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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

2-way Communication Added to SDK + Orange/Grey/White Update + We're Hiring!

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

Thanks to @brdrck for the Pebble render!

Today we're pleased to announce that 2-way communication is now enabled for 3rd party Pebble watchapps! You can download the updated SDK (now known as PebbleKit) at The major addition is the AppMessage subsystem which enables watchapps to send and receive data from a connected smartphone app. Be sure to install the latest Pebble firmware 1.10.2 as well.

We have also released new documentation including a full API reference

This update enables Pebble developers to create apps these sorts of apps:

  • Watchfaces augmented with data from the internet
  • Remote controls for internet connected devices
  • Multi-player Pebble games
  • 4sq/Facebook/Yelp Check-in Apps
  • Sports/Weather/News/Traffic tickers
  • Emergency beacon activator
  • Deeper sports integration (skiing, hiking, surfing, tennis, soccer score keeping)!
  • Bitcoin price trackers (most important watchapp?)

To get you started, we've published a few example apps on our github page including a demo weather app for iOS and Android, an app that let's you escape from a bad date by texting your current location to a friend (Android only) and a Pebble-to-Pebble app using Google Cloud Messaging for Android.  

Katharine (from her Stopwatch app fame) has tried out PebbleKit and released a helpful library called httpebble: 'a scheme for communicating with the internet from the Pebble, using a generic protocol and without any application-specific code running on the phone'. 

The iOS Issue...

In order for Pebble to work with iPhones, we joined the Made For iPhone program (a requirement for hardware accessories to interact with iOS apps). Unfortunately this also means that if you build an iOS app with Pebble 2-way communication, we (Pebble) will need to whitelist your iOS app before you can upload it to the App Store. If you have completed an iOS app with Pebble integration and would like to learn more about making it available on the App Store, please email

We understand that this is a major annoyance. We've got a solution in mind for this problem, and it's on our to-do list (along with exposing accelerometer/magnetometer sensor data and persistent storage). 

Sports API

Over 13,000 Pebblers have paired their Pebble with RunKeeper in the last 2 weeks. Are you a developer of a GPS tracker app? We're proud to open up this built-in Pebble functionality to all developers. Example code and documentation is available.

Orange Pebbles Shipping Soon

Good news on the color front! Orange Pebbles are in production this week and will begin shipping out to Backers next week.

In other color news, we've (finally) been able to successfully make Grey and White lenses in larger quantities! It's been an extremely painful process, but we're glad to be on the other side. Grey and White Pebbles have now passed full reliability and environmental testing (which could only be completed after the final tuning of the plastic chemical composition), allowing us to proceed into mass production with these colors! Finally. More news in the next update about the status of Grey and White.

Pebble Raises Series A Funding. We're Hiring :)

It's been 12 months now since our Kickstarter project closed. In the last year, we've learned how to take a product into mass production, built the core of Pebble OS and shipped nearly 70,000 Pebbles. What will we do in the next year? We'll ship hundreds of thousands of Pebbles but more importantly, we will focus our software efforts to support 3rd party developers creating apps for Pebble. 

To help with this plan, we've teamed up with George Zachary and Charles River Ventures. They understand our vision for intelligent, wearable computers and invested in Pebble to support our goals.

Our 18 person team (today...) is rapidly expanding. We're hiring for a number of positions at our downtown Palo Alto headquarters including embedded developers, designers, iOS, Android, test engineers, developer evangelists and interns/co-ops for this summer and fall. If you love Pebble and wearable computing as much as we do, you should come join us! Apply at

Thanks everyone!

Team Pebble


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    1. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      WHAT IS THE FU**** STATUS FOR PEBBLES SEND TO GERMANY ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      SUCKS !
      BADLY !

    2. Gaetan Fontaine on

      Hi! Love my Pebble! I'm just wondering where I could get a spare charging cable. I have to be out of home often and I'd like another cable to carry with me.
      Thanks for reading,
      Gaetan Fontaine

    3. Missing avatar

      Jesse Nelson on

      So, after waiting a month for an update (after waiting patiently for 11) on the white shipping. I'm beginning to get a bit grumpy.

      Can we please get an idea of when these are going to ship and what the hold-up is?

    4. Rand Chua TL on

      @William Stone 2 days ago
      my was red. pre-pre order = kickstarter backer here. :p

    5. KennyP on

      WTF, now you start shipping the pre-order when I haven't even received my watch yet, totally disappointment!

    6. Missing avatar

      William Stone on

      @Rand Chua TL - Is yours Orange or Grey? or another color...

    7. Rand Chua TL on

      Yay got my shipping update in my email! After half a year >_<
      Need to be a patient backer for pre-pre-order stuff.

