on

      Just a note to those following: I just got the silver metal band for my Time Steel. Not sure if some colours are more rare than others.

    23. Missing avatar

      Liam Early on

      Yup pebble, you have lost me to, delay in the time, even longer in the band, meantime marketing pop out the round

      Android phone nxt once battery life gets to half a week

      Deliver pebble or you will lose your loyal customer base then fade into obscurity

    24. Wayne Lwee on

      When will the metal bands be shipped?

    25. /dev/null

      To all the people asking about their metal straps, all I can say is that mine arrived last week, so they're out there.

    26. Jamie White on

      First time AND LAST TIME UK Backer/Sucker/Mushroom!
      Where is my silver metal strap, why doe my Pebble keep loosing it's Bluetooth connection?

      Not a word from these Assholes, I guess they are pouring their very limited resources into the Round, leaving us "backers" (you know the folks who probably PAID for the development of the round) of a now second-generation product in the dark covered in shit.

      I Want my metal band so this Shitty experience can finally END!

      I will NEVER, EVER BACK OR PURCHASE ANY of Pebble's future products and will certainly recommend that NO ONE ELSE SHOULD EITHER!

    27. Missing avatar

      Pål N. on

      So..what's the story with the metal bands...any updates on those ??

      Guessing I'm not the only one hwo hasn't gotten it yet?

    28. Hanno on

      LOL! Haven't received my golden metal band, yet already marketing another watch. great job guys.

    29. Andreas Heinakroon on

      I might consider one if it had support for Windows Phone, but without that I see no need. Sorry.

    30. Héctor Cyc on


    31. Missing avatar

      Mark Fleschler on

      I too am waiting for the pebble steel band. Very unfortunate that this has played out this way, with the obvious prioritizing of the pebble round over finishing up previous backer obligations. As a 2x backer I likely will no longer back future kickstarters from pebble now.

    32. Dom O'Connell on

      Hi Pebble,
      great work on the Pebble Time Steel, it's really ace. I have also bought into the Pebble Round preorder, because that looks ace too :-)
      But I, like many of my fellow Time Steel backers, am annoyed with the lack of steel band we were promised and have paid for, which has left us without most of the "steel" part of our "Time Steel" product.
      To move on to an entirely new project before satisfying your original campaign is reasonably annoying. But to hear about steel bands for Round before getting ours for Time Steel is unacceptable.
      I almost went to buy the steel band for my new Pebble Round, but you haven't shown much evidence that that will be a good idea for me.
      I am incredibly disappointed to learn that your efforts and priorities have shifted to attracting a whole market of people BEFORE satisfying your existing user base who made you what you have become, and it has left me feeling quite hight and dry. I am considering cancelling my Pebble Round preorder because of this obvious lack of consideration for customer care.
      Also, as has been mentioned previously, my substitute leather band is also now quite dirty and ratty, I trust this won't affect my ability to send the PTS back once I receive my PR, if i decide to do that.

      All the best

    33. wei803 on

      Update on steel band status please.

    34. Misha Husnain Ali on

      As a second time Pebble backer, I'm rather disappointed in how this has all played out. I'm happy with my PTS for the most part at the moment, but this is rapidly diminishing as I notice how ratty and dirty my leather band gets over use. Sadly, I don't have the actual band I paid extra for, nor am I willing to shell out more money to get a better band to use in the interim.

      It sounds like many people here echo my sentiments, that PTS backers were taken advantage of a bit, and our support helped fund the PTR, as well as that our own metal bands were delayed because Pebble was distracted with developing or manufacturing the Round rather than focusing on the product they were pitching.

      Additionally, a paltry $50 discount to try the PTR is another little slap to the face of loyal backers who live abroad and cannot get much benefit out of this discount at all. Here's how you would have gotten me to try the PTR: make me pay just shipping for the Round and send back the watch I don't want to keep at my own expense while trying out both watches for a short period. Spending another stack of cash to try this product is adding insult to injury.

      Next time, I'll stick to buying my Pebble retail, if I buy one at all and don't just go with Android Wear.


      A Disappointed Former Supporter

    35. Ryan Ceurvorst

      Disappointing to receive an email today announcing that you have exciting new metal bands available for Pebble Time Round (specifically saying "We’ve been working hard to make sure you have something awesome and versatile before the holiday season"), but still no word on metal band for Pebble Time Steel. =(

    36. Missing avatar

      Eric Belko on

      Still no steel band!
      What a bad experience!

