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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Pre-Production Samples + Video

(Can't see the video? Click here to view it on Vimeo)

Things are moving fast in Pebble land. We're progressing rapidly through our Engineering Verification test stages. We've been spending a lot of time in Asia working with our manufacturing team and the various vendor factories that are supplying parts for Pebble. Two weeks ago, we did a sample build of Pebble with the full assembly line. The output of that sample build was a few of the first assembly line manufactured Pebbles!


Pebble is not in mass production yet. These sample Pebbles are from an early pre-production test build. We only turned the assembly line on for one day to test the process.

One of the first Pebbles off the test assembly line. Check out the video above for a closer look!

A view of the test assembly line

Soldering the battery to the main printed circuit board (PCB)

David (tall guy from Dragon) examining the vibrating-motor-into-case assembly process

You can view the high resolution versions of all these images and more in this album.


Environmental Testing

Now that we have more complete sample Pebbles to work with, we're beginning environmental testing. This means putting Pebble through its paces and seeing how the hardware holds up in a variety of everyday (and not so everyday) conditions. Here are just a few of the tests that Pebble is undergoing:

- salt water test
- water proofing test
- UV aging test 
- Drop test  
- Twist test with bands 
- Lens impact test 
- abrasion test 
- button reliability test 
- tension pull test with wrist straps installed 

Antenna testing

We can confirm that the issue we were having with the antenna (Update 18) has been conquered! The latest samples have vastly improved range and meet all of our requirements. Originally, our design included a chip antenna (similar to this), a simple antenna that's easy to use. But after testing back in August showed degradation of the signal inside a test Pebble, we redesigned the radio-frequency (RF) path. We switched to a custom-built antenna solution that uses metal traces positioned to be higher above the bottom of the watch, allowing the RF signal to be clear of water-filled cylinder that is a human wrist.

2-3 test builds remaining before mass production

Before we get into mass production (ie manufacturing all 85,000 Pebbles), we have several more test builds to complete. A test build is when we get the whole assembly line into place and manufacture/assemble a batch (normally around 50-300) of Pebbles. These test builds give us the chance to test the end-to-end manufacturing process, catching problems, testing new solutions and eliminating bugs. These are our major opportunities to revise and fix any problems with the design or manufacturing process, so we're being extremely diligent and careful. 

Testing different variations of batteries, vibrating motors and backlight modules

For example, we have several different vendors lined up to provide components for Pebble like the vibrating motor, battery and flexible printed circuit (FPC). In these test builds, we are qualifying each vendor's components and making sure that they are suitable for us to use. Having multiple vendors available for high risk components allows us to switch one component out for another in mass production if issues or delays arise with that specific part.

Color Pebbles

Check out the video to see a few samples of the color Pebbles. We aren't happy with the precise colors, so we're still working on tweaking the plastics. As soon as we're happy with the colors, we'll post high resolution photos in a future update.

T-shirts giveaway!

Here's your chance to get one of our cool 'Meet Pebble' t-shirts that I was wearing in the video. All you have to do is tell us what you're planning on doing with your Pebble ("Checking email while paragliding" or "Skipping music tracks from the bath tub" or even "Writing an app to control the sun..."). Post your answer in the comments section below. We'll choose our 10 favourite answers and give the responder a red or grey a 'meet pebble' t-shirt (their choice).

Thanks again for backing us, Pebblers!

Eric + Pebble Team

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    1. Jon Gauti Guðlaugsson on October 12, 2012

      Written for a T-shirt:

      I'll change my life.
      I'll be a new man.
      I'll reach my goals.
      I'll be happy forever.

      As they say in old viking icelandic:
      Deyr fé
      Deyja frændr
      Deyr sjalfr ið sama

      En orðstírr deyr aldrigi
      Hveim sér góðan getr.

      And that's what the Pebble is going to contribute with in my life;-)

      Jón Gauti Guðlaugsson

    2. Mickey Cogliandro on October 12, 2012

      Ill be watching my pepple for the email update that says you are mass producing the pepple, so all my friends who missed out can finally order one!

    3. Júlio César Garcia on October 12, 2012

      I'll travel back to April 11, 2012 using the Time Travel App, just to guarantee more peebles!

    4. Larry Whittington on October 12, 2012

      I want to show off my Pebble while making a free math tutorial video on my YouTube channel: Fort Bend Tutoring!

    5. Missing avatar

      Mary-Ellen Egawa on October 12, 2012

      I want to show off to my techno-geek boss - for the first time, ever!

    6. Júlio César Garcia on October 12, 2012

      I'll control rover curiosity and bring that baby back home, landing straight on my garage!

    7. Missing avatar

      Ryan A on October 12, 2012

      I want to skip podcast commercials in the car and in the shower. Sorry Leo but I support your advertisers.

    8. Tyler on October 12, 2012

      I'll use it to turn off my kids when they're loud and also to turn off my wife when i'm getting the second degree.

    9. Missing avatar

      Douglas Sease on October 12, 2012

      Avoid fumbling and dropping my iPhone while walking my dog when the phone rings or text/reminders sound.

