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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Final Colors + SMS on iPhone!

Final Colors

Without further ado, I'd like to present photos of the final Pebble colors! We've been working hard with our plastics vendor for a while and we're all extraordinarily happy with the results. The lenses are hot off the presses, so we haven't had time to do any studio photography yet. So please take these photos for what they are: candid shots of Pebble to help you make your final decision about which color you'd like.

View in high resolution

All the Pebbles except for Red are without electronics inside, bright California outdoor light. 

Grey and Orange, indoor lighting

Red and White, indoor lighting

Now that we've published photos of each color, it's time for you to finalize your color selection. If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Please go to and finalize your colour selection before 9pm PST Dec 14, 2012.

iPhone SMS and iMessage

Big news! We're proud to announce that Pebble now supports receiving SMS and iMessage notifications from iPhones and iPod touches. Check out this demo video (fullscreen)

For this feature to work, you will need to have iOS 6 installed on your iDevice. It's a free upgrade from iTunes available for all the iDevices that Pebble supports. If you haven't upgraded to iOS 6, don't worry too much! Pebble provides a ton of features with iOS 5 including incoming caller ID, music control, downloadable watchfaces, app integration. Right now, notifications like email, calendar alerts and SMS do not get sent to Pebble if you have iOS 5.

Holiday Card

Click here to download in high resolution for printing. Photo credit to daBinsi

Unfortunately we will not be able to ship out Pebble in time for the holidays. As a tiny act of compensation, we'd like to offer you this little holiday card. I know it's not a Pebble, but I do hope that you can tell from these updates that we're quickly moving towards the moment when Pebble will finally be on your wrist. 

As usual, all photos can be viewed in high resolution in this album.

Thanks again Pebblers!

Eric + Pebble Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kurt Ronn on

      Where are my watches? Is there any way to find out an accurate status? Weill the Apple watch be out before I receive my Pebbles?

    2. Missing avatar

      JW Kuiper on

      Helllloooooo!! When do I get my white watch?
      It should have been here months ago and like the comment before mine no responce or anything.
      I do get a bit frustrated about this.
      Please respond.

    3. UKJIN YANG on

      For a backer of white colour pebble, I want pebble team to show us the little bit of attentions.
      We are waiting for more than a year to received and still no email or what so ever for any information on when i can receive our pebbles. I am the first 3 day backer and just because I pick the right colour for me I have no in formation on approximately when I can receive mine. I know it sounds bit bothering keep asking when can I get it, when can I get it... but if you guys are going to keep your business you need to forcus on thoes Voice of Customers. I would not leave any comment here if you have send me the reply of my email. However no reply and no approx date makes thoes who supported from our of USA think that these guys might have done us!
      I don't mind donate $140 but I need to have akknowledeged by the ones who I supported.
      please let us know APPROX days that WHITE one may leave for the sake of those who supported out of USA!
      thank you for your REPLY!

    4. Alexander Wittkow on

      Of course we are all aware of the challenges with a project like this. But waiting for 12 months now really is kind of frustrating... No info that coloured ones will be served later. Of course I would have taken a black one too - as long as I had it at all... No info how much patient we will still need.
      Why is it so hard to give us a guess about the shipment of the different colours?

    5. Missing avatar

      eric wills on

      I would agree some of these comments are a bit blown out of proportion. I initially thought we invested in vaporware and I was proven wrong. I have held and tinkered with an actual pebble. unlike sasquatch they exist.
      The reality is thus far the people who I told about the pebble and ordered a looong time after me, have already received and some even sold them. Like everyone here we just want some sign of movement the webpage has not been updated and provides no information. I believe everyone just wants to be updated.
      If I knew picking a color would hold this up I would have taken black (happily)

    6. Missing avatar

      Andy MacDonald on

      Well, I've just seen my first pebble from someone who got in on the ground floor. I can't remember when I pledged, but I have had faith that it will eventually show up. At this point in time, I have eight other watches in the mail, but I am happy to wait for my pebble. I believe that it's going to do everything that I want it to and more. Thanks guys. Don't mind the crybabies. You were always going to get them, so give up trying to please everyone.

    7. Missing avatar

      F.J. Cassy on

        Is it possible to be compatible with the blackberry Z10?

    8. Michael Heins on

      Some comments down here sound a little bit too rough for me.
      I don't think, that anyone of us would have done better so far.
      And also no "Manager" from Casio, etc. would have done better.

