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Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
78,471 backers pledged $20,338,986 to help bring this project to life.

Shipments Start May 27 + Pebble Time App Previews

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

It might be #ThrowbackThursday, but we're all about looking forward. In today's update, let's check in on:

  • Shipping and production status
  • Pebble Time apps for iOS and Android

Pebble Time Shipments Start May 27th

Great news: the first batch of Pebble Time shipments are scheduled to go out Wednesday, May 27.

A tray of casings ready for assembly!
A tray of casings ready for assembly!
  • Production is now in full swing since bringing the factory online at the beginning of May
  • With things moving along at this rate, we expect all Pebble Time Rewards to be manufactured by the end of the month. 
  • By the end of May, all backers can expect an invitation to finalize their selections in the Reward Portal so we can get your Pebble Time processed and shipped.
  • Every backer with a Pebble Time included in their selected reward tier should receive a tracking number from us by mid-June.
  • Shipments will continue on a rolling basis as watches land at distribution centers.
Peek inside a microphone testing chamber.
Peek inside a microphone testing chamber.
The team enjoying a recent factory visit.
The team enjoying a recent factory visit.

For full details about Pebble Time’s journey from factory to wrist, see Kickstarter Update 17. To check the progress of your individual Pebble Time reward, visit your personalized Reward Portal to monitor the status between the Building, Processing, and Shipped steps. Check out our help page to know more about the Kickstarter Reward Portal.

Pebble Time Apps for iOS + Android

The new Pebble Time app icon.
The new Pebble Time app icon.

Our software team has been cranking non-stop to get Pebble Time’s mobile apps ready for their debut next week. The apps will work exclusively with Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel when they arrive on iTunes and Google Play. The current Pebble apps on iTunes and Google Play will still be around to manage the original Pebble and Pebble Steel.

The new mobile apps, dubbed Pebble Time Watch, will let you set up and manage Pebble Time when it arrives. It’s also where you’ll find the Pebble appstore to get new color and Timeline-ready apps or browse for watchapps you already know and love.

The apps sport a new My Pebble screen, known formerly as the Locker. From here, you’ll organize what’s on your Pebble by Watchfaces and Apps/Timeline.

iOS My Pebble menus (left) and Android My Pebble menus (right)
iOS My Pebble menus (left) and Android My Pebble menus (right)

With the new mobile apps, we've done away with the old 8-app limit. You can now manage all the apps and faces you like. Pebble Time will store as many watchapps it can locally. When needed, apps and faces not stored on the watch locally will be downloaded from the Pebble app to the watch.

The apps integrate with Pebble Time seamlessly, especially when it comes to organization and reordering apps and faces.

Dragging downloaded watchapps within the menu reorders them and syncs the new order to your Pebble (woo-hoo!).

There's now three ways to pick the active watchface on your Pebble Time:

1) Press Select » Watchfaces in the Pebble Time Launcher menu.

2) Tap the circle on the top right of any watchface tile in your app's My Pebble menu to instantly make it active on your Pebble Time.

3) Tap a watchface in your My Pebble menu. The card that pops up has a command to Set as active watchface.

That's it for today, everyone. Enjoy the rest of your week and keep us posted about what you think and what you'd like to see next. Until next time!

<3, Team Pebble

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bryan Brewer on

      New user experience: Finally received my Pebble Time box...plug it in...turn it on...Yay!! Pair...good..."needs firmware update"...update now..." :( could not find any firmware to install"....what?...continue....set language..."error installing language"...what?!...continue..."firmware update needed"...update now ..." :( could not find any firmware to install"....CRUD!...continue....set language..."error installing language"...what?!...unistall, reinstall, forget pairing, re-pair...repeat above x times until all hair torn internet for help, find lots of "me toos", no useful help...hours of research, nothing to see here...write to support...wait....wait...wait....wait. (Put watch back in box and request refund)

    2. Missing avatar

      Stephen Tipton on

      how or where do you see it is still processing??

    3. George Bennett on

      Sadly mid June has definitely passed and still my order is in processing. Looking forward to information about a concrete shipping date.

