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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Pebble OS 1.11 + Orange/Grey Shipping + 2-way Apps + Germany

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)
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Pebble OS 1.11

We've released an updated firmware with a few new features and bugfixes:

  • Multiple notifications can now be viewed if they arrive within a short timeframe.
  • Fix for vibration getting stuck ‘on’.
  • UI changes for Date & Time menu.
  • Option to show current speed (different than current pace) added in the Sports API.
  • Next and previous track buttons swapped in the music control application.
  • Power consumption fix for some Bluetooth connections. 
  • Improvements to presentation of clipped text and graphics.
  • Fuzzy Time watchface is no longer installed by default and now available in the Pebble watchface list via the Pebble phone app.
  • Fixed crash while changing windows, generally when setting alarm or setting time.

Need to install the update? On iPhone, try rebooting your phone and/or closing the Pebble app like this, then open the Pebble app again and tap the glowing red icon. On Android, use the menu button and click 'Check for FW Update'.

Orange and Grey Pebbles now shipping

Production of orange Pebbles is complete and we have begun the shipping process to Backers! Grey Pebbles are now in production and the first batch will be sent out next week, with the remaining grey Pebbles following soon after. White is the next and final colour. We expect to begin production next week.

That brings us to more than 78,000 Pebbles produced to date and much closer to delivering all Kickstarter backed Pebbles! Thanks once again for your patience while we worked to bring colour Pebbles up to high quality standards.

2-Way Apps

We launched PebbleKit with 2-way communication just two weeks ago and already Pebble watchapp developers have created some incredible apps. Our forums and have daily updates from developers creating new ways to use Pebble on Android and many iOS apps for Pebble are in beta testing (awaiting approval by Pebble and Apple).

Pebble 7 Minute Workout

Straight from the NYTimes article to your Pebble is a watchapp that guides you through a super intense 7 minute workout. Good luck! Created by Alex Kennberg (coincidentally he's guy behind Shopstarter, the ridiculously easy-to-use webstore designed for post-Kickstarter projects).  

Profile Switcher for Android

Switch your ringer to vibrate from your wrist! Created by Faruq Rasid.

Glance (Android)

A very useful app that not only displays the current weather, but also integrates with Tasker, can send canned SMS replies, displays upcoming calendar appointments and more! Created by Finebyte.

Plus (Android)

Find my phone is here along with push SMS, third-party apps notification and battery and power status notifications. Plus it can convert Chinese characters to Latin alphabets (Pinyin)! Created by Lijy91.

Tasker for Pebble (Android)

Choose three tasks to activate at anytime without taking your phone out of your pocket! Requires Tasker to be installed and configured (go to the Preferences menu, and under the Misc tab, make sure "Allow External Access" is enabled). Created by @KodeKapps.

Just a quick note, if you're developing an app for Pebble, please try to use the nomenclature 'for Pebble' rather than including the word Pebble right in the middle of your app name. Unless it's for a hilarious pun.

Shipments to Germany

First, our apologies it has taken so long to get Pebbles to some of you. We are in touch with the German regulatory agencies and customs officials to confirm the steps required to ensure delivery of Pebbles in Germany.

Until we have final resolution with the authorities to clear all incoming shipments and release held shipments, we will hold off on sending more Pebbles to Germany, including any reshipments.

In the meantime, we did improve invoices and provided a German manual online (available for download on our help portal), which has enabled some backers to retrieve their Pebbles from customs.

We expect Pebbles will be flowing to Germany again soon and we will contact German backers with details as soon as we know more.

Thanks again, Pebblers! 

Team Pebble

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    1. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      WHAT IS THE FU**** STATUS FOR PEBBLES SEND TO GERMANY ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      SUCKS !
      BADLY !

    2. Missing avatar

      Augusto Soler on

      I have an orange Pebble and want to swap it for a black or gray Pebble. If interested please email me at
      The watch has to be in mint condition.

    3. Missing avatar

      William Stone on

      I hope I get my watch before any old shlep that walks into Best Buy can get one. Check out the article. Talk about blowing the novelty...

    4. Missing avatar

      Steffen Hartmann on

      I do not understand all the comments about shipping, delays and technical issues. It is just not possible to compare a Kickstarter project with a big company.
      BUT: Kickstarter projects have to be transparent. Tell us everything. This is the deal, this is why folks give their money. They want to be part of the project, not just customers or investors.
      If you want to persist, reveal everything and become the "Linux of hardware". People will love you. Otherwise, this could be a one-hit-wonder.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mikie on

      A month goes by and no update. I can only assume you're too busy swimming in your bathtub full of money and shattered dreams to fire off an update. *sigh*

    6. Missing avatar

      David Doran on

      Wow, it's now been 445 days since I backed this project. The sheer length of time and poor communication really is hard to bear. Even if (as I expect) I'll end up being pleased with the end product it's tough to sympathize. As other people have suspected, I think they just bin any emails and comments.

    7. Missing avatar

      inVader on

      "Oh, there's an update notification in the top bar at Kickstarter. Pebble must finally have come to its senses this time and tell us about its current status."


