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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

White Pebbles Shipping + OS v1.12 + Watchapps + Best Buy

White Pebbles now shipping

At long last, white Pebbles are shipping! We have begun the process for the first batch, which will reach about half of the waiting Backers. More will follow soon as we complete production of white Pebbles. The last of the grey Pebbles are also shipping, bringing us very close to completing delivery of all Kickstarter backed Pebbles!

If you backed a black, red or orange Pebble on Kickstarter and your order status is not yet at Stage 3 "Processing Shipment", please email us with the subject of 'KS Still Waiting' so that we can look into it and make sure your Pebble gets to you. Any information you can provide regarding your order will help us investigate more quickly.

If you are in Germany and have not yet received your Pebble, we are getting close to resolution with the German Authorities. As soon as we have more information, we will email you directly with details about what to expect next. 

Pebble OS v1.12

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Updated firmware was released yesterday (Canada Day!) with a few new features and bugfixes:

What's new

  • The backlight now turns on momentarily when a charger is connected.
  • Goodies for watchapp developers that will be unlocked when the new version of PebbleKit is released.

What we fixed:

  • Subject/sender cutoff in notifications with long subjects/senders.
  • The motion backlight from sporadically not working.
  • Factory reset to disable the QC app and perform the reset.
  • Long click release after changing the action bar icon.
  • Presentation of some graphics.

New Watchapps

Pebble watchapp developers continue to deliver amazing creations to the Pebble community. You can always find the latest app buzz on our forums and on, but here are a couple highlights.

The watchface generator keeps getting better and now offers the option to make analog watchfaces, too!

httpebble (iOS) + Watchfaces lets Pebble communicate with the internet and bring back location specific data to your wrist. The 91 Weather app is a beautiful example. Note that iOS users may want to use the 'old' 91 Weather version. Created by rfrcarvalho.

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Best Buy

We announced today that Jet Black Pebbles will be available at Best Buy stores throughout the US later this week and can be ordered online now at Cherry Red Pebbles will follow in August. 

Distribution has been a large task for us and partnering with Best Buy provides an outlet to help us get Pebble onto wrists more quickly while allowing our small team to focus on software and feature improvements for current and future Pebblers. 

We will continue shipping pre-orders in the US and around the world in all Pebble colors. Additional details can be found on our forum post:

This marks a big step for Pebble and we're excited to see people connect with Pebbles more quickly. We couldn't have done it without your support. 

Thanks as always and Pebble-on!

Team Pebble


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    1. Rhiannon Cook on

      Hiya, still waiting on my pebble, do any other Australians have this problem?

    2. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      WHAT IS THE FU**** STATUS FOR PEBBLES SEND TO GERMANY ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      SUCKS !
      BADLY !

    3. Missing avatar

      Cecilia Vovos on

      Received my White Pebble last Tues (after more than a year of waiting) and was so excited, however not even 10-15mins into learning about it the select button popped out together with the small spring! I tried to put it back to no avail. I know it's made in China but how can it passed Quality Control. I have emailed customer support let's see what happen next...

    4. Missing avatar

      Joshua rubin on

      a year after the expected ship date - no pebble. a month after the white pebbles ship - no pebble. over a month after i request a black pebble instead to at least get SOMETHING - no pebble. but, good news, best buy customers that haven't heard of pebble until today can have one. really, really weak sauce, pebble. that is totally unacceptable. i'm sure you're thrilled to get your watch on the wrists of the masses - but we're the reason you were able to. we should have been first.

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    6. Missing avatar

      Richard Squires on

      The White Pebbles may be shipping, just not to the address you have entered into the Pebble system. Checked thier site and it told me my Pebble had been an address in San Jose, USA. I live in Australia. It appears their international shipping of the White Pebbles is screwed, but they aren't telling anyone and aren't responding to my emails to say they are addressing it.

    7. Kelsey Lakia on

      Finally my white pebble is processing... Getting ready for delivery:

    8. Daniel Saleh on

      Backed this project over a year ago. Seeing my coworkers at BestBuy wear one before me really bums me out. Still waiting for my pebble.

