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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

What's Next for Pebble

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

Hi Pebblers,

It's been an incredible few months for Pebble. Since January, we've shipped over 93,000 Pebbles to backers and pre-order customers in over 150 countries around the world. Team Pebble now has over 29 employees and we’re still hiring. I’ll also be answering questions in an AMA on at 12pm PDT (3pm EDT) today.

I want to start by saying that the Pebble community is consistently spectacular. You have dazzled us with your enthusiasm for Pebble. You’ve posted photo after photo showing us how you’re using Pebble in ways we've never dreamed. You've created thousands of watchapps for Pebble and customized your Pebbles with straps, skins, docks and watchfaces to no end.

Seriously, the coolest thing in the world for me is to walk down the street only to run into someone wearing a Bill Murray watchface.

I haven't posted anything recently about some of the details on this process, so I hope you can bear with me through this long-ish post.

Our mission is to create the world’s best smartwatch and ecosystem

To accomplish this, we have set forth the following goals for the next year:

1. Create a solid foundation for 3rd party app development on Pebble
2. Manufacture and ship with the goal of getting Pebble onto as many wrists as possible

At the moment, our software team is laser focused on improving the developer experience. To date, Pebblers have downloaded more than 1 million this is a major priority for us. We recognize that our beta SDK is incomplete, so we're working quickly to expose more features and APIs to 3rd party developers, making it easier for watch apps to communicate, and building better development tools. Enabling and incentivizing developers to share their watchapps with the entire Pebble community is also a priority. We won’t stop until we’ve created the best platform for you to write the wearable app you’ve been dreaming of. For the greater Pebble community, this means more apps that can provide greater functionality

On the manufacturing side, we’re continuing to ramp up our production capacity to meet the massive demand for Pebble. Here’s an interesting figure that we haven’t shared before: Since our Kickstarter campaign ended over 190,000 Pebbles have been pre-ordered (including Kickstarter, that’s over 275,000 Pebbles). This is great news for users and developers. More Pebbles = more of a market and demand for Pebble watchapps. With the goal of getting Pebble onto as many wrists as possible, our manufacturing team is constantly working to improve quality and increase capacity. Every day thousands of new Pebbles are rolling off the line.

Shipping to pre-order customers
Moving forward, we will be contacting people who have placed pre-orders at in batches. As soon as a new batch of Pebbles is ready at the factory, we will send an email from inviting you to enter your payment information. At this time, you’ll be able to change your shipping address and select the color of Pebble you prefer. We are shipping to pre-order customers in the US and around the world (except Germany - see below).

For those in the US, you may be able to buy a Pebble at your local Best Buy (subject to availability).

We know we've had some rough patches along the way from shipping starting later than we expected to color production issues, so I’d like to take a moment to address some important questions we are hearing in the community.

Kickstarter Pebble shipments
If you're a Kickstarter backer who hasn't received your Pebble yet, there are a few things that may have happened. (jump down to the bottom for a full guide)
1. If you haven’t entered shipping information, now is the time to do it! 1773 people have not entered full shipping information for us to proceed with shipping (remember to add your phone number!). To find out if this is you, please log onto using the email you used on Kickstarter, enter your shipping information and we'll ship out your Pebble(s).
2. Shipments to Germany are paused, but restarting soon. Out of 159 countries that we've shipped to, Germany has proven to be the most difficult. Half-way through shipping Black Pebbles to Germany, the customs and technology bureaus banned backers from picking up their Pebble from the post office. Unfortunately, the bureaus did not contact Pebble directly, which caused quite a bit of confusion on our side because we saw thousands of Pebbles successfully ship through to backers in Germany, even while some backers were running into issues. Eventually, we were able to work with German backers and lawyers to figure out what was going wrong. We paused all shipments to Germany, leaving roughly 2,700 Pebbles unshipped to German backers. At this time, we’re getting closer to a solution and have been in email contact with any German backers who reach out to us at
3. White Pebbles are now shipping! Good news: the first 4,000 started shipping last week (with tracking numbers going out today and tomorrow), with the remainder working their way from factory to distribution centres now.
4. Your Pebble may be in transit. Check the guide below to see if any action is necessary.

