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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

It's (almost) Software Time!


Hello Pebblers!

Apologies for the radio silence the last couple months. We know it has been a long time since we shared an update, but we've had our heads down focusing on some exciting developments and big news is brewing.

This Wednesday, November 6th, we'll be sharing the details. You're invited to join our (hopefully less blue) livestream at 10am PST to hear the news first hand. Just visit Wednesday after 9am PST for a link to the event. If you're currently developing for Pebble, or interested in creating apps for Pebble, then you should definitely tune in!

We'll also post the news for those who can't join and a recording of the livestream will be available immediately following the event. Eric and Pebble's developer support team will also be available to take questions on a Reddit AMA on Wednesday at Noon PST.

Most of you have Pebbles on wrists by now, but our records show that 460 of our 68,929 backers are still waiting. If you are one of those 460, we want to hear from you! We need a correct email and shipping address so we can send your Pebble(s). Please enter your info at and we'll confirm Pebble shipments as fast as we can.

Thanks once again for your support, much more to follow soon!

Team Pebble

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    1. Threemoons on

      Tardy to the party, but I will add this:

      I love my Pebble, SORT OF. I just wish that I could scroll, and see multiple texts/emails when a bunch of them are blasted together.

      I don't think that's too much to ask given the upcoming crop of competing smart watches.

    2. Wim on

      sorry for the typos, you get what i mean

    3. Wim on

      @protonus Was tehre an Election that I have missed. What let you represent a majority or speak for more people than yourself? Communication was a mess, Notifications did not work propperly and Caller ID was really buggy. For me this was a big deal. Right now I am looking forward to the update, and if these things are working fine, I am happy again and pebble future looks bright. Bit pleas only speak for yourself.

    4. Protonus on

      And for anyone reading this that doesn't have a Pebble - the whining and complaining you see in threads like this are from a very VOCAL MINORITY of Pebble users. They don't represent anywhere near the average Pebble user, not even the average iOS users - there are plenty of iOS users happy with their Pebble. Remember that people are always far more likely to be motivated to complain, then to praise - that's human nature. So you're not getting an accurate picture of the experience. Pebble has sold 250k watches now, 68k from kickstarter alone. You don't see tens of thousands of complaints, you see about a dozen of the same users who go between getpebble forums, reddit, kickstarter, etc and trash up the comments with their iOS complaints.

    5. Protonus on

      Jason please stop sharing those shockhorror posts. Whoever that shockhorror guy is - he's a tool, I seriously hope it's not you. Not only is he breaking NDA (I really hope he gets sued), he's presenting conjecture and opinion as fact, spreading straight bullshit, and his apple bias is extremely lame. I believe he's posting with his head firmly planted in his backside. He is one of many people who should sell their Pebble and stfu.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason kenny on

      @protonus maybe you are...I'm certainly not the ogre I have been made out to be on the forum, that is just sport though.

      in real life I have a very responsible job, a beautiful wife and an amazing daughter but pebble has managed to really divide people. They did mislead in the kickstarter video and they truthfully have missed the boat...kickstarter finished in May 2012, started shipping in January 2013, full SDK in November 2013...promised feature like accelerometer in February 2014 maybe?

    7. Moskus on

      Crossing fingers for Windows Phone support! :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Mikie on

      In switching phones, I've updated my view on pebble, from 'the worst lie I've ever believed', to 'Not too bad'. (switched from gnex to note 3) If this announcement actually announces something, I might even update my view again. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Felix M on

      @Protonus Congrats on your clearly superior cell phone operating system, now kindly shut up. Thanks!

    10. Jose M on

      @Protonus go ask your buddies at Samsung why they with BLE for their watch - at great expense of phone compatibility - if it added virtually nothing to classic Bluetooth.

    11. Missing avatar

      MBybee on

      Looking forward to this. My pebble has been a constant an awesome companion.

    12. Protonus on

      Jose M is a creeper. The fact of the matter is with the sort of data connection Pebble needs to give me the functionality I want BLE will do virtually nothing. It's a drop in the bucket, unimportant. Nice to have, but unnecessary. And your viewpoints on android dragging pebble down are hysterical.

    13. Jose M on

      @Protonus stick to talking about stuff you actually understand, like how to waste your life unlocking bootloaders, installing aftermarket ROMs and having "multiple great fast charge kernels" on a phone - - yes, I saw your XDA forum profile. Making up stuff in order to justify your choice of phone platform isn't really compatible with your age..

      The reality is Pebble should have gone Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) from the start, which is much more suitable technology for wearables, would saved much battery and opened up a lot more opportunities for apps and even direct interaction with other devices. That's why we repeatedly asked for it in during the Kickstarter and they eventually promised to support it.

