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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Color Pebble Production + 12/24 hour Watchfaces

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

We’re happy to report that all* black Pebbles for Kickstarter backers have left the factory and are making their way through the fulfillment process to their owners now. That is over 55,000 black pebbles shipped!

Color backers: we know you’ve been waiting patiently...and we’re extremely sorry about the color delay. If you would like to swap for a Black Pebble that will ship sooner, you can now do that at (see below).

*If you haven’t yet received your black pebble, log into your Pebble account to see the status. If your account status shows ‘processing shipment’, you should be receiving a tracking number from us within a week.

In the meantime we’ve been working on manufacturing color Pebbles, which have proven more difficult to produce in large quantities. We’ve been tuning and tweaking the plastic injection parameters for each color to achieve a close fit between the lens and bottom housing, and to eliminate flow marks. It took us awhile to perfect red and orange for mass production. We are working on the Grey and White now (which are more problematic at this time).

Unfortunately, just as we were starting final assembly of red Pebbles, a quality issue came up on the production line with the hard coating layer on the lens. We had to shut down the line for a few days as we figured out the problem (following the 8D resolution process to identify the root cause and fix the problem). The problem has been solved and production has now restarted, but sadly this has delayed our color Pebble shipments further.

We expect the first red Pebbles to be in our distribution centres and ready for shipping in 2-3 weeks, but do not yet have a projected date for the other color Pebbles. Orange will be next, with Grey/White following. We will provide updates as we have more specific information.

Switching from Color to Black

Since we haven't been able to manufacture color Pebbles as fast as we'd planned, we modified the Pebble Account system to let backers change their color selection back to black. We have a lot of Black Pebbles in stock now, so if you switch to black, your Pebble can ship within two weeks.

If you’re a color Pebble backer and would like to switch some or all of your color Pebbles to black, simply log into your account at We will issue a small refund for fees you may have paid to opt for color in the first place. Details will be available to you when you log into your account.

(This is not clickable here...find it after logging in at

You are welcome to keep your current color Pebble selection, we just can’t provide a firm shipping date yet. We expect the first red Pebbles to be available for shipping in 2-3 weeks, but do not yet have timeframes for the other color Pebbles. You can change to black at any time (up until your Pebble is ready to ship) if you change your mind.

Our FAQ has been updated on with more details:

12 Hour Versions of Watchfaces

We've heard your requests! A lot of people were keen to see 12 hour versions of the popular digital watchfaces. We've modified the watchapps and re-uploaded them to the watchapp library (you may want to delete the previous versions from your watch).

  • Big Time
  • Just A Bit (binary clock)
  • Tic-Tock-Toe
  • Simplicty
  • 91dub

Make sure that your Pebble has been upgraded to Firmware 1.9.1 before installing these apps. The 12/24hr switch requires 1.9.1, but more importantly, we fixed a major bug in the firmware.

To enable 12 hour mode on these watchfaces, change the setting on your watch by going to 'Settings' -> 'Date & Time' then clicking the check mark until you see the option for 12H and 24H.

Watchface SDK

A few notes about the upcoming watchface SDK: you'll need a Pebble to test your apps (no simulator or emulator right now), and the SDK is designed to run on Mac OS 10.7, 10.8, and Ubuntu Linux. If you're on a PC, we recommend compiling inside an Ubuntu VM.

Busy week ahead, thanks for bearing with us.

Eric + Team Pebble


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    1. Mohammed Hamad Al Dossary on

      Color has been changed to now has not shipped This talk 3 weeks ago and so far have not been shipping I hope a little bit of credibility

    2. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    3. Nick Lamb on

      Same question as everyone else, any update on color pebble production?

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Torres on

      Officially 3 weeks Since the last update on color Pebbles. Um... is there any news to report? Have the Red Pebbles successfully been produced with out quality issues? Have any new Pebbles been produced at all? I am patiently awaiting my red Pebble but a little info would sure would go a long way in what seams like be endless wait.

    5. Jim Jackson on

      Eric and Team. Can we get an update on production, please?

    6. Marsh Williams on

      How long does it said in the April 9 Update that watches would be shipped in two weeks for those who were willing to switch. Not one word since then and no watches in the mailbox.

      A lot can be forgive with a little communication, you really need to take that to heart.

    7. Martin Law on

      And people, look up to the headliner above, it says "The project successfully raised its funding goal on May 19, 2012". It was almost 12 months ago!!! And how many of you Kickstarters received your watches and have your return on investment fulfilled??? Pebble they got our money they got the fame but what do we got???
      What really angers me is that their "Change-to-Black-for-shipment-within-two-weeks" is just another empty promise!!!
      If they can't do it, why do they have to say it??? I'm totally upset with the Pebble Team!

    8. Martin Law on

      I have changed to black from white as instructed MORE THAN 2 WEEKS AGO! And what do I have on my status now?? Still "PROCESSING SHIPMENT"!!!!! So apparently their "Shipment within 2 weeks" promise is just ANOTHER empty one!!
      To me Pebble has already completely lost their credit ability! It's the worst project that I've ever invested on Kickstarter!