Why is Pebble now available at Best Buy?
We decided to begin selling Black Pebbles (only) at Best Buy in the US after we had shipped all Black Kickstarter and paid pre-order Pebbles for two reasons:
1. To reduce the stress on our shipping system,
2. To build interest and support for Pebble at a major retailer.
There has been concern that we diverted massive shipments of Pebbles away from our pre-order customers to fill Best Buy shelves. I want to assure you that Best Buy only received a fraction of our June manufacturing production volume.

We’ve also heard reports that many Best Buy stores are out of stock. Again, this is due to heavy demand.

What’s up with iPhone/iOS support?
A major new feature on iOS will be available within 2-3 weeks. The feature has been lacking since launch: support for email notifications. At first, our testing with iOS 6 indicated that the built-in Bluetooth notification system would be able to send notifications Pebble. Unfortunately, that system only could reliably send SMS and iMessage to Pebble (ironically something we did not promise to support). We’ve finally cracked the email puzzle and the next Pebble iOS app will have full support for Gmail and IMAP email notifications.

We’ve also solved a series of bugs that caused a pop-up asking you to “Ignore or Allow communication with Pebble”. This was due to several bugs that caused iOS to prematurely shut down the Pebble app; also caused phonebook lookup to fail. These bugs have been eliminated in the latest iOS app (version 1.1) and this pop-up should occur far less.

iOS 7 looks quite cool and useful but we can’t talk about it in detail until Apple releases it publicly. In the meantime, we’ll continue to work with it and test Pebble support under iOS 7..

My Pebble malfunctioned and I’m waiting for a replacement, what’s up?
So far we’ve received reports of 2046 Pebbles that have some sort of issue in the field. We’ve replaced ~1,800 of them but 300 were caught in RMA-purgatory for the past 4-6 weeks. This was a failure on our part, which we rectified this week. Those 300 pending replacements have now been released for shipping and we’ve nailed down the issue so it will not happen again.

Improvements to Pebble Support
We know this has been a pain point in the Pebble experience and we’ve been staffing up and working to improve response times. We’ve made a ton of progress over the past couple months, but we have not yet reached our goal of providing a response to every inquiry within 24 hours. Our support team, while extraordinarily energetic, has been overwhelmed fairly often causing 3-7 day delays in email communication. Generally these delays occur right after updates (like this one...) and mostly backed up due to massive numbers of questions related to shipping. We’re scaling our team up constantly and will continue to work toward a 24 hours turnaround time.

As a team, we read and listen to almost everything related to Pebble. If things are quiet on a certain front, it's not that we're ignoring it, but as a small team, it takes time to put processes and plans into place that will really satisfy the wants/needs our community has.

Where can I get a replacement charging cable?
Great news! You can now buy a replacement charge cable directly from Pebble for $10 USD including free worldwide shipping at


Guide to getting your Pebble.
Haven’t received your Pebble? Here’s what you can do:

If you are…

  • Waiting for an Arctic White Pebble or,
  • Located in Germany or, 
  • You placed a preorder, but have not yet submitted payment (i.e. if you placed a pre-order on but never entered your credit card information).

Please wait just a little longer! White Pebbles are now shipping, we are close to resolving import conflicts in Germany and we are shipping pre-orders as fast as we can! We will be in contact with you shortly.

If you are…

  • Waiting for a Jet Black, Cherry Red, Orange or Grey Pebble and
  • You are a Kickstarter Backer or,
  • You placed a preorder and submitted payment via credit card

1. Log into your account at using the email you used on Kickstarter or to preorder.
2. If you have not previously entered your shipping information, you will be prompted to add it now. Please note that all required fields must be entered to complete this step, including phone number which we require for shipping documentation. This will allow us to initiate the shipping process for you.
3. If you did previously enter your shipping address, please check the order status in the right column.
4. If your order is in Stage 2 “Your Pebble is Ready”, please email us with the subject line ‘KS Still Waiting S2’ noting the email address from your Pebble account and your stage 2 order status.*
5. If your order is in Stage 3 “Processing Shipment” and has been at this stage for 3 weeks or more, please email us with the subject line ‘KS Still Waiting S3’ noting the email address from your Pebble account and your stage 3 order status.*
6. If your orders is in Stage 4 “Shipment Sent”, you should see shipment details, including tracking number, in the Shipments section just below Order Status. Please track your shipment with the carrier ( in the US or outside of the US) to find shipping status.

