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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Manufacturing and Software Updates

Our production line is humming along, with the daily output creeping upwards to 1,500 Pebbles per day (PPD). Overall, it takes about 2 weeks for a single Pebble to be manufactured, assembled, boxed up and shipped to our distribution centers, so it took us a little while for the whole process to be ironed out.

There will be a one week interruption in output from the factory next week during Chinese New Year. We've taken steps to reduce the effect of CNY by stockpiling necessary components at our factory so that assembly can resume promptly after the holiday. In particular, to increase output before CNY, we've shifted some subassembly manufacturing to a facility in Taiwan for the most important assembly in the design, the optical adhesion of the LCD module to the lens. Building will be paused during CNY, but shipping will continue as we have a backlog of manufactured Pebbles to ship out.

Color Pebbles

As you can see in the graph above, we're on track to have manufactured 15,000 Black Pebbles before the beginning of Chinese New Year (Feb 8) (more data available on After the holiday, production of other colours Pebbles will begin. In order to avoid delays, if you have a requested a Black Pebble as part of a multi-Pebble reward pack we will also be trying our best to fulfill that portion of the reward separately. We had to modify our shipping software to break down rewards into separate colors, so this hasn't started yet.

Software Updates

If you already have your Pebble on-wrist, keep your eyes peeled for updates to Pebble Android and iOS apps. As backers send us support requests and let us know about bugs and other problems, we will be publishing updates that fix issues you may be experiencing.

Software updates to the Pebble operating system (OS) itself will also be published regularly. The Pebble app on your smartphone will let you know when an update is available, and prompt you to install.

Known Issues

Pebble users have already reported several major issues that we're working to solve.

iOS email
When Pebble's Bluetooth connection with an iPhone or iPod touch is broken, the iOS software module that sends email notifications switches off. We've brought this issue up with Apple's developer support, but we can't expect a solution necessarily from this pathway. Currently, there is a workaround method to reenable email notifications (link) but it means toggling a switch after a disconnect. We are working to solve this problem (this is our #1 priority iOS task), and we'll keep Pebblers updated about this issue. To help us out, if you're an iOS Pebble user, please fill in this survey about your email usage.

Other issues that we're working to solve
- Email notifications from the default email app on HTC and some other Android devices are not being delivered to Pebble yet. On other default email apps (Samsung in particular) do not transmit email contents. Working on it.
- Some Pebbles are rebooting after receiving some notifications. If this happens to you regularly, use the Contact or Email support button inside the app to send us debug logs.
- iOS Caller ID. We've identified a bug that prevents a caller's name from appearing on Pebble. Will have a fix in the next iOS Pebble App version.
- Android two factor authentication - click here for instructions
- Watchfaces not loading on iOS. Fixed in the next version of the iOS app.
- Battery indicator: we're seeing reports of Pebble battery lasting from 2-7 days. It seems to be related to the variety of different Bluetooth connections on different phones. The first thing we're working on is improving the battery logging and how Pebble alerts you when the battery is almost empty. Then we'll move to improving battery life across the board.
- Android ROMs: we'll do our best, but unfortunately we cannot promise support for the entire wide world of Andriod ROMs out there. We're testing with stock devices from HTC, Samsung, Nexus (among others) and always on the stock OS.

- Pebble seems to interfere with Siri on iOS devices. Working on this problem.

Thanks for all your support, Pebblers! It's awesome to see the first users post pictures of their Pebbles in the wild. Keep the #PebbleTime coming!

Eric + Pebble Team

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    1. Ryan Blair on

      @Ben Coleman Shipping and delivery stats will be uploaded to when it is feasible to do so—no more, no less. They are still shipping, its just not tracking it right now.

    2. Ben Coleman on

      I see the line about "shipping will continue as we have a backlog of manufactured Pebbles to ship out." was another big fat lie

    3. Adrian O'Connor on

      Backed on the 12 of April. Still at stage 1.

    4. Missing avatar

      alan rorrison on

      Get you finger out pebble! That's a Chinese smart watch already out and now apple are releasing one. All in the time scale that your company fanny about and lie to the folks who backed u! Get the pebbles on our wrists now!

