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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

It’s time! We’re shipping Pebble Steels.

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

We’re please to announce that Pebble Steel is now shipping. Early orders are leaving the factory today, and shipping confirmation emails are starting to go out. We appreciate your patience while we slowly ramp up production to make sure each Pebble Steel meets a high production quality.

Still considering making Steel yours? Check out what others have to say:

"It’s the only smartwatch we’d recommend anyone buying right now." The Verge Awards: CES 2014 »  The Verge

"It is the first smartwatch I've seen that I actually want to buy." Pebble Steel review: The first smartwatch worth wearing » CNET

"'Stylish smartwatch' may not be an oxymoron after all." Steel Yourself: A New Pebble Smartwatch Is On Its Way » ReadWrite

"Pebble managed to address the two biggest complaints people have about smartwatches: their lack of functionality and clunky looks." We Pick the 10 Best Gadgets at CES » Wired

"Just as a new suit or dress can transform a person, the Pebble is reborn for a whole new audience with its metallic new look." Best Tech of CES 2014 » Mashable

"More like a fashion accessory than a geek toy." The Best of CES 2014 » PC Mag

"Pebble is back in stainless steel, and will come with more apps and functionality than ever before." CES 2014 review: The best tech from the show » T3

"The Pebble was the first smartwatch people wanted to own, and at CES this year, it just got a lot classier." Best of CES 2014 Award Winners » Digital Trends

Winner: CES 2014 Best Wearable Tech Award » TechRadar

Below are a couple of pictures from our Pebble Steel production line. Sorry they aren’t as many as we usually post. We can't release all the pictures on the line at our new factory, but we’re happy to share a few.

(Left) Laser etching the back of Pebble Steel. (Right) Our talented team carefully assembling each Pebble Steel.
(Left) Laser etching the back of Pebble Steel. (Right) Our talented team carefully assembling each Pebble Steel.

Lastly, the Pebble appstore is coming very, very soon. We can’t wait for you to explore and discover the thousands of awesome SDK 2.0 apps and watchfaces developers have already submitted. 

Stay tuned for more and Pebble on!

Team Pebble

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      I would love to have a black Pebble Steel but the fact I can't use a standard watch band (leather Nato straps my personal preference) keeps me away.

      I can't begin to understand why hardware customization would be sacrificed in a second version of the product especially when it's literally the same watch in a metal case. Did the Pebble team not realize how many people were customizing their Pebbles and posting pictures, etc?

      I don't get it

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris Falco on

      Nothing sours Kickstarter for everyone more than a company that relied on their backers to get them to a successful position and then totally ignores them and does not even reply to legitimate concerns, questions, and customer service issues. Way to go Team Pebble, how quickly you've forgotten how you got where you are.

    3. Missing avatar

      lisa baker on

      Yes honoring backers and a built in cadre of loyal customers would have been good. So you missed a great p.r. feel good moment especially with the proliferation of smart choice watches out there now. The other issue is that the steel isn't unisex enough to appeal to your female backers of which I am one. I would love a dressier smart watch but don't want to look like I'm sporting a man watch. Using it with the leather strap might be better, but, alas, you don't show any pictures with it so I can't tell if I'd like it

      Otherwise - can't wait for Pebble app store!

      P.S. Please make the German friends happy. :)

    4. David Floro on

      Next question: When can we expect a Pebble Titanium?

    5. Colin Ewen on

      I was also thinking the same thing with discount on the Steel, as a thank you for believing in us. I've backed a few projects that have offered 5% to 20% discount on other items because we backed them. Sort of feel a bit disappointed that we haven't gotten the same here.

      Also it's sad that you haven't sorted out / informed your German backers. I have been lucky to have my pebble since the start although I am not getting a replacement due to screen problems, which was easy and done very well and it gave me hope that the Customer service was great, but to know some of us haven't even gotten theirs yet is very poor Customer service.

      Please respond to them about this and about the steel too..

    6. Jason B. on

      I'm scratching my head also! I want to know why all of us backers are not getting a discount on the steel pebbles? We backed you since day one and I have purchased two of your first edition pebbles this feels like I just got backstabed!! I really like the ideas of the new steel and it's tempting to buy one right now but will not do it without a discount!

    7. Missing avatar

      Alim on

      A classy move would have been to offer those who actually backed you and helped you reach $10M a discount, regardless of the amount, so that at least we still feel like you care about those who helped fund Pebble.

    8. Zen on

      Discount? Why would you want to give this company another cent? Our German friends still haven't gotten their Kickstarter units, and it looks like they never will.

    9. Ian H. on

      Backers got a discount off the retail price of the first watch - why would we get another discount?

