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Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
78,471 backers pledged $20,338,986 to help bring this project to life.

Status of the Pebble Time iPhone App

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We've got key details to share about the Pebble Time app for iPhone. Here’s the TL;DR:

  • Pebble Time iPhone App Still In Review
  • Timeline, Current Status, Next Steps
  • Hang in there. We’re close and you can help.

Pebble Time iPhone App Still In Review

The Pebble Time iPhone app, as we’ve all noticed, is not yet live on the iTunes AppStore. It remains “in review.” This unexpected circumstance pains us as much it does backers with watches ready to set up. We’re doing all we can to mitigate the delay and make Pebble Time Watch for iPhone available for download.

We appreciate you hanging in there with us while we navigate this obstacle.

Timeline, Current Status, and Next Steps

Making sure you get everything you need to enjoy your Pebble Time reward remains our top priority. In the lead-up to shipments on May 27, we completed the following iOS-related preparations:

Status history of Pebble Time watch for iPhone, pending approval.
Status history of Pebble Time watch for iPhone, pending approval.

May 18: Apple approved our new app, Pebble Time Watch.

May 22: We submitted an updated version of the same iPhone app—only adding minor bug fixes—for approval. We requested an expedited review of this submission.

We unfortunately cannot simply publish the original submission approved on May 18 due to quirks in the AppStore submission process and rules. We considered adding Pebble Time support to the existing Pebble iPhone app. Sadly, that app also has a pending update—containing one bug fix—in Apple's review process. Version 2.6.6 remains “in review” now for 43 days and counting.

Status history of Pebble Smartwatch v2.6.6, in review since April 22, 2015.
Status history of Pebble Smartwatch v2.6.6, in review since April 22, 2015.

Past Experience with "Expedited" AppStore Reviews

Developers may occasionally request that Apple grant “fast-track approval” for app updates they would quickly like reviewed, approved, and published to the iTunes AppStore.

Last year was the first and only other time Pebble requested expedited review for an app update. That update was approved and published on the AppStore within 24 hours.

Hang in there—we’re close and you can help.

We are proud of and grateful for the hard work, long hours, and sacrificed weekends our iOS team devoted to building the Pebble Time iPhone app. It’s only right that users get a fair shot at enjoying the fruit of that labor without further delay.

We’re sure Apple, like Pebble, loves its fans and is responsive to feedback. Together, we can kindly express our desire to see the AppStore #FreeOurPebbleTime with a speedy approval of Pebble Time Watch for iPhone.

You can make your voice heard by reaching out to Apple directly, on Twitter, and on Facebook. Since the beginning, you’ve proven time and again that the Pebble community knows how to come together and accomplish amazing things.

While waiting for the iPhone app, iOS backers may borrow an Android device from friends or family to perform initial setup, add cool watchfaces, or install standalone apps that don’t require a paired smartphone.

The sooner we clear this obstruction, the sooner we can get back to updates about reward shipments (moving along great), pre-order news (June 22), and Pebble Time Steel (shiny new samples are in).

Thanks for having our backs every step of the way.

<3, Team Pebble



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    1. Missing avatar

      Brian iwanicki on

      I got mine today, finally. However it is currently in paper weight mood due to I can't get the app. Seriously disappointed with Pebble. This is not their first time doing this, I feel that the app should been ready months ago! I think it's called the Time, cause everytime you get an update it's a lie.

    2. Jeremy Villaroman on

      I just received my shipping notification e-mail this morning, and I should have my black Pebble Time in my hands by June 10th!

      Here's hoping the ios app gets approved by then!

    3. Missing avatar

      Nathan O. on

      le sigh. I'm glad I don't live with a nerd (like myself) because he happily let me borrow his android tablet so I could set up a watch face on my pebble. I know it's a dumb question - but there really isn't any way to have a webhosted version of the app from In the meantime, I've impressed my dad with the LCARS style watch face =)

    4. Brian A on

      Got mine in the mail yesterday. What a great surprise! Unfortunately, it's only good for decoration until the Time App is ready to go for iOS. One thing I don't understand is that I was told that when that does arrive, I will have to delete my old Pebble app to get the new watch working. Will my original (non-Time version) Pebble watch work with the Time app?

    5. Missing avatar

      Roberto Coreano on

      Today my @Pebble #PebbleTime is arriving & it sucks that probably I will not be able to use it #FreeOurPebbleTime iOS APP

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Maxwell on

      I like my Pebble Time bracelet...looking forward to turning it into a watch �

    7. RelakS on

      Lignite (watchfaces for Pebble) received Apple's approval. I hope, Pebble will get it soon as well.

      Even though I am on Android :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Bernhard Eichler on

      Received my Pebble but can't use it:-(

    9. Missing avatar

      Jim McKinstry on

      Why don't you host it on your site until Apple approves it? I download apps that way all the time.

    10. Sascha Reissner on

      Sweet my 2 Black Pebble Time are shipped to Germany and arrived already at my city yesterday. Unfortunately there was a public holiday yesterday and thus they have not yet been delivered.

