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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Pebble iOS Email Notification Update + Pebble Developer Event

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)
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Email Notifications now work from iOS devices!

Today we released an update to the Pebble iOS App with the long awaited email notification feature! Now iOS users can receive email notifications from any IMAP or Gmail account on Pebble.

Unlike other notification types on iOS, email is not a push notification. Instead the Pebble iOS App checks for new email every 15 minutes and sends any new email notifications to your Pebble. Like other notifications if you receive more than one email, they will be presented in a stack that you can scroll through.

To set up email notifications, update your Pebble iOS App to version 1.2 then set up email notifications for any IMAP or Gmail account right in the Pebble iOS App. You can temporarily disable individual accounts if you prefer to only receive notifications from one of your email accounts.

Need help getting set up? Visit our Support Center.

Pebble Developer Retreat

Calling all Pebble Developers!

We're hosting the first ever Pebble Developer Retreat from August 29th-30th at the Pebble Headquarters in Palo Alto.

Join us and be among the first to use new APIs, learn more about the future of Pebble, prepare your apps for the future and get direct support from Pebble developers.

We'll be presenting improvements to the SDK and soliciting feedback from visiting developers. This is a chance to shape the future of the Pebble SDK!

Participation is limited to developers who have already published an application for Pebble, or created a smartphone application that works with Pebble. Due to limited space, we'll be selecting participants from near and far to come work with our team. We'll even cover travel expenses for a select number of participants, so don't let distance deter you!

The first round of applications will close August 6th.

We're focused on improving the developer experience and providing better development tools so you can bring your wearable app ideas to life. Your participation will help us create the best possible platform. We hope to see you here!

Thanks and keep on Pebbling!

Team Pebble

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    1. Ian Logsdon on

      Its been more than a month and no communication about iOS 7 support in the firmware? Will I finally be able to stop doing the finger dance? How's the API rollout coming, any chance we'll see accelerometer API's added so that someone can develop a sleep tracker like the new Fuel Band has or the Jawbone device used as its main selling feature?

      I don't mind support not rolling out day one, but the lack of any sort of update has me wondering what is going on?

    2. Jan-Nicolas Helf on

      Changed the shipping address 2 weeks ago. Still no tracking number. Should have taken the money!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Paniz Shahkarami on

      I understand that there's a risk invovled in backing kickstarter projects and the companies are usually new and teething. But this has been just an awful experience. First the massive delay in the product shipping. Then an extra customs charge, when the website had previously advised that single orders should not get customs charges (this section along with others has been removed from the help and faq's - nice!). And finally, since I was out of thecountry when the item arrived, it has now been shipped back to sender. The whole experience has been horribly regretful. Especially since I was across the pond and could have just picked one up from best buy (which I wouldn't do now anyway!). Horribly disappointing.

    4. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      WHAT IS THE FU**** STATUS FOR PEBBLES SEND TO GERMANY ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      SUCKS !
      BADLY !

    5. Missing avatar

      Sinan Tekinel on

      i think there is a problem has to be fixed, i receive all sms text with my iphone to my pebble without any problem but when i make the configuration to receive the text from whatsapp this became a problem, i receive it but when some time passes or i unlock and lock the iphone a few times i don't receive no more the whatsapp text to my pebble, i have to go again to the settings and make on of the notification of whatsapp with pebble in order to start receiving again. Shortly receiving whatsapp messages is not properly working like receiving the text messages.

    6. Missing avatar

      EuiSoo, Kim on

      Message is coming but I can't see it - from Korea -

      Parody from Andre Breton, poet, France.

    7. Missing avatar

      MinGu,Lee on

      There is a need to support many languages .! In my case, I'm korean~~!!.
      I can not recognize message with Korean.

    8. Ryan Leach on

      Thanks guys, pebble is still working great, music player support is still a little flaky, but the only problems I've been having have all been due to my phone, not pebble or the software, keep up the good work.

      In my opinion, Kickstarter needs to have a better option of contacting support for each project, keeping issues of shipping out of the comments unless it is absolutely needed to broadcast your concern to all that have backed the project.

      Some sort of ticket system, or forum perhaps, rather then just comment sections.

    9. Sergio A. Vicente on

      Hello! Her is my history:
      I order 2 Pebble "Orange and Red" to destination Denmark, and I received a package with only the ORANGE (no the RED), is very strange, because the red color was sent before the Orange. I have waiting for a reply like almost two months ago (from July to now) and dont know anything about my case "# 60504".
      I've also had to pay extra 350kr (DKK) (60$) for the package in the National Post (Post Danmark).
      My questions are:
      -. They sent the Pebble separately (I lack the Red) or is sent separately?
      -. I have to pay again the "60$" to be sent in individual packets?
      -. Is everything in order and only I have to wait to the red colour?

