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Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
78,471 backers pledged $20,338,986 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Juan Daniel Azuero on

      I havent been able to use de strava app with my pebble time.

      Please help!! @judaaf

    2. Brian Patterson on

      Hey I also wish Misfit would update to the long promised Android Sync ... Whats taking so long ???? - And Now I get my Pebble Time Steel and Hope when I get it Misfit will have updated that feature for Android so I will love my Pebble even more ... ??? !!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Charles Coggins on

      Family of "Pebblers" (iWhat? no thanks!) also love Fitbittin' around. Would also love to see Fitbit integration! We love you, Pebble!!!

    4. Rose Meyers on

      Please, please, a girl has gotta have her Fitbit integration. Pretty, please

    5. Missing avatar


      I too would like to see Fitbit integration!

    6. Alexander Khudyakov on

      Hello! Chinese is great, but don't forget about cyrillic too. Full UTF8 support would be a-w-e-s-o-m-e

    7. Missing avatar

      Hamzah on

      Is it too late to add an IR blaster... Handy when u can't find the remote...

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter R on

      nice they got mapmyrun

    9. Missing avatar

      Lyle on

      Fitbit would be a great integration....anybody working on this

    10. Jan Sapper on

      My compatibility wish: Nike plus & sleep cycle!

    11. Missing avatar

      Hugo on

      Please include options for Phone with Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) mobile telecommunications technology, in my case the provider is Nextel Mexico. PTT or IDEN.

    12. Missing avatar

      db on

      please add support to Windows Phone thanks. Love the PT, pledge for 2 already, and have the old one too, but it is PITA to use it with my Nokia Phone.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gilbert Sanchez on

      Can't wait to get the watch. Love my original pebble watch too. �⌚️

    14. Joe J Thomas on

      Also interested in FitBit integration - details, please?

    15. Thomas Campbell on

      But does it support Chinese? I have asked this many times and still waiting for a reply.

    16. Olly S on

      "Alice's Mom's Rescue" is a terrible name, but everything else about it looks great. :)

    17. Olly S on

      iSmoothRun really deserves more love here. It's truly offers the best experience for runners who are on iOS.

    18. Rogier werschkull on

      The only problem with for instance the runkeeper integration is that it is just too basic for mor serious use! I am now using Aerotracker Pro on Android which syncs to runkeeper and has the ability to show you heart-rate if you have an Bluetooth smart heartrate monitor + show all different kinds of counters instead of the static ones the runkeeper app does.

    19. Pedro Navarro on

      Don't forget to mention iSmoothrun! It's the only fitness app that has a custom Pebble face, fully customizable from the phone

    20. Wayne Moulton on

      Any word on the possibility of FitBit integration?

    21. Brian Voll on

      I can already tell Enigma is going to be my go to face.

    22. Missing avatar

      Robin James Eric Bond on

      @Morgan Bates, no. The smart straps will be developed mainly by other companies and the functionality is there with an open source interface. Pebble probably will release their own smart straps later if I understood it correctly.

    23. Ralph Schöll on

      if only you could kick Misfit's a... and deliver the long time promised Android support!!!

    24. Morris

      Can anyone tell me what font is used in the Enigma watchface?

    25. Morgan Bates on

      Is the 'smart strap' included in the pebble time or the pebble time steel?

    26. Jeremie Lariviere

      very cool guys; I'm looking forward to seeing what people do (and hoping the guys who made the wonderful apps I have already update them a tad to be cooler than they already are)

    27. Deborah Wunder on

      I, too, would like to know if there are plans to have the Pebble Steel work with Fitbit technology.

    28. Paul Andrews on

      Clock* app, not phone app.

    29. Paul Andrews on

      I agree with others, please limit it to one default phone app and that's it. It'd be awesome to add a few more fitness apps, nike+ maybe? Is there a side by side comparison of the old watch vs the new? Memory increase for games, etc?

    30. Missing avatar

      Joanie Raisovich on

      I'm also in favor of adding FitBit support to the pebble. Can't wait to get mine, but alas, I have to wait until August.

    31. Missing avatar

      Tomás Correia on

      Please!!! Make possible to us to Set the alarm just for the week days... Like a simple smartphone :) WATER I mean is that give us the possibility to chopes the days that we watt to set the alarm :)

    32. Nolan on

      Will the new pebble be able to support two phones at a time

    33. RicBret

      Is there any chance that the Pebble Time will be able to hook up to the Fitbit network of devices? We've got the whole fam on these, including the scale and comparative tracking mail notices each week. Would be nice if this wasn't orphaned from that ecosystem of devices.

    34. Manoël Trapier on

      I know the author of Alice Mom Rescue :)

      GG Orion_ :-)

    35. Michael Fienen on

      @joz22222: Don't think of it in terms of "what good are games on your watch." It's a technical demonstration of how powerful the SDK is and how many options there are for app integrators, especially. Honestly, I was super impressed with how responsive the color epaper display was in that example. That's always been one of the technical restrictions in that technology, and that demo really showed that barrier gone, even if just on a small screen. Good on them.

    36. Marco Scala on

      Cool!!! Can't wait to try Pebble Time in the Pool during my swimming trainings!!! I do hate to count laps and always miss some, doing then more exercise!!! May May do come fast!!

    37. Missing avatar

      joz22222 on

      Games on your watch, really? The next question is, why? That is what your phone is for....

    38. Missing avatar

      Jake Macalister on


      Can we please DELETE the default watch faces we NEVER use!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Luke Holland on

      For all those wanting sound, couldn't you get a smartstrap with a speaker in it?

    40. Grant on

      @scott e misfit has an iOS app and it supports pebble!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Seika Go on

      that's so cool!!!
      will pebble time or pebble time steal have Japanese ???

    42. Fluo d'Tine on

      How about some kind of sound system using smartphone's speaker?? Sending events from Pebble via bluetooth? Yes, please!

    43. Fluo d'Tine on

      Super Mario Bros please!!!!!

    44. Francesco Fumelli on

      please dont forget Blackberry support!

    45. James Mar on

      No sound >:( Piezo Speaker would've been great.

    46. Marv

      A third bezel??? Quality problems? If you look closely the fat inner black bezel doesn't get to the edge of the display, instead there is a third bezel between the fat black border and the actual display. I am afraid this thing has more and bigger bezels than anything else.

    47. James J. Blake on

      I think that the iSmoothRun team deserves some credit as they have created what in my opinion is by far the best Pebble App - iPhone App integration.

    48. Meredith Rose

      Will the pebble work with heart rate monitors like polar? or have heart rate monitoring capability? The new Apple watch coming out reportedly has that capability and I would love for my pebble time to have that feature or an app to monitor a polar chest strap.