      "Oh, just one of these other projects I've backed recently, those that keep their backers well informed... well, who would have guessed that..."

    8. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Just was asked to confirm the shipping address for my white Pebble. Nice!

    9. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Still no feedback at all to e-mails and messages (pebble -> Germany <- customs).
      Huge pain in the ass!
      Thanks (not)!

    10. Davide Dellacasa on

      Power of a comment ;) they arrived today ;)

    11. James Ball on

      Seriously now, get on with the White ones. Stop shipping pre-orders of Black and Red whilst you still have Kickstarter backers waiting for their watches.

    12. Luis Bermudez on

      Next time, don't process so many colors. Apparently, making White is hard and this makes me sad. I am a supporter of Pebble, but I am slowly growing into that impatient category... Sad face :(

    13. MightyMeeple on

      Got my email for address confirmation last night as well. I backed for a grey watch.

    14. Laszlo Xalieri on

      On the chance it helps reassure any other backers who selected gray or white Pebbles as rewards, I also received my address confirmation email for my gray Pebble last night promising a notification of announcement shipment within two weeks.

    15. Davide Dellacasa on

      Hi, where is my pebble?

    16. Missing avatar

      Fabian Khoshbakht on

      So like many of the people here, I backed these guys because i believed in what they were doing...I wanted a white Pebble...I'm still waiting to get it, still waiting for some form of update.

      You took my money when i backed you and have held it for all this time along with so many other backers, and you have failed to provide any form of accurate and timely updates.

      At the rate these things are shipping the likes of Apple and Samsung will release their smart watches, that sadly will destroy Pebble on functionality, looks and every other aspect.

      What will i and we have??
      An obsolete piece of hardware that I paid for almost two years ago, that I still don't have and can't use.

      Even if i want a refund, this is not possible!

      This is turning into a BIG joke and is simply not acceptable.

      Get your shit together and communicate with you customer and people who made your dream a reality!!!

      Seriously Pissed Off Backer

    17. Missing avatar

      William Stone on

      Just got my "Address Confirmation" email today. Excited now as this is most useful information I have gotten in the last month. Grey Pebble backed on May 1, 2012, and switched to Grey as soon as Grey was available. Send that bad boy!!!

    18. Nick Botto on

      June 4th: "You will receive a shipment confirmation email within two weeks indicating that your Pebble is on its way to you."

      June 26th: "SHIPMENT
      1 Pebble Watch - Grey
      Status: Processing"

      FAQ: "My order is stuck in Processing Shipment. What do I do?
      It's not unusual to be in the "Processing Shipment" stage for up to 2-3 weeks or more. Don’t worry! We’ll get you your Pebble."

      Communications are mis-

    19. Kelsey Lakia on

      Edmond, couldn't have said it better! Cheers!

    20. Geof Aberhart on

      Good job on the updates "every two weeks" guys.

    21. Missing avatar

      Edmond Overbey on

      So I was a backer at the 10 level. Got my black ones and sold them on eBay. Wasn't at break-even yet so changed gray to black. Sold them now I'm at break-even, but eBay is greedy, so I sold my red and orange ones so I could get ahead. The manufacturer was pretty good about communicating all throughout that process. Now I am waiting on three white ones. One for me and two for my children. I have not actually seen one because I sold them in unopened boxes and wanted to achieve my financial goals before I achieved my emotional goal of using a Pebble. The quiet time about the white seems to be prolonged compared to the delays with the other colors. Am I losing patience? What do you think? I have held seven pebbles in my hands in their unopened containers and shipped them off to a complete stranger believing that this unfeeling corporation would keep their promises? Why would anyone believe anything they say at this point? They have missed every milestone and set a new standard for indifference in their communication. Sure they always have some folksy good ol' boy excuse, but we're all grown ups here. Lets just talk in plain English. We made a mistake and here's what we're gonna do to fix it. I feel so much better.

    22. Missing avatar

      Beth C. Bernhardt on

      I'm a backer summer 2012 and I haven't received my grey pebble - would appreciate an update.

    23. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Still waiting on the Grey Pebble to start shipping and the White Pebble to go into production. You need to do a follow up on your product or give out some type of news.

    24. Missing avatar

      Mike McMillan on

      This is truly disappointing. Is it really that hard to post an occasional update for the people who helped fund you to this unprecedented level? Really? Some news for those of us who still wait would be the very least you could do.

    25. Missing avatar

      William Stone on

      According to Eric, they completed shipping to backers in April. Second paragraph. Bummed...I guess I'm SOL...

    26. Scott on

      White backer 4/12/12... Any progress on white Pebble production? The post states white production expected to begin the first week of June. That was three weeks ago, and there have been no updates since.


    27. Kelsey Lakia on

      OMG MEOWZERS!!! Come on... Please post an update. At the two week mark I checked every day. At the three week mark I checked every couple days. Now at four I am checking a few times a day. Seriously POST SOMETHING. Accountability all the way through the process please! Even if there is a hold up, you should post something brief. For most people no news is good news, for Pebble, no news means prepare yourself. I was excited up until the last few months (I'm a white backer from the first few weeks of the project), and believed in the process all the way through. Now I can wholeheartedly say, I'm getting really sick of waiting with endless faith...