      I hope it'll finally come tomorrow, that would make a lot of backers very happy and enable very creative stuff. I, for one, have lined up some great ideas and am ready to start coding for it.

      Problem is while the iPhone has had BLE for 2 years - since the 4S and iOS 5 - Android didn't support it at all until a couple of months back in version 4.3 - and this is still far from being on most Android phones out there (adoption of 4.3 reported by the Play Store remains at a tiny 2.8%) .

      So actually, if anything, it's Android that's been dragging things down by taking so long to adopt new technology. Pebble will need to keep supporting classic Bluetooth on it for a long time.

    14. Ls Song on

      @Lymz, Actually there are several Apps which can solve your problem. Here is an example:…
      (I have no relationship with this guy, but I did purchased this and found it useful)

    15. Jeremie Lariviere

      Exciting times!

    16. Missing avatar

      Lymz on

      I love my pebble (on Android)! My only request is for unicode support. Certain people's names don't show up properly on caller ID, the characters show up as a box. I don't know if that's the bluetooth transmission, or the pebble displaying it.

    17. Rdg on

      With all due respect to genuine 10 year old kids looks like a few clowns here and one Protoclown never quite made past being 9 years old. Must've sold a lot of newspapers or crack to afford a Smartphone. Unfortunately judging by some comments here you're phones are the only things Smart about you.

    18. Protonus on

      @Jason kenny
      The only thing I need help with is finding a way to remove all the comments from the people that constantly put this product on blast for non issues, their issues with a dated and awful OS of their choice, their own sense of entitlement, unrealistic development expectations, etc. You'd find I'm actually a very nice and helpful person, not miserable at all, I'm sure you've seen my other posts that aren't in response to the whiners. What makes me miserable is the miserable sort of people that posted in this thread before I got here.

    19. Protonus on

      That's definitely the problem, but of course Pebble can't say how much of a PITA it is to work on a third party product for anything Apple makes. But trust me, as someone who works for a company that gave up developing for iOS because of how awful it was (exclusively Android now) I know first hand what they have to go thru. I would not be surprised at all, to learn that a large part of why this update "took so long" (read: it didn't), was that Apple put the smack down several times on a new app they tried to push.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tom Des Jardins on

      Sorry IOS'ers, My Pebble works great on my android.

    21. Missing avatar

      Felix M on

      An update that finally makes the Pebble work as promised on iOS would be nice, but it still wouldn't make up for the months of silence and lack of progress updates.

    22. Limbo on

      I hope caller ID and Bluetooth 4.0.

    23. Charlie on

      New firmware and BLE, I hope. Battery life is already terrible on galaxy S3. That said, being able to push notifications to the Pebble is so much nicer than digging out my phone for every notification.

    24. James Trascapoulos on

      I agree with Jose M - The "my XXX is better than your XXX" is knowingly divisive and childish. Whichever platform you chose, it's your personal device, your personal choice and should be respected.

      It's now Pebble's job to make them both work to the degree they promised, and I hope most of that will be delivered tomorrow.

      To the UK residents - you're GMT, PST is -8 hours GMT, so 09:00 is 17:00 your time.

    25. Frank Spencer on

      I think it may be 18:00 tomorrow for the UK ? but feel free to correct me if that not correct !!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      UK time please

    27. Frank Spencer on

      What time is the announcement in the UK ?

    28. Jose M on

      Can we cut down on the ignorant Android fanboyism comments please.

      iOS 7 comes with a fantastic SDK for devices like the Pebble, it's called the Notification Center Service (ANCS) that works over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

      Hope this update will finally deliver what Pebble promised from the start - BLE support - and with that all the nice things including ANCS.

    29. Missing avatar

      abduljalil on

      i know that pebble development team for PR reason may not say this, and
      i dont want to be biased, but the fact that pebble works flawlessly with android means only that IOS is a very conservative system and its difficult to provide support for non apple products. (Iwatch would be flawless with IOS )

    30. Missing avatar

      Jason kenny on

      This update will be that the new SDK is near completion. It has been testing for quite a while and will finally allow access to the accelerometer and BT4.

      It will be great to see what all those talented Developers out there will be able to do with the new access.

      It should finally see an end to the finger dance for all the poor iOS users who have had to toggle every morning. I switched to android so I feel your pain and I also know how much better the pebble experience is on Android. Those of you on iOS who feel your watch has been fine and don't mind the finger dance...just ain't seen nothing yet.

      I truly hope @eric and his team can learn one thing. Communicate better.

    31. Adrian Cojocaru on

      Constantly loosing connection with my Note 3. smertphones are changing their hardware and OS is constantly improved only Pebble is asleep or too busy with PR actions. Stop bragging and keep developing. Your product is STILL unfinished!