    9. Ian Ruaraidh Harrison on

      um, two weeks ... yep still at processing shipment.

    10. ozmars on

      Cool. My pebble skinz has arrived. Now just need the pebble

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert Henson on

      The 2 weeks are up ! Where's my bl**dy watch ?!

    12. Patrick Keogh on

      OK, it is official, this has been yet another broken promise by Pebble.

      This update said "... if you switch to black, your Pebble can ship within two weeks", and I switched within an hour of receiving the update. As of today neither my black (switched from grey) nor red pebble has shipped. The two weeks is up. Further, you have had my money for more than a year now.

      So what did you mean by "can ship"?
      Can if we can be bothered?
      Can if all the moon and planets are aligned?
      Can if a miracle occurs and we figure out how to be more efficient?

      Or didn't you mean much at all and a commitment to you means so little? OK, the first time you broke a commitment I understand. You didn't really take into account yada yada yada. The second time, you should have been more careful. But this isn't the first or the second time that you have made a commitment to me that has not been honoured, it isn't even the third or fourth. So most thinking, learning people should have figured out by now that YOU SHOULDN'T MAKE A COMMITMENT YOU CAN'T KEEP.

    13. Terry Wong Jan Shao on

      Same here , switched from orange to black after just 2 hours or so. Only at processing shipment for almost 2 weeks already. :/

    14. Richard Easton on

      Changed to black literally within minutes of receiving the e-mail, still no shipping update...

    15. Missing avatar

      Mikhail on


      I switched to black from white within a few hours of the update.
      My status was changed to "processing shipment"
      In a week I've sent an e-mail from
      No answer.....
      Today I repeat an e-mail....
      Still waiting....

    16. Patrick Keogh on

      Hmmm... this update said "... if you switch to black, your Pebble can ship within two weeks", so I switched within an hour of receiving the update.

      As of today neither my black (switched from grey) nor red pebble has shipped. You have had my money for more than a year now.

      You've got one business day to go before this is just another broken Pebble commitment.

    17. Simon Gordon on

      Well today 4/19 I finally got my email saying my red pebble will soon be ready for shipping :-) happy I didn't change to black ;-) and thanks to all of you that did making the red queue shorter :-p

    18. JacoB on

      My Cherry Red Pebble is Ready for shipment! WooHoo! 3-5 weeks and hopefully it'll be on my wrist. So excited.

    19. Stephen Staver on

      Tracking number received! :D

    20. Missing avatar

      ben barker on

      is this a case of biting off more than you can chew pebble? it seems to me that didn't have enough faith in your selves or your manufacturing processes to achieve what you set out. the idea whilst originally was good has taken so long to complete that before I even get my watch I am looking for a more modern replacement, for tech to be one step ahead you have to have the ability to back up and deliver what you promise! : (

    21. Missing avatar

      Paul Judd on

      I'm just going wait for my RED pebble.

      As soon as I get it, on ebay it goes.

      Why? It's taken a frekkin year....A YEAR!!
      I'm just pissed now.....

    22. Dan Wilday on

      I was happy to switch to black and stave off the seemly endless wait, though I do have a question about your communications. You say that you have a lot of black Pebbles in stock now. I would assume that would mean that you had enough to cover the potential thousands of people who would be interested in switching. What confuses me is that from your site it seems you should only have 504 Pebbles left over in total. Weird.

    23. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    24. Missing avatar

      Heiko W. Rupp on

      Thanks for the update and the option to switch to black. But then I waited 11 month for my red Pebble, so I can also wait 2 more weeks :-) And it already missed my birthday, so I will have a gift for myself for X-Mas :-)

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew E on

      Thanks for giving the option to switch to Black. I just did so but how and when will I get the $15 refund for initially upgrading to grey?

    26. Tommy Frössman on

      The problem is not so much about the delay. The problem from at least my point of view is the crappy information about the delays given by the guys behind this kickstarter.

      The fact is that "we" backers are in fact "investors" and makes it possible for them to ramp up their production.

      We sure deserve some more respect and details on what the problems with the production are and when we might get our hands on the other pebble colours.

      Also im a bit tired of all the trolls in the comments just telling everyone to be quiet when someone is trying to make a point of their totally useless communication to the backers in general.

      Try to give us more details on what's going on, the updates should not take up that much time.

    27. Shane Dean on

      I've finally given up on waiting for my Red Pebble to be sent (manufactured?!) so have opted to take a black one instead. Maybe my slight concerns with the quality issues they are having with the 'coloured' ones put me off a little too. See how long it takes to wing it's way to the UK...

    28. Anson Chiu

      im still getting the annoying prompts to connect (from iOS) even after the 1.10 update :(

    29. CaffeineJunkie on

      @Edward Parkinson, todays firmware update 1.10 includes a change to improve battery life.
      Try that and see if your experience improves.

