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Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
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Developers, start your emulators!

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

It’s been an exciting 2 days, but hold onto your seats...this is just the start! We can’t wait to show you more of the cool stuff that we’ve been working on.

Today, we’re releasing Developer Preview 1 of our Software Development Kit (SDK) for Pebble Time. 

With our SDK, developers can start designing and building new color apps for Pebble Time, or upgrade their current Pebble apps to support Pebble Time. The SDK now includes an entire emulator (on or on your local machine) so you can get started on your apps before you get your Pebble Time. Documentation for timeline APIs is available as well.

Here's a small taste of what's possible with Pebble Time, built in just a few hours by developers who helped us test the Pebble Time SDK (GIFs here):

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Check out the developer blog post: or dive right in at!

What's an SDK? It’s a piece of software that developers use to create apps and watchfaces for Pebble. We put a lot of effort into creating the best possible environment for developers. There are over 26,000 registered Pebble developers, who’ve published over 6,500+ apps and watchfaces on the Pebble appstore. On, our web-based IDE, you can get started with Pebble development with examples in Javascript or C (similar to Arduino in complexity). 

Hey, I'm not a developer! What does this mean for me? It means more great watchfaces and apps for your new Pebble Time. Developers are heroes in the Pebble community. They swoop in and create the beautiful watchfaces and apps out of nowhere, delighting everyone in their path. For example:

Click the pic to download the Silly Walks face!
Click the pic to download the Silly Walks face!

Already, we’re seeing some fantastic ideas for apps and faces for Pebble Time. 

Beautiful weather app from Johnathan Reno
Beautiful weather app from Johnathan Reno

Feel free to Tweet, FB, Instagram or Reddit the watchfaces and apps you create. We'll choose some of the best to feature in an update. Can't wait to see what the world makes!

Thomas + Pebble Developer Team 

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    1. Calum Cunningham on

      Does this watch have the smartstrap? Thanks Calum

    2. Dragonbait

      Grr PEBBLE!!! only thing worse than no updates is dropping a bombshell update that means people may loose spots on early birds etc and then not stick around to answer any questions!

    3. Missing avatar

      Brian Quan on

      I really hope this version allows the simple function of turning off the pebble in a single push of a button rather than through series of menu trees. Perhaps just pressing the middle button for an extended period of time, say 2 seconds?

    4. Thejesh GN on

      Hi there,

      I am happy owner of Pebble a and can't wait for the new pebble. I am a amobile app developer. I am extremely enthu about developing apps for new pebble. I am from India, I love to develop apps in local language in India. Will the new pebble support Indic font rendering ( I know you guys are working on Chinese), so I am guess you are already working on complex font rendering . So indic kind of work by default. But I am just curious.

      Thank you.

    5. Missing avatar


      @SCOTT FURDA There isn't a speaker built into the watch.
      @Tim Douglas Check out the NavMe app currently available for Pebble. It has a companion app in the Play store.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tottle on

      That should have read, "...I have android AND Microsoft phones..." - meaning I'd like to be free to use the best watch (Pebble) with both, or all, my devices

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tottle on

      Let's make Pebble Time the first truly multi platform smartwatch, and create for Windows Phone using the universal apps and APIs pod Windows10, ready for the platform to grow.

      Keeping the Pebble system linked to all systems Android, Apple, Microsoft, Tizen, BB, FireOS ... Will allows wearers to link to any their phone if they wish - I have Android asked Microsoft for work asked home, for example.

      ... Not been a developer but willing to take a look

    8. Missing avatar

      David Jonson on

      I think you should include a "Dick Tracy" fedora with each watch

    9. Missing avatar

      Tim Douglas on

      It would be great to get turn-by-turn notifications from Google Maps - one buzz for left; two for right; long buzz for stop and look at your map - you could even use it riding a bike!

    10. Missing avatar

      SCOTT FURDA on

      Looks good so far, I know the new watch will have a microphone for quick voice replies but didn't see any mention of a speaker to hear call audio. So in the kickstarter video at 2:35 his mom calls and he denies the call but sends a voice would this be just an audio response to the person who called and if so how would that audio file be delivered especially cross platform IE Android to Apple?

    11. Tim Hedstrom on

      I hope someone makes an app for onstar especially to control the Chevy Volt and Spark EV.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Jenkins on

      This got me excited, I can start developing an app before I've got my watch...
      But, apparently, I can't get to the part of the app on my phone (iOS) to enable the Developer Connection before pairing with the watch that I don't have yet :(
      It is really this way or did I miss something?

    13. Missing avatar

      Cley Faye on

      Guys... guys seriously... seriously, guys... stop being awesome. Offline emulator? Seriously, I'm going to develop the hell out of it! mwahahahaha!

    14. Missing avatar

      Ashiri on


      Pebble doesn't have a speaker. It alerts via vibrations, and they are easily noticeable.

    15. Missing avatar

      Randall k rogas on

      Everything looks great what about ring tones, how loud will the sound from the watch be, enough to hear in a crowd?

    16. Elmer on

      It's things like this that let me know my money went to good use. My first time backing Pebble. And already I can see I made the right choice. Keep the updates coming guys and keep up the hard work, truly appreciated.

    17. Ahmad Nasrallah on

      Awesome ideas! looking forward seeing new apps :)

    18. Yonatha Maulana on

      cool ideas next generation of pebble

    19. GG Crew on

      Yes, YES!!!

    20. Rene Pot on

      Awesome guys! Looking forward to seeing awesome apps taking this thing to its limits!

    21. Jeremie Lariviere

      very cool!

    22. Zach on

      Getting 'Try running `pebble convert-project` to update the project' on the cloudpebble site. But don't see how I can run that.

    23. Banni Ibrahim on

      Every app looks awesome!

    24. Missing avatar

      rod pantony on

      Shouldn't you have 2 microphones and QNX sound tech for optimal ASR? Also, aren't Maluuba the best NLP engineers? Not really sure what you're doing but reminders on wrist are great for elderly.

    25. Missing avatar

      Steven Dupuy on

      Any chance of a Kickstarter exclusive color? Not some ugly lime green either. Some classy that people would actually want, but could only get by backing.

    26. Ben on

      @Anthony you choose your color at the end of the campaign when they send out backer reward surveys

    27. Missing avatar

      Thomas Howe on

      Love it!! Have no developer experience, but may use the SDK to make a stab at building an app that can link through my phone to my Zephyr Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor..

    28. Missing avatar

      Anthony Windom on

      I order a watch for 179.00 plus 10.00 .. when do we tell you the color we would like to order ? Me I want a black one , Hoping you guys can make it be able to talk on like the Samsung one ...thanks for making the display screen color that's going to be really cool .. Love my pebbles steel .. Never take it off sleep with it more than I sleep with my wife ..!!!!

    29. Russell Ho-Aitken on

      Love weather looks awesome in colour!

    30. Missing avatar

      Nev Rawlins on

      What do you want us to do with the color apps & faces when we've created them? Can't publish on App Store as nobody can install them yet. Are you going to have a separate Timeline App Store ready for when you release the Pebble Times?
      Also would be good to upgrade the emulator to be able to capture "screenshots", so we can prepare for publishing.

    31. Fabián Núñez on

      I seriously need that Ministry of Silly Walks face.

    32. w9jds on

      YES! Thanks for releasing the SDK Early!!!

    33. Sawyer Pangborn on

      Awesome! Thanks Pebble!

    34. Stephen J. Weber on

      I cannot wait to have Love Weather in color.