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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Logistics, Lenses and Test Builds


While we're not ready to start shipping out Pebbles yet, getting prepared to ship Pebbles to 113 different countries has been quite a task. Okay, just one of you lives in French Polynesia but we care deeply about all our backers. That's why we've been running extensive shipping tests to determine the best methods to use as we ship out 85,000 Pebbles. All the test shipments reached their destination. Outside of a postal strike in Uruguay, we found that our test shipments reached their destination even faster than we expected. We also learned some important lessons about all the different customs documentation requirements around the world.

There's absolutely no point in designing and building the most awesome watch possible if it doesn't reach your wrist in perfect condition. That's why we designed a custom shipping box to protect your Pebble while it's in transit. We're battle-testing the box to make sure it stands up to drops, spills, rips and maybe guard dog attacks (okay, we're not actually running that last test).

We'll be shipping Pebbles from two distribution centres: one in Asia and one in the United States. If your shipping address on is in the US, your Pebble will be shipped via USPS from San Francisco. Otherwise, our international backers will receive their Pebbles via postal mail sent directly from Asia. As our test shipment backers can attest, we've put together an extremely efficient and quick system.

Manufacturing Progress

Our industrial designer was on the ground this week in Southern Taiwan overseeing final modifications (T4) to our plastic manufacturing process. As I mentioned in Update 21, we're working our way through several test builds before Pebble enters Mass Production (MP). Every time we perform another test build, it's a chance to build samples of each part inside the watch. The great news is that all the plastic components (including the most recent lens samples from T4) look, feel and work great. We're sending the tools off for final texturing and polishing now.

As we work through environmental tests, we're tweaking and tuning the gluing process that is used to join the main case portion of the watch with the lens. Here's a short video of the computer numerical controlled (CNC) gluing machine that we're using on the assembly line:


I'm heading to our factory in Dongguan, China on Saturday for 2 weeks of work on the Design Verification (DV) test build. After DV, we have one more test build scheduled in December called Production Verification (PV) before Pebble enters Mass Production (MP). As I mentioned in Update 17, our assembly line will be set up to manufacture 15,000 Pebbles per week. I know each one of you has a burning desire to see Pebble on their wrist, but I want to caution you that even after we begin MP it will still take us several weeks to manufacture all 85,000 Pebbles.

Work on the software development kit (SDK) is progressing well. Since I'm a novice programmer, I decided to test out the SDK and see what the experience is like. I wanted to write a little watchapp to keep track of important Pebble-related timezones while I was in China. While the software team is still working heavily on the SDK, I was still able to code up a basic world clock in 20 minutes! I know it doesn't look too pretty, but that's a function of my limited programming ability, not a fault with the SDK.

As usual, you can find high resolution versions of all the photos in this update at

That's all for this week, thanks Pebblers!

Eric + Pebble Team


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    1. Frank Spencer on

      I actually think its the opposite Darren,i.e the $10m has actually hindered the timescales, as its given Pebble the opportuntity to make this product to a higher spec than the original, hence the reason for the delay.

      Pebble are using some of the additional funding to include as many bells and whistles as possible, which in the end will be a good thing, just frustrating for now as a few people are desperate to have them and show them off.

      I agree it is fun to be involved, but I think a lot of the negativity now being aired is because people have got too excited about this project and the disappointment of not getting them when stated has turned into frustration.

    2. Darren Keirle on

      I'm as dissapointed as the next guy about shipping date.

      I just think if they are this out with 10 mil in the bank I'm glad it didn't stop at 100k, as they would never have managed to get this off the ground.

      Having no date is frustrating but whatever, it's kind of fun being involved in this project, although feels like the time you buy something off ebay, send it back for refund and sit waiting for that paypal email....forever.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mike Heard on

      I agree, the shipping date, whilst only an estimate, was unrealistic; and from a project perspective every milestone has a delivery date, so there must be something internally within Pebble re completion.
      I trust Eric and co with my measly $125 to deliver an excellent product, but honestly don't expect anything to arrive until mid-way through Q1 2013. Will it be worth the wait? Looking at the competition out there, i think so. Time will tell!!

    4. Frank Spencer on


      I take your point and this might be true of most KS projects, but you would think with the funds, experience, knowledge and support that Pebble have at there disposal would make them a different beast.

      The only thing that Pebble have done wrong so far was to publish an unrealistic shipping date of Sept 12, which was based on the original 1000 units quoted before Pebble turned into this aforementioned beast ! There reasons for not hitting this target are valid, but some people (like me) are impatient.