*If you have already emailed us with this subject line, no need to send again.

Kickstarter backers, pre-order customers and the general Pebble community at large: once again a massive thank-you for your support. Looking forward to lots more Pebblers joining our community in the near future.

Oh and I’ll be answering any further questions on at 12pm PDT (3pm EDT) today.


Eric + Team Pebble


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    1. atomb on

      It's funny how as soon as kickstarter updates stopped so did updated to my pebble. Only 4 alarms allowed, no pedometer, very limited communication with phone and must use 3rd party apps for weather watch faces. Come on Pebble, don't lose focus on functionality as the $$$ roll in.

    2. Michelle on

      Very bad experience still have not recevied my pebble

    3. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      WHAT IS THE FU**** STATUS FOR PEBBLES SEND TO GERMANY ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      SUCKS !
      BADLY !

    4. Alexandre Yamamoto on

      My address was wrong. It came back to Cingapure (saw in the tracking code). I sent you guys more than 5 emails in the past 3 months. Can you send me again? Pleeeease.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mikie on

      Anyone in Australia get their grey pebble yet? How long does it take between getting a shipping notification, and it arriving? There is no tracking available, so curious....

    6. Thomas Seliger on

      Still nothing for german backers, what a shame

    7. Missing avatar

      Tyler Stretch on

      I just want my White Pebble!!! If it is ready, how long does it take to process an order?

    8. Missing avatar

      Randy Fine on

      I hear a lot of frustration from investors who have not yet received their Pebble. I was frustrated too, until I put mine on and started using it. Best tech gadget I have purchased in years. Why? It works. I paired it with my Galaxy S III phone. Installed LightFlow from the Google Play Store to managed its notification. Flawless so far. Keep the faith!

    9. Missing avatar

      theo c on

      After waiting for so long I am also considering asking for a refund. Is there a process in place?

    10. Missing avatar

      inVader on

      C'mon man... tell us something definitive about Germany...

    11. Missing avatar

      Marshan Wilson on

      I am not part of the Pebble team...but the White Pebbles are on the their way. I backed Pebble back in March of last year. I patiently waited like the rest of you. I received the not so elusive white People on monday the 16th. They're coming out. Being the last color Pebble to be manufactured and shipped was pretty upsetting, but hey...someone has to be last. it's worth the wait, I love my Pebble as you will too...

    12. Calib Williams on

      I know its probably useless to leave a comment here, but I still haven't heard a word about my white watch. I have been extremely patient with Pebble, but the silence is wearing me thin. By the time I receive my watch I'll probably own a Sony Smart watch.

    13. stanley kaczor on

      still waiting for my white pebble did not get a email about it yet. maybe they are still to busy making watches for best buy. or they could be making watches for some other store?

    14. Missing avatar

      Richard Masi on

      Backed a Grey on 04/23 still waiting ....

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Backed on 4/14 and still waiting on the elusive white pebble. What a joke.

    16. George M on

      This is indeed getting frustrating. You confirmed stock was ready a week ago - yet the White pebble order is still in "preparing shipment" stage. It would be good to at least get an update.

    17. Joe Zimmerman on

      My grey pebble finally showed up yesterday. I'm happy I have it, disappointed the grey isn't what I pictured in the renderings (charcoalish instead it's shiny and plasticish) however my main gripe is still how long it took. I backed before they hit their goal and was clearly one of the last to receive a watch.

    18. B.

      White Pebble + Orange Pebble backed on April 14th 2012. I received my orange pebble a few weeks ago. I am not even at step 1 for the white pebble. I did not EVEN get the "processing shipment " email. My account at getpebble only shows information about my orange pebble and nothing about the White pebble (except that I paid for it) . What is going on ? Help ???

    19. Missing avatar

      William Stone on

      My Grey Pebble arrived at my home today. Wearing it, love it. 15 months and finally!