    11. Missing avatar

      Justin O'Neill on

      Gotta say the timeline you guys have laid out is off. Any app review, new or update has a minimum of 7 day review. Yes apple can fast track, but you are relying on going outside normal process and procedure. Putting in an update 5 days before shipping seems like poor process management. Not a great move guys. Still looking forward to my Time Steel and hoping you guys right the ship by then.

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Maybe a webapp?

    13. Missing avatar

      shmonoff on

      @pebble, you should file a claim to federal trade commission

    14. Holger Boerchers on

      I think i sold my Pebble Time in the right moment. It's rather likely the Apple will NOT let the new Pebble iOS app into their App Store. So the PT can be used with Android smartphone only.

    15. Simon Dick

      And just got an email that my Pebble has dispatched! In other news, I activating my PT that arrived yesterday this morning using my Android tablet, just can't really switch to it until the iOS app comes out :)

    16. Hercy Chang on

      Try to release it online or via with the password only backers know and Apple doesn't.

    17. Kyran Dunn on

      Just a note, the status bar that happens during watch face loading only happens the first time you load the face. After that, a little picture shows up next to the ones that are loaded on the watch.

    18. Norman Chow on

      how to enable the chinese notification?
      looking for the language setting for whole day

    19. Missing avatar

      Richard Lee on

      Release the Pebble Time iOS app via Cydia

    20. Kyran Dunn on

      Received my Pebble Time today. I went to Best Buy and loaded up the Pebble Time app on one of the android Tablets there and synced the watch faces I wanted. . If you do that, just make sure you don't leave your personal login information on the tablet. As for functionality after pairing with my iPhone, I can control the music app, and thats about it. It does show the artist and song info on the display, so their is some connectivity happening without the app. Just no reminders, text alerts, or phone call information.

    21. Eagle4life69 on

      Honestly I would be glad to have my pebble time do just that tell time. Why do I first have to connect it to an app. One that does not exist yet. Could you not of programmed these things to be watches I can wait for an app but really now I have a $200 paper weight that doesn't even tell time

    22. Missing avatar

      David Zhu on

      Pebble can try to find a way to TestFlight the app on App Store.... wonder if that works

    23. David Simmons on

      I have received out-of-band apps for my iPhone in the past using a secret or maybe not so secret developers option. Can Pebble for the same?

    24. Missing avatar

      Teri on

      So...can anyone provide comment or link to video regarding the actual working device with Android...just curious about the interface, etc.? My device will be delivered tomorrow but unusable without IOS.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Maxwell on

      Just did my part. Sent App request to Apple and posted support on Twitter. First impression is I'm going to like my new watch. Looks great, can't wait for the App to get it up and running.

    26. Ron Roberts on

      Card charged 2 weeks ago, order is still "processing"... #24XXX
      I was under the impression that once the card was charged, it was shipped...

    27. Benjamin Juang

      That said, I do have my shiny new Pebble Time in my grubby little paws now! Woohoo, Champion Kickstarter Backer edition! ^_^v

    28. Benjamin Juang

      +1 Suspecting Apple is currently flood with app approvals, due to WWDC. I just chatted with our app developers, and our app approval speed has dropped significantly very recently (up from a few days to over a week).

    29. Otto on

      I'm guessing Apple is also currently flooded with app approval submissions as we near WWDC.

    30. CatInSpace on

      Just received my Pebble Time, can't wait for Tim Cook to summon the iOS App to the Store.

      Come on Tim, you can do it!

    31. Missing avatar

      D Flowers on

      @SOZ @D Flowers: I think I jumped on Apple too soon. So much for reading & writing when I'm tired. While there may be a valid argument about Apple, I think it is actually too early to jump on them. Since the real submission date from Pebble is May 22 regardless of previous submission dates. What is the normal period of time from pending developer release until the actual release, is that controlled by the developer? It looks like an average time of 4 days from submission to review beginning and 3 to 4 more days until pending developer release, apparently the average is 10 days (overall for non competing products). That said I would guess Apple should be releasing the code within the next few of days. As written, overall I would say @SOZ is correct. However as a programmer I understand the desire to get code right, and in fact from a good programmers perspective no code is ever perfect we will always look for improvements and will inevitably find bugs. The problem is whether or not to release a piece of software with a known bug. It depends on the bug. Will it be a minor bug affecting the user experience (annoyance) or will it be a major bug that can result in bricking the hardware. If it is just an annoyance factor then you look at how quickly you will be able to get the update out. They were likely looking at past experience and figured it would be released quickly. Is Apple really to blame? Apple will release their watch in 2 weeks in the store, the early birds got them at the end of April. Pebble made the last submission 1 month after the early release date of Apples watch and Apple appears to have been prepared to post it. I think I will hold out a bit longer before contacting the FTC, however my letter is written. :) Meanwhile l will continue to patiently wait for my Pebble watch to arrive. I don't care where I am in line so long as I get it before anybody in any new lines that are created in the future (post kickstarter).