    4. Vasily Gladkov on

      Mid-june passed and I still don't have any invitations...

    5. Missing avatar

      nhokenok on

      Still not get my Pebble time. My shipping method is by DHL and how can i tracking my Pebble time?

    6. Virginia Bacon on

      Still no word in what is happening with my order which, of course, has already been paid for.
      The communication between Pebble Time and the customer really stinks.

    7. Missing avatar

      Duane Stork on

      Got it today!! But sadly I can not use it with the existing app. Waiting for the new app to be approved. Looking forward to it!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Pietro Ghezzi on

      I am 44,000 some backer and it says "order is processing". It still says ships in May but has to ship from Ireland to the UK so I guess it will take some time to get to the distribution centre. Given the size of the operation I wouldn't be mad if I got it mid June, give or take a week. In the meantime I have my current watch that I had for 30 years - it's still working, so one extra month won't be a disaster. As much as I am curious and eager to have my pebble, after all it's not like I was waiting for a liver transplant!

    9. Missing avatar

      Alfred M. Sevier on

      I'm not getting a shipment confirmation or a tracking number for my watch. I need help with this. I'm starting to get a little frustrated and I need an answer real quick. Or you will be hearing from the Better Business Bureau. Fix my problem now. I paid good money for this and I think I have the right to know what is going on with my purchase.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mario Garcia on

      Nothing on portal, just states shipping via USPS from California May 2015. No backer number.

      Where do I find the backer number?

    11. Brian Ryner on

      I never got to pick my color. whats going on ?

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Hwang on

      Alright, who received their watch and what was your backer #? So we can keep track of the shipping process and where we're at because it doesn't seem like Pebble is updating us :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Vlad Agranovich on

      I got my Pebble Time watch yesterday, with instructions on how to download the app to make it work with my iPhone. But - there is no app available on the Apple App Store. I'm sure Pebble submitted their app to the app store months in advance knowing that Apple takes its time reviewing the new apps. Pebble - what do I do now with the watch and no app?

    14. Missing avatar

      jasay on

      @Chris Spendley
      The app is the android store:…

      Apple seems to be taking their time with the iOS app review though.

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris Spendley on

      I have received my pebble time watch but have no idea how to get it working - it appears the app is not in either store (Android or IOS) and without the Pebble Time App there is no way for the watch to work. Can someone explain what is happening?

    16. Bruno Lussier on

      I'm backer #80880. I don't know how is it possible (on 78k backers). And, by chance, I am a "EARLY BIRD" backer. LOL... What should I understand? I expected my PT shipped last week (because of the 10 000 Early bird package..) but, naahhhhh, I'm backer #80880, probably one of the last backers... I'm confused.

      I'm in Canada and I pay extra $$ for faster shipping. (3-5 days instead of 4-6 weeks).

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      How's everyone's day been so far, granted its 10:28PM here in Sydney ;)

    18. Missing avatar

      QuadQuattro on

      I have never received a Kickstarter product by the promised time ... thought that would change now with Pebble's past experience, they promised May shipping, I was within the first 3500 backers, but the portal shows "Your order is processing." so obviously it won't SHIP till June. Apple 1, Pebble 0. I'll probably return it anyway, the reviews are underwhelming overall.

    19. Nasree Hasamoh on

      I'm going to apprentice at other country.
      can I change my shipping address now?

    20. Jerrod Lai on

      How do I change my shipping address?

    21. Missing avatar

      AussieMom on

      Thanks for the update Kyran Dunn !

    22. Lexi on

      @Margarent Cashman: It says the mobile apps are debuting next week.

    23. Margaret Cashman

      When I search in the Apple iOS App Store, I cannot find the new Pebble Time apps for running the watch.

    24. Kyran Dunn on

      The portal says my watch has shipped. Backer #2005. There is a USPS tracking number on the portal. I will update when it arrives.

    25. Missing avatar

      AussieMom on

      In update #17: "Rewards will be fulfilled in the order with which you backed. You will be able to track the progress of your Pebble Time as it moves with its batch through the Building, Processing, and Shipping steps on the reward portal. "

    26. Missing avatar

      AussieMom on

      They said how we'd be able to track everything going on, yet nobody seems to know anything. ;-)

    27. Missing avatar

      Charles Lindsey on

      Has anyone received a shipping notification with tracking info?

