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Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
78,471 backers pledged $20,338,986 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris Shaw on

      I have emailed 3 times and not had the courtesy of a reply. My 2nd time backer order is still marked as 'processing' - how do i get someone, anyone, to look into this!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Randy Rosenberg on

      We are attempting to find out when our pebble steels will be shipped. I have sent two emails, no reply, have misplaced our receipt (the original one when we payed kickstarter) and haven't heard a thing, nor can i locate a phone number to call the company. Not happy

    3. Missing avatar

      Mike Gorman on

      Is there any way of finding where I am in line for Pebble Steel? I'm just curious if I'll get it at the beginning of August :) or the end of August :(

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert Donald on

      *ahem*...just a little update please guys...come on

    6. Missing avatar

      Richard Wagner on

      Can we get some info regarding the steel? No news in the last tree weeks!

    7. Amedeo Masia on

      even just to know that there are delays would be a news... but no news is always a bad news

    8. Missing avatar

      riro on

      any news on pepple steel?

    9. Jamie White on

      I hoped there would be more news on the Steel, I had hoped I would have got it by now :-/

    10. Adam Barnwell

      I would also enjoy to see some news on what's happening with my Pebble Time Steel. Even it's behind schedule, just some news would be great!

    11. Missing avatar

      Tiffani on

      Seeing from the comments that everyone would love an update about the status of Pebble Time Steel! Halfway through July with no update on if they're even on schedule or not. I don't mind waiting but would it would be lovely get some sort of info about when they're estimated to be shipping?

    12. Vinay Bikkina on

      Any updates on the steel?

    13. Amedeo Masia on

      well... but so much since last update, i'm a bit worried too...

    14. Dan Mitchell on

      Stop it, guys - you are complaining about tiny delays - if you were so unlucky to have invested in the Agent watch you would now be complaining about 2 YEARS delays - now that is significant.

    15. Francesco Gianni on

      Hope to get my time steel before going on Holiday on the 4th August. It still shows July as the estimated delivery date on my pledge page, so I keep my finger crossed.

    16. Milton Reid on

      I contacted Pebble via Facebook this is their reply "Best Buy has shipped Pebble Time watches. We are about to begin shipping Pebble Time Steel watches. Hang tight!"

      Hang tight when you've got my money !!!

    17. Christopher Kukowski on

      Any update on the Time Steel? So excited!

    18. Missing avatar

      Markus Riad on

      Germany calling! What about shipping the Pebble Time Steel in July 2015? Still waiting for a sign!

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrea Scambia on

      I would really appreciate to have an update.
      My friend has got his Pebble Time and I am super hyped for my Pebble Time Steel! :)

    20. Sundance DiGiovanni

      Watch won't pair via the app. Follow all instructions. Rinse, repeat, even attempt to pair on wife's phone. No dice.

      Tech support takes a week to respond. Sends generic reply telling me to do what's has been outlined in my original note to them as not working.

      Thinking I should have just stuck with my first gen pebble.

      Love design tho. So, well done on that...I guess.

    21. Missing avatar

      John Dowling on

      Hmm... Not sure if comments are actual whining or just trolly astroturf.

      At least there was that glorious period between the PT whine machine slowing down after the final round of shipping and now this PTS one starting up!

    22. Neilskool Skool on

      They say July may be "July/31"

    23. Missing avatar

      Paula Van on

      Wow, such negativity over the PTS! July isn't even over yet. What is it, like the 9th?! When August rolls around and there is no sign of PTS, then I would freak out.

    24. Alberto Ancewicz on

      Vittorio ,
      How I can cancel my order?
      could you please help me, thanks

    25. Missing avatar

      Vittorio Saltalamacchia on

      Wes - LOve your comment they cant evan supply a real image so we can ensure are expectations are met, never again will i support this type of project all these large scale companys using Kickstarter to fund there projects, they have the capital and the backing we shouldnt be funding this stuff, I complained out lack of info in reguards to my PTS they simply responded and said they were cancelling my order, no question nothing, PS still waiting the refund over a week now

    26. Missing avatar

      Rob Meekings on

      Any news would be welcome!

    27. Wes Whitaker on

      Every day that passes without new news on the steel makes me look at the apple watch more and more. Cant believe it has been over 2 weeks without an update, when they are suppose to be shipping the steel version sometime in the next 3 weeks. Plus after reading reviews on various sites of the pebble time, this watch seems to not be that good of a watch.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tom McGovern on

      No updates for weeks, no sign o the pebble steel, no reply to message sent though Kickstarter, rumours of funding problems. this makes for worried backers, please update us and soon

    29. Neilskool Skool on

      I think they will ship "time steel " to Engadget or the verge to review first. If they got so you know it shipping soon�

    30. Missing avatar

      TePunkt on

      Are there some news for the steel?

    31. Missing avatar

      Russ Lescault on

      Still no tracking number or shipping information and its July8th...?

    32. Trojan Beau on

      Any chance I can get an update on my shipping?

      All the tracking site does it show it left Singapore on the 24th of June which was a few weeks ago

    33. Alberto Ancewicz on

      Today is july 8th and no news about the shipping

    34. Alberto Ancewicz on

      any update for steel?

    35. Juan Crespo Valle on

      I have not received my tracking number yet. Should I worry?

    36. Sam Gabriel on

      Any update on the steel ? I backed for 2 and have not heard anything after my color choices

    37. Missing avatar

      Repanse71 on

      Yes. When is my shipping. Left messages, but no reply. hello hello?

    38. Missing avatar

      Marc L on

      How about an update guys?

    39. Missing avatar

      Eladio Pla Espi on

      Por favor quiero saber algo de como esta el pebble time Steel, me dicen que no me pueden enviar correo, hago la prueba y mi correo esta perfectamente configurado, gacias

    40. Giovanni Stolfa on

      Hi, what about tracking number? I'm still waiting for from June 22th

    41. Rene on

      Any tweaks in PTS to address the reported dimness in the Pebble Time when indoors?

    42. Missing avatar

      Paul Kerry on

      "Pebble Time Steel Shipping Starts July"
      its July no shipping notice?

    43. Missing avatar

      Durga Nayak on

      I am still waiting for the watch.
      Can somebody tell me when can I get this watch?

      May be it's not possible in this era!!!!!!!!

    44. Jeremie Lariviere

      I'm really looking forward to my Time Steel! hoping any day now :-)

    45. Missing avatar

      Matthias Bollwerk on

      COME ON GUYS!!! Another two weeks without an update? You really don't seem to have a dedicated person for Crowdfunding PR... I would have expected something else from a company that broke Kickstarter records twice now.

    46. Missing avatar

      eduardo on

      alguien sabe cuando empezaran ah enviar los pebble time steel

    47. Missing avatar

      Edward Andrews on

      Not happy at all I have two standard pebbles so now have Pebble time but after two weeks my strap has given way at bar to watch where cut out is for easy release not happy sent massage to pebble and no reply of how to replace it. For last 3 years been praiseing pebble

    48. Peter A Richards on

      After all the people showing how easily it scratches up, and how poor the backlight is, I really want to get a refund on my pebble steel. If I can't get a refund, I guess I will just ebay it without opening it.

    49. Andrew Miller on

      Starting to believe my pebble will never come. I am really enjoying my apple watch tho.

    50. Nathan on

      Little disappointed with the packaging of the pebble time. No box just the watch sat in a plastic mould.