      I am as disappointed as the next person that this project has been delayed, but for me the most disappointing thing is the no end date.

      Milestones & deliverables can't be missed if you dont have any !!!

      I am however confident that the product will be excellent and all the impatient people will concede that it was worth the extra time spent, but how long will that be !!

    5. Missing avatar

      Mike Heard on

      Graeme - you're right i don't, nor do i profess to. I'm merely trying to offer a perspective (maybe badly) that as a backer people should (or might consider taking - as i don't want to tell people what to do!), treat such investments with an element of caution and risk.

      OK in this scenario the risk isn't financial loss. As you've stated, backers are entitled to a refund if the project is not fulfilled. Here the risk is the timel manner with which a backer will receive their gift. I backed/invested hoping that the stated delivery date would be met - as did everyone. But recognising the 'risk' i also recognise that delays happen and even the best run projects often miss key milestones and deliverables.

    6. Frank Spencer on

      Mike, You obviously dont know much yourself about KS. The info below is direct from the KS site.

      Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?

      Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. (This is what creators see before they launch.) We crafted these terms to create a legal requirement for creators to follow through on their projects, and to give backers a recourse if they don't. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mike Heard on

      Reading the posts here, i can't help laughing at the amount of people who have rushed into this without any concept of project or financial 'risk'. Whenever you're spending money on something that does not exist, you need to consider the risk that it's never going to exist - only spend what you can afford to lose!!

    8. Missing avatar

      EuiSoo, Kim on

      I hope I could get it before on middle of December. I really hope. ^^

    9. Justin Steed on

      @Michael Vargas I suppose they could make one up, but why should they? You'll get it when it's ready and not before.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrew Howe on

      Thanks Caffeine Junkie!

    11. CaffeineJunkie on

      @Andrew on the forums Eric has posted "yes, we are designing Pebble to connect to your iPhone at the same time as a Bluetooth headset. Obviously there are thousand of different Bluetooth headsets, car kits etc and there may be some issues with certain models but we're aiming to be Bluetooth compliant in this respect."

    12. Christian Turkoanje on

      Things take time, I was a backer of the Twine too. The estimated ship sate for that was March 2012 and I just got my Twine yesterday. I wasn't bitching, and that was 8 months late.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Howe on

      Of course I'm not asking if the pebble can pair with a headset :-). I'm aware that partially it's up to the phone, but some devices can't be paired to the same phone simultaneously, as I understand it.

      When coding up the BT connectivity, I hope the pebble team is considering that probably a lot of people will want the pebble & a headset simultaneously paired to their phone...

    14. Michael Vargas on

      You should be able to provide some sort of ship date.

    15. CaffeineJunkie on

      I assume that you mean can your phone pair with both a Pebble and a headset simultaneously. This is down to the capabilities of your phone, but should be possible. Phones can usually pair with many devices.

      A pebble will not pair with a headset under any circumstances.

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew Howe on

      Does anyone know if the Pebble will be able to pair with an Android phone simultaneously with a headset?

    17. Frank Spencer on

      @ James: There are no investors for the Pebble Watch (at least none via Kickstarter), only backers
      Backers/ Investors who cares what the proper terminology is!
      @ James :“Nobody here paid to receive a watch; they paid to back a company and are given a watch as a thank you for that backing. Remember that”

      Personally, I don’t think many of the Backvestors would have pledged if they were to receive nothing in return.The point is that: The majority of people, who gave away there hard earned cash, did so in the belief that they would receive a Smart watch in return. In providing Pebble with this capital pledgers also want to have their voice heard. Without their support this project would not have, been the success it is or have the potential to become as reputable as the iproducts we are all so familiar with.

      The mistake Pebble made was to give an unrealistic shipping date and then not update this with a more robust one.

      I’m sure Pebble are doing all they can to ensure that this watch is the best on the market and exceeds everyones expectations. Hopefully, they have a robust plan and know where they are going and when they are likely to be there.

      The message I would give to the people who have pledged is to try and be patient. The Pebble team are working on this with the same passion as we all have. I’m sure there will be no one more happy than the Pebble team when that first batch of Pebbles ship out of their warehouse.

      Another update due this Friday. Lets hope it’s a good one.

      Be Patient : Remember that.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrey on

      @James/Justin: Also... If you wanna pay THAT MUCH attention to wording... "Sold out". "Sold".

      I have no doubt that Kickstarter’s reference to transactions being "sale", instead of "donation", is definitely intentional.