    30. Missing avatar

      Simon Stanley on

      @Edward Parkinson I'm getting 7-8 days from mine on my HTC. I have been wondering if how it is being charged is a factor - I charge mine through my mobile chargers USB port but if I charge my phone through a PC USB connection it takes a lot longer. Are the people with shorter up times charging through PC USB's or perhaps it is an Android/iPhone drain issue?

    31. Missing avatar

      Edward Parkinson on

      @Mike: I am getting 2 or 3 notifications per day, not many at all. It hardly has buzzed.

    32. Missing avatar

      Mike Kopecky on

      @Edward - Got mine last Saturday, charged it over night and it's been running fine since without a recharge. I have no way of determining how much battery life is left but it hasn't told me it's low. I don't get a ton of notifications a day (25 maybe?) I assume that if the watch is buzzing 10 times an hour, 8 hours a day that would take a toll. What kind of usage are you seeing?

    33. Missing avatar

      Edward Parkinson on

      I have my Pebble, and it is very cool, but the battery on it is terrible. It is supposed to last for 6 days or more, and it lasts for only 2 or 3. Has anyone else had this issue? It is not very convenient to keep recharging it, and the magnetic charger is kind of awkward.

    34. Rick Silver

      I wish I had my pebble so it could notify me when an email arrives saying my pebble is shipping. That would be cool.

    35. Rick Silver

      Once they decided to allow the switch to black, they had to design and program the website to allow for this, both the screen and what goes on in the back end. .. enough time to crank out some black watches.

    36. Missing avatar

      Eric Eslinger on

      All right, thanks for the information. I'm still waiting on the orange, myself. I'm a big fan of that color, and would rather wait another month or more if needed.

    37. Missing avatar

      Joseph Poirier on

      Pebble... thanks for fixing the watchfaces to support 12-hour time mode. I use the 91dub watchface and that was the one thing that annoyed me.

      Thanks for making a great watch. Looking forward to apps for Pebble, as well as buying an extra power cord to take along for trips.

    38. Mkli on

      Witch one will i get first? Pepple Red One, Pepple With one or Iwatch?

    39. Marquis H. on

      Can I skip the refund and just get a clear one? Lol

    40. Kai Achim Kropp on

      Hey Pebble Team!
      Just got my Pebble here in Germany two Days ago ( without any troubles at customs ). Promising Product with a good Hardware Base and a high degree of craftsmanship for a Team that small an young! Thats where small startups RULE!!! Apple would have needed 3-5 Years for this ( finally releasing a much more refined Product but recall the first iPhone :-) ) Keep it up, and hang into FW development as much as you did in getting those produced, my mac is already fired up to receive your SDK! ( And since i have some pretty cool Bluetooth LE stuff on my drawing board right now ) Get going for BLE! This will rule even more!

    41. Terry Wong Jan Shao on

      To some people , why complain about why pebble made so many black watches ? I am sure they expected many of us backers to switch to black (including me) and since like in previous updates , they DID say that one of the machines were dedicated only for black pebbles , it is obvious that black pebbles were made from them. And why would it not have the "kickstarter edition" at the back of the watch? Then what if we backers who switch to black does not have the logo behind like others? That would be just unfair to us. Considering i was one of the earlier backers also.. So just be grateful pebble gave the chance to switch to a black. If you want to keep your current color then by all means do so , just dont whine about a refund or anything. Read the entire terms and conditions of kickstarter if you are not clear. Thanks :)

    42. JB Christy on

      Thanks so much for letting us switch to black. Psyched to get my Pebble soon!

    43. Борис Сингх on

      Hey, anyone from the UK know how long it takes for the pebble to arrive? It says shipped by the 28/03/2013 but now its the 11th and it still hasn't arrived. Just looking for some info. Cheers.

    44. Paul Hart on

      as a few people have already said what's the difference in waiting a few more months - for a nice colour edition. It'll also mean getting a more mature product. Bring on the orange pebbles!

      thanks for the update and options Team Pebble - keep up the good work

    45. Missing avatar

      Zorkman on

      Could you give a bit more info: what is the reason the other colours are problematic?
      Will the quality of the red/white/grey watches be the same as the black one? etc etc
      It only takes 1 minute of your time and we can't do anything about it, but it would at least give us some information to base our decision (switch to black or not) upon.

    46. Richard Berlin on

      Feeling concerned that my support requests (one for broken hardware, one or iPhone battery drain) have not been answered...either you've got nobody there processing requests, or ther are an overwhelming number of support issues, neither of which is a good thing. :-(

      I hoe this gets worked out soon.

    47. Missing avatar

      Robert Henson on

      I've switched to black, but I'm a bit confused where all of these (possibly thousands) of extra already produced black watches have appeared from....they certainly don't appear on guess the first of the preorders were in for a very short wait.