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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Peter Livingston on

      So how can you find out where you stand in the shipping order? Since it is first backers first, how can a backer figure out where he is in line? Might you shoot out an email that tells each of us our priority number?

    2. Thomas Wagner on

      Ugh, so regretting going with grey. Was expecting gun metal not super light.

    3. Missing avatar

      nick8908 on

      Can I still change my colour?? Seems like the watch colour is gloss, not matte as I 1st saw it...
      Hope to hear from you soon

    4. Dylan Ho on

      Elizabeth - You can verify/change your shipping address here using your kickstarter credentials

    5. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth S Hoke on

      It appears that some have received confirmation emails for shipping info. Where can we check and make sure you have correct shipping info? ANd when to expect email confirm? Thank you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Glenn Brown on

      how do I know what order I was out of the 85,000 so I can guestimate my shipping date? I have looked through all my order in and the site and can't seem to find this.

      Thanks and can't wait to get my awesome watch!!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Guella on

      Clear as shown at the press conference would be an awesome color choice and my #1!

    8. Martin Collas on

      I´ve made a mistake and ordered and payed a wrong color :(. Is it possible to change the color to white? I Have send also an email to Thx, Martin

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I'm a color backer and want to change the color I initially chose, is this possible?

    10. Barrett Dent on

      Where is my refund? After the final colors were revealed, I removed the color option upgrade from my order resetting my choice to black. I was promised by a pebble staffer that the refund of the $15 USD upgrade fee refund would be processed the following week. That was a month ago. Waiting to hear from you…

    11. Missing avatar on

      Why this project is running so late! I am concern that if this will actually be a functional watch.

    12. stew560 on

      I'm also a little disappointed in the lighter shade of Grey, but I'm sticking with it. I originally wanted the White, but fear the white band will get too dirty. The Red and Orange are very nice, but as others have said, would be too flashy for work. Blue would have been a great alternative, but did not win. And I paid for the color to have something a little different than the base black.

      I also want to thank the Pebble Team for the great updates on the state of production. I'm glad to see we will be getting a much higher quality product than if the numbers had been smaller.

    13. CaffeineJunkie on

      It's probably more like they had to set a date for the majority of colors to be set, but it's not going to impact them if they make a few adjustments to help out the few people who missed the deadline.

    14. Frank Spencer on


      I think I found what you mean hidden in a tweet : "If there's any Kickstarter Backers who had issues finalising their color choices, don't fret. Shoot us an email and we'll help: kickstarter[at]"

      This is news to me as I thought we had until the 14th to choose,, they really should be clearer and consistent with their communication.

      They are probably busy making all the blacks anyway.

    15. Frank Spencer on

      The colour selection closed on the 14th.

    16. CJ on

      My guess is that they are not as close to production as it might seem, and there will be another chance for color selection.

    17. Missing avatar

      MrAussiePi on

      Just reading down through the posts to see if there were any Pebble response posts, to try and gain a possible indication of an estimated shiiping date, and noticed mention of colour choice closing.

      I am excited about the project, ordered them for Christmas presents, and would have made the sad news they would not arrive in time, a little easier to swallow had I been able to offer my siblings a chance to choose, instead of my guess at their colour preference.

      In my eagerness to view the mock-ups of the expected colours, I missed the line that colour choice would close in a week.

      Why wouldn't this be deadline headline news please?
      Why did the e-mails stop arriving before this?
      Yes I know it was me who missed it, but how clever would it have been to have made it prominent?
      And maybe it is more prominent somewhere, but with the number of Pebble sites and Pebble pages, I cannnot find one where Pebble team respond.

      All that said, a sincere Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Pebble Team and expectant Pebble purchasers.

    18. Missing avatar

      stevesy88 on

      Just wanted to assure the Pebble team that some of us are still very, very excited and happy with all of the progress reports. I'm sure we would all would love to be wearing the watches now, but I for one will be happier with a well-made, bug free (to a reasonable extent) product.

    19. Jonathan Kok on

      Guys, chill. They've kept us updated on the production, and the honest truth is that we've all funded a design project from the design phase through prototype, test-type, production and mass-production.
      Yes, we're three months behind, but that's on an initial estimate of a project scale 1/103 the size. Consider yourselves lucky that we've got the updates we have and the projections we do. I have colleagues whose first funded kickstarter projects have only just shipped, 2 years after the initial funding date and over a year after the initial projections.
      The thing we're doing here is funding a design or production project, not online shopping.