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrey on

      @Justin/James/whoever else:
      Maybe if you wanna claim /you/ know the exact difference, you present your bar credentials?

      @Eric: The photo... Last one. Which of TZs does the date correspond to? :) It is pretty clear SFO is still in "yesterday" compared to others.

    20. Justin Green on

      @James: Great and accurate comment.

      I wanted to add a little to what James pointed out so excellently. We all see a lot of people describing and/or comparing themselves to investors and there is definitely a difference between a backer and an investor. To keep it honest, I will pull the definitions from the dictionary:

      BACKER: a person who supports or aids a person, cause, enterprise, etc.

      INVESTOR: a person who puts (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.

      I have no doubt that Kickstarter’s reference to us being backers, instead of investors, is definitely intentional.

    21. CaffeineJunkie on

      @Mike Mac Backers in Canada should be receiving their pebbles from Asia as USPS refuse to ship items with lithium batteries internationally.

    22. Jazer Rebong on

      @James I also agree here with what you said.

    23. Jake Downs on

      @James Great comment. I agree 100%.

    24. Glint on

      There are no investors for the Pebble Watch (at least none via Kickstarter), only backers. It was promoted that these backers would receive a GIFT , the size of which would scale with the amount of money the backer gave, condition free, to Pebble Technology.

      It is good that things are progressing, its unfortunate that they have been delayed (however remember the original estimate was for a small product run of 1000 watches, they are 85 times past that), but I for one am not going to jump up and down and have a little tantrum because my gift is delayed.

      Nobody here paid to receive a watch, they paid to back a company and are given a watch as a thank you for that backing. Remember that.

    25. Lee Nysted on

      Thursday Apr 19, 2012 2:42pm CDT first request for information was time stamped on this date.
      It is now November 18, 2012. Delayed September delivery?

    26. Lee Nysted on

      Your answer about further delays is not what any of us want to read; not what we paid for and the idea that you have been able to delay delivery month after month with detailed versions of excuses is not adequate for any investor.. This project was funded and was supposed to have been done long ago. Your delivery schedule will not even get watches to us by Christmas. My patience with operations like yours is wearing thin. I must say the same is the case with other ventures I have backed on Kickstarter.
      I have been in the investment arena for 34 years and this type of agenda normally gets an "F" grade and very little extra seed money. Your stock (if this company had gone public would have long ago collapsed along with your reputation.

      Lee Nysted

    27. Mike Mac on

      thank you for the update, bu ti do have one question and that is about shipping to Canada, will my watch be from Asia or from the US.

      on your next update, i would like to see more info on how you are planning on shipping are you going to ship them out randomly or how do you plan on doing it.?

    28. Nathan Scott on

      Devastated I won't be getting my watch till Christmas, so I'm just going to hang myself.

    29. Penn Dalton on

      @Rykaro - We aren't "customers" we are "backers." This isn't a store. If you want to go shopping in a store, go to newegg, best buy, or target.

    30. Missing avatar

      Keith Nealy on

      For some reason I didn't get the email of this update. I've received all previous ones.

    31. Chris Powers on

      I totally agree with Jeremy. And here my two cents.

      This is Kickstarting an entrepreneur and not an Amazon purchase from an existing manufacture. These are concept projects which are accelerated with individuals findings and we're here for the whole long haul of development, manufacturing and distribution.

      Again, it's a Kickstarter, NOT an Amazon or so other merchant purchase. People need to stop,treating these like instant gadget to consumer items and appreciate its a marvel that hundreds of people can keep creative ideas alive and give entrepreneurs vision a reality.

    32. Missing avatar

      Michael Lomotan on

      iOS6 now supports text messaging over bluetooth. Will the final release have this capability?

    33. Missing avatar

      Rykaro on

      By any stretch of the imagination, being almost half a year overdue on a project is bad and not resetting your customers expectations (and yes at the end of the day we have all paid for a product...well except the 2615 folks who pledged $1, therefore we are customers) as soon as you were aware that you wouldn't be able to deliver on your original go-live date of Sept 2012 is bad admin in any project management book and given they wanted $100,000 and they got $10M it doesn't take a rocket scientist to appreciate that demand outstripped supply and therefore this was going to happen immediately. I can fully understand people's frustration and I find it laughable the folks like Jeremy Chan who are trying to defend the Pebble Team with the standard response of "this is Kickstarter, live with it". Of course, Eric and the Pebble Team aren't too bothered with the naysayers because they're sat with over $10M in the bank (less any money they've already had to pay out if this isn't a scam) and there are plenty of folks making excuses for them and telling everyone "this is Kickstarter, live with it".