    9. Brian Boatright on

      @Koo - Kickstarter doesn't give a hoot if project creators fulfill their promises or not. Kickstarter gets their 5% up front and then refer you and everyone else to their terms of service when an issue with fulfillment occurs. I've backed 15 KS projects and 2 of them have yet to fulfill their promise.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    11. Sengmeng on

      not to support anymore projects unless I know the people personally. Kickstarter people: know this and start taking actions against such projects. I'm off to Indiegogo and Quirky and seldom coming back now.

    12. Sengmeng on

      To Caleb MacLachlan, you are right about Pebble strategies to carve out a niche in the wearable tech space. All these will make sense if they didn't attempt to raise funds through Kickstarters. If this is done through Seed or Series A etc, this will be Business-As-Usual. But.... It is not. This is Kickstarter and crowd-sourced funding in theory is not functioning this way. One invests and expects to get the products and services before it goes through traditional distribution channel (I remember the early days of kickstarters and the only emails I got from my companies are where should they ship "our" dreams to)

      Honestly, I am not past the angry point, I am just patiently waiting for my White Pebble to ship and yeah, maybe I will sell for a profit at least to salve my conscience. But I am guaranteed not to support anymore

    13. Rich DiBuo on

      So I can go to BestBuy and buy a Pebble before mine ships to me? Really? O well Lesson learned...
      Won't be supporting anything you make again. Guess you don't care since ya'll millionaires now...

    14. Caleb MacLachlan on

      So the sheer amount of negative comments on here makes me want to respond. Yes, this is BS that pebble isn't taking care of its backers. But look at this from their perspective. They HAVE to get this on the market or they will be completely cut out by Sony/Apple/someone else. They are a small company and struggle with support for that very reason. Have any of you stopped to consider that more money for Pebble means better support for you? Have you considered that it means an expanded developer base, and more apps for you? think big picture here folks. (I'll admit I may be biased since I've had my watch since like February :)

    15. Steven Kalz on

      My pebble screen is broken upon shipment I've tried to contact you via email with no response.. email me asap!

    16. Missing avatar

      Alex Hatziemmanuel on

      For all people who are po'd you should read this article, it explains a lot...

      Not saying they're are right, but business is business.....

    17. Dustin Howard on

      Took the words right out of my mouth. I will never buy another pebble product not any other product they happen to manufacture.

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    19. Zen on

      Rick, I'm not the one playing with words, actually you are the one who started going into semantics. I precisely am not interested in discussing specific words.

      All I was saying to you is, people are obviously very upset about this, and they have great reason. so please don't go around telling people they have no reason to be. If a couple of people are angry, you can argue that it's unjustified, but just take a glance below.

      Really, what we don't need right now are Pebble apologists siding them blindly.

    20. Missing avatar

      Anthony Suta on

      Still don't have my pebble after it shipped back in early April. Getting a answer from support is difficult. All I want now is a refund.

    21. Steven Rutenberg on

      I'm so glad that I decided not to keep my Pebble after switching to black from grey to expedite shipping. Sold it for a profit on ebay. I didn't like the product after wearing it for a few days. The management team continues to be a disappointment. Shipping to Best Buy before the Kickstarter backers is a major slap in the face. #facepalm

    22. Brian Holme on

      to all those posting may i refer you to this song.
      Tonite Only - Haters Gonna Hate

    23. Missing avatar

      Fabian Khoshbakht on

      Dear Pebble Team

      Are you SERIOUS????
      People will be able to walk into BestBuy and pick up a Pebble Watch before I get mine as a back from way back in 2012!!!
      This is now turning into PURE GREED on your part!
      68,929 people contributed $10,266,845 to you, and you treat us like this, by allowing people who are getting on the bandwagon now to have the product before we get ours!

      In the real world where the rest of us live, this would result in law suits, claims and complete customer dissatisfaction, yet you sit somewhere in an office claiming how proud you are blah blah blah!

      An absolute joke, and you only have read the comments to understand how BIG a failure you have been towards your backs, your CUSTOMERS...remember them???

      You really need to understand what CUSTOMER SERVICE means...COMMUNICATION...

      Get your shit together and deal with this, before declaring that Pebble will be available for sale off the shelf before we get ours!!

      Still Pissed Off Backer!!

