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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

It's (almost) Time

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

We've got some big news. We'll be sharing it live with all our Kickstarter backers next Wednesday January 9th at 9am PST (California Time).

You can tune in on Jan 9th to see the announcement via live streaming video at

If you're a member of the media at CES and would like more info, you can sign up here. The press conference will be at LVCC South Hall, Room S228.

If you're a Pebble backer attending CES 2013, sign up here for more info.

Thanks everyone, and see you virtually next week!

Eric + Pebble Team


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    1. Dylan Short on

      @Lori. Save your time with the lawyers and send me your address. I'll send you the $115 and wait the time for a second watch. Looks awesome and can wait to get a product that works as a backer. If I wanted retail I would go to the store and find something inferior for more money.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bryan Poor on

      Firstly let me say, I want the pebble, I relly, really want the pebble. However, I also want a pebble that works, a pebble that works in the future, a pebble that will change in the future, a pebble I can change in the future. For those reasons I'm happy to wait.

      From the 23rd January onwards I will arrive home each day full of anticipation and excitement that maybe, just maybe a parcel will be waiting for me, When it does arrive I will open it with awe, enthusiasm and childish curiosity. What does this do? How does that work? What does that mean? Dare I actually dip it in the bath?

      For the moaners, complainers and plain old trouble makers, I fear you have spoilt your own enjoyment. By the time you receive your parcel, whatever excitement or joy you would have gained is likely to be subdued and outweighed by your own impatience and ignorance. Me, I'm in for the good times!

    3. Jesse Hawkins on

      Who won the clear Pebble from CES?

    4. Gordon Simpson on

      @Lori - go for it i say.. I can't wait to see Judge Judy woop your ass :)

    5. Tom Ryan on

      @Lori, great point! But if you sue the Pebble team for misappropriating resources, won't you have to stop stealing olives at your job as a "Sandwich Artist" at Subway?

      Get a life.

    6. Missing avatar

      JD on

      Great Job Pebble Team on the presentation at CES, the watch looks fantastic. Can't wait to get a hold on mine soon....Keep up the great work ....

    7. James Morrison on

      People like this Lori person makes me sick..go and find someone else to sure a person like you has compiled a huge sure your american to even think at this level

      Good job pebble team..just pre-ordered 2..shame the sms wont show from apple OS..but hey i wouldnt expect anything less from Apple ;)

      thanks for all the have been interesting..have a glass of champagne for me when the watches start leaving the factory properly..wish i could be at the party ;)

      James UK

    8. Raphael Salgado on

      Never mind, fast forward about 12 minutes into the logo.

    9. Raphael Salgado on

      Crap. I missed the Livestream. I know it was a "live stream," but will it be uploaded for viewing later? All I get when I go to the site is a stream of the "pebble" logo.

    10. Denis Shelston on

      Lori: get a life. I spend more than that on gas/petrol in my car each week - the best $115 I have ever spent. No one needs a backer like you. Bend down and take a kick from kickstarter.

    11. Missing avatar

      austin kitson on

      What golf GPS apps are designed to work with the pebble?

    12. GuyFromTrinidad on

      Good job guys, I'm excited again

    13. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hibbs on

      Oompa Loompa Erik.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hibbs on

      Alright Pebble,

    15. Lawrence Moss on

      It is clear that "Lori" has no concept of what it takes to be a viable, long term player in any market, and especially the electronic arena where everybody is coming out with the next, "great gadget" that will change the world!

      A trade show as prestigious as the CEI is an excellent forum for the Pebble people to be at.

      All of us are waiting to receive our Pebble watches. As all of us have seen in the video clips presented over the past few months, it does take time (no pun intended), effort, and technical knowledge to insure that the product being put into the market is the best the company can offer- especially when the first ones are introduced. I am sure that all of us will see something in the mail or UPS before too much longer.

      Patience is a more than admirable trait when expecting new products... look at how many iPhone were sold the first time well before they were on the store shelf!

    16. Missing avatar

      Gavin Chester on

      Lori: you are more than free to persue a legal recourse but proving your $115 was used or someone elses for CES would be difficult.

      Long term Pebble will not survive if they only sell the 50K or watches they offered through KS rewards, if you want the platform to grow, and Pebble to exist in 6 month then they need more sales.

      Look at Smartphones, Everyone develops for iOS and to some extent Android as they are the dominant platforms, thats where Pebble need to be, without that mass of users behind it unfortunatly it's just it's a WebOS, nice but niche, no one will develop for it and will be cast aside.

    17. Missing avatar

      Will on

      I have a suggestion that should satisfy people. I'll even put it in your language.

      Haikus stay in here
      Keep them out of the comments
      All will be happy

    18. Steve Ruddach on


      You do not have to create a Livestream account in order to view the Livestream.

    19. Federico Faenza on

      1.40 minutes to the announcement. You can hold your horses and wait until you know more :P

    20. Donald Hansen Jr. on

      For the jackasses threatening lawsuits, I've got news for you...

      1) You'll be bound by the laws of the States of Washington and New York, in the United States, and would have to bring suit in one, or both, of those locations.

      2) Anything up to $5,000 in those two states is usually deemed as "small claims". I'm sure you've seen "The People's Court" on TV. It's a fiasco.

      3) It is on the plaintiff to show a reluctance on the defendants' behalf. The burden of proof lies with the plaintiff. Good luck with that. There's 27 updates showing there's progression, and you've got nothing.

      4) Hope you know how to be your own attorney, because most small claims courts will have you present your own case, while the defendant can lawyer up to help present theirs.