      I know that one of the factors that led me to back the Pebble was a the knowledge it was pretty much developed and would be delivered around Sept 2012. Had I know that it would be next year, I wouldn't have backed Pebble as technology advances rapidly and there could well be a bigger (metaphorically speaking) and better product out next year that gives me more bang for my buck.

      Well, as of right now we have no choice but to remain positive and I hope to see my Pebble in the dim and distant future. I'll chalk this one down to experience though and won't be in any hurry to back anything else related to Eric and the Pebble Team.

    34. Missing avatar

      jeremy chan on

      Let's be honest here.

      Most people on Kickstarter are entrepreneurs who had a good idea that they wanted to cash-in on without having to pay the middlemen. Thus, they aren't supported by staff to handle every aspect that you would expect of a traditional company (also, that's why they might drop the ball every so often with their promises). More importantly, they might not have all the skills or experience needed to juggle such a huge project.

      You can argue that with the money we pledged, they could afford to hire a few extra people to handle the PR side of things. But again, I just feel like they lack the experience to recognize the importance or the know-how on how to tackle these non-technical issues. Or, they lack the manpower to even consider such ideas and the possibility of hiring staff at this point is difficult due to the time required to invest in training them (which is time taken away from at least one core staff member).

      TL;DR? This is Kickstarter. You invest on projects from teams of entreprenuers, not huge corporations or established businesses. As such, have reasonable expectations like rational people or don't bother.

      P.S. I'm sure they've heard your complaints and concerns as you guys remind them ever so kindly with every update we get.

      Thanks for reading!

    35. CaffeineJunkie on

      That's just how I'd do it of course. Basically though they've acknowledged your order so you are going to get them.

    36. CaffeineJunkie on

      Candy, I was just able to log in successfully.

      Bryan, so the Pebble team have responded and acknowledged your order for 20 Pebbles. In the long run there shouldn't be a problem. I got the impression from your post that you had emailed them and they had completely ignored you. As your case is an exception I would guess your additional 10 pebble color selections would be done via email once the time comes

    37. Missing avatar

      Candy Coursey on

      Candy: I can't get onto it is no longer in existence. Is there somone to contact or a phone #

    38. Bryan on

      @caffeine junkie
      Yes I doubled the amount for 10 pieces , under the advise of the pebble team. I have checked and verified this was the way to go before I pledged at the start. So definitely it can be recorded. I have had numerous email exchanges with Sarah already, and Eric too. And they promised to update my account to match my pledged amount. For 2 months already

    39. CaffeineJunkie on

      Bryan, I'm struggling to find a pledge option for 20 watches. Did you perhaps choose the 10 watch pledge but just double your amount? It doesn't indicate that you able to do that in the pledge description. Pebble set a limit on the number of watches being sold and your method of ordering circumvented that. Have you tried contacting

    40. Gavin Maxwell on

      Anyone complaining that Pebble are late need to look at the definition of late as defined here on Kickstarter. Power Laces. It's been over 2 years since that project was funded and no delivery in sight. However almost every single HW product on Kickstarter has hit snags on one form or another. I've backed heaps of projects and all (with the exception of Power Laces) finally delivered. The typical issue however is that project creators underestimate the level of interest! Pebble, and Printrbot and many others fall into this category (Power Laces does not). When your deliverables increase by orders of magnitude over your estimates then things get touch real quick.
      I've pledged for 2 units, 1 for a Xmas gift. I'm going to have to re-think that I guess. Am I annoyed, angry or complaining? Nope. Anyone who's ever been involved in the product design space will know that things almost always take longer than expected, especially if it's your first time.
      Go easy on the Pebble team, they will deliver something truly amazing. And if you think bitching here will get them moving any faster you probably have an over-inflated opinion of your opinion. :)

    41. ZippyFund Inc. on

      Apparently we did not pledge enough money to get our watches yet... Perhaps next Christmas...

    42. Bryan on

      To the one who mentioned pebble need to hire someone from amazon or something for customer service, you are right. I can understand that there are hiccups in manufacturing and all. But, not handling my enquiries just enhances the doubts in my head about what their focus is on. If you can't deliver anything physical yet, at least entertain my online enquiries? Especially when it concerns my orders. I dont know how serious they are.