    32. Nathan Thompson on

      @David As much as I would like to argue this I won't keep the thread to much, but this is the way it works in the industry if you think you are in a level playing ground you are wrong, the mom and pop always get pushed aside for the bigger players, no matter where you go, it may suck, but it is economics, the bigger guy makes you more money. So with that said if you have a rebuttal I won't reply to it because I don't want our disagreements be the topic, the real topic is WHERE IS MY PEBBLE??? j/k, but not really...

    33. ephektz on

      @Nathan. Your assumptions are completely wrong. If we're going to assume a lack of basic understand of the submittal process, wouldn't it be Pebble? Shouldn't they have known? This was poor planning and management on their part. "Hi Apple, I know you just approved this app, but we don't want that one anymore. Can I cut in line of all the other people waiting for approval so you can approve this one instead?"

    34. Nathan Thompson on

      @David Lets be honest here, why shouldn't pebble get expedited service, that's how it works, even if they pulled it, it's not jihadis house of watches looking to get a app, its a competitor and that's why it's being held up. Also I am guessing you have a lack of understanding in programming, so here, apple knows what the app wants to do with what parts of the phone, its not hard to run a application trace, and since it is again pebble it shouldn't be a issue to verify that the app is safe. Lastly I am assuming again the lack of programming and basic understanding of the application submittal process which is horrible with apple, who takes months to approve something (while horrible security bugs get in) that should take days .

    35. RicBret

      So sorry my buddies with iPhones can't enjoy their watches! Here's my unboxing and first view of setup for Pebble Time to get you set!

    36. Ryan Gunn on

      Yes, @fmotta, to install apps to your pebble device from the Pebble app store, you'll need a Pebble account, just like every other device or digital store.

    37. ephektz on

      Let's be honest, here. Pebble pulled their first app, which was quickly approved, to resubmit an app with bug fixes DAYS before backers were to have it on their wrists. Now they're expecting some sort of entitlement to an expedited review process.

    38. Bence Konya on

      I didn't get any notifications about delivery... just received it, 1 pc.

    39. Bence Konya on

      I received my black PT! Early bird #9XXX, regular DHL shipment from Ireland to Budapets, Hungary. I can't wait to open it after work. Keep on Guys!

    40. Thomas Palmer on

      It's OK that I don't get to download the iOS app yet. I am in the early backer tier, I am backer #1245.. and yet my Pebble supposedly shipped only yesterday and tracking says it is still sitting in CA. Oh well. That's life.

    41. Rene Pot on

      Well... you probably shouldn't have done a Developer Rejection, you could've released the app back then. And you could've told us the app had some bugs and an update was coming.

      It was approved. Apple reviews take a long time, it has always been like that.

    42. Abid Warsi on

      @Creator Please can you tell us which apps can work as stand alone apps, or tells how to find them without looking at them one u one?

    43. Missing avatar

      Niklas on

      Why is no one talking about the Steel version? I only read something about some prototype but it sounds like the Steel Version is not ready for shipment in July. Any updates????

    44. James Mar on

      #freemyshipping I was supposed to get my Pebble Time in May. $10 is such a ripoff. I demand free shipping.

    45. Missing avatar

      Glenn Eisen

      Received mine, do wish the iOS app were available.

      I understand the suspicion that Apple is holding the app back intentionally, but I would like to point out that Apple's World Wide Developer conference is next week. I would not be surprised if the App Review team are a bit backed up. I'm sure between the WWDC and the recent iOS updates and Betas there have been quite a few App submissions in the last couple of months in hopes of getting released before and getting a bit of attention at the conference.

    46. Stephen Boyd on

      Frank, only 2 x backers and black at the moment.

    47. John Dalton on


      > (you can submit on top of a new approval by setting it to live in zero countries)

      It's Pebble's fault for not knowing how (or choosing) to game the system to work around limitations in Apple's release process??

      > Considering they got 4 day turnarounds twice (i'm guessing expedited review) they now have to wait a normal wait time like everyone else. Apple honors only so many expedited reviews.

      Pebble explicitly stated in the update that this is only their second expedited review request:

      > Last year was the first and only other time Pebble requested expedited review for an app update. That update was approved and published on the AppStore within 24 hours.

      The delays are unfortunate, but nothing to be outraged over. If you want to know exactly when something is going to arrive then don't get it on Kickstarter - wait until it's an actual product that will ship the same day you order it. Despite all the delays and hiccups along the way, I still have a Pebble on my wrist - I can't say the same about many other kickstarters I've backed!

    48. Missing avatar

      calitb on

      @gumplagamer if you are an early backer for May shipment with backer number #50000 you won't get the watch before the regular backer for May shipment with backer number #10000. The Early bird tier is for you to get the watch at $159, it doesn't related to shipping. If you choose a May tier it will be delivered with all the others May backers.
      I am backer #88xx and I just got my watch today :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Strat Mairs on

      Of course the delay in getting your ap approved has nothing to do with the favourable reviews Pebble is getting versus Apple watch and the fact that you are a competitor.

    50. fmotta on

      @Jana: Pebble has been reasonably responsive for a KS project creator (based on my ~150 backed KS project experience). I believe and hope that they are either busy making our watches and not spending the time to address all questions and will address more questions soon.