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Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
78,471 backers pledged $20,338,986 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. CtrlAltDelicious

      Does the new campaign ( launching two new Pebble watches and a wearable, automatically pull the plug of this project???

      One of the reasons that I bought the Pebble Time (or should I now call tit the 'Time 1') was the anounced smartstraps and all the geeky possibilities that were supposed to come along with it.

      Feeling kinda cheated here... :-(

    2. Brian on

      I don't know who started it but can we PLEASE go back to calling 1 Million, 1M instead of 1mm. I mean honestly, it's bad enough we have to use feet and inches, lets not muddle up the measuring system any more than we already have.

    3. Brian Short on

      I'm especially excited about the Xadow integration, and I really hope it happens. I'll be first in line!

    4. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      :( its a shame that these products arent made available to pebble time/steel backers at a discount - as it apparently was their pledges that are passed on.. I would quite like to get the NFC and heart rate modules from Xadow but the pebble time is already expensive

    5. Missing avatar

      E. Edwards on

      Will there be a Spark design to better complement the pebble time? Fashion wise. Lol.

    6. Murali Srinivasa on

      CONCEPT #3 : Flexible Heart Rate Monitor Smartstrap
      Here is a 40 sec demo, proof-of-concept :…
      Sign-up for more updates:
      Follow us on Twitter: @gethbeats

    7. Robin Fitton on

      ANT based HR would be great for cyclists and runners. I wonder if a temp gauge and mini GPS module might also make it. Extended battery would be great.

    8. Missing avatar

      Brian Olsen on

      I am not canceling my pledge yet BUT I pretty disappointed with the promise of 'exciting' updates. Where are the exciting updates?

    9. Yung on

      I backed the first gen. Pebble, because I like the idea of promoting an open ecosystem, and turns out it works.

      To reward other great innovation sounds brilliant as well, however using the money from crowd-funding to back other project? I don't think this sounds right, at least not for me.

      With Pebble Time/Time Steel going to be an obvious success, this becomes critical issue. Maybe it doesn't sounds like a huge amount of money compare to current raised, it would be better to show backers how these reward cash flow comes from.

      I'm still backing Pebble Time, but an open balance sheet of how those money works would be appreciated, I had faith in pebble, and hope them can make this "re-backing" process more transparent.

    10. Missing avatar


      Heart rate checking is okay for somebody who does not have anxiety. But it is not good for somebody with anxiety. :)

    11. Ralf Kröfges on

      Heart rate would be essential, as well as connectivity to GarminConnect and/or Runtastic!

    12. Simon Sher on

      We want HEART RATE

    13. Erik

      I kind of like how the spark prototype looks as is!

    14. Missing avatar

      Tanner Christensen on

      @Taylor They just raised $19 Million dollars... Whether or not they had/have 1 Million lying around somewhere, they could just use 1/20th (if the total were a dollar that would be 5 cents in comparison) of their Kickstarter funds to back other projects. Frankly, I'm just excited that, in some small way, I get to be a part of helping bring this new Pebble Time to market. The fact that they jumped on Kickstarter to do it, means that they can bring this to market SO much sooner than they could have without these initial funds. I'd much rather have this now instead of later.

      "Kickstarter isn't a place to raise funds solely for general business expenses. However, if you can focus on what you actually hope to create and share as an end goal of this project, it could make a better fit!" Which is exactly what the people at Pebble have done.

      I've read a few of these posts railing on Pebble for being a business that went to Kickstarter to fund their new product. Well, "Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects." And guess what, this just so happens to be a creative project. There's NOTHING on Kickstarter that says a business can't fund a new project of theirs on here. And I for one, am glad they did and that so many get to be a part of it as a result.

    15. Joe Connolly on

      I don't understand those of you that define Kickstarter as a place where only new companies or those without their own investment capital can should start projects. I know Kickstarter loves the Pebble Time campaign. In fact, it's listed on their "Projects We Love archive". Just because you have the capital to launch a new product doesn't mean you shouldn't use Kickstarter for it. Kickstarter/Crowdfunding can help these "mega" projects by transferring some risk to the backers. I feel comfortable risking a few hundred dollars on a watch or two and Pebble gets information that can save them thousands of dollars in advertising and manufacturing. A good trade IMO.

    16. Missing avatar

      Taylor K. Zuppan on

      was excited about this new pebble. I was one of the original backers (don't think on this account) of the original Pebble. Got the first version, have started hacking around with it, and love it. Once I saw that Pebble Time was announced I immediately backed it.

