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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Manufacturing and Software Updates

Our production line is humming along, with the daily output creeping upwards to 1,500 Pebbles per day (PPD). Overall, it takes about 2 weeks for a single Pebble to be manufactured, assembled, boxed up and shipped to our distribution centers, so it took us a little while for the whole process to be ironed out.

There will be a one week interruption in output from the factory next week during Chinese New Year. We've taken steps to reduce the effect of CNY by stockpiling necessary components at our factory so that assembly can resume promptly after the holiday. In particular, to increase output before CNY, we've shifted some subassembly manufacturing to a facility in Taiwan for the most important assembly in the design, the optical adhesion of the LCD module to the lens. Building will be paused during CNY, but shipping will continue as we have a backlog of manufactured Pebbles to ship out.

Color Pebbles

As you can see in the graph above, we're on track to have manufactured 15,000 Black Pebbles before the beginning of Chinese New Year (Feb 8) (more data available on After the holiday, production of other colours Pebbles will begin. In order to avoid delays, if you have a requested a Black Pebble as part of a multi-Pebble reward pack we will also be trying our best to fulfill that portion of the reward separately. We had to modify our shipping software to break down rewards into separate colors, so this hasn't started yet.

Software Updates

If you already have your Pebble on-wrist, keep your eyes peeled for updates to Pebble Android and iOS apps. As backers send us support requests and let us know about bugs and other problems, we will be publishing updates that fix issues you may be experiencing.

Software updates to the Pebble operating system (OS) itself will also be published regularly. The Pebble app on your smartphone will let you know when an update is available, and prompt you to install.

Known Issues

Pebble users have already reported several major issues that we're working to solve.

iOS email
When Pebble's Bluetooth connection with an iPhone or iPod touch is broken, the iOS software module that sends email notifications switches off. We've brought this issue up with Apple's developer support, but we can't expect a solution necessarily from this pathway. Currently, there is a workaround method to reenable email notifications (link) but it means toggling a switch after a disconnect. We are working to solve this problem (this is our #1 priority iOS task), and we'll keep Pebblers updated about this issue. To help us out, if you're an iOS Pebble user, please fill in this survey about your email usage.

Other issues that we're working to solve
- Email notifications from the default email app on HTC and some other Android devices are not being delivered to Pebble yet. On other default email apps (Samsung in particular) do not transmit email contents. Working on it.
- Some Pebbles are rebooting after receiving some notifications. If this happens to you regularly, use the Contact or Email support button inside the app to send us debug logs.
- iOS Caller ID. We've identified a bug that prevents a caller's name from appearing on Pebble. Will have a fix in the next iOS Pebble App version.
- Android two factor authentication - click here for instructions
- Watchfaces not loading on iOS. Fixed in the next version of the iOS app.
- Battery indicator: we're seeing reports of Pebble battery lasting from 2-7 days. It seems to be related to the variety of different Bluetooth connections on different phones. The first thing we're working on is improving the battery logging and how Pebble alerts you when the battery is almost empty. Then we'll move to improving battery life across the board.
- Android ROMs: we'll do our best, but unfortunately we cannot promise support for the entire wide world of Andriod ROMs out there. We're testing with stock devices from HTC, Samsung, Nexus (among others) and always on the stock OS.

- Pebble seems to interfere with Siri on iOS devices. Working on this problem.

Thanks for all your support, Pebblers! It's awesome to see the first users post pictures of their Pebbles in the wild. Keep the #PebbleTime coming!

Eric + Pebble Team

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    1. AzMean Sam on

      Be patient pebblers. Its worth the wait.
      If u do not want to wait, you can always change ur order back to a black pebble. If u want color. Get a black pebble and buy a skin for the watch. Many more options available and u can change your pebble color anytime. and skinomi are already selling some skins.

    2. Shay on

      I have been more then patient, back thru Kickstarter in Early 2012 its been a 1.5 years, and still nothing but empty promises. I am truly disappointed in Kick Starter for not getting more involved with Pebble and not giving customers a option to get there money back due to Pebbles lack of Fulfillment, and unfair trade practices... I will never take the risk to use Kick-starter as a result of this loss for me. I have recently been speaking with Attorneys and they are truly certain there is grounds for a class action lawsuit. I hope kick start, and pebble can resolve this quickly.

