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Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
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The Time of Our Lives

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)


We love sharing Pebble’s story with you—whether it’s a new product, software update, or simply staying in touch online and in person. Today, we're closing one chapter and inviting you along for what's next. We hope to answer as many questions as possible in our formal announcement, in our final Kickstarter Update, and on our Support site.

Pebble is joining Fitbit

Fitbit has agreed to acquire key Pebble assets. Due to various factors, Pebble can no longer operate as an independent entity, and we have made the tough decision to shut down the company. The deal finalized today preserves as much of Pebble as possible.

Pebble is ceasing all hardware operations. We are no longer manufacturing, promoting, or selling any new products. Active Pebble models in the wild will continue to work.


Making Awesome Happen will live on at Fitbit. Much of our team and resources will join Fitbit to deliver new “moments of awesome” in future Fitbit products, developer tools, and experiences. As our transition progresses, we’ll have exciting new stories to tell and milestones to celebrate.

It’s no doubt a bittersweet time. We’ll miss what we’re leaving behind, but are excited for what the future holds. It will be important for Pebblers to extend a warm welcome to Fitbit—as fans and customers—sharing what they love about Pebble and what they’d like to see next.


Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to each and every Pebbler for supporting us over the years. Our community is vibrant. Our community is passionate. You are what made Pebble special and worth fighting for, every second of every day. We will always remember the love you showed Pebble, through thick and thin.

Until next time, thank you!

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." –Mark Twain
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." –Mark Twain



Until we meet again, share your thoughts and favorite Pebble moments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit with #pebbleXfitbit ✌️

Introducing Pebble Health: Friendly and Seamless Activity Tracking for the Pebble Time Lineup

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

We’re thrilled to share a fantastic update to Pebble Time’s software and smartphone apps today. Meet Pebble Health: a brand new, fully native activity tracking experience with timeline integration.

Pebble Health: A Friendly, Seamless Approach to Fitness Tracking

Developed in collaboration with researchers at Stanford University, Pebble Health tracks your daily activity and automatically detects your sleep phases. Its seamless integration with timeline makes your day’s stats and insights conveniently glanceable and accessible. Wake up to a timeline pin reviewing how much you slept. Wrap up the day with a report of your step count. Getting started with Pebble Health is a breeze. Simply update your Pebble smartphone app and watch to the latest versions and you’re good to go!

Since you are your best motivator, Pebble Health focuses on personal success. Instead of striving for an arbitrary step count, your daily progress is measured against your own personal average. At night, Pebble Health tracks how long and well you sleep, helping you make better sleep decisions. Weekly graphs of both step and sleep stats make it easy to see trends over time.

Every aspect of Pebble Health works simply, automatically, and seamlessly so that it’s fun and easy to use. Fully compatible with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit, Pebble Health paints a full picture of the fitness goals you’re working towards.

Pebble Health is only available for Pebble Time, Time Steel, and Time Round smartwatches running Firmware 3.8 and above. Users with Pebble Classic and Pebble Steel may still enjoy 24/7 activity tracking from apps like Misfit and Jawbone.

Developer Access to Pebble Health

Pebble Health is eager to let our Developer community in on the action. With our upcoming Health API, devs can build apps and watchfaces that turn health and activity data into beautiful visualizations and valuable new experiences. We can’t wait to see what our developer community does with these new capabilities.

Early next year, we’ll be giving developers what they need to tie health and wellness more seamlessly into the Pebble experience. Stay tuned on our Pebble Developer page for the latest progress on the Health API.

Keep on Pebbling!

Our team cares deeply about creating technology that blends seamlessly into our lives and improves over time. It’s about making Pebble watches something we love to keep on our wrists as much as possible. Battery life measured in days, always-on displays, and a steady stream of new features and updates helps every member of the Pebble watch lineup stay fresh and delightful.

Enjoy today’s updates and please keep in touch about what you love and what you want to see next.

Full release notes on the Pebble Blog »

Pebble Time Steel Bands + Universal Voice Apps

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

Hello everyone! Got a few things to cover in today’s update, so let’s dive right in.

Pebble Time Steel Metal Band Shipments

In Update 29, we estimated that metal band shipments would be done by the end of October. We’re sorry for not being done yet, but we’re close to the finish line.

We’ve shipped 94% of the metal bands due to backers. By the end of this week, 99% of bands will be shipped. One last shipment of bands is in transit from our supplier to our distribution centers now. When those bands arrive, we’ll process them for backers and be 100% done with metal band shipments next week.

A small number of backers will notice their bands arriving without being emailed a tracking number. This is due to issues arising from splitting the bands from the reward watch shipment. If you haven’t been emailed a shipping notice for your metal band yet, don’t fret. We are shipping bands to the same address that your Pebble Time Steel was shipped.

If you have any concerns about the delivery of your metal band, please email

Universal Voice Apps for iPhone and Android

We’re happy to remind backers of new voice apps that all Pebble Time watches can use. Pebble Time’s 3.6 Firmware, in conjunction with version 3.6.0 of our Android app or version 3.3 of our iOS app includes support for voice-enabled apps built with our new Dictation API. After updating your watch and smartphone apps, visit the Pebble appstore and try new gems like Magic Dict8-Ball, Notes, and Watchie-Talkie

Recap the full details about universal voice apps on the Pebble Blog.