      5) The defense doesn't even have to testify. It's all on you.

    21. Steve Ruddach on

      @Lori, I also bid you good luck on your already failed notion of a lawsuit. Cheers.

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel Batchelor on

      Will the Livestream just work when it's time, i.e. to the general public, or do I need to set up a Livestream account to actually watch? Thanks.

    23. Justin Steed on

      Where do you get the idea the money was supposed to be used for manufacturing.

      I'll say this very carefully: your $115 was a donation to the business so it could get started. that means you were paying for R&D, manufacturing, lawyers, pizza and, yes, marketing and promotions.

      In return you get a watch for something less than the retail price.

      This is not being made exclusively for KS backers: they're trying to make this into a sustainable, successful, profitable business - and that, not you, is their main focus. You'll have to wait until they have a product they can sell to the general public, though you'll be first in line.

      But think about it: you've made it possible. you've watched it happen. You've had the chance to see what exactly goes into to getting something like this off the ground. And all it's cost you it's cost you is the price of a nice meal and a couple of bottles of wine.

      And what have you done with this amazing opportunity? You've complained about it. Go you.

    24. Missing avatar

      Todd on

      Go ahead and sue
      Lawyers need employment too
      Just prepare to lose

    25. Matt Rohr on

      For some reason the direct link to the live stream is blocked at my work. I can go to and find the pebble page but the link to the event gets blocked. IT, I'll never understand your ways.

    26. Frank Spencer on

      @ Lori, Good luck with your persuit of your $115.

      Get real, are you going to go to all that bother and waste of time and effort ! Especially when you don’t have a leg to stand on !!!

      By the time you have filled in the forms Pebble will have announced a shipping date.

      Also, Please consider the rather important fact that in order for Pebble to be the Smartwatch of choice it needs developers to make apps and useful software to run on it. Now where would I go to find a developer or fellow tech geek. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder, Any suggstions ??

    27. Missing avatar

      Clarke on

      These pebble haikus
      Are random but refreshing.
      Just three more hours

    28. Chris Lohroff on

      Lori, my expectation is that my money was to be used to bring a product to market... not simply to create a gadget for me to use. Marketing (including trade shows) is part of that process. I get the frustration with the delays... i was hoping to have mine 3 months ago too.

    29. Missing avatar

      Lori on

      I am looking at possibly pursuing the Pebble Team legally. The money from Kickstarter was to be used in manufacturing, so unless they used their own money for CES there might be a case.

      In the end stop wasting time doing CES, waste it making the watch!

    30. Chris Lohroff on

      Haikus can be fun
      But I find them distracting
      When looking for news

    31. Missing avatar

      Lori on

      I am looking at legally perusing these guys. The KickStarter money was to be used to setup manufacturing NOT doing Shows. Should be kept on TASK -- Deliver Deliver Deliver.

    32. Missing avatar

      Chris Bray on

      Graeme is correct
      if you are in the UK
      then I make it 5

    33. Frank Spencer on


      I think the live feed for UK time is 5:00pm today not 6:00 as you first thought . Don't want you missing it.

    34. Idan Felix on

      When my watch will mail,
      Waiting long for S-D-K,
      Soon I will rejoice!

    35. Missing avatar

      johan on

      At last some news!
      I wish I was there at CES
      to share the atmosphere. :/

    36. Justin Steed on

      It is almost here.
      But live stream will be at 6
      For me. On train. Bah.

    37. Missing avatar

      Daniel Batchelor on

      All this Haiku prompted me to find this:
      So not really 17 syllables, but who's counting...

      The best one I've read here so far is by Taylor DeCastro - very cool.

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris Bray on

      Fruit watch coming? No
      They're trying to stretch the game
      So players don't leave

    39. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      Cazza, no wuckers. Some bloody bonza sheilas up that way and you're one of 'em. Catchya.

    40. Carole Anderson on

      Whew! You had this Brissie sheila worried for a bit there Pete C! Hadn't heard from you or Chris B for awhile. Hope you & yours stay safe from the fires & mayhem whilst we await our glorious Pebbles. Keep the haikus coming in the Pebblesphere! ; )

    41. Missing avatar

      Big Mac on

      --- haiku alert ---

      The haiku ballot is closed. Result YES - 21 NO - 15

      Zeitgeist, Atlas shrugged
      Clear majority result
      Haiku good to go

      Thanks everyone.

    42. Alex on

      It is almost here
      Can you feel it ticking too?
      Play didgeridoo!

    43. Donald Hansen Jr. on

      Told you I'd share anything I'd get back in regard to the media events, so here goes...

      Media Press Conference, invite only:

      Remi Harrad [personal e-mail withheld] wrote:

      Hi Donald

      Just a friendly reminder that you are confirmed for the Pebble press conference – Wednesday, January 9 th at 9am at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall Room 228.

      We recommend coming early (around 8:45am). Seats are limited.

      Please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!



    44. Missing avatar

      Erin Rieger

      Yes for haikus!

    45. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      Imminent Pebble!
      Paid my cash so long ago,
      it's like a free gift! ;o)

    46. Missing avatar

      michelle on

      Cookoo just alerts.
      Pebble does more than alert.
      My phone alerts now.

    47. Missing avatar

      Philip Hunek on

      A resounding YES for the haikus, it is a nice break from listening to people complain about backing a project without knowing how kickstarter works!

      Kickstarter funded
      When do I get my pebble?
      When it is ready!

    48. Missing avatar

      Wesley Dreiling on

      Haikus are easy
      but sometimes they don't make sense