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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Pebble iPhone and Android Apps Available

Apps Available Now

Well, that was timely. Just as the first Pebbles went out the door, our iPhone app was approved. We've also uploaded the Pebble Android app to Google Play. The apps won't do anything until you receive your Pebble, but rest assured that they exist and are waiting for you. Please try to resist the urge to 'Contact Support' via the App unless you are having issues with your Pebble. That button is for technical support only. Thanks! 

When you get your Pebble, be sure to download the latest Pebble app. We'll be uploading new versions regularly.

(We're receiving reports that the Pebble Android app can't be installed on tablets yet. We'll be looking into this.)


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    1. Rick Silver

      KS is NOT responsible. It is made clear when you enter the agreement with your pledge.

    2. Robin C. Johnston on

      My Pebble arrived today! So far, so good! Smart-looking. Easy to use. Awesome!

      Thanks, Pebble Team!

    3. Missing avatar

      Don on

      These guys out of business?

      No production since March, o updates in almost a month, shipped everything thats been made. Ummmmm 1/2 way on Backers=$5,000,000.
      Lot of spare change.

    4. Richard Jones on

      Still waiting for my Pebble to arrive in the UK - was supposed to have been a present for Sep 2012. C'mon guys, when will it be posted??

    5. Missing avatar

      Rob Fisk on

      Dagnabbit. I knew I was likely to get my pebble after the guy who pledged 2 days after me but for his to arrive before mine has shipped puts me in the danger zone of PAWIN syndrome (See

    6. Missing avatar

      Rob Fisk on

      Well, they are definitely not shipping in pledge order but in batches with US precedence. I am not saying this is a bad thing but it needs to be made clear. I passed the info on to a US friend who pledged 2 days after me. They got their address confirmation mail a day after me and have now had shipping confirmation. I have not so.. Someone who pledged 2 days after me has received confirmation. It seems shipping is US Centric.

      The thing is though you have to consider that international shipping, though sent earlier, may take more time to report back to the Pebble team and they cannot send you confirmation until they hear back fro the international courier.

      I am hoping this is why but it all sounds very reasonable in my head

    7. Missing avatar

      Rob Fisk on

      It would be nice for there to be an update regarding the shipping issues. When looking at the shipping graph and seeing flat lines of 7-10 days with none shipped we can't tell if it actually has been 10 days or they are so busy shipping that they only remember to update the graph data now and then.

      I've loved following the project through and seeing all of the issues. Much can be learned.

    8. Missing avatar

      kostas on

      The shipping mails that are mentioned are shipping mails and not confirmation mails. We are not retarted...

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ward on

      I actually forgot about this until yesterday, at this point I don't really care what happens. I just know I will NEVER fund another project on Kickstarter, they have some responisbility for this also since it was launched from their website. I was excited about this 10 months ago, not anymore........

    10. Fabio on

      Hey guys! I suppose there are a few Brazillians among us, but if there aren't, here's a link for today's midia in Exame magazine (it's an equivalent for "the economist" around here). It shows pebble as the best watch considering models that interact with smartphones! Go Pebble!!

    11. Missing avatar

      alexander on

      Still havent gotten mine. Backed 4/15 for a black. I live in the U.S.

    12. Steven Morlock on

      @Brett @Justin @Stuart Look at the track record of the Pebble folks. Either they are crappy engineers/planners that haven't learned from their own history or they are showing their backers/customers very little respect... An overwhelming response to the original Kickstarter is old news. How they have managed things since then and their constant schedule slips is an issue. I believe they are misrepresenting status in order to stoke the hype at the expense of their backers/customers. I think their CES announcement is a perfect example... I guarantee they knew at the time they could only ship token quantities and that the announcement was more marketing/PR than what a reasonable person would consider shipping.

      Hopefully the problems that the Pebble folks with being honest & forthcoming about their development schedule don't also spill over to the robustness of their design.

      My complaints are purely of principle. I don't care when I get my device. Heck, at this point, I don't care if it even comes at all...

    13. Missing avatar

      Stuart Zissman on

      @Brett Peterson - You are a GENIUS, I could not have said it more accurately!

    14. Justin Steed on

      Diego: bureaucracy is stopping them shipping in big quantities. Looks like the problem is being solved though. Relax.

    15. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      Are you having problems to send us our watches? Why don´t ask everyone to confirm the address and send the watch considering the backer time? You have 13.37k watches built, but less then 3k sent? Why??

    16. Brett Peterson on

      To all my fellow backers who are freaking out about the unfortunate delays in the manufacturing process and now the shipping and delivery issues.
      Can you all just CHILL OUT and learn to have some patience? Fair-dinkum you all sound like little spoilt kids waiting for Santa to arrive.
      I am sure when this was launched the developers did not expect such a huge response as as it was a huge response you will need to have a huge amount of patience.
      Learn some respect all of you. It will arrive when it arrives and no amount of negative comments will speed up the process.
      Now having said all that WHERE THE FUCK IS MY WATCH Lol.........