    5. Steven Morlock on

      I don't use any Apple products other than a hacked Apple TV, so I'm not a big fan/supporter, but I hope Apple crushes the Pebble folks...:

      Bitter? Yea, I'm bitter... #1 delivery out of the Pebble folks has been excuses, misdirection & mistruths... Furthermore, I think there is a 50% chance I could get an iWatch before Pebble delivers...

    6. Liam Dilley on

      Lest us that are left waiting will get a better firmware experience :) Let all the guys that get it first bug test for us :)

    7. Missing avatar

      alan rorrison on

      It's a goddamn joke is what it is!

    8. Frank Spencer on

      @ Yoyo

      Manufacturing is dependant of colour. Pebble are cycling the colours and have just completed a 15,000 black run for pledges up to 16th Apr. As all of you are outside this date it will now depend what colour of pebble you ordered. Pebble have yet to announce which colours will be first and if all colours will be done before moving back to black.

      I suspect those waiting on a black watch that it will be a bit longer than a coloured one as they have just completed a black cycle.

      If its a colour watch you can probably expect it in the next 2-4 weeks, blacks 4+.

      This is all still a guessing game at the moment and is very much dependant on the production rate (Which they are no where neatr !) but at worst Pebble have said that all KS orders will be done by mid/late March.

      Hope this helps. Its not the most informative I know but its all we have.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ricky hankies on

      I pledge 4/13/12 I just got my pebble today. So far I'm happy, but I can't wait for runkeeper support.

    10. Missing avatar

      alan rorrison on

      Yuyo , I backed on the 18th. I'm still in step 1.

    11. yuyo_79 on

      Hi, I pledge for my Pebble on april 17, 2012 and when I check the order status in my account it is still in step 1. Shipping Address Complete. When can I expect my pebble to be shipped?.
      I add the extra 15 USD for international shipping since I'm in Mexico.



    12. Missing avatar

      michael on

      Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android FUNDED! Friday May 18, 11:00pm EDT $115.00
      (04/20/2012) Collected
      (05/20/2012) $115.00 - One Jet Black Pebble watch. Free shipping to USA. (Add $10 for shipping to Canada, $15 for international shipping.)


      sorry for the spam guys but if anyone could help me out, would be greatly appreciated. I am guessing this means I backed it on the 20th of April from the above? (I can't remember when I did it) If so, has anyone made a chart or figured out how long it would take for my pebble to ship (obviously it would be an estimate and that is perfectly fine) but can anyone reply and tell me when they think it will be shipped out?

      I live in the US and I ordered the regular black pebble.

    13. Missing avatar

      JR on

      @ritesh i'm also a rest of the world backet (germany) and haven't received a shipping mail yet. i've backed on 04/12 and am stuck in processing shipment since 01/31. you're not alone....

    14. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      On the other hand, this tweet:

      @Pebble that was a smooth process.. #PebbleUpdate

    15. Ken Jones on

      Jeez, there were some atrocious crimes against spelling and grammar in my last comment. That's what I get for trying to type before I finish my first coffee of the day.

    16. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      WARNING. Pebble has just released a firmware update. See Twitter. However, note this tweet:
      Rich A ‏@Bushrod121 @Pebble Updated firmware to 1.8.1. All four buttons now broken. Ideas

    17. Ken Jones on

      @Ritesh I wouldn't worry too much about the other backers saying they've got theirs already. By the look of things they're mostly US backers and I assume, like Peter, you're in the "Rest of the World." As things stand right now if your Pebble says it has shipped then it should be somewhere on its way from the factory to your door, but because of all the variables involved, like international postal service times and customs processing once it arrives in your particular country, it's hard to know exactly how long that shipping time will be.
      @Peter With that in mind I would be very interested to hear once your Pebble arrives so I can get an idea of what my wait time will be for my two colour pebbles to reach Brisbane once they (eventually) ship. I held of backing until May 6th so I know I've got a few weeks to go before I come up in the pecking order - hopefully by then they'll have irond out most of the bugs and bottlenecks by then.

    18. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Ritesh Pali, I backed a day after you and have been in Processing Shipment since two days after you. A black one for Oz. I started off thinking "whatever", then after early reports changed thinking to "whenever". Hope I never get to WTF I NEED IT NOW!