That’s all for now, Pebblers. Until next time!

-Team Pebble

Showing Love to Our Well-Rounded Family

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Thank you for believing in Pebble.

As Kickstarter backers, you brought the most fully-featured smartwatches in our lineup—Pebble Time and Time Steel—to life. Your support helped us introduce these new products and experiences faster than a small company normally could.

While Kickstarter will always be our first home, we’re opening a new chapter with Pebble Time Round. Today, Pebble comes full circle.

Meet Pebble Time Round

Meet the new face of smartwatches.
Meet the new face of smartwatches.

Pebble Time Round is the latest addition to the Pebble watch lineup. Faithful to timeless watch design while being a true Pebble at heart, it’s the thinnest and lightest smartwatch in the world.

Pebble Time Round starts at $249 and can be reserved today at (shipping worldwide), Best Buy, Target, and Amazon. Watches start shipping and will be available at US retailers in early November.

Full details about Pebble Time Round are available now at and on the Pebble Blog.

Pebble Time Round & Time Steel Backers

We understand that announcing Pebble Time Round while wrapping up Pebble Time Steel rewards is a big surprise. Pebble Time Round offers a different mix of features and style, but we’d like to give Pebble Time Steel backers a chance to fall in love with both. For your patience and support, we’re offering Time Steel backers an exclusive discount and trial plan:

1) Reserve Pebble Time Round at before November 8 with the same email address you used to back Pebble Time Steel on Kickstarter. You will not be charged until your order ships. 

2) Enjoy Pebble Time Steel while waiting for Pebble Time Round to arrive. You may cancel your reservation at any time if you decide Pebble Time Steel is the one for you.

3) When your Pebble Time Round ships, we will automatically discount that order by $50.

4) When your Pebble Time Round arrives, try it for up to 30 days alongside Pebble Time Steel.

5) If you love both watches, Pebble Time Round is yours to keep for the discounted price! 

6) During the trial period, you may return Pebble Time Round or Pebble Time Steel, and we’ll refund you for the Pebble Time Round order. The price of watch you keep will equal your Pebble Time Steel pledge amount, plus the cost of return shipping.

7) Full details about this discount and trial plan can be found on our Help site.

Share Pebble with the World

With Pebble Time Round in the mix, there's great Pebble options for everyone. It’s never been easier to have a smartwatch that fits your style, blends into your life, and delivers tiny moments of awesome every day.

We hope you, our backers, are just as excited about today’s announcement as we are. If you know someone who would love to experience the new face of smartwatches, spread the love on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or wherever you like to post!

Until next time,

Eric + Team Pebble

All Pebble Time Steel Watches Have Shipped

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

Hi everyone, Eric here.

I wanted to thank everyone for their patience and support throughout our Pebble Time Steel reward process. Getting Pebble Time Steel to everyone eagerly awaiting it took longer than any of us wanted. I'd like to apologize personally for the extra wait.

The journey has had its share of speed bumps and difficulties, but we’re crossing a major milestone today...

All Pebble Time Steel Watches Have Shipped

Every Pebble Time Steel that can be shipped, has shipped—more than 35,000 watches! Tracking numbers have been emailed directly, so check those inboxes.

Brushed Silver with the Fill TTMM watchface.
Brushed Silver with the Fill TTMM watchface.

A small handful of Time Steel backers—a few hundred—have not successfully finished their delivery and payment selections in the Kickstarter Reward Portal. We continue to remind these backers directly to finalize their details so their rewards can ship.

If you have not received any notices about the progress of your reward delivery, please check your Kickstarter Reward portal to make sure everything has been finalized properly. For direct assistance, email us at

Looking Back at Time Steel Delays

While focusing on getting Time Steel rewards produced and shipped, we lagged on the communication front. I apologize for that. We should have updated you more frequently about two production issues we were navigating.

The first issue involved color matching adjustments to Time Steel’s rear casing that slowed down initial production. The second hurdle involved supply shortages of the matching metal bands that we first reported on in Update 24. Implementing a revised plan to ship bands separately added significant delay to our original delivery estimates.

We are still waiting to receive all the bands needed to fulfill your rewards. Most Time Steel backers will receive their metal band in a second shipment. We will ship bands on a rolling basis, as inventory is received from our supplier. As of today, band deliveries to Kickstarter backers should be done by the end of October.

What’s Next!

It won’t be long before all rewards are delivered and this second Kickstarter campaign draws to a close. Where will we take Pebble next?

In the short term, we’ll be bringing the timeline interface and unlimited apps to our legacy watches, Pebble and Pebble Steel. We’ll continue the work going on behind the scenes to launch voice features for Pebblers paired with iPhones. Longer term, we’ll be leading the way on wearable technology, exploring the best ways this new frontier in computing can delight us every day.

If you’re curious to know more about what lies ahead for Pebble, I’ll be on stage next week at TechCrunch Disrupt. We've been working on something special for the event, and can't wait for you to see what's in store.


Eric + Team Pebble