    24. E-man Coker on

      Every half-ass update is a slap in the face for the messages that have not been responded too

    25. E-man Coker on

      Think their mugging me off... I'm still owed money from these fuckers (7 months)

    26. Altai Tseveenbayar on

      Totally agree with you people.
      I am one of the pepple backers so I should get my pepple before bestbuy.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Bingel on

      Seriously, selling Pebbles in Best Buy stores? Why don't you start by delivering my 2 black Pebbles for which I paid $235 back in May 2012?

    28. Missing avatar

      Björn Bobach on

      I am waiting for a replacement Pebble for months now (due to the German customs problem). Your backers and service should be your TOP priority at this point and instead you chose the greedy path. How disappointing!

    29. Missing avatar

      Andrej on

      @Team Pebble

      I'm very upset, another promise that you can't hold. I backed pebble already on 12th April and still waiting for my pebble. You guys hold off the production of the white pebbles so you can product pebbles for best buy. This is not fairplay. This will be for sure the last product which i'm buing from you guys. It was a mistake to support you.

    30. Matt on

      The project was mismanaged from the start. One of the worst implementations in the history of Kickstarter, especially the communication part.

      and now:

      if you pre-ordered directly you will still have to wait an unknown amount of time to get it (pebble's signatory move)

      you can buy one off the shelf from BestBuy

      and this is at a time when not all of the backers got their pebbles. This is not only inconsiderate to the backers, this is just plain offensive. Might explain the delays though, the pebble team was just busy cutting a deal with BestBuy.

      Great PR strategy, what do you do to turn around your negative PR? You poke people in the eye, with a stick.

      On the upside, we can now publish reviews on BestBuy

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael Kugel on

      I am bored of receiving pebble updates with mine stuck in German customs!
      Why the hell we do not get updated about the delivery. Will it ever happen?
      This year, decade, century, millenium?
      The information about Best Buy is an impertinence and cynical...

    32. alessandra lavo on


    33. Domenick Giambattista on

      I don't know whether to congratulate you or consider this the latest slap in the face to those who actually make your product possible and are still waiting and waiting for something to show up. As far as I can tell this is the first Kickstarter to start publicly pushing retail before the backers are all taken care of, and that's a black eye for the Kickstarter community in general. Sure, more black pebbles were ordered, but other backers paid a premium to see more color choices made for everyone who wants a pebble, and we're just swept to a corner in the back of the room. You could have handled this with the humility and gratitude that most of the Kickstarter projects I've been in have, but you focuses energies elsewhere because that's where the money is. As far as Kickstarter-backed company personalities go, you guys are among the worst. It's no wonder this project has become a poster child for "how not to do Kickstarter". If you were going for a "first ever" in the Kickstarter annals, you certainly got it, but maybe not in a way you expected.

    34. Missing avatar

      P on

      Forgot to mention, a while back a poster stated he received a watch without the kickstarter printed on the back of the watch. This made me search the net.

      I found people buying in bulk and reselling them online. I'm not talking about backers. So if you think they haven't already been making watch for retailers you are mistaken.

      I had to change my original color to black and was fortunate to receive it, but I think it is unfair how they treated others.

    35. Missing avatar

      P on

      Just like previously posted write a review of the watch on the Best Buy watch.

      Search Pebble Watch, search comments to read and on the upper right it says "write review" in blue.

      I think this should be specific to the watch and maybe then you will get the attention you need in regards to your issues.

      They ask for a zip code, so find one for the U.S.

    36. Missing avatar

      Carsten Riese on

      for me the question is: is pebble doing everything to become a solid and sucessful business operation? Well in these days with companies being backed through money generated on some websites positive public opinion seems to be somewhat vital to be sucessful. Signing a retail contract is really a good thing and something like igniting the second stage of a big rocket. The problem I see is that they have not taken care for the first stage to fire properly. What will count more? The negative experience quite a number of enthusiasts and so called opinion leaders (oldfashioned for "backers") have with the company - or the platform BB gives you to reach new customers in great numbers? Don't forget you so far have proved not to be very professional at customer support so my guess is that those problems won't just go away with having more customers to take care of. This will lead to more negative experiences and all of a sudden the company goes down the drain - it happened before and market laws are sure to kick in. just a thought.