    8. Sergio Sancho on

      I ordered an orange one and still waiting. I really hope to receive the notification that my pebble is on the way today. An Spanish patient backer.

    9. Thomas Hempen on

      I changed my order from gray to black on the 10th of April, following the KS update with that option. I got an confirmation of that change immediately, stating I'll receive a shipping confirmation within two weeks. This mail just got sent as a reply on that confirmation:


      those two weeks were due on the 24th of April. This is exactly four weeks in the past, summing up to a total of six weeks since the change to black. I changed to black because you told us in your KS update that those blacks were ready for shipment. I backed on the 12th of April and still haven't got at least a shipment notification.

      I'm deeply disappointed in how you treat your backers. I never expected that everything would work out as planned, but the constant bad communication with the people which supported oyu right from the start is a shame.

      To be honest, I already wrote off the money as learning the hard way to not backup any hardware projects on KS which include electronics.

      In reality I don't think I'll get my Pebble at all.


    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Herbst on

      2 Weeks ago I received my pebble, but I am still waiting for the longer strap I ordered. I was driving 90 km to pick up the watch from customs and pay the duty. Have a look at the projekt Hidden Radio here on KS. They send all goods for EU to the UK doing the custom job by them self and deliver it directly to my house. This service was much better organised.

    11. Thomas Seliger on

      now it gots insane. on the pebble Forum there is a notice that all german backer have get an email on the 20 of May where pebble is telling them that they have Problem with the customs. And now the crazy part, they make a suggestion to perfom something illegal to get your watch (you should sent it to address out side from Germany and try to get it over the boarder). And the next Thing is, they didn't sent the email to all german backer who are still waiting, because I did not get this email and also see the post inside that Forum.
      @pebble-team: I also want a refund pebble, please contact me!

    12. Sertok on

      Still problems with the german customs (well... it's propably back in Singapore by now)..

      The customs never contacted me (the address included my mobile number) and wether the Pebble-Team nor SingaPost are responding.

      Refund please (@Pebble-Team: Contact me asap!)

    13. Missing avatar

      Mikie on

      Agent smart watch looks pretty rad... I wonder if I'll receive it before my grey pebble :p

    14. Chad Bentz on

      And they support windows phone!

    15. Missing avatar

      MuadDibsFist on

      Received my address confirmation email yesterday at 5:20 pm. I chose an orange pebble.

    16. Missing avatar

      tokyowebdesigns on

      My biggest disappointment with the Pebble so far is that support for email notifications on iPhone is buggy to nonexistent. I really think this is a key issue that needs some focus before many more wiz-bang Apps are added.

    17. Hans Gerwitz on

      Let me add some positive energy to the comments.

      I backed at the $240 level for two color Pebbles. But when you offered the downgrade to black, I took advantage (for one, the other was already specified as black). I received my rebate, and my watches shipped to my new address.

      It was a little annoying that Singapore post wouldn't let me track once they got to the Netherlands, and I was surprised to learn I had to pay €34 in VAT for each, but so it goes.

      So we have them, and they work nicely, and I'm excited to begin developing for them. Please keep up the good work, and hire Katharine Berry to evolve the smartphone apps into a general-purpose services proxy.

    18. JC Todd on

      Any news on IFTTT integration? I was really excited about that in January, but I still don't see it available for recipes yet...

    19. Missing avatar

      William Stone on

      @Sean. What color did you get? I'm guessing red?

    20. Sean Hull on

      Got my Pebble 4 days after USPS notification. (I'm in the US). Got it paired to my HTC DNA (Android) with no issues. Added a couple watch faces and played around. I think my favorite thing so far is that I was able to use my old Fossil leather watchband with it. I felt the watch band that came with the Pebble felt "cheap". The leather wristband goes better with me :D

    21. Missing avatar

      believers on

      Still waiting the uncertainty...

    22. Geof Aberhart on

      @Jeff Guide: Don't be that guy. Turn your bloody phone off in the movie theater.

    23. Jeff Guide on

      @Caffeine. Yes it does. I first noticed it when I put my sunglasses on during the drive. Thought I broke it already. Looking forward to having new apps.

    24. CaffeineJunkie on

      @Jeff Guide Though the screen really does look freaky through 3D polarised glasses :)

    25. Jeff Guide on

      Received my red Pebble today. Love it! Easy setup. Took it to the new Star Trek 3D movie and it was great not having to pull out my phone when I got texts. For me, it was well worth the wait and worth the wait for new tech.

    26. Missing avatar

      believers on

      OMG ! Still no answer....