    17. Gil on

      I am not sure if anyone will find this helpful, but I ordered my black pebble on 4/11 and it still hasn't shipped. My order status in my Pebble account says "3. Processing Shipment" in green, and I got my final address confirmation email on 1/18. Anybody know what days of the week Pebble ships?

    18. Missing avatar

      William Stone on

      If folks don't mind, let us know when you became a backer and when your Pebble was received if you post. It might help the rest of us figure our approximate ship dates.

      Has anyone experienced problems pairing to the Galaxy S3 with JB? Just wondering since a previous post indicated there may be an issue.

    19. Ken Jones on

      @William, I get the impression that the graph on is pretty accurate (though it only seems to update once a day, so it may be a little bit behind the true figures). The latest figures I saw on there showed over 12k Pebbles had been manufactured, but so far only about 1.4k shipped between the US and the rest of the World, which would fit with the ramp up in manufacturing and the apparent delays in shipping due to problems with paperwork that have been mentioned earlier in the comments. Those issues have supposedly been resolved now so there should be a major upswing in the shipped numbers over the next few days. Due to the practicalities of international shipping the distribution centres are only dispatching watches twice a week (now that the process has been smoothed out) so you should expect to see the manufactured graph rise steadily while the shipped lines jump up every few days from now on.

      Also, the "shipping confirmation" emails that have been mentioned are probably the messages asking backers to confirm their shipping addresses prior to shipment, rather than confirmation that the watch has been shipped, so that would explain why so many more emails are out there than the shipped numbers on I.P.S. are currently showing. These are requests to ensure the watches will be sent to the right places before those extra 11k get released from the distro centres.

      Although, there was also some mention made at the start of the mass production run that Pebble accidentally sent out way more of those emails than they intended (as I understand it they emailed all 8,000 first day backers straight away rather than the ones whose watches were actually ready during those first couple of day) but that should hav just meant that they got the addresses confirmed quicker and are now ready to dispatch them in the next batch to ship.

      Hope that helps clear up any confusion about the numbers being shown on I.P.S.

    20. Missing avatar

      William Biggs on

      I have hope that the ispebbleshipping site is wrong. We see in the comments that people who ordered 4/13 have shipping confirmation several days ago. According to that reddit thread, ~8000 pebbles were ordered 4/12. Either the 4/13 confirmations are in error, or at least 8000 pebbles have shipped. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that its the latter.

    21. Thed Weller on

      Event hough this link is about a month old... Pebble listed the estimated ship dates for the watches based on order dates. I think, since they are currently creating batches of the same color at a time, it may be a little off... but, it's a start. I hope the graph on there "is-pebble-shipping" site is not accurate of real time but some what delayed and in need of updating.

    22. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Henry Wim, co to and log in thers.

    23. Missing avatar

      Henry Win on

      Hey, how can I check my watch is delivered via post to Asia? I just want to see my watch is on the way to Asia or not...

    24. Missing avatar

      ryodoan on

      Pebble Devs: Any word on when an API will be released? I am one of the lucky few apparently to have received my pebble and I find myself itching to work on a couple simple apps...

    25. Andy Triefenbach on

      Also, that twitter status seems like it will address this issue with shipping. So....YAY! I'm excited to see myself and all the first day backers receive their Pebbles soon!

    26. Andy Triefenbach on

      I just wanted to chime in again about the shipping. This week starts the third week and I'm pretty certain that we will see the Pebble team shipping out more than 500. 500 units shipped, divided by the two times they ship per week, is pretty poor. Hopefully the documentation problem has been resolved. If they are only shipping out twice a week, they should be shipping out 2k to 4k units a week. 500 is a number they should be shipping out on a daily basis if they were shipping out 5 days out of every week.

      Pebble has done an amazing job so far. Personally, I knew there would be delays and figured it would be 2013 until I saw the watch. I'm not trying to be negative at all. I'm just saying that they should be able to do better than 250 units per shipment.

    27. Missing avatar

      Leonardo Mercado on

      Hello. I backed a black one (and a grey one) on April 13 but have gotten no confirmation. Others on the same dates have. I wonder where are mine? Where do we ask? Thanks for the help.

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris Farmer on

      I was asked to confirm my shipping address on Friday, so I assume my black one will shortly be dispatched, but do you recieve any tracking info once it does actually get shipped?