    37. Missing avatar

      Blanca Loya on

      Congrats on your new product!! And not too far long after fulfilling your current promises.....oh wait, still missing steel band. I guess your new innovation was more important than your fulfilling customer/ backer satisfaction.
      Thank goodness for the power of social media. Never again will I rave about this company and product!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Joni Talske on

      I'm a fairly patient person. But why do you tease me with your email advertisements about the metal bands for Pebble round, while I'm still missing the steel band for my Pebble Time!?

      I'm surprised you think you can fool around with your small customer base while other watchmakers are near domination. Get your crap together Pebble!

      Love, Pebble time user.

    39. K.C. Marsh on

      Yeah, the announcement about the bands for the Round left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm liking the Pebble Time Steel otherwise but also really missing more extensive iOS support and the metal band.

    40. Jamie White on

      I think what we funded is this watch (the round), I think this is reason why the steel was delayed and why there has been so called 'issues' with the metal straps. From the email It seems the round has them first too! >:(

      Pebble yet again has shat on us backers from a great hight.

    41. Missing avatar

      Mike Fishell on

      Why should we fund another project with the previous project STILL is behind schedule and not complete?

      With all the delays with the previous project, you might want to dedicate time to these problems before moving onto something new.

    42. Missing avatar

      Kevin Witt on

      I just can't believe I got an email today advertising the steel bands for the Pebble Time Round while I'm still waiting for the Time Steel band that I ordered back in March. When a Kickstarter delay occurs because it is tough and confusing to bring a new product to market - that is par for the course. But, when a company seems to have taken your money and spent it on something else entirely while breezing past committed dates without accountability and choosing to obsolete your product before you even get it - then that's a WHOLE separate thing. This behavior shows no respect to customers - customers that trusted you the most by giving their money far in advance. Something is very wrong with the culture at Pebble.

    43. Missing avatar

      Dee on

      @Wheeljack, Yes. the information was in Update 29. I put the wrong number. People have been asking about the metal since early September. Some some folks are not reading. The update says end of October so if it were November, I could see asking the same question over and over again. Yes. There could possibly be another delay just like with the watches. It is just part of the Kickstarter environment. Pebble may be waiting until the end of the deadline to announce another delay or they could be shipping. There is no way to really know until the end of October. I am confident that the metals bands will be delivered even if they have to find another supplier. Pebble gains nothing by delaying the metal bands any longer than necessary.

    44. Wheeljack on

      @Dee: Update 28 doesn't have any useful information about the metal straps. Update 29 did say the bands will go out on a rolling basis and that they all should be shipped by the end of October.

      We're in the middle of October now and if the bands were to go out as they are produced, we should have gotten a couple more people posting about getting a "order shipped" mail. The silence tells me that we have to expect yet another delay.

    45. Jamie White on

      As a PTS backer does anyone else feel that this was the watch that we actually funded the development of and the real reason why the steel time was delayed?

    46. Azhar Saharudin on

      Metal strap please?

    47. Guy Hindle on

      Hey, great, lovely new watch design, really glad it didn't cause delays with the PTS ... oh, wait...

      And, er, .... where's the $50 strap I was originally expecting in July 2015?

      Or is that waiting for Pebble Strap Round to be developed before it can be shipped?

    48. Milton Reid on

      Check out Pebble Time Steel BNIB- Kickstarter Edition With Free Gadget wrap Protector @eBay

    49. Carl Jaeschke on

      "Be Respectful and Considerate", thus the line from Kickstarter...well, I will try as much as possible...

      So, when are are the pebble time steel bands coming out?

      Update #29 notes they will be out by the end of October. Why isn't Pebble engaging with their customer's directly via email and providing updates, and why I am waiting here in baited breath?

      Pebble Time Round...yes, I'm surprised and angry like everyone else...but with two days battery life, I'll keep my PBT Steel (with a terrible dirty band after one week; and still waiting for the steel band) ad wait until there is a Steel Round edition with full a screen and 5+ day battery life.

      I personally think all Pebble Time Steel users (who want the best) should get a discount for the next 2-3 years. We are the core customers who bought the original, bought the Pebble Steel, and then the Pebble Time Steel...and the Round came out in secret...Honestly, I get it...but how they treat their core customer base is beyond disbelief...I'm still waiting for true

    50. Patrick Kennedy on

      Since Pebble Time Backers are clearly worth less than Time Steel backers why not prorate the Round discount? If we're only worth 4/5ths of a Steel back then we should get a $40 discount, right?