      I'm so tired of waiting and they ignore me. Please be a little serious, a lot of people financially confident in your and your duty is to respond reposability.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mikie on

      Personally, I'd recommend just getting a refund if you haven't received your pebble yet. Bluetooth is flaky and unreliable on my Android 4.3 Nexus... Sounds like iOS isn't much better. It does make for a pretty cool customizable watch tho, so if that's all you want it for, you'll be quite pleased I think.

    11. Shu-Wei Chang on

      I still have not received my Jet Black Pebble I backed

    12. Sebastian Kraatz on

      On July 11th, your update stated: "[...] we are close to resolving import conflicts in Germany [...]! We will be in contact with you shortly." It's been over a month now without ANY news about German shipments.

      That's really poor communication, even for a "kickstarted" company. How can it possibly be so hard to keep us backers informed on the progress?

    13. Sindre on

      I still have not received my Jet Black Pebble I backed :(

    14. Thomas Seliger on

      It is finaly over, got my money back. I wish all who stays with this company the best, you need this.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mario Pagels on

      Where is my pebble

    16. Thomas Seliger on

      Finally it comes to an end of this bad story:

      AUG 12, 2013 | 11:08AM PDT
      Sigrid replied:
      Hi Thomas,
      Thank you for letting me know. Please send me your Amazon transaction ID# (you can either find it in a confirmation email sent from Amazon on or shortly after May 18th, or by logging into and a PayPal email address we can issue the full refund to.
      Please note that since we do not have a formal refund system in place, it may take some time to complete the request.
      Thank you!
      Kind regards,

    17. Steven Kalz on

      Good, so maybe now you'll see my emails I sent you about my screen being broken and hardly displaying any image without the grainy looks and lag on the screen. MY PEBBLE IS BROKE AND I DON'T KNOW WHO TO CONTACT PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP!!!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      [BKL]Alpha-1 on

      I wanted a refund after the german customs send my pebble back without saying anything. That was arround 2 Months ago.

      The support said:"The Pebble may already be in Singapore, however, it does take some time for us to receive it into our factory and then receive the Pebble into our system which is what causes the delay. As soon as we have received confirmation about your Pebble, we will issue the refund."

      Stop bullshitting me! 2 Months really?
      To get a returned package back into the system? Does the pebble hang out in the storehouse with some Casio watches and getting wasted or what? >.<

      That was my last hardware backing on Kickstarter, its the same fail as the Ouya and I even got that one through german customs....

    19. Thomas Seliger on

      Intresting: mentioned lawyer and it takes only 14hours for an answer. But no good news for german backers. I asked now for refund. never pebble again.

      AUG 09, 2013  |  12:37PM PDT
      Sigrid replied:
      Hello Thomas,
      Thank you for reaching out to us.
      If you have access to an address outside of Germany, we can currently ship your Pebble there instead.

      Shipments to Germany are currently being held while we work on resolving the Customs issues in Germany. Pebble is CE certified and everything required has been provided on the package via a sticker on the box since the beginning.

      For some reason, German Customs has decided that the provided documentation is insufficient. No other EU country is causing problems for us like this. We have hired specialists in Germany to help us resolve everything, but until the solution is final, we aren't sending any Pebbles to your country to make sure yours isn't sent back to us or destroyed.

      We apologize for this inconvenience to you, but are actively working on getting deliveries to Germany back on track.
      Please let me know if you would like us to ship to a different address.
      Thanks for your continued patience!
      Kind regards,

    20. Thomas Seliger on

      Dear Pebble Team,

      as an early backer I have supported you since April 2012. up to now it was impossible for you to deliver your product to Germany. As for the customs Germany has the same laws as the other European countries, so what is your problem to sent your Watch to germann backers? If I will hear nothing into two weeks, I asume that you are not able to sent to Germany. So after that period please do a complete refund. Is it is not possible for you to do handle this in a period of a month, I will give this to my lawyer.

      Kind regards,

      Thomas Seliger

    21. Missing avatar

      Mikie on

      Damn... The Pebble Bluetooth connection is about as stable as Egypt... Tech support time. Excitement over :(

    22. Missing avatar

      Mikie on

      Woo! Pebble Finally Arrived!

    23. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    24. Missing avatar

      inVader on

      This is really starting to get frustrating. You update once a month, so far wirh half-hearted comments on how you resolve ussues with German customs. This time, no single word about it and obviously no signs of improvement.