    19. Missing avatar

      Manuel Cordovez

      Hey Guys, got my pebble this Friday, its awesome, however I was wondering where I could leave feedback? Another thing, whenever I use more than 6 different apps on my phone the pebble wants to re-sync with my phone and pops the pebble app again, if I close the pebble app, it asks me to re-connect and that the pebble wants to communicate with Pebble Technology Corp.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ritesh Pali on

      While I support the team in trying their best to bring out a great product, I am still unclear how the entire process is being coordinated. I backed on 4/13 and I see there are people who backed later and have already got their watches. Fine, I can understand some numbers being off here and there, but then I have also been in Processing Shipment since 2/3 now.
      Given that they ship only twice a week, I am now worried I might be a whole next week before I actuall get it !
      I wish there were a method to this madness :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Poserman on

      @Davy Timmermans:

      Maybe they let them go early. Many people in China live and work in factory villages and move to see their family this week. They only see their family a few times a year. The rest of the year they just work and earn money for their family.

    22. Missing avatar

      alan rorrison on

      There is a ton of us still waiting. They have not replied to an email/pm or anything for the past two weeks. I think that the have a simple mindset now.. We have ur money, so you will wait as long as we tell you. I'm tired of the lies, the updates that tell us nothing and the ignored emails and pms. You need to get this sorted pebble!

    23. Frank Spencer on

      Liam, It's still very possible. Although I too am a little sceptical.

      I would hope to see the PPD figures rising sharply the week after next. They are currently at around 1,500 PPD. in order to have all KS Pebbles produced and out the door for end of March they will have to ramp up a min of 2,000 by end of Feb and then further increase that figure in March.

      However, there were days in early Feb where they were going backwards. Lets hope all these problems are now resolved

    24. Liam Dilley on

      Still can not work out the numbers. Everything that exists stat wise from Pebble with what they have said about how much they can ramp up production, taking in effect Chinese new year .... 6 to 8 weeks for 68,929 I can not see happening.
      Friend placed a normal order and was told by the info 4-6 weeks for him. That of course is not going to happen.
      All considerate and everything for how things are going but would love some honesty on things as well.

    25. Jeff Alberda on

      Well William sorry for this but; Don't you just love the FREEEEEEDOM!? As a person who gets stupid jokes made about his name all the time , I earned the right. (Alberda is my name, I live in Alberta, do I'm sure you can imagine.

    26. Missing avatar

      William Wallace on

      Got my Pebble yesterday, and after a couple of false starts with pairing and connection, (Pebble didn't show in discovered Bluetooth devices, but I figured out the glitch), updated firmware, chose watch face, tested SMS receipt, its All good, and so cool. Big Kudos to Eric and the gang at Pebble for a successful, and well done project!!

    27. Julia on

      Backed on 4/12 and received my black Pebble yesterday, 2/9. I didn't get a shipment sent confirmation and the status still says "Processing shipment" so it was a pleasant surprise in my mailbox. Booted it up and saw a software upgrade was ready for me to download. Setup went smoothly, very happy so far.

    28. Brad Corcoran on

      I just got my 48h address confirmation email, so it looks like the multi-pack issue is fixed!

    29. Missing avatar

      Davy Timmermans on

      " There will be a one week interruption in output from the factory next week during Chinese New Year."
      Next week no production... but there Isn't nothing produced since this post on the 6th? Or is the site wrong?

    30. Missing avatar

      Paulmichael Contreras on

      Wohoo got my black Pebble yesterday, and I backed on 4/12. Excellent little device, I definitely need to get a screen protector though.

    31. Will Davey on

      Got the email saying mine had shipped a few hours ago. I backed on April 11th, just so people maybe get a rough timeframe. It's shipping from Singapore and I'm in the UK, so I've got no idea how long it'll take to arrive.

    32. Missing avatar

      Greg Reverdiau on

      I received my pebble today. Black, pledged 4/13, got the confirmation email 2/1/13, received 2/9/13. Status on the website still says Processing shipment.
      The watch looks awesome, very shinny, a bit smaller than I expected but still a very good size. When can we get more apps??