    20. KN

      [No, only 25% meet their estimated delivery dates]

    21. Missing avatar

      alan rorrison on

      They have just stopped replying to pms too. I would like to know when i will get my pebble please.. we are three months behind now!

    22. Christopher Moss on

      Guys and Gals do you not remember how many more Pebble Watches are having to be made from the initial idea? The creators, I am guessing, had already set up the initial orders for all the parts that they would need at the $100,000 mark. Then we, as the backers, blew that line away and are expecting them to create a quality product 88,500 additional products in the same amount of time. I was annoyed and frustrated because I wanted to use the watch at the end of the riding season to test my riding times, speed, etc., but I would rather have a quality product that I can rely on to not break with in the first few weeks than have them rush the R&D.

      The things that Pebble are doing to continue to update us and show us what has been going on behind the black curtain of production is great. I love that they have taken the pride in their product to make sure that there are not going to be major issues with the Pebble.

      As far as those people that are wanting to know if the watch is going to work with the new iPhone, or Android phones, I would bet that there will be software updates. If not, it will not be the Pebbles fault, it will be the phone manufactures because they have to allow the phone to push the information across bluetooth.

      It sucks I know, but remember Kickstarter is not Amazon, you are not putting a pre-order in. You are donating your money to someone that you have not met, and hoping that there is a possibility of getting something in return.

    23. Missing avatar

      Vince Kennedy on

      when would we expect to see our new pebble"s I was expecting to see it in September?


    24. Bob McDonald on

      I also missed the deadline and would have liked to switch to orange. If I can't it's not a huge deal, but it would be nice.

    25. CaffeineJunkie on

      Chris, they said early on (before the Kickstarter closed) that there were issues with iOS message notifications. This is because of a limitation of iOS. In iOS 6 a method was introduced that allowed Pebble to get these notifications.

      JT Greeno, I think they said they were hoping to include something like that functionality in the watch.

    26. Missing avatar

      JT Greeno on

      What are the prospects for having the watch alert if it exceeds a certain distance from the iPhone?

      Here is a link to a product that can be setup to do similar alerts, can this feature be incorporated into the Pebble?:…

    27. Donald Hansen Jr. on

      @Rebecca: They only plastered it all over their FB and Twitter feeds for a week. Someone even made a posting in their forums (, and a KS update (#25: "Please go to and finalize your colour selection before 9pm PST Dec 14, 2012."). Where were you???

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Caccavano on

      Hey Team, So sorry for missing the deadline on color selection. I am not sure how it slipped past, but I would really love to change colors if possible at least for one of them. Can we still change colors before they ship?

      If yes, I'd love to change to: 1 White & 1 Black (currently both are Black by default)

      Thanks in advance, and Happy Holidays!!

    29. Joe Henderson on

      I'm in the same boat as Rebecca. I've already sent an email, but I imagine that there are a lot of support emails that need to be answered, so I'm not upset that I haven't heard back yet. I do hope that we can switch colors though. The grey just isn't as dark as it seemed like it would be.

    30. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Beatty on

      I missed the date for changing colors...there was no alert!! Can I change to 1 white and 1 orange?

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      What??? No email, calendar alerts and SMS under iOS5? I was under the impression that most of the builtin notifications would be supported. Pebbl was announced under iOS5, so I think users of that OS should expect that it should be fully supported. Are you ditching us in favor of iOS6 just because that's easiest? I'm pretty disappointed.

    32. Jadumani SIngh on

      Its been a long time waiting, and the patient seems to be in its heights. From October and now its December. I hope we get our product at least. I have back 2 kickstarter project and both seems a little disappointment with the time of delivery - always late, not even a month but by Two Months!!!
      Just waiting to get one ASAP. Can understand all the troubles but I guess pre-planing is worth.
      Thanks, and still waiting

    33. Barrett Dent on

      I just wanted to chip in and say that although I've already expressed displeasure with the colours, I still support this project. I won't lie and tell you that I wouldn't really like to have my pebble by now. But I'm quite satisfied that the updates have clearly shown the level of commitment the Pebble team has to producing a fantastic final product. Keep up the good work guys. I'd rather have a superb product than one that got rushed. Though I think I ought to contribute one last thought about colours. Through all the colour complaints, I hear one relatively clear message: "Pebble is meant to be a premium product, not a toy. We, the backer, want something that looks fantastic on our wrist."

      What does that mean? It means rich, deep, glorious red. Not primary acrylic paint red. It means distinguished, mature, charcoal grey. Not cheap basic utilitarian, boring light plastic airplane model kit parts grey.