      The guys from Pebble had the original idea to raise $100.000 to produce around 1.000 watches.
      But they got far more backers than they expected and hence they had/have to produce far more watches.
      It is around a houndred times more...
      You can't just go to a chinese factory in April and tell them to produce 100.000 watches until fall.
      I believe it is way more complicated than the guys from Pebble expected.

      We should keep in mind, that through kickstarter we were backing a new company and not just buying some piece of hardware.
      Building up a new company is not just going to townhall and saying "I am Pebble now"...
      I backed Pebble, because I wanted to one of the first to support a great idea.
      And as a goodie I will earn an watch for that.

      I think they are doing a pretty good job in rising a company that produces around 10.000 watches a month, even if they expected far less than that.

    9. Missing avatar

      Billy on

      anyone has any idea when a white pebble will be send out?

    10. Missing avatar

      Eric Vos on

      I too am drinking the Kool Ade of excitement and am trying to be "understanding." You were surprised by the delay the Chinese New Year would bring? You were awed by the hardship of getting your product into a worldwide distribution? Are you the first people to produce something in China? With 10 million in sales on day 6 of preproduction you couldn't find a project manager....with a brain to consult with? Suunto, Casion, Timex, Polar, Garmin all create far more complex watches, in China and all have project managers. I would bet my bottom dollar you are using the same factories and workers as these companies. This is an innovative idea with tried and true technology.

      I guess you guys did the calculus and knew from the beginning how few backers you would get if you gave us the “real date” or no date. In TRUTH you should have said "we are praying to get it out in a year but, we can't promise anything." To date, you have blown every promised date you gave. Even the last 6-8 week one. Chinese New Year is not a good excuse.

      You're cute, innovative, commendable, historic and either really dumb or more than willing to break promises for the cash Apple will be handing over to you. The “awe shucks we are so surprised by this process” has grown thin. The only surprise you should have is that some of us, me included, are still willing to drink a year of your Kool Aid. I feel like those morons in line to get the iPhone 5 in the Samsung commercial.
      Can’t wait for your encore….customer service on problematic devices. Oh wait, Apple will be taking care of that.

    11. Coen on

      you can change your color here, isn't it?
      My question is can you also change your front/color after you have it at home, like if you have a red one and dislike the color, is it then possible to buy a orange front and instal it yourself? sorry if this is a stupid question though I would like to now it and can't find it anywhere quickly

    12. Missing avatar

      Donny on

      Everyone complaining that you have not received your color pebble's really has no reason to be doing so. I ordered a black one the same time all you guys did and still have not received it. The whole point of Kickstarter is that your starting a company down the path to manufacturing a product, they are all in pre-manufacturing stages, if you cannot understand that, then close your kickstarter account! A little common since will save you a lot of spite and stress, just chill out and you will get them when you get them, its not like the company's gone bankrupt or anything. Seriously you all sound like 10 year old's, just chill...

    13. Missing avatar

      Klaus Happe on

      Never baking again, I'm waiting more than 10 month!

    14. Stephanie Karns on

      I bought two and I got my black Pebble today and it's awesome! I know this took what seems like forever to those who have been waiting but people need to remember they contributed to a project that wasn't even in the production phase, which in itself is a very time consuming process. This is so worth the wait. Kudos to Pebble for keeping everyone updated on a monthly basis, if not weekly. Thanks Pebble for all the hard work you put into this "Dick Tracy" watch (what my friends are calling it).

    15. Missing avatar

      SpokaneSoftware on

      OK, you win! I can find NO place to change my colors.

      Honestly I back Pebble because I thought it was a great project. I'm not sure if I ever expected to get product. So any product, that works, is a plus for me.

      PLEASE help me find where to change the colors on my order.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mason Schuler on

      LIke the others, it's been a while since we got an update, and had I known getting something other than black would delay it further, I probably wouldn't have switched.

      Any info is better than sitting in the dark...

    17. Ski Sullivan on

      FWIW, missing out on having my watch for SXSW was a bummer, and a missed opportunity for the company to shine.

    18. Missing avatar

      Izad Iskandar on

      It's nearly a year ago since I pledged. Please inform me when will the color pebbles start shipping? I'm getting frustrated with no latest update & no email.

    19. Callum Young on

      I've been waiting for nearly a year now, another month or two won't hurt in the slightest.
      Got my 'Processing Shipment' email last week and I was bouncing around like a child on cocaine.

      Top job guys for not sacrificing quality for speed. Proud to be a backer!