      I have pledged for 20 units of pebbles, but my getpebble account only states I ordered 10 pieces, even though my pledge amount states for 20. So I am unable to input my order of colors for 20 pcs. It's been 2 months since I asked for a rectification and as of now, it is still unchanged at 10 pieces. Then you later remove the cut off date for color ordering and says it will be extended , indefinitely. I'm abit cheesed that I can't even input my color orders, at the very least. I have collated the colour combination list from my friends as early as August so that when the time comes, I can respond as quickly as possible for the pebble team to process. But till now in nov, I'm still in a limbo

    43. John Ferguson on

      I'm not annoyed we don't have the watch yet; a company being late on a product release, THIS NEVER HAPPENS!

      I'm annoyed the SDK isn't out yet. How about a virtual watch so prototypes aren't needed? At the very least, make it so when the watch is released, there is a suite of apps for it. 100 SDK pledges... get even half of those to code an app and a lot of people would be a lot happier.

    44. Missing avatar

      Tom Wilkinson on

      Still waiting. Maybe I should have just burned the money I pledged instead, would have been the same result.

    45. Missing avatar

      Christopher Burnett on

      It's not a scam, they will eventually deliver. It's the way they pitched the product and embellished on how far along they were. I backed on the assumption that most of the R&D was complete and they were ready for production thus limiting the wait and chances of not receiving my reward minimal. All of the "I can wait, I want it to be awesome" people don't understand that we shouldn't have to wait months, it was "close to entering production". Yes, we understand its not a store and we should not hold anybody accountable, just sit here idle and remind people "it's kickstarter"(really!).

    46. CaffeineJunkie on

      They couldnt keep it up indefinitely because with each update they get closer to mass production. How would you explain not shipping? What would you include in the next update, or 10 updates from now?

      Still as you have agreed, it's not a scam, so a completely hypothetical situation. This project isn't even that much delayed by kickstarter standards so if kickstarter should be changing their rules it's not really fair to associate that discussion with this project.

    47. Missing avatar

      Log22 on

      "Of course it's not a scam. With each update we see the project getting closer and closer to completion. You can't keep that up indefinately"

      I agree it is not a scam. But why can't they keep that up indefinitely? If you just got a free 10 mil you could fake all the models and videos you wanted to. I'm just saying Kickstarter needs a rule or an addition to their terms that give a time limit to fulfull rewards or the money is completely refunded automatically.

      Really I just want Eric to see this and reply...That and I just want my freaking watch!

    48. niket on

      My guess is that people who have built something (anything, but actually put in the work) are more sympathetic than those that were looking for a sweet Christmas gift (for themselves or anyone else).

      As I look at the box these things are going to be shipped in I am reminded about all the other things that come along with tangible digital devices. I guess this is why Software is ultimately so popular (and leads to the fastest millionaires & billionaires we know of).

      I think the greatest mistake of this campaign wasn't that we wouldn't be able to get these on time, but that the conversation around this product could bizarrely evolve to that of a Yahoo! article.

      I guess if I paid for it and it's too late I'd want it to be the best it can be now (meh, it's my attitude not one I force onto others). Let the people that want a refund do so and be done with it. The stock can be sold to other people when it's ready.

    49. Missing avatar

      Christopher Burnett on

      It's kind of funny reading through these, you got the "take as long as you want, I'm so cool" people, the "I told you so, this is kickstarter, the project creators can do whatever the f they want", the "I own this bit*h, where's my sh*t". One of my favorite ones "they only wanted 100k and got 10 mill, of course it will take longer". Me, personally am in the "I read the original sales pitch, believed it and am now disappointed in myself for falling for the smoke and mirrors.

      Take the "Where we're at" in the project description-
      "Where we're at

      We’ve been working on smartwatches for over 3 years now. The Pebble that you see in the video is a real, working prototype.

      With your support, we can bring Pebble onto wrists worldwide. While we're close to entering production, your contribution will help fund:

      - Production tooling
      - Large component order
      - Global Bluetooth certification"

      "The pebble you see in the video is a real working prototype". That's funny, look real close for the wires.

      "While we're close to entering production". Funnier

      Of course none of this matters or will take off the blinders. Keep thinking these post matter and will influence the project creators.

    50. Nik Phillips on

      I'm still completely flabbergasted at the massive amount of people that for some reason or another, thought that Kickstarter was some sort of pre-order.

      Guys, just a little notice. Kickstarter is for backing a _project_ not the finished product. The sooner you realise this, the better. And to the muppets complaining they won't get their shiny new gadget before Xmas - I would love to see you try and deliver something this complex and scale, to see you fail completely.

      Keep up the good work team P, it's done when it's done.