      I think the backers are actually providing helpful feedback for Pebble's future on store shelves by saying the colours have disappointed us. Now it's up to the Pebble team to decide whether to change their "final" colours or not.

      I personally switched back to black from grey on my selection and am awaiting a refund on my upgrade fee. Which the team has already told me will be coming this week. Thank you.

      Keep up the good work Pebble team!

    34. Missing avatar

      Tom Wilkinson on

      I'm ready to sell mine too, since we are probably never going to get them. One black, $115.

    35. Missing avatar

      carlo ritz on

      I want to sell my Pebble watches. I'm a backer of two Pebble watches. Black and grey. Not that I lost patience but I just need the cash. PM me if interested. Or email to

    36. Protonus on

      The red is too... red. I was hoping it would be closer to crimson, like in the original avatar picture.... :-( It's just too bright. I guess I'll be getting black.

    37. Missing avatar

      alan rorrison on

      Thank you so much for adding the ios messaging service.. I really cant wait to get this on my wrist.

    38. Donald Hansen Jr. on

      @Mike K: Here's the closest shot we've seen of it:

    39. Missing avatar

      Mike Kopecky on

      I'd like to see a picture of the charging cable. We know that it's going to be some sort of clip to the side of the Pebble to touch the four contact points on the left side. But does it go over the top, or is it more like a cradle the watch sits in? Will the watch remain on and functional while in the charger or will it have to turn off (like some blue tooth headsets). How long will it take to charge? How much will it cost for replacement? Looking forward to getting mine.

    40. Marc Diethelm on

      Thanks for the update! I'm proud to be a backer of this project. Yes I'm a backer, not a buyer... I'm definitely looking forward to receiving my reward though, whenever it arrives! ;)

    41. Dan Wetzel on

      The grey is disappointing. I had chosen grey and white as my two colors. The red and orange were a little too flashy for me to wear for work. In the Update #21 video, there are two grey colors in the box. One looks like a light grey (as we see in this "final" color update) and one looks like the originally proposed dark grey. Why couldn't we have gotten that original grey, since they were apparently able to produce it?

    42. Missing avatar

      Kevin W on

      Thank you for the update! Any chance you could make sure that group SMS messages are catered for too?

    43. Jeff A on

      This is the reply I received in the forum from Eric: "The pictures are of the true colours (

      The pantone colours do not match the plastics unfortunately. There is a layer of transparent plastic (that forms the lens over the display) that is superimposed over top of the coloured section of the plastic."

      I asked if we could possibly get studio shots under proper lighting and using appropriate lights, however due to the time constraints I'm sure this is wishful thinking. Just to clarify, it appears the shots are done under varied lighting to give an accurate representation, however it's impossible to get true color representation based on the way these photos were taken. Regardless, I appreciate Eric taking the time to respond to my inquiry.

    44. Nathan Scott on

      2014 seem pretty optimistic to be honest.

    45. Missing avatar


      Can we expect to receive these in 2014? Ivan from bsas argentina

    46. CaffeineJunkie on

      The reason why there has been so much attention to the iPhone recently is because originally it was going to be lagging behind Android in terms of Pebble functionality. All the things they've recently been showing such as SMS notifications were always due to be available for Android. It's only with iOS 6 that the iPhone has been catching up, and pebble have just been highlighting this. In no way will Android be the weaker platform for Pebble.

    47. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      I only have one major concern. The Pebble is being advertised as a watch for iPhone AND Android. However if it turns out that the majority of the features available on iPhone are not made available on Android, I will be very disappointed. I've seen this happen too many times. My Hyundai states its supports Android and iPhone. On Android the support stops at connecting via bluetooth. For iPhone it continues to a on screen Pandora app.

      I understand the whole different versions, different devices, different screens excuse. But this isn't an app running on the device itself, it is about the device and the watch communicating via an api and bluetooth. That is a completely different scenario. I hope that if you do fail to bring all the features to Android (I'm sure you won't) that you will open up your api to the community to make better progress.

      I really don't mean to sound so negative but I've seen this happen so many times, but in this case I've already handed over my money for it.

    48. Michael Glicksman on

      I agree, the original image for the grey watch was rich and beautiful, just a bit lighter than the black watch. These new images are nowhere near the same.

    49. Missing avatar

      Charles Clutter on

      Eric and team - could you please answer @Jeff A's question for PMS values for the colors? I share others' concern that these new photos aren't depicting the same color choices as seen previously. The "new" grey and red are much lighter in tone, and these appear to be gloss finish instead of matte. I don't mind waiting at all, but am really disappointed in the color choices I had made for the two watches I pre-ordered based on the original photos.