    28. Beth Zimmer on

      HI! Ive not received my Pebble yet... is there something I should know?

    29. Thomas Friedrich on

      By now I guess all other smart watches from competitors will be available in the German market before I get one Pebble. This is the worst management I have ever seen. How do I get my money back? I do not want to wait another year. I rather buy a Sony watch.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mikie on

      Not posting updates? Maybe we can post for you... "My name is Mr Poopie Pants. I get my time estimation done by a psychic donkey named Fred. Your Pebble might ship this month, or next, or next, or next, or next That is of course assuming we can figure out this whole manufacturing thing... It's really quite tricky, and couldn't find a single person to hire with experience in the field... But I really love you guys. Sincerely - That Pebble Guy (a.k.a. Mr Poopie Pants"

    31. Nancy Joyce on

      I'm going to join the long list of backers who are still wondering "where is my Pebble"? I ordered a white one and now I'm wondering if there's a chance of changing this colour so I can get one in my hands. Would love to hear something from you guys. Thanks!!

    32. canardo on

      As for customs in Germany: It helps if the invoice does represent the actual (lower costbased) value of the product and not the price paid. Thats what elevation dock did - saved me a lot of taxes... I never had problems with kickstarter-products from US, provided there is an "invoice" stating the value of the product - never had to bring a proof of payment... It's a pain to go down to the customs-office to collect US-sent mail, but thats to be expected. So pleeeease send me my orange one now to germany and put an invoice in the box!

    33. Missing avatar

      William Stone on

      Looks like the competition may be starting. I was hoping to have my watch before this was released...

    34. fmachard on

      @Phil I too want to know. I think the reality though isn't that whites are complicated... we were just too few to prioritize. What we can surmise from this experiment is that it's not because you're the most successful Kickstarter project, that you will be ready for it. Also, people are forgiving of delays when you communicate with them.

    35. Missing avatar

      Phil Dahlin on

      Update #41? Where are the white watches? And what is so difficult about white vs any other color?

    36. Missing avatar

      Mark Lansley on

      03/05/12 UK Backer waiting on a Grey Pebble - now almost 14 months and agree the communications has been haphazard (to say the least). If there is a finite number of backers and an estimate of how many can be built per day (or weak) then how hard can it be to forecast fulfilment rather then simply leave us in the dark and erode our trust. Even accepting we are backers this is pretty shoddy comms!

    37. Thomas Seliger on

      Any Update for your German Backers? We are still waiting....

    38. Missing avatar

      Warren Belkin on

      PLEASE UPDATE! The last update, on May 30, implied Grey pebbles were finally shipping over the coming week or two. It is now 3 weeks and nothing (and online, has not asked me to confirm the shipping address). What is going on?

      I became a backer on 4/30/12. It is 14 months later.

      Please send another update when we will receive our shipments? Thank you.

    39. Ian Boulstridge on

      Any update on white pebble production? Still eagerly awaiting any news....

    40. Kelsey Lakia on

      Would love to have an update... Its killing me. I feel like with Pebble, no news is NOT good news... I am just so excited to use it for time management, esp during my weddings to keep my couples on schedule. At this rate I will have to wait until next season to use it... #trying to stay positive but its really freaking hard

    41. Missing avatar

      Zorkman on

      hmmm... three weeks and no sign of my grey pebble again,
      you might consider at least posting something like: 10% of colourX has been shipped, we expect to ship everything within X months.

    42. Missing avatar

      Martin C on

      No grey pebble yet... Still waiting in NY as well. No shipment confirmation either.

    43. Christian Streil on

      Any news on Germany? Honestly: sorting this out can never take that long unless you are not trying to sort anything out at all. And to make this clear: I am not so much complaining about the delays but the complete lack of respect for the people who made this whole project possible. Lying to your backers is for sure the most unfilial thing you could have done!

    44. Ian Logsdon on

      Hey guys, could we get another update? Its been almost 3 weeks and I haven't gotten a shipping notification for my Grey Pebble. I don't mind, really, I'm not trying to rush you guys, but since you said you'd be shipping the greys starting 3 weeks ago, I'd love to know when they'll all be shipped and when whites will start shipping, as I ordered one of each.

    45. Missing avatar

      Silbermann on

      Will I ever get a Pebble ?

    46. Christian Klass on

      Hi, can you please give us an update on the shipments to Germany? I believe these things are rather slow, but any small update would be nice. :-)

    47. Missing avatar

      Russell Wood on

      Tt sure would be nice to have the grey Pebble I purchased.

    48. Missing avatar

      William Stone on

      Grey Pebbles have started shipping. There are 10 available on Ebay. 13 orange Pebbles also.

    49. crashtestdummy on

      @Don Kemler: thanks for your reply Don. Which company delivered it to your doorstep? NLPost? Did you have to sign or pay any additional taxes?

    50. Missing avatar

      William Stone on

      New update tomorrow?? I hope so. I'm running out of excuses to tell my wife why I blew $125 with nothing yet. She thought the whole KS thing was a scam from the begining. I know its not a scam but a year later and no watch?....I'm running out of reasons to justify.