    33. Chris Willerton on

      An update on the possibility of Windows Phone 8 compatibility and an app would be much appreciated...

    34. Beagle on

      How long does 'processing shipment' last? It's been on that status for weeks now.

    35. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Too late, mate. Corgi's on the way with the bit between its teeth. Liz does have options open to her in such embarrassing circumstances. Appontment of the offender to Governor-Generalship of Oz is one option which has worked well for her before. We are well used to pommie dickheads being sent out here and, anyway, some say the place is the arsehole of the world.

    36. Missing avatar

      Chris Bray on

      Retract that knighthood. Last line should read "said the MAN who's ..."

    37. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Sir Chris, your second knighthood is being conferred as we speak.

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris Bray on

      Mmm, a sonnet - 14 lines is quite a challenge - I might brush up on my iambic pentameters and see what comes out. In the meantime may I attempt to lighten the tone with a less serious limerick attempt?

      Peb's kickstarter success made it famous
      If we rant at the wait - can you blame us?
      "We'll you think you're aggrieved?
      Mine was fucked when received"
      Said the who's named after an anus.

    39. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Mike Heard, well done. Immediately it achieved a Peb for Andy T and inspired this piece discovered by Sandbag at the forums:

      The occasional loopy limerick has bobbed up here and I think Avon a shakey sonnet might be appreciated. For some reason, Midsummer Night's Dream comes to my mind at the moment, featuring the comic character Bottom.

    40. Thed Weller on

      I wish I could just stop checking it everyday and be pleasantly surprised whine the box arrives at my doorstep.

    41. Andy Triefenbach on

      I received my pebble yesterday (First day backer). Funny thing is, I didn't get any package sent email until later last night.

      There are some kinks to work out but I dig it quite a bit.

    42. Missing avatar

      Mike Heard on

      @Peter Cartwright - those three haiku, definitely helped calm the tone. Here's one of my own!!

      Pebble nearly done
      Anticipations high
      Grey is the colour

      Poor for my first attempt i know. Anyone fancy a Shakespearean Sonnet?!

    43. Frank Spencer on

      @ Colin- If it was a colour other than black, then it has not been manufactured (pebble started with Black pebble only). The Pebble production line is closed until after the Chinese new year (roughly another week).

      They are planning on starting colour batches when they return. With you pledging on the 1st day, you will be at the front of the line. I think you could be waiting anything from 3 to 6 weeks for your pebble, but as Peter mentioned, its all still a bit of a guessing game for now.

    44. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Colin Stark. Suggest you go to and ensure your shipping address is correct. Well before Pebble Tech is ready to ship they should email you asking you to check your address, so if you do that now then you don't need to worry about it later. Some non-US backers are just starting to receive their Pebbles now, but only if they asked for black ones. Best thing to do is to read the Updates as they come through. #32 came in a couple of days ago. You pledged on Day One so if you have heard nothing yet, you may have ordered a coloured Pebble or a multi pack. A waiting game at the moment.

    45. Colin Stark on

      @Graeme...yes you are right...I pledged on 11th April and payment was taken on 19th May. Will I get it sooner then??? No email received from pebble yet! Cheers!

    46. Frank Spencer on

      @colín, all ks payments for pebble were taken on 18th May, check the Me in the top right of the Ks page and the check what date you pledged. Its likely to be sooner than the 18th as this was the last day.

    47. Missing avatar

      alan rorrison on

      About 4 weeks wait mate

    48. Colin Stark on

      Bah! Just checked my card statement from May...yes, $130 taken, $115 for watch and $15 for international shipment. OK next question is...ordered and paid on 19th May so I guess I have a long wait? Thanks!

    49. Colin Stark on

      Confused...I backed this in May and receive all the updates etc but as I live in Chile I am unsure how this will get to me. What does pledge collected mean? I have paid already? Cant see it on my card bill? I remember something about Amazon charrging and it being shipped but that was along time ago. Any help appreciated! Cheers!

    50. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      wwwbrooklyn, your post is a bit precious, given that you first personalised the exchange two days ago by telling Ante his position was ridiculous.