    10. Daniel Weyer on

      @Rodrico No discount was offered for the Steel :(

      Ordered my Steel immediately and am still waiting...not sure why, but Pebble support seems to be ignoring inquiries

    11. Missing avatar

      Erie on

      Dang, I ordered within 5 minutes during the CES announcement and mine didn't ship today.
      Order status says MID FEB!!!

    12. Chris Stratford on

      Love the original, and can't wait to get my steel!
      Keep up the great work.

    13. Mark Wallace on

      Original backer here and I wanted to let you know that I think the new Steel looks orders of magnitude better than the original. I wish it weren't so much, but at the same time, I'd stopped wearing the original because of its looks so I'm glad to be able to wear one again. Very happy to hear they're shipping.

    14. Matt Acosta on

      While I pretty much agree that Eric and the heads of people have their heads up their asses with everything, I feel that they should have never come out with a NEW watch, which Eric specifically said they would NOT be doing in the NYC meet up before Pebble was released. The German supporters have been without a Pebble for a long time and still have NO answers.

      CS is terrible and non existent, and those who made you $10 million dollars get NO love.

      While, I am going to buy the Pebble Steel, I really wish MORE open communication from Pebble was a TOP priority and I am disheartened to see that a new company would be bad from the get go, if they are this bad now, what will the future look like for pebble.

    15. Missing avatar

      Joswig on

      "We're shipping'. Great. Still waiting on my first pebble from the ORIGINAL campaign. Emails, posts on here etc, all in vain. No one cares.
      They are something between thief and fraudster.

    16. Ben Coleman on

      Couldn't give two shits about the Steel. When are you going to fix notifications for Android? When are you going to use the Android 4.3 notifications API rather than the accessibility "hack" you use today? Where's the app store on the Android 2.0 app? Have you fixed the original model hardware yet? Both mine required RMA. Where the IFFT channel you talked about but never showed up?

    17. Rodrigo Gomez on

      To be honest, I don't care about any discount. I already sold mine on eBay, I did not find it any functional. There are better solutions for what I wanted. A lot of friends ask me about it, definitely do not recommend them this product. Just my opinion, I am sure millions of people will find it good.

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris Falco on

      Considering that the backers are such a big part of your success story it's disappointing and downright distressing that there's not a significant discount offered us on the Steel version of the watch. I think a large portion of your popularity and prosperity is based on us, your original backers.

    19. YoYo-Pete on

      I am sad you guys launched a new hardware model before delivering all the functionality to the kickstarter watch. I dont understand why a metal version was made priority over promised functionality.

    20. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      That's all fine and dandy but how about a backer discount?!? As it's been said in early posts "REPLY dudes"

    21. Missing avatar

      Yoram on

      "We're shipping'. Great. Still waiting on my first pebble from the ORIGINAL campaign. Emails, posts on here etc, all in vain. No one cares.

    22. Wilksy on

      Old hardware, new hardware. Such bitterness. How's about selling your old pebble and take the money off the new.

    23. Wilksy on

      So, basically we have this existing cool hardware in an awesome new metal body with the new led notification functionality.
      Yes, I'm in. My old pebble works just fine but updated to keep up with he newer designs that's are out there. Just search all the awesome reviews.

    24. Brian on

      Have the all the backers gotten their Pebbles?... buck says there's one guy somewhere cursing Pebble's name.

    25. Zeno Popovici on

      So, basically we have 1 year old hardware in an ugly metal body with a big fugly logo. No new functionality.

      Nope, I'll pass. My old pebble works just fine. There are new options around. With mic and speaker. Just search on indiegogo.

    26. Mark 'vordo' Wlodarkiewicz on

      hey, that's cool and all but my broken pebble and the lack of CS response pretty much ensures that I'll never support you guys again. 6 weeks ago you guys we're going to send me a new charging cable and never did. so whatever

    27. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on

      I'd buy one immediately if you gave us backers a discount. Otherwise the price tag is to high for me, as I can only wear one pebble after all...

    28. Missing avatar

      Maikel Lodewijk on

      Why aren't you guys replying!?

      Early backers who made this happen ask if they could have a discount... Why can't you answer this? (No, is also an answer)

    29. Jeremie Lariviere

      wonderful! I'm looking forward to it!

    30. Jacob Matthews on

      I do feel Pebble should offer it's original backers a discount on steel. At the very least they should acknowledge the request. I think there are many valid reasons to hold back on a V2.0 discount, but it would be nice for them to address it. At this point I feel like the updates coming through this Kickstarter are more a sales pitch than relevant updates about the original pebble.

    31. Jason Pearl on

      Does this mean that your customer support team is now free to respond to the RMA that I shipped to you almost two months ago? Case #: 108934.

      Attention: I wouldn't buy a product from these guys. If you have an issue, you're SOL.

    32. Rodrigo Gomez on

      Are you offering a good discount for your 68,929 backers?