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Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
78,471 backers pledged $20,338,986 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)


Looking forward to answering as many questions as we can from our community! We're using Reddit to host the AMA, here's the link:

Thanks so much for your support!

Team Pebble

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    1. Missing avatar

      Peter Poon on

      According to the pledge, shipment of PT will be in May. Can I request that my PT to be shipped in July for special purpose?

    2. Frank Lloyd on

      It would be nice for the bezel to be smaller so we can have more screen real estate.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kallistiman on

      Just read through your IAmA and I was surprised by a couple of things. Here are two:
      1) Disappointed to realise that the PT cannot be charged while wearing it.
      2) Dismayed about the apparent lack of clarity re EU shipments, when the info beforehand was that you have an EU-based partner.
      Before backing I was already less than happy with the appearance (both hardware and software) for professional usage. I support a non Google Now companion smartphone alternative for Android and as a proud user of a Pebble Steel I have backed this campaign.

      Not sure if I will be using the PT though.

    4. Missing avatar

      James on

      This is my first Kickstarter backing. I'm excited about the Pebble, but I have to say, I'm terribly disappointed about the info (or lack thereof) being given for EU backers. We should know whether or not extra charges are going to be incurred (and how much) before the drive ends.

    5. Missing avatar

      Peter J Lennartsson on

      Dear Pepple In update 4 clarify that the option to choose color will be given in the survey after the campaign is done.

      Seems to be the most common question , and a loft of first time Kickstarters might not know how this usually work :)

    6. Matt Somerville on

      Will you be able to get it with a larger band? The band that came with my original Pebble was way too small.

    7. Missing avatar

      christopher bunch on

      Will this new screen have the same issues that the original one has in being unreadable through polarised sunglasses? So annoying! Especially when trying to glance at in the car.

    8. Missing avatar

      christopher bunch on

      What shame that like so many US Companies you forgot time zone differences for this. Not all your customers are in the US and share your timings.

    9. Missing avatar


      @LABAYE; @Frank Bouman After the project funding period ends, when they send the survey you will be able to confirm/change your address and choose the watch color(s).

    10. Missing avatar

      Supachai Chanyasawad on

      Hi.. would like to request for Thai fonts support in Pebble Time.
      Best Regards, Supachai, Thailand

    11. Missing avatar

      Frank Bouman on

      Hi there,
      When can I choose the colours of my two (2) ordered Pebble smartwatches?
      Regards, Frank (The Netherlands)

    12. Missing avatar

      LABAYE on

      I bought 2 Pebble Time on Kickstarter. I would like to know, if I could choose the color of the watches I bought or if it will be at random.

    13. Missing avatar

      liu.jing on

      i hope chinese character support before the pebble time delivery!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Brandon Lyon on

      Has anyone ever gotten a reply about whether or not the battery can be serviced (obviously not by me but by returning it to the company or something)? I still haven't gotten an answer about that for my original pebble when the battery dies out.

    15. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the answers you guys gave there!

    16. Garrett Olin [GOdesign] on

      The pebble is based on the face staying on all the time. That's the benefit of the memory LCD on the Pebble/Pebble Steel and now the color e-paper on the Pebble Time. They have a backlight that turns off after a few seconds, but the screen is always on.

    17. Missing avatar

      Howard Bloomberg on

      Can you make it work with my Commodore 64?
      Seriously, great launch video You had me at 7 days.

    18. Missing avatar

      Joshua Ganger on

      On the pebble time video it states there is a microphone, that is only to speak to your phone correct? Also in the video it shows a call being received, if you would press the check mark would you be able to speak into the watch or would you need to actually pick up your phone to talk?

    19. Garrett Olin [GOdesign] on

      You will pick a color once the project ends and they send out a survey. This will also be where you give them shipping information, etc.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tom Nguyen on

      I was wondering if I can choose a design with silver frame and black or silver body instead of the white?

    21. Missing avatar

      russell on

      I have the Pebble, Pebble Steel, and now pledged for one Pebble TIme. continue to ask for BlackBerry Support. We have Talk2Watch, which works great, but hope for more App access For Blackberry OS 10. Many others in the BB community looking for this too. so I keep asking!

    22. Missing avatar

      Patrick Neuwirth on

      Will there be a separate App to pair with Pebble Time? I have a heck of a time switching between the Pebble (for work) and the Steel (for play) -

    23. Xanthocephalus on

      @ all Kickstarter first-timers
      After the campaign ends (i.e., likely sometime in early April) you will receive a survey to verify your shipping address and to choose any options that are available, for example color. Cheers.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jann Goodsell on

      Can't find an answer to the question of whether there is a color choice.

    25. Reiner Knudsen on

      Gosh, this must be the most successful campaign on day one and it will for sure be the most successful overall in 30 days. Congratulations. Who needs another smart watch than Pebble?

    26. Michele Aubriet on

      I bought one but want red color but have no Choice when I bill it. Please confirm I will have the choice after. I read that there will be only grey white and black and its not color I want. Thanks in advance

    27. Simon Talks on

      AMA isn't working properly on iPhone app. No responses are visible. Either busted, delayed or questions aren't being set as Answered.

    28. Missing avatar

      Theo van der Horst on

      Can I choose the color?

    29. almubarakalis on

      Are you planning to add Arabic support to this new Pebble? I have been looking forward to getting an update supporting Arabic since the first Pebble!

    30. Mark Fernandez on

      Can I answer my iPhone from my new Pebble and talk and hear on it, the Pebble? I have my current Pebble and it's great!

    31. Timothy Blackburn on

      Mark the watch stays on all the time

    32. Mark Fernandez on

      Will I be able to keep the face turned on? At least for 1 or 2 full minutes of i want to?

    33. Harish Tcs on

      Can we choose the color?

    34. Harish Tcs on

      Can we choose the color?

    35. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Excellent : D