    29. Thomas Hempen on

      Thed, they only ship two times per week. And at first had some documentation issues for the shipping. But those should be history:

    30. Thed Weller on

      Again, I wonder how they can have so many units made and so few shipped. Does the mail only run on certain days? This would be a great time to get UPS or FedEx (a company that knows shipping) to jump in and get these watches out to the people. #wishfulthinking

    31. Missing avatar

      frances Day on

      I don't mind waiting... much! I've been so busy bragging about this I'm longing to see my nice white one and play with it. I really appreciate they way we've been kept up to date, even though it's been a long haul. I gather that they're coming along in colour order. I don't know where white fits into that. I also tell loads of people about this project when they ask what Kickstarter is all about. Has to be one of the best examples.

    32. Missing avatar

      John Roads on

      So many uptight folks! It's a watch, people, not a life-sustaining organ you'll die without. Yeah, I'd love to have it now, but I don't, and I have many other things to keep me busy while I patiently wait. I ordered color, so my wait may even be longer. I just have more things in life to worry about and look forward to.

      Pebble team, chin up. Plenty of us understand and are happy with the status quo. Besides, we all know you're far more likely to hear from the complainers than those of us who understand the scope of this project, so just know there are a CRAPLOAD of us just fine with the way things are going. ;)

    33. Tom Ryan on

      Oh man...I ordered a black Pebble and I can see in Backer History that I backed on April 19. Based on some of the shipping confirmation dates below, I'm feeling good about having this on my wrist by mid-February. Cool!

      P.S., I have a Metawatch. If the Pebble does half what it says without the fuss of the "earlyness" of Metawatch, it will be simply awesome.

    34. Missing avatar

      Rangaprabhu Parthasarathy on

      Do we know when the non-black units will be made/shipped? I ordered Red on the first day (within 8 hours). Absolutely sucks that I havent gotten it yet and worse still, my unit hasnt probably be even made yet.

    35. Alain Desroches on

      I think the wait make it way more worth it..! i don't even have the watch that i've start bragging... And waiting for something that long gives me major bragging right.. :) After 10 months it's not a couple of weeks that will kill me :) Keep the faith guy the longest part of the wait it's done.. :)

    36. Thed Weller on

      I didn't back Pebble until May 2... :-( I hope they get up to that 15,000 per week number sooner than later.

    37. Thed Weller on

      @Nicole Super awesome! I hope I get a similar surprise this month!

    38. Nicole on

      I see alot of negative post so let me give this awesome team some positive feedback.
      To my surprise I came home to my black pebble today! It was a long wait, but well worth it.
      The Pebble arrived with a charge so it was ready to play out the box.
      Sync was quick and easy. I tested everything but Facebook messages - worked flawlessly!
      I can't wait to show this new toy off tomorrow. Thanks for all the hard work Team Pebble. Can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us.
      Phone: Motorola Bionic

    39. Terry Wong Jan Shao on

      Sad man , i backed on 13/4 and yet i havent even gotten a address confirmation.. Just because its orange.....

    40. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Rowan Pope, well done. I got my email a few hours ago and pledged on 14 April also. I'm getting a black one, how about you? Looks like a big box of Pebbles is on its way to our fair shores soon! FANTASTIC!

    41. Missing avatar

      Rowan Pope on

      Just got my email!! Ordered 14/4 at 4:04PM (weird?) at GMT + 9:30 South Australia

      Can't wait. :)

      WHOO HOOO!
      (Legitimate use of capslock)

    42. Missing avatar

      Andrew Scogin on

      Glad I ordered a different color than black. Kind of regretting that now. I guess if I waited this long I can't complain to wait a month+ longer. Yay Pebble.

    43. Missing avatar

      Shane Hollifield on

      Got my address confirmation email earlier today, I backed on 4/13/2012 (really late btw) and ordered a Black one. Looking forward to receiving it next week! Thanks Pebble!

    44. redmecha on

      I guess I'm lucky since I have been getting email notifications on my Pebble from my AT&T Galaxy Note 1 without issues for the past few hours. I agree that the software/apps have some ways to go.

      I'm happy that I received mine, but I don't think people are missing much if they haven't received theirs yet.

    45. Missing avatar

      Joachim Van Eetvelde on

      I just got my "48 hours - Final Shipping Address Confirmation" - email :D
      I backed on april 13 around 18:00 (GMT)

      somwhere next week it will be at my adress in Belgium :D

    46. Jeff Karpinski on

      So much disappoint for Android users...

      The hardware is great, but sadly, it appears Pebble put zero effort into software QA. Pebble basically doesn't work with Samsung or Nexus devices. Mine now goes into the bin of useless / unloved electronics until this gets sorted.

    47. JacoB on

      @alan. 6th day backer means you have quite a while to wait. When the chart shows that the 25,000 pebble has been shipped, then you can start to be concerned. That is if you ordered black.

    48. Adam Weisblatt on

      Four hours ago Pebble posted this on Facebook...

      Hey Android Pebblers!
      The latest Pebble APK is up on the Play Store.
      It fixes nagging 2.3.X device compatibility issues some have been experiencing. Download »

      Thanks for listening!