    10. Brandon Heess on October 12, 2012

      Besides using my new cool e-watch to show off, I will use it to secretly read emails and msgs from my team while in client meetings. I can easily be more prepared for presentations in real-time by having the subject experts instantly provide me updates and comments that I can then read on my wrist without anyone in the audience knowing.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kai on October 12, 2012

      I'll probably just use it as a fancy watch and show off with it because I've got one and others don't.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew Koester on October 12, 2012

      Unlock my door through my phone with a Lockitron.

    13. Missing avatar

      Arnim Butzen on October 12, 2012

      I will be able to change the children's song that my 11 month old listens to on "his" iphone in his playpen from the couch.. What a help!

    14. Missing avatar

      Dustin on October 12, 2012

      create an app so that with a click of a button a sandwich or cookies would be brought to me....or perhaps a taste beverage. I do love my cookies warm and my beer cold.

    15. Missing avatar

      Nick Pannuto on October 12, 2012

      Clone the tamogatchi

    16. Derek Harnanansingh on October 12, 2012

      I plan on using Pebble to help me more easily geolocate killer whale sightings while on the ocean monitoring them in Johnstone Strait BC. Grabbing my phone while hanging onto a zodiac isn't ideal. So pebble will be a great tool for that! I also plan on using it to track the whales when we see them.…

    17. Eric Yount on October 12, 2012

      I'm going to do everything in the song "Handlebars" by The Flobots.

    18. Missing avatar

      Niels Vleeming on October 12, 2012

      Just imagine me, in a pool, phone nearby, controlling one of these things while it's floating around me :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Dave Klein on October 12, 2012

      Give one to my wife who can never remember where the heck her phone is.

    20. Pierre de Kergariou on October 12, 2012

      I plan on using my pebble to change my tunes and Check my SMS while kitesurfing sessions.

    21. Missing avatar

      luis hidalgo on October 12, 2012

      simplemente planeo no quitármelo ni para dormir, ducharme, nadar, surfing, etc


    22. Missing avatar

      Andrew Keating on October 12, 2012

      I plan on looking stylish as hell with an awesome piece of technology on my wrist. The phone may just become secondary.

    23. Leo Castillo on October 12, 2012

      Planning to create an app the will allow my pebble to set the time circuits for the flux capacitor and create a one press button to activate the DeLorean to 88 MPH. Where we'll then see some serious sh......!


    24. Aaron Guck on October 12, 2012

      I plan on badgering and berating Ryan Petrich or the BiteSMS team to somehow get SMS working on jailbroken iPhones. ;)

    25. Beyond Chiu on October 12, 2012

      I plan on using my Pebble to check SMS/emails while at work. My work doesn't allow us to use our cellphone during work hours... now I can just look at my Pebble and ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      AT on October 12, 2012

      I'm in Afghanistan, so I plan on using my Pebble to be able to check incoming messages and calls without having to try to fish my phone out when wearing heavy gear and being able to see information quickly at a glance without getting distracted and losing focus on surroundings.

      Thanks Pebble team, really appreciate your updates and passion for the product is evident in each one!

    27. Missing avatar

      marie hwang on October 12, 2012

      I'm planning on trying to figure out how Pebble can help me work out more/better

    28. Henry on October 12, 2012

      I plan on using my pebble to change my tunes while riding around on a motorcycle.

    29. Missing avatar

      David Kinder on October 12, 2012

      I'm going to use my pebble to keep updated on my phone without having to take it out of my pocket and expose it to my kids. Easier to check pebble with it strapped to my wrist and my boy cant run off with it and hide it like he does with my phone now. Good thing its water proof too because the little one can drool like you wouldn't believe. Maybe you should send me a few and I can baby test them for you. See if they are water, impact, and bite proof all at the same time. And lets not even mention changing diapers....

    30. Joseph Adams on October 12, 2012

      I have no pockets in my superhero outfit so the only place for my phone is in a hidden pocket in my boot. I plan on using the Pebble to check texts and phone calls without having to stop mid-flight and reach down to my boot. After all, saving the fine citizens of Metropoland from evil is my number one priority!!

    31. Cees-Jan Kiewiet on October 12, 2012

      I'm going to use my Pebble to keep informed of my CI builds and site/server status on the move.

    32. Missing avatar

      sandyfootDM on October 12, 2012

      Cat repellent! I ordered the Pebble to use for basic stuff like checking incoming calls/texts and messing with music while kayaking, jogging, and biking, but I've also decided to use it as a cat repellent. I can't ever reach the water spray bottle in time to deter my cat from scratching my furniture. I'm tired of bursting from an adjoining room screaming like a crazy lady, NO SCRATCHING! With the Pebble, my phone, and a couple strategically placed speakers, I can scare her away from targeted areas when I hear the tell-tale sound of trouble. Looking forward to the Pebble. It's really exciting to be a part of something from the beginning. Thanks!

    33. Missing avatar

      May Leong on October 12, 2012

      Oh, I neglected to mention that I have a little dachshund that I walk with daily and having the Pebble on me will keep me informed of the