      I am, however, feeling serious doubts about this project. This entire release of updates are all completely contrived from the beginning: They are not candid updates from a start up.

      I know Pebble has been wildly successful, so we should not expect the kind of updates we would get from other projects. Despite this, all of these updates are just PR spins that were developed, I'm sure, prior to this project even being put up.

      The fact that you can offer out a million dollars to support the community is, on one hand, absolutely wonderful. On the other hand it is absolutely deplorable that you're using KICKSTARTER (think about the name of this site for a moment) to launch your product when you have that kind of money sitting about (Which is twice your goal, by the way).

      It truly bothers me that pan-handling when they're in this position. Your business has already been started, pushed to the forefront for the wearable industry, well funded, respected, and perceived.

      This entire thing reeks of a group of individuals, intelligent individuals, that are too cheap to use their already existing and very liquid assets to continue growing their OWN already ESTABLISHED company.

    17. jaf0 on

      is there any information regarding the charger ?

    18. Missing avatar

      Brian Olsen on

      'pebble' not 'probable' drat that autocorrect and poor proof reading!

    19. Missing avatar

      Brian Olsen on

      So far the promise of 'exciting news' on these updates seems to be to isolated folks only, not to the vast majority of participants. I am not flying to the party, don't speak Chinese as my primary language and am not a developer for wristbands. I am a first time user of Pebble. I have been trained in the CF experience by Krios and Hot Watch. I do not want probable to seem AT ALL like those two outfits. Please give some exciting news as soon as possible.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Xadow looks interesting.
      From a smart strap I'd be looking for a secondary battery, heart rate monitor, and a buzzer/speaker.

      Problem is I like leather straps, not sure if a smart strap can be put together using that material.

    21. Gary Lim on

      Nevermind about the early prototype, I kind of like the rainbow colors going around like bracelet.

    22. Xkorter on

      So the smart strap won't be for anytime soon since it take time to develop and put something on the market. By that time ( may be next year) my pebble time will be obsolete with all those new smart-watches popping from everywhere.

    23. Anthony on

      Great idea Pebble - Smart Strap possibilities are endless and for us it means that it extends the life of the product.

    24. Suzanne Schiller on

      As Pebble never promised any stretch goals, I fail to understand the anger that seems to be directed its way.

      "Stretch goals" are not a backer entitlement for every KS project that exceeds its initial goal; rather, it has been my experience that they are a way for creators to leverage existing backers to attract more backers, primarily by getting them to bug their family and friends. ("Hey, if we can get $25,000 more, we can also make a green one -- so spread the word!"). And the cynic in me usually thinks that the creator realizes that the initial goal was way to low to complete the project, so creates hype with "stretch goals" that really don't cost anything, but rather are intended to make sure that enough money is raised to actually produce the product initially proposed.

      Pebble clearly isn't going that route nor apparently does it need to; it is generating publicity and interest in other ways, which include (a) offering two models at one time; (b) expanding the potential user base by adding Chinese language; and (c) encouraging and funding other hardware start-ups to produce compatible products.*

      *Indeed, on the software side, this has been Pebble's greatest strength -- building a developer community from the ground up, with amazing apps being created to do things that I'm sure even Eric never thought of.

    25. Josh Landry on

      I find the smart strap one of the most interesting(and exciting) features on the Pebble Time... But I have a question... Will it hinder the water resistance if a smart strap is installed?

    26. Andrey Mischuk on

      on the strap to establish electromagnetic coupling ! when the strap undone - watches are blocked , dress watch - it is necessary through the app on your phone to scan your finger and watch unlocked .

    27. Papje on

      Pebble? Updates please about shipping costs to EU or I will cancel my pledge on the last day.

    28. Andrey Mischuk on

      fingerprint scan through the iPhone and pebble tied to the fingerprint stored on the phone when the watch is stolen, lost contact with the phone and clock are locked !

    29. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Does this mean that pebble won't be doing any themselves?

    30. Missing avatar

      Geno Machino on

      Free Range GPS / Cellular Smart Strap and I'M IN!! I immediately went over to the Spark Electron Kickstarter site and supported them as well. Great update!

    31. Missing avatar

      Ronnie King on

      I have no interest in the Spark Electron if it means I have to have 2 straps on my arm. This is a most unbecoming appearance

    32. Tim Gray on

      What is the link to the API and hardware interface specifications?