      Best regards,

    20. Missing avatar

      Chris Neale on

      Please can you send round another update to backers who have yet to receive their Pebble? According to the getpebble site, my Pebble is not yet ready yet. But it's been weeks since you started making them and I'm starting to get frustrated waiting while other people around Europe are starting to receive theirs. Thanks

    21. Missing avatar

      Stephane Hubert on

      Ok, I would like someone to check if their is something wrong with my status, I didn't moved from addressed verified, no emails, nothing. I'm in Canada and this is not that far from the state?!? Is their any pebble delivered in Canada yet?


    22. Samoht Tdrahllov on


      I get my pebble today and i am happy :-)
      Shipping to germany costs for germans an import tax about 19 Euro. "Zoll - Einfuhrsteuer".
      Okay - shit happens i paid and forget it ;-)


    23. Brenda Cooper on

      Any ideas on shipping red pebbles? The Dec update said "soon" but this does not feel quite like soon..... :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Howie Rayburn on

      I am just trying to get some info as well as to when my two Pebbles might ship. I was a little confused on some of the e-mails from Pebble, so not quite sure when to actually expect the delivery. Is there anyway to find out where I stand in the Grand Pebble scheme of things? Just wondering.

    25. Missing avatar

      albert reyes on

      Hello pebble team,
      Well I'm still waiting for my pebble but it just seems as if I been forgotten. My shipping status is still in the first stage when other have already been receiving theirs. When would I at lease move to the second stage of shipping if anything......

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris Ryan on


      A plea from the heart :)

      I received my Pebble about ten days ago. I wore it with pride, photographed messages saying "I love my Pebble" and posted them on Facebook.

      Yesterday I was involved in an almighty smash on my bicycle (actually broke by helmet!). My Pebble survived slightly better than I did. Still works fine, but it is disfigured for life :(

      Is there anyway you could find your way to selling me another one that might get here superfast?

      I'm not hung up on colour (I even paid for colour then went all black for my original). Just want my Pebble back.

      Kind regards

    27. laura on

      still no pebble :(

    28. Missing avatar

      R Kronfli on

      This was my second project contribution and I expected delays but honestly not that much. I'm still waiting for my email. In the meantime :-) I stumbled on "Vea Buddy" and funded that. I suspect it will give Pebble a good run for their money if not surpass with time. Love the charging mechanism. The company is a well established French company with a history of smart wearable tech. I hope I get my 5 pebbles soon but it looks like I'll get my "Buddy" earlier.......I'm also looking at Martian watches and I'm watch for those who have some to spare........... In any case, good luck to the Pebble team, better be late and as close to perfect as possible...........If anything, they raised the profile (and market) for smart watches (especially as phones are getting bigger again)...........

    29. Missing avatar

      Jared Schroeder on

      @steven have you checked your account at Also I know they have been dedicating machines to one color at a time. I am not as large of a contributor as you, but I was an immediate, within the first few hours, and I still don't have mine.

    30. Steven Boal on

      Looking forward to some notice of shipping. Can't sort out where the queue stands, I'm a $1,000 backer - any ideas anyone?

    31. Missing avatar

      Adam Pereyra on

      Received my confirmation email 3 days ago. Pebble should be arriving early next week. I can not wait!
      Thank you Team Pebble for the constant communication and updates. This was my first Kickstarter project I have backed and you set the bar HIGH for any future projects I back. Delays were expected, especially seeing the number of watches that needed to be manufactured.

      Congrats to you on a successful project and all the best with your future projects (i.e. - Pebble 2)

    32. Missing avatar

      Carl Schwarcz on

      Fantastic! My Pebble is almost ready to ship. I really appreciate the frequent communication and the very evident solid project management skills. Sure estimated dates have come and gone, but I certainly expected that given the nature of theundertaking.

      Just a suggestion to all those that are pissed off about schedules... Never assume or expect that challenging development projects will go like clockwork. They just don't - especially when you are a startup. What you really want is a team committed to the quality of the product so that when you get it you are really happy with what you have invested in. I am very hopeful on this score with Pebble.

    33. Missing avatar

      sphilip on

      Received this email today. Looks like they're making progress. I've been very pleased with their communications so far. Delays should always be expected. Nobody can really accurately forecast a project this big. Good Job Pebble-Team. Can't wait to play with your creation.

      Good news! Your Pebble is almost ready to ship. Please double check your shipping address in the Pebble Account system.

      You have 48 hours to make any last changes to your shipping address before we load it into the fulfillment system.