    28. RelakS on

      Unfortunately I don't know. I can edit only the Payment Method although they already charged my card :)

    29. GunplaGamer on

      @RelakS Nope didn't get any of those yet...Under reward summary i have my address and:

      Shipping Method (edit)
      Shipping by USPS from California.
      Estimated delivery 3-5 days from date of shipment.
      Your Pebble Time will ship May 2015.
      You may check back any time to see your order status.

      Should I message them or just wait?

    30. RelakS on

      Under the REWARD SUMMARY text you should see a big green box with "Your order is processing." text in it.

      Any you should also have an e-mail about it. Subject: Your Kickstarter order has been successfully processed

    31. GunplaGamer on

      Soooo I see A LOT of people have processing messages...where do you see this? I checked the pledge modify page and it just says shipping May 2015. I am a $159 early bird backer of a red one.

    32. Vincent van Beelen

      @Minjiet, this is the mail:

      Hello Vincent van Beelen,

      Thank you for your order, placed on April 10, 2015. You will receive an email from us in the coming weeks letting you know that your order has shipped.

      To view your order, please follow this link: here.

      If there are any other questions we can help with about your order, simply reply to this message. You can also follow us and your fellow Pebblers’ stories on Facebook, Twitter, and our Blog.

      Team Pebble

    33. bert on

      Can we have more information and pictures of the pebvle time steel? Thanks for post #19 though, I appreciate any news!

    34. Sunnyboy on

      what is the email u guys received regarding finalised? i never received any email abt that

    35. Daniel CokeBoy on

      Did they mention 27th starts shipping.. Was it CA time or different regional distribution centre timing?

    36. Missing avatar

      colin hickey on

      Woohoo got my processed email last night, i'm in the UK so wondering if they have already shipped some to Ireland ready for dispatch. Paid for expedited so shouldn't take long once they do ship.

    37. Alan Hsieh on

      Great ! Your are the first no delay shipping project which I supported on KickStart.

    38. T Rez

      When's the app out and when do the steel times get shipped?hope to don mine this summer lol thanks �

    39. Chris Lapaz on

      my problem is not that i won't be receiving mine in may. my problem is that the pledge page says the tax charge will not be charged until my pebble ships and the charge posted on my card on 5/19 and i doubt my watch will even be shipped on the 5/27.

    40. Missing avatar

      Hank Nelson on

      Curious, I'd love to know what the watch face is on the "Menu Organization" video. Any help here?

    41. Missing avatar

      Manav Bhattarai on

      May 27th shipping? All early bird May backers?

    42. Missing avatar

      Ivanov Aleksandr on

      There is, I think, is very important and necessary function. It is necessary to do or software or mechanical (unscrewing wristwatch) off the microphone. If this function is a software (menu item in the settings of hours), the firmware should be forbidden any application to use a microphone. Confidentiality is sometimes above all

    43. Joel Funk on

      Is it too late to upgrade to Pebble Time Steel?

    44. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    45. j.mmkhay on

      Just received email to finalise order. I was ready when i signed up :D paid for express to be delivered within may.. Looks like i'll get it asap.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jaber on

      When u support Arabic language??? I see and read notification like this ---> [][][][][][][][][][][] on my original Pebble!!!

    47. Alexander Otte on

      An ok, you chose the "very" fast shipping option.

    48. Manuel Kroeber on

      @Alexander Otte: It's about 20$ for 3-5 day shipping by DHL and 35$ pre-paid import taxes so it's not hold up by customs :/

    49. Missing avatar

      Adedamola Shomoye on

      lol @ guy taking selfie within selfie (facing wrong way too!)

      Oh and I just got my "Last Chance to update Reward" email..squeal!!

    50. Mark Warren on

      Themes please, ASAP! Those Timeline icons and font in the video might appeal to some people, but I'm *not* in that group. PebbleOS needs to add a theming option as soon as possible to allow custom icons, fonts, and colors on the Timeline. Thanks!