    32. Missing avatar

      Jason kenny on

      Everyone please forgive the miserable @protonus - he has issues with Apple...probably needs help.

      It is a much better experience on Android though. Hopefully this update (Accelerometer and BT4 by the way) will finally make the lie currently showing on the new get pebble website 'beloved by iOS and android alike' finally true.

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      stopped using my pebble. kills my galaxy s3 battery when i try to run other apps like the tasker app and some of the other ones. then the notification doesnt vib when i get a message or anything.

    34. Missing avatar

      Muescha on

      Can we please get moderated of this "MY pebble works - thats why you dont have the right to complain if YOUR pebble not works" people

      There are issues with the pebble. If your device works well. Be happy!

    35. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Mak on

      Unicode pleeeeeeeeeeease

    36. Missing avatar

      Muescha on

      If i set it up on ios it works well like expected. But for only 2-3 hours. After this: nothing
      I net to disable and enable notifications again. For every app one by one. :( not satisfied :(

    37. Missing avatar

      James Dickson

      I wish OS supremacists were also moderated.

    38. Protonus on

      I wish these comments were moderated so all the entitled whining from the self important, vocal minority iOS users, could be deleted. You are the worst kind of people. They post an update like you've been whining about and still you moan. My pebble works awesome on my Android phone. Had since I got it and gets better by the day. I wish pebble had never decided to try and give something this awesome to the iOS crowd who wouldn't know awesome tech unless it had a picture of fruit on it.

    39. Missing avatar

      Iria Pimm on

      Emulator finally?

    40. Rdg on

      Great for all you lucky few who have no problems. Although I think you are outnumbered by the people whose Pebbles don't work as advertised or don't work at all. This has been and continue to be a shiny paper weight. The features that it should've launched with are still one update away and one promise still not kept. The customer service leaves much to be desired and contacts are non existent. It all started out great. The money just poured in. Now the disappointments pour out. To all unhappy backers do a mass emailing to their help address. If you all have Facebook accounts go and speak your mind in their comments sections for the Pebble account and also for Eric Migicovsky's account. More than one way to skin a virtual cat. Good luck. I've given up.

    41. Geof Aberhart on

      So is this announcement going to be the IFTTT support we were promised almost a year ago? Or maybe the App Store we were promised in the pitch video?

    42. Missing avatar

      Kyle Bordner on

      Great product and extremely useful as a businessman who receives a lot of email and texts while in meetings and on the road (which are not great places to reach for the phone). I highly support products of this nature in the market place and wish pebble luck with increasing competition. I've unfortunately dealt with screen pixel issues and I'm hoping pebble customer service will prove as motivated as the original developers to help an early backer. If not that Galaxy watch looks pretty cool as a Samsung owner.

    43. jacatra on

      I've been wearing my Pebble for months now and love the product. No, the screen nor the software gives me any headache thus far. Smooth sailing with iOS7.

      I like the ability to change songs on my iPhone, that's then connected to the FM receiver in my car. I also like the fact that I can reject calls and get notified of any messages while driving without having to check my phone. So yeah, it works as promised for me. One minor request is for Pebble to display my contact name rather than the phone number when a call comes through - but hey, it's a small thing!

    44. DareMachina on

      @Ben I didn't say I had to do it multiple times. I've only had to do it once after I updated to iOS 7. It has something to do with having the Pebble connected before the update and the way iOS carried over some data. My friends with new iPhones (but older Pebbles) have never seen an issue and didn't need to reset notifications.

    45. Kishor on

      Problem in screen! filled up RMA form, but so far no response

    46. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    47. John Dalton on

      My Pebble arrived on time, and worked as expected (if not exactly as advertised). I wore it daily for several months - the first time I'd regularly worn a watch in a decade. Unfortunately I lost it (when I stupidly took it off while applying sunscreen one day and, harried by children, forgot to put it back on), and have been missing it since.

      As a device, it was an exciting proof of concept - there's a place for something like this in our lives, especially if it can get closer to the ideal that you were aiming for. I'd like to replace mine, but I wouldn't want to risk waiting endlessly for a replacement - perhaps I'm better off waiting for a Pebble v2?

    48. michelle kelley on

      I don't understand the Dud comments. Mine works perfectly. I've been quite pleased since I got it months ago. Worth every penny I spent. The delays sucked, but I love it.

    49. Laird Popkin

      What are you guys complaining about? I have been using my Pebble with iOS7 for ages, and it works fine. No jailbreak required. Httpebble and Pushover made a huge difference - tying into services via watchfaces like Yahoo Weather, and notifications from IFTT are great.