    20. Missing avatar

      William Stone on

      For what its worth:

      Got my Grey Pebble shipping notice and tracking number yesterday. Should be at my home on Monday or Tuesday.

      Final Address confirmation came on June 26.

      Backed on May 1.

      Switched from red to grey on first day grey was available.

    21. Gavin Phoenix on

      I'm glad I didn't run into any problems! I love my Pebble. :D

    22. George Meredith on

      Process for Refunds? Was not at all happy with my pebble, and I keep asking this question and not getting an answer

    23. Rand Chua TL on

      Sorry where do we download of those cool watchfaces like Bill Murray watchface?

    24. Missing avatar

      Nancy Lohr on

      I, too, was one of the first Kickstarter backers of the Pebble, and chose White. You stated the first 4,000 White Pebbles started shipping last week - 4,000 out of a total of how many White Pebbles ordered ONLY BY KICKSTARTER BACKERS? Thanks... and yes, I have been patient...

    25. Zen on

      The explanation for the Best Buy affair makes sense, but many of us still don't understand why black Pebble production couldn't be halted entirely for colours. Sure, some enthusiastic backers are telling us "YOU ARE CLUELESS ABOUT MANUFACTURING". Yes, I am clueless, if I weren't maybe I'll make myself some damn watches. But I want some besotted fan telling me the reasons, I want Eric Migickovsky giving me the official word. If there is a good reason, tell us right from the start.

      The apologists are jumping on the complainers like they are all juvenile whiners. Not true. People don't turn angry overnight, this has been a long and gradual process. My first posts here were positive, even defending Pebble against impatient backers. As time passed, I turned from being excited about this project, to placid, to anger towards the ill management. A last-ditch effort at salvaging the goodwill of backers like me is not going to cut it.

    26. Zen on

      I can see why some people are impressed by this update, but isn't it too late? They finally care after more than a year of this project? It seems that the Pebble team has just finally realized what a PR disaster they have created.

      And I see Rick Silver the Pebble Apologist is still doing what he does, taking the time to defend every negative post on comment threads. How annoying, just join the Pebble team already.

    27. Madlyb on

      "Waiting for Cable Replacement

      All cable replacements are sold out right now. Enter your email below and we'll contact you as soon as we have another batch ready."

      Who wants to bet I will be able to buy a replacement cable at Best Buy before I can purchase an extra cable from Pebble?

      Great product...terrible company.

    28. Missing avatar

      Anon on

      You still have not mentioned all the people that swapped their coloured pebbles for a black one and rec'd one without the kickstarter info on back. I know of other projects where similar happened and they swapped the incorrect product for a kickstarter version.

    29. Vincenzo Piscioneri on

      Honestly, I'm quite annoyed.
      I'm a backer till waiting for an Artic White Pebble while you are shipping to Best Buy.
      Well done Pebble, that's a nice gesture towards your backers.
      I regret having funded you, looking at your behaviour.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mark chan on

      1. We wish all the success you can get for this marvelous product. There are others coming up the road you guys blazed open.

      2. One of the most important criteria to be a successful product in our opinion would be multi language support; if you could give some update on any progress in that realm it would be great!

      3. Personally I really hope you can open up for windows phone support - we know you mentioned this to be quite down the priority list, but seriously ensuring access to all ecosystems would be great. I know I would love to have my pebble work with the coming 1020 handset from the windows world.

      Keep it up!

    31. Missing avatar

      ClemensTyp on

      Hello Team Pebble,
      I was Vevey annoyed with you "Communication skills" over the Last past month, but Today I am happy again. This was a Kind of post I have been waiting for a long time. Keep up your good work and continue to share all the informations you have.

      A happy feedback from a german pebbler (still waiting for his kickstarter watch)
      Yours Clemens

    32. Bill Binns on

      I have had my Pebble for about 2 months and it has exceeded all of my expectations. It is actually the least troublesome bluetooth product I have ever owned. The watch seems to love working with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I love glancing at my watch to read texts while leaving the phone in my pocket when out and about. Also love the vibration alert when my phone is ringing as the ringer never seemed loud enough out on the street for me to hear. I really think that in a couple of years just about everyone who has a smartphone will have some sort of smartwatch to compliment it.