      Why can't we just get up-to-the-minute information on what you have achieved so far?

    25. Missing avatar

      Mikie on

      Where's my pebble?
      You suck. [respectable and considerate logical observation... Would love to see proof to the contrary]

    26. Missing avatar

      Shaun on


      It's not just Germany not getting there pebbles I'm from Jersey C.I and have had no email to say they have posted the watch. I tried logging in on there web site but doesn't seem to work so I press the button for forgotten password it says password should be

      reset and will send an email with new password in a few minuets a week later and nothing have tried emailing them from there web five time over the last seven days and still no reply.

      I placed my order at the very beginning This is the first email I have sent to
      say that their customer service is poor .

      Some of that $100,0000 should go to customer care.

    27. Missing avatar

      hnk_l on

      Seriously, I payed for 2 watches quiet some time ago and what do I get? Nothing. As a german I must say that I am really frustrated with you guys. Just a lame update that you would be working on it, but nothing happens. And you are just ignoring support requests and don't offer a way to refund our orders. It seriously seems that you just try to pocket our money and get away with it.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ronald Behrens on

      Please don't forget the German guys. When we'll get our Pepple?

    29. Timothy Brown on

      Oddly enough I was playing around with settings for iOS's Mail, specifically VIP alerts and now my Pebble is getting new mail alerts just like it did when I first bought it. Weird, right?

    30. Missing avatar

      Mikie on

      Though my pebble cannot even tell time, it's also the lightest watch I've ever had. I can't even tell it's there. It's completely indistinguishable from a bare wrist.

    31. Missing avatar

      Richard Lee on

      So, I'm missing something here. I already had email notifications on iOS. What new feature does this add? I had to set up VIP lists to limit the number of notifications I got on my wrist, as I have it configured to only send those to bluetooth.

    32. Felix Henneke on

      I am also waiting for my Pebble. But it seems like I'm not the only one. The German customs always makes trouble. >:-O More information would be great.

    33. Missing avatar

      JamesB on

      LOL @ Tom Wilkinson

    34. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Since this is a pull every 15 minute notification. It would be nice if I could pull updates by a button press on my pebble to get intermediate updates in between the 15 min intervals.

    35. Missing avatar

      Tom Wilkinson on

      Now you've done it, you pissed off the Germans. Good job!!

    36. Michael Stolz on

      Ich kann immer noch nicht verstehen was so schwer sein soll die Uhr nach Deutschland zu schicken!! Auf gut Deutsch: Eine Frechheit!!

    37. Missing avatar

      inVader on

      No news conceirning German backers?

      Well, this time you're at least not pretending that you're so busy sorting out anything with German customs...

    38. Ed Hurtley on

      Kyle, if you mean an extra cable, they are available in many places online, one search turned up:…

      If your original is broken and you want it warranty replaced, try contacting support through your smart phone app. (That seems to be the only official way to contact Pebble support, although it does just email

    39. Alexandre Yamamoto on

      My address was wrong for the black pebble. It came back to Cingapure (saw in the tracking code). I sent you guys more than 6 emails. Can you send me again? Pleeeease.

    40. Kyle on

      I've tweeted @pebble several times, and submitted an issue through the pebble app, but have got no response. How do I get a new charging cable?

    41. Missing avatar

      Michael P Bradt on

      Hi, I registered with you in the beginning and purchased a watch. I have been waiting a very long time for my watch to be shipped. Many emails have arrived with many updates, but no watch. I can not check my shipping status because for some reason the site does not recognize me or my password, but this site does? I need help, please! Here is my email address, Thank you

    42. Richard L Hobbs on

      Email alerts are not functioning correctly, It worked once for me then stopped... I use two factor auth with google, perhaps that is the issue. Are there any error logs?

    43. Missing avatar

      Raaxis on

      I just used the DEV application form to complain about the lack of information. Let's see if I ever get any answer...

    44. simonstheatre on

      Still no Update for the Germans? This cant be so complicated. Please deliver our pebbles...

    45. Lars Kraeft on

      No news about germany at all? Are you ashamed of how long it takes to solve the problems that are 'close to solving' for months now ????

    46. Mkli on

      What will first arrived? Pepple or IWatch? I put $ 10 on IWatch!

    47. Fio on

      When will you send Pebbles to German backers? Why no updates, why do you ignore our mails?

    48. Missing avatar

      Alexander Thüx on

      Uh I'm really looking forward to try this new feature ... NOT -> German Backer