      Pebble Team

    34. Harry Davis on

      @Bruce Vaporware would mean that the watch does not exist. But 12K people have a watch. I too do not have mine, but I realize I invested in a project and understood that when it got this big...there would be HUGE delays. 'Fast track' -ing would have been a complete disaster and meant shipping a shoddy product. And yes, Apple will make a watch in classic Apple fashion: Others will take the risks, make the mistakes, and Apple will copy and improve their ideas, add some aluminum and profit. They are the greatest product improvers the world has ever seen :)

    35. Bruce Simon on

      You know, I was concerned when the product didn't debut before Christmas 2012. I was annoyed when the ship date was finally announced in January. I'm disappointed now because its Feb., 19th and my watches still haven't shipped. Pebble wanted $100K, they raised $10mil. These guys should have fast tracked the whole project and met high demand opportunities. Now Apple is poised to release an iWatch, someday this will make a great Harvard Business Review case study. How can a company be so successful to raise 100X what they think they need to get a product off the ground and them stumble so badly. Geez, the Chinese can clone a pair of Nikes in 2 hours, how long should it take?
      I hope I get my watches soon, I hope they're great, so far......Vaporware.

    36. HAL1800

      @Varun... I suggest you read the following : and I suggest you get your money back. Kickstarter is not a store. When you pledge, you pledge for a project, not a product... I also suggest you read the following : where you can see "It's not uncommon for things to take longer than expected. Sometimes the execution of the project proves more difficult than the creator had anticipated. If a creator is making a good faith effort to complete their project and is transparent about it, backers should do their best to be patient and understanding while demanding continued accountability from the creator."

      BTW...The Pebble team has sent 32 updates... It's not like other projects where I got 1 update in 6 months!

    37. Missing avatar

      Wilson on

      I have been anxiously waiting for my Pebble since April of last year as well. I too was concerned when delivery went pass its anticipated date. But one must remember that your "pledge" was an investment on the crowd funding project site Kickstarter. I pledged with assumption that I may not get any return on my investment. But I pledged (invested) because I wanted see this really cool product and idea come to light. I wanted to be a part of community that help seed the opportunity of a great idea and innovation. My Pebble will be shipping soon. I was hopeful for a return on my investment. I am thankful that I am likely going to it. I am looking forward to continued returns on investment with the Pebble with company's continued product support and development of their app ecosystem. Eric M., thanks for bringing this truly creative and innovative product to the public. I wish you and your team continued success and good fortune.

    38. Missing avatar

      Joe Eamer on

      Come on guys it's a kick starter project. It'll be ready when it's ready. I think that they shouldn't have pledged to have them ready by sept 2012 - highly unrealistic. The only thing that pisses me off is that I paid more for my colour pebble than the black ones and now have to wait longer. @varun if you want your money back contact Eric I'm sure he'd be happy to refund. Compensation not so much. There is a massive difference between online shopping and kick starter. If you want the product early then it would be substandard. Also they charge your card early because your money is invested in production. If you don't understand this then next time wait until the product is on the shelves.

    39. Missing avatar

      Bill Paetznick on

      Just came in the mail this after noon. Wearing the watch now :)

    40. Nach on

      WOW! Sounds like Kickstarter isn't for you, Varun. :P

    41. Missing avatar on

      HI Barry,
      This delay is just tooooooo much compared to other delays. Delayed by 4 months and still no news. What irritates me the most is lack of transparency. These guys are prompt in raising invoices and charging my credit card but extremely slow in delivering.

    42. Missing avatar

      Robert Brown on

      I ordered 4/13/12 but switched from black to grey. Are they shipping all the blacks before they start on other colors?

    43. Don Kemler on

      What happened to the promise of "bi-weekly updates"?

    44. Missing avatar

      Barry on

      @Varun - It's the price you pay for getting in on a new project. Do you take legal action for every delay you encounter??

    45. Missing avatar on

      I pledged on April 15th too. no news yet of shipping. seems sellers themselves are black marketing the product. I am tired of this wait and demand the full money back along with penalties for failing on multiple promises and frustration.

    46. Missing avatar

      William Biggs on

      If the 4/15 orders were getting "ready for shipment" emails 3 days ago, I suppose I can go ahead and abandon hope of getting mine this month. Darn. The anticipation is killer.

    47. Missing avatar

      Nico on

      I've received the 'ready for shipment' email today.
      I pledged on april 15th.
      will update once it's shipped

    48. Missing avatar

      Omer Bila on

      It is already nearly half a year late in shipping so why do you even need a specific ship date? They are a shipping now, just wait your turn already.

    49. Missing avatar

      paul cowan on

      Is there an update on the multiple requests for more specific shipping dates?

    50. Sean Fidler on

      Yes, an email with an approximation of ship date based on backing number would be great to have!