    33. Missing avatar

      Fish4 on

      I join the list of one who is frustrated that I still don't have my white pebble. If I had known at the start that black pebbles would be available at Best Buy before my white one is produced, I would not have backed a white pebble. I probably would have gone black. Granted, Pebble said the color ones would take longer....but not longer than the black ones are released on the market. Part of the reason I backed Pebble is that I wanted to have one of the very first ones. Sure Pebble gave me an option of changing my color to black to get it sooner but I didn't know the black ones would be released on the market before all the color backers are fulfilled. I just wish they had been more transparent about planning to produce & release additional black Pebbles to the masses before figuring out the color production.

    34. B.

      It seems that finally, Pebble has hired a communication specialist :)
      Thanks for this update, hope they will all be like this one. Now, if I (well, my GF) could receive her white pebble, that would be nice.
      14th april backer here. No news. Not even a shipping email.

    35. Rick Silver

      Tek, internets? Ya sound like George Bush ! :)

      They don't officially list them because no one at Pebble has time to test 100,000 watch faces.

      Go to Between the search box and other filters there, you should have no problem.

    36. Tek on

      Why are they only about 10 watch faces in official Pebble app? Why are not all faces listed there? Who's got time to go and hunt for Pebble watch faces on the internets?

    37. Geof Aberhart on

      Well holy shit, it only took about six months, but an update actually addressing backer concerns? Maybe things actually ARE changing!

    38. Missing avatar

      Brandon Myers on

      I am using iOS7, is there any way I can help with testing beta versions on this OS?

    39. Rick Silver

      Carl, what color are you waiting for? Regarding the BB talks during the campaign, I remember reading that somewhere else. Lastly, your question to me made no sense.

    40. Missing avatar

      MBybee on

      Great update - glad to see white is shipping. My wife has been very patient.
      I freaking *LOVE* my pebble even though I'm having a heck of a time developing apps... people keep beating me to them! It's a good problem to have :)

      I am sorry to say that since the latest Pebble update, it is *never* staying connected to my phone. I hope you guys are working on that.

    41. Arnaud on

      I've been very vocal in my disappointment in this project. While still disappointed, I am thankful for the last update (#42). Finally some transparency! While I still can't shake off the disappointment, I find this transparency reassuring.

      Notable issues addressed:
      - Stats & numbers
      - Shipping issues to Germany
      - Best Buy
      - Support for lost KS shipments
      - Shipping updates
      - iOS issues (email notifications!)
      - Replacement units
      - Power cable
      - An AMA

      Thanks. But I'm still waiting for my grey pebble...

    42. Mark Worley on

      I have to say I totally understand the frustrations of those who are still waiting on their watches (I backed Ouya and that has taken forever!). The major difference here is that Pebble have taken the time to keep people up to date and in the picture. I hope you all get your watches soon, and that Pebble goes from strength to strength so that we can all enjoy them.

    43. Bahram Kavoosi on

      been waiting for my white pebble for well over a year. biggest bullshit ever that you guys start selling them at best buy before i, one of the individuals who funded your fucking windfall, received my watch.

      the moment you guys finished the black kickstarter pebbles you should have moved production to the other colours. yet somehow in the meantime you guys churned out 200, 000 more black pebbles. WTF?

    44. Missing avatar

      carl erickson on

      Rick Silver: Glad to see you're back.
      Where in the update did it say they were in talks with Best Buy and at what point (once they reached 10MM)?

      How did pebble fulfill backer orders before launching at Best Buy if I still don't have my watch?

      Since you understand manufacturing, how would you have felt if they started making purple widgets and whatzits instead of your watch.

    45. Rick Silver

      But we love you Spencer!

    46. Missing avatar

      spencer white on


    47. Fuzzball on

      Saw this a few minutes ago in my inbox and was quite happy about replacement charge cables. Went to go order and it's sold out. Was the demand miscalculated or are there some enterprising people out there looking to make a profit? ಠ_ಠ

    48. max ancar on

      Hey Chris Ruble I'm right there with you My grey one has been sitting there (Status Processing for three weeks) Just want my Pebble... 8(