    37. Zachry Thayer on

      Pebbles are going to be in Best Buy before I get mine, and im a backer, are you completely serious? I once thought this was a great project. But I really hope this company burns down, I am so sick of the bullshit, and the lack of communication.

    38. Rick Silver

      Jones, like I said you're playing with words.

      If I said "I don't think you have a REASON to complain, would that make you feel better?

      That was my intent. But you had to be literal.

    39. Zen on

      Rick, your emphasis on your usage of the word "think" is pointless. In that same vein you can say everything here is an opinion. Then what was the point of you saying it in the first place? When then may I say I THINK what you think is WRONG. There are many people here who feel they have a right to complain, clearly your opinion is not shared by them. So that makes your opinion wrong from the point of view of all these people.

      And, I'm saying we are responding as people, because we're NOT companies, so why the heck should we care what they do as a corporation? So they have a right to act as selfish corporations, and we as PEOPLE don't have the right to feel betrayed and angry and voice our displeasure?

    40. Missing avatar

      Kate Aoki on

      I have to say I feel used. I've been patient during this whole process, trusted the team when they said that things were moving along, and put my faith in the idea of being a backer. But I have yet to receive the watch and I'm pretty put off that the energy that should have been going towards satisfying the backers first and foremost has been re-routed to large retail sales. If that was the goal all along, it should have been clearly stated. I'm pretty disappointed in this experience

    41. Missing avatar

      Derek C on

      If you are unsatisfied with your Pebble experience, stop trying to get Pebble Co.'s attention. Let them know how you really feel by submitting a review online at the BestBuy website:…

    42. Missing avatar

      Mathias Ehret on

      @ Lennart, Nuker: ...and one more. Ordered a simple black pebble half a liefetime ago and have received nothing. Shure, German customs rules are absurd but being deffered as a backer behind normal retail is not acceptable.
      @ Pebble: I'm pissed! Start caring for your backers (thats the guys woh made this possible) before you start doing funny retail stuff!

    43. Missing avatar

      Lennart Diedrich on

      @Nuker: same here, ordered a black Pebble. Did not receive anything for now and tried to get a refund, I am fed up of waiting. What's their answer? I have to wait again to get a refund...

    44. Sergio A. Vicente on

      Hello! I order 2 Pebble "Orange and Red" to destination Denmark, and I received a package with only the orange (no the red), is very strange, because the red color was sent before the Orange.
      I've also had to pay extra 350kr (DKK) (60$) for the package in the National Post (Post Danmark).
      My questions are:
      They sent the Pebble separately (I lack the Red) or is sent separately?
      I have to pay again the "60$" to be sent in individual packets?
      Is everything in order and only I have to wait to the red colour?

      Greetings and I hope answers, thanks.

    45. Chris Ryan on

      @Nuker - don't loose heart mate, every other thing I have backed has been WAY better than the Pebble for shipping and service.
      Sold my Pebble a month or so back.
      I note that there are still a number of things missing - biggest being customer support by the looks of a quick browse of the posts here. Not that Pebble have EVER commented on here bar the updates. Still no IFTTT...

    46. Will O'Neal on

      +1 on the charging cable. Mine broke months ago. I've had a nice black plastic wristband for a few months now.

    47. Andy Piper

      Any word on the additional USB charging cables? I raised an issue via support and haven't heard back for a few weeks.

    48. Missing avatar

      Nuker on

      Yeah, I am also from Germany, paid 150$, didn't receive anything, still waiting for their "solution" with the authorities and now heard Pebble is available at BestBuy... And, by the way, I didn't order a special color, I ordered plain old black. I am more than disappointed................. My first and (I think) my last backed Kickstarter project...

    49. Missing avatar

      inVader on

      >> If you are in Germany and have not yet received your Pebble, we are getting close to resolution with the German Authorities. <<

      Really? Over a month after the last update which read:

      >> We are in touch with the German regulatory agencies and customs officials to confirm the steps required to ensure delivery of Pebbles in Germany. [...] We [...] will contact German backers with details as soon as we know more. <<

      Haven't heard of any details, todays statement is just as vague as the last one, leaving the impression you haven't resolved anything in that regard over the last couple of weeks.