    3. christian biesbrouck on

      Got it yes!!!! It was over two weeks in shipping but yes finally

    4. Daley Times on

      I have been patient. Backed in April 2012. Didn't mind the initial delays, it is only to be expected for a project like this. However, it is a year later and the only information I can find after 20 minutes of digging is that it might be shipped in 'spring' 2013. Seasons come and seasons go. I have not been allocated an account at so can't get any further details. I have to agree with the majority here. Who knows if it is too little but it is now incontrovertibly and unacceptably too late.

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    6. Missing avatar

      Robert Brown on

      Hard to be patient. I "invested" in March '12 but unfortunately I choose a "color. Sad that on Twitter and other sites they show the Pebble RED gif !

    7. August Sturm on

      I got my Pebble watch! Ordered a black one on April 25, 2011... People, please be patient.. This device has totally filled an unknown gap in my communications. I didn't even know it existed!

      The pebble is so awesome! Seriously, all my "wait hate" melted and was forgotten about in 10 minutes... Brilliant!

    8. William Jennings on

      Total clusterf#ck.

    9. Missing avatar

      Linda moore on

      Ok, its the middle of March and still no watch, the charge above is over a month old, is there a status update? It appears that it could be summer before the last ones ship? And is there anyway we could find out where we stand in the line???? First it was to be a Christmas present, then Valentines, then her birthday in April, but obviously that isn't going to happen either. Very disappointed.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephan Petersen on

      Is there any way to find out what spot I am as a pledger, am checking the tracking to see how many are shipping, can't wait for my watch to finally arrive.

    12. gerv666 on

      how long is the shipping time from singapor to austria? shipment was sent on 13th of february, and my pebble is not still here :( i hope i ll get it next week. i think 3 weeks are more than enough to ship from asia to europe

    13. JC Todd on

      Has anyone counted the number of lies we've been told? Broken promises? I was so excited for the Pebble, but with my hopes getting crushed time and again, I honestly don't care about it anymore. Even after a year of waiting, they've highly under delivered. Once developers FINALLY get access to the API, will they actually make anything? That was the biggest selling point for me, but that's not happening anytime soon...

    14. Kris A on

      Kind of a long shipping plateau at the moment, no?

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    16. Missing avatar

      John Lee on

      The delays are really poor. All that money given to you guys and no product yet... Some of the backers who do not have their goods are really peeved and don't have the resources to put up videos of how unhappy we are.

    17. Missing avatar

      Teddy Hahlen on

      Still haven't gotten mine

    18. Gary Denney

      @Tim, understandable. Though as I noted I got my notification on February 10, my shipping notification on February 20, and according to the USPS it is out for delivery today. So if your timeline is similar to mine it looks like it should arrive close to March 6th. Possibly a few days later since the watches are shipping from the SF Bay area, which is where I live. :)

      In any case, best of luck, both with the watch and the new position!

    19. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      @Gary Denney

      I ended up changing my ship to date to my new work. I took a promotion in another city and I am moving there in a couple of weeks. The current person I am replacing up there comes to Chicago twice a week, so if he gets it before I move up there, he can bring it down one of those days. But from my reading the comments, its days if not weeks before it even actually ships, so my guess I will be settled in in my new city before it comes, so there isn't anything to be concerned with. I wish it would get here by next week cause I am meeting my family up, so I could show it off, but alas, bummer

    20. Missing avatar

      Rob Hague on

      @Q1nny - not sure what happened to you but no problems with from a Mac running Firefox here.

    21. Missing avatar

      Simon Roberts on

      End of the line?
      Lessons have been learnt i hope
      Promise kept to Peter.

      I hope that was good enough.

    22. Missing avatar

      Rob Hague on

      Pebble safely arrived though the letterbox here in the UK this morning - without a VAT hit, YAY!!!
      The setup was quick and easy and all seems to be working as it should - most impressive!
      The unit is smaller and neater than I expected from the photos - I was expecting more of a chunky sports watch but it is a small and elegant unti - again most impressive.
      Thanks for all the work guys - looking forward to the rest of the group getting their kit and future software updates to fill out the features!!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      --- haiku alert ---

      Bugler blows Last Post.
      Watch away with eBay, yay!
      Pebblers please enjoy.