    27. David Daniel Wouters on

      so I can expect my orange pebble soon? can I already confirm the address, sinc the address you already have is still current and valid..??

    28. iBonobo on

      Very excited to finally get my "Your Pebble watch has been dispatched' emails . Was tracking the package on it's long journey to the UK - then very disappointed when the package only included the extra long wrist strap..............
      As someone said, it's not a shopping centre, and I'm very pleased to back these guys. BUT it's been over a year and I fear other SMART watches will have taken over the market by the time I get mine.

    29. Skut Farkis on

      It has been over a year since i have made my pledge. I will never crowd source another project after experiencing what pebble is allowed to get away with. I still have not received this watch and I fear it will be obsolete when/if I ever receive it. Thanks for nothing.

    30. Benjamin Lyon on

      Still waiting on my black watch.....

    31. Harry Davis on

      I have my black Pebble (switched out from Grey) and love it. Just not having to pull your phone out of your pocket for every call is worth the money. Everything else is icing on the cake...nice work here!

    32. Sertok on

      Still waiting on german customs too... they never even tried to contact me and singpost doesn't respond, so i don't know WHERE they've reached the customs...

      @Team Pebble:
      Help us out please... i already found your article (, but that doesn't help if i don't know who to call...

    33. Missing avatar

      believers on

      Dear Lord Eric Migicovsky,
      Are you gonna send me the watches or the refund ?

    34. Bob McDonald on

      I agree with Jorge and Christoph, I went and looked at the job listing page to have a look for a customer relations/customer support job listing(s) because that seems to be your most dire need. It sounds like an incredibly challenging job, where someone could really make an impact, but somehow you don't seem to be hiring for that position, do you not realize it is a problem. Not that I think you read these comments.

    35. Missing avatar

      believers on

      I don't even know whether the watches or the refund will I get.

    36. Troik on

      Still waiting on German customs...but I have little hope at this point, might even get a Google Smartwatch (that is not even announced yet) before I get my pebble.

      I'm not even mad, this is Kickstarter and not a shopping center, I just think this might have been avoidable, in one of the updates the mentioned they even did test-shippings.

      Would be nice if we could get an official update about this, if they are still trying to resolve this, or moved on long ago, then I could stop reading these updates and move on as well.

    37. James Wright on

      I just wanted to drop you guys a note and tell you how happy I am with my pebble. It's bloody fantastic. Thanks.

    38. Jeremie Lariviere

      awesome, thanks for the update!
      I'm looking forward to apps using it!

    39. Laird Popkin

      Great news.

      httpebble is fantastic - it makes it very easy to build apps to pull data and display it. Easy things should be easy! Yay! This enables all sorts of great web service based watch apps. Weather, stock, and my favorite, IFTTT integration (which would then enable users to be alerted on practically anything, as long as it doesn't need to be realtime).

      So, to make this really take off, could Pebble please, please incorporate the 'iPhone bridge app' into the iSO Pebble app? That way, all Pebble owners would automatically have the phone gateway that's required for httpebble to work. With this one move, developers could crank out tons of apps to display info like this. This is great for apps that pull data on launch (e.g. weather) or poll periodically for updates.

      And implement the same thing for Android, to make those folks happy, too!

    40. Matt Fischer on

      Wow, two way communication, that's great! Now my phone can talk to my...oh wait...that's right, I still don't have a watch. So, when will the other colors ship again?

    41. Missing avatar

      Christopher Pole on

      Two way communication is exciting! Looking forward to a bunch of cool apps.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ronald Vogt on

      Now with 2 way communication it would be nice to have a quick reply to texts that you set on your phone

    43. Missing avatar

      Christian Geiger on

      Oh you added "2-way Communication". Maybe you should communicate with your German backers, who have lots of trouble with the German custom?

    44. Fio on

      What does "are in production this week and will ship next weep" pebble time translate to real time?

      I'm still waiting for my red watch.

    45. Tommy Frössman on

      Good an update regarding the white/gray colours. And very promising news regarding the manufacturing of these colours.

      Great work! Looking forward for my white Pebble !

    46. Missing avatar


      Still need a possibility to buy a charging Cable !!!!
      I lost mine but no possibility to get in contact with the pebble Team :(

    47. Uwe Schmidt on

      Alles toll, aber es wäre schön wenn ich endlich mal meine schwarze Pebbel bekommen würde. Seit ungefähr 2 Monaten steht da nur Verarbeitung Versand !

    48. Tom Ryan on

      Pebble continues to impress! I love my black Pebble with Runkeeper and FreeCaddie. I can't imagine what the creative devs will do with two way communication! Great work!

    49. Nancy Joyce on

      Looking forward to receiving my white pebble - any idea of ETA?