    33. Dylan McGillivary on

      You know what there is a lot of negativity that i have seen thus far from the comments section regarding this pledge. I for one think that it is amazing! i had my doubts about getting the pebble time ( I already have the original pebble) and getting the apple watch. But the fact that this company has made this pledge, welcomed probably one of their biggest competitors to the market ( apple and the Iwatch), and have supported various other companies and charities is while I'm so glad that i have stuck with this company.
      I have nothing but respect and admiration for this company and what they have thus far been standing for.
      They offer something simple, unique and honest. there is no gimmicks or bull from them.
      Good luck with everything!

    34. Kent Hambrock on

      I love those smart strap ideas, I can't wait to see what people do with it!

    35. Missing avatar

      Koos van der Erck on

      Thank you for changing the world

    36. William Bruchert on

      Ugh, I would love to get in on this, as I have a great idea for a strap, but I'm not a developer. Time to become one, I guess!

    37. Felix Dewaleyne on

      this , so much this. that puts pebble ahead by a landslide.

    38. Steve Madley on

      Pebble Time I meant :p

    39. Kyle Fritz on

      You do realize that every single pledge amount gets you at least one watch right? This is nothing more than generating hype and taking pre-orders on a platform that has treated them well before.
      They may not be using Kickstarter the way it was created for, but what they're doing is not malicious in the least. It's pretty straightforward. Think of this as just them collecting pre-orders and to get people talking, and then it all seems pretty logical.

    40. Steve Madley on

      Some great comments Vincent! Pebble have made money out of this but most probably not as much as you believe. They have also given full time employment to a considerably large team that runs Pebble and provides the consumer market with the product they want.
      What they have done is admirable to say the least. I certainly wish I had thought of it and was capable of pulling it off. Maybe you do too? ;)
      The best part? They beat Apple at the smartwatch and again with the smart strap concept. If I were you I'd be happy with buying one or two of these new Pebble Steel watches before Apple decides to secure their domination by chucking a few Billion in Pebbles direction.

    41. Missing avatar

      Logan Heuer on

      1 million? make it two! I think an nfc strap would be fabulous.

    42. Mark T on

      @creators are you really kidding!! What the f@@k is going on with these updates?? Not one update so far offering any stretch goals (that won't cost us extra money), any decent additions to what we will receive as backers and no new information regarding what we can and will not be able to do with our watches regarding IOS. No update on shipping or taxes either. What happened to the month of many exciting updates etc?? Very very poor update!

    43. João Marques on

      You guys could follow Spark and support the VAT and customs for all your pledges!
      Now with such a strong dollar you would still be making a huge profit...

    44. Missing avatar

      Sean McDonnell on

      @Vincent, please can we leave all this negativity off the comments section. I personally think this is the first fulfilling update we've had since the announcement of PTS. With regards to "it ruins the spirit of Kickstarter", surely helping other aspiring developers and designers by backing their KS projects should be lauded and is giving something back to the community. Better that than keep the additional revenue or try to develop half baked in house smart straps. No doubt you will say its a cynical move to attempt to make their platform more successful or relevant, but let's not forget that they are a business and it is in all of our interests that they succeed.

    45. Missing avatar

      max on

      @vincent: Pebble has sold hundreds of thousands of watches, so they have more than enough cash to pay $1m without this kickstarter. The way they explained it was that they wanted to pay respects to where they came from, not to create excessive hype (which I have no doubt it did).

    46. Christian P on

      @Vincent - again, you're not alone there. Personally, I can see both sides and I'm not sure what I think.
      But I'd be careful of accusing them of violating KS terms without doing some research first.

    47. Vincent B. Donadio

      @Christan P: If they had the capital to make the product on their own, then they should not have used Kickstarter. As I've already stated, it ruins the spirit of Kickstarter for an already-successful company sitting on a ton of cash to use it as a marketing tool.

    48. Vincent B. Donadio

      @Eric Price: Absolutely. I think it's great, and I love that they are spurring developers along, but this project itself kind of tarnishes the spirit of Kickstarter (an already-successful company using it to raise millions of dollars through media hype that would have been more difficult to achieve had they just announced preorders on their own website). By stating that they're going to pledge twice the amount of money they were looking to "raise" to make this project a success... that's kind of... sketchy at best?

    49. Christian P on

      @Vincent - Pebble has piles of cash behind them already. Running this Kickstarter wasn't because they needed the money, but because they really like Kickstarter and wanted to "go back to their roots". Lots of people don't really see it that way, hence the debate surrounding whether this should have been a Kickstarter in the first place.

      Anyway, all that to say they've got way more than enough for that 1M to be coming from their own pockets, not the KS.