    24. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Letting people know I've sold my Pebble so won't be around here much, if at all (cheerers, silence please).
      My epiphany was learning my 3GS would not support email and SMS to Pebble. The Peb arrived a day later and I didn't even open the box, much as I wanted to. So it's off to a kiwi now and I hope it works! The profit will go towards an iPhone upgrade later and an iWatch to go with it.

      Derek C, I'll delete that forum topic, assuming I can. Perhaps you can start one of your own? Personally, I think the data is very interesting and I hope you can keep it up. Sorry to bail out, mate. Simon Roberts et al, keep fighting the good fight and I'll look on occasionally but with much interest.

      Sorry for the wordy self-indulgence, but one more thing. I'm posting a last haiku above this and if you don't like them, all I can say is "for fuck's sake, lighten up". Compared with a lot of the other shit posted by people here, including myself, they are light and generally inoffensive. Hooroo.

    25. Missing avatar

      David Hyde on

      My problem is there is no news as there are so many of us waiting there should be updates every few days as there is nothing for them to do but write code! As they have a manufacture making the pebbles. I backed on the 11th no word of delivery. Any questions asked on twitter are not answered directly but they have a great spin doctor. I thought this went out with Bush and Blair.

      I chose a red pebble paid a little more a d a large strap as well I live in the UK so paid for delivery as well as a charge from my bank for having to pay in $ for currency convention. Still no word anyone know if the large straps come with the pebble? Or being made?


    26. Asgard on

      @Robert Shull. I don't think so, or not in my case at least, I was a late backer and I'm still waiting for my confirmation, which is sad because my current watch is literally falling apart, I've glued it 4 times now because I don't want to buy a new strap if I'm getting my pebble.

    27. Missing avatar

      Robert Shull on

      Backed the project on April 12 and no word. Seems like later backers have received shipping notices at least.

    28. Missing avatar

      Simon Roberts on

      Peter, 100% behind you on this, and to all the people that will come back with the "troll,whiner,complainer" reply, this has nothing to do with the watch. This is about honesty,values and trust, not about shipping times, delivery or features on the watch but the community manager himself.
      For somebody that claims to be, as i would put it, Web smart, Joseph you fail.

    29. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      @ Simon Roberts
      @ Daniel Batchelor
      @ Graeme
      @ Derek C
      @ Changedmynametohidemyshame

      Thanks for your help. I note that Pebble's Community Manager has morphed again. For the record, here is his trail of name changes on Kickstarter.

      1. Joseph Kristoffer - Brooklyn
      2. Peter Cartwright Stalks Me - Munich
      3. Kitten Mittens - Munich
      4. ? - ?

      He can't change his past comments though, whatever name he chooses. To find out the latest just google "all of a sudden i'm pebble joe". Am I stalking him? What I am doing is making him accountable for his non-disclosure, deceptive conduct and personal insults.

    30. Missing avatar

      q1nny on

      I've got my Pebble (Scotland). It arrived about an hour ago. It's set up, on my wrist, looks good and seems to be working fine. I think a more rugged strap will be required but that's just my personal style.

      The set up instructions could be a little clearer. It took me a couple of minutes to find the relevant set up instructions on the pebble site and to realise that the address on the box only works on iPhone not my Mac!

      I am a bit disappointed that there are no apps for the Pebble yet! Where are the running and cycling apps shown on the video?


    31. Gary Denney

      @Tim: I got my address confirmation e-mail on February 10. I got my shipping notice on February 20.

    32. Gary Denney

      @Kevin: There are a total of 40,799 backers at the "One Jet Black Pebble Watch" level. That doesn't include any black watches that were part of multi-packs.

    33. Frank Spencer on

      @ Steven Morlock : No page when I try and open, I think they have taken you down !!

      @ Kevin : 85,500 KS watches to build. 25,000 blacks completed. 30% roughly. I think there was roughly 60-65% black watches requested. So another 30,575 to go !!!!(Black thats is)

      They have also to build 30,000 coloured watches which should start soon (if not already started)

    34. Missing avatar

      kevin on

      According to the graph over 15,000 have shipped worldwide. Only around 15000 black ones were ordered too right? I ordered black and mine hasn't shipped. I'm getting antsy over here.

    35. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Hi! Just got my email to confirm my address. Can anyone take a guess how long it might be before it is delivered now? The reason is I am movin to a new city in two weeks and originally was going to have it delivered to my work in Chicago. Now I am kind of screwed cause I h ave no idea where to have it sent. If it delivered by the 8th, Chicago will be fine but anytime after and I will have to rice down to get it. Anyone know through which carrier it is being delivered?

    36. Ryan Jean on

      On February 8th, I wrote the following: "Based on this, for example, I would expect to get the email for shipping in about one week, based on a backer date of the 19th."

      Of course, I wrote that without taking into account Chinese New Year production breaks. Now, exactly two weeks after my original estimate, I have just received my "shipping address verification" email.

      For those still waiting, you can take that as a guidepost for guessing your own wait times (Color: Black; Location: USA).

    37. Frank Spencer on

      @PCSM : I suggest that you have a read over this and then have a think as to whether you should consider changing career !

      It's very bad form behaving in the manner in which you did and in the hours of your current employer. Its not professional and I think you should make a full apology.

    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel Batchelor on

      @Peter Cartwright @Simon Roberts, For what it's worth, when I first saw the PCSM posts I did click on his profile to see what was going on and it did say he was from Brooklyn, NY. I only know what you're taking about b/c when he provide a link to his profile in one of his posts I clicked on it again and saw it was Munich Germany, so I can 100% confirm he changed it. Really bad form.

    39. Michael Boyda on

      I received my watch on the 14th, works great and exceeded my expectations. I look forward to more apps being released. Volume controls on the music app would be great, maybe a way to toggle between back,play/pause,forward and volume up/down and mute :-)

    40. Missing avatar

      GAINCHE on

      Gilbert GAINCHE

      I wonder if your project is not a HUGE SCAM. ????
      I'm still not delivered after months of waiting and promises not kep

      Je me demande qsi votre projet n'est pas une escroquerie
      J'attends d'être livré depuis des mois avec des promesses non tenues

    41. Missing avatar

      alan rorrison on

      My status changed to your pebble is ready, please confirm shipping address but it dosnt tell you how too. I updated the address twice( thinking that would do it) and nothing. Can some one tell me what obvious thing I'm missing?

    42. Ben on

      My Pebble got shipped. And then, something terrible (and very stupid, as it seems) happened. It got returned to sender by the post services. Looking on their website using the tracking number, they tell me they haven't been able to identify the mail address. I've checked my pebble account, you guys have the correct infos and in the right format. So what the heck?! Six months, 115$ and nothing?

    43. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    44. Missing avatar

      Davy Timmermans on

      Comments for this update

      1. First you promised a 6 to 8 weeks production. Now it is changed to at least 8 weeks.
      2. Shipping... It's not unusual to be in the "Processing Shipment" stage for up to 2-3 weeks or more. -> i'm sorry but I thinks thats not normal. is able to ship within a few days from HongKong. Arrives mosteof the time within 2 weeks in Belgium.
      3. The facewatches on Eric's watch are not available for us?
      4. SDK ... Pebble team launches Android SDK at Google I/O ... that was in june 2012. 9 months later still no SDK.

      I'm sorry. I don't want to be negative but there are a lott of promises that where broken over and over again.

    45. Missing avatar

      William Stone on

      The REAL House Wives of Pebble Land. Virtual slapping and hair pulling. Tune in tomorrow...

    46. Michael Hall on

      :D fantastic! Enjoy your break from trolling. I'll take it from here.

    47. Missing avatar

      Simon Roberts on

      Thank you for that enlightning suggestion Michael, and while i am at it i will totally reconfigure my value set to accept just about anything i am told to have a quiet life in the sun.

    48. Michael Hall on

      Simon Roberts/Peter Cartwright/Whoever,

      For the love of christ, do ya'll not have anything better to do with your time? Have you considered that maybe you're way more trouble than your worth from a PR perspective? Go outside and get some sun. When your pebble is built and ready, they'll ship it to you, and you'll never touch this page again. Get an early start on that; please?

      Jo Poy, I too can't wait. I was expecting to find more comments of excitement here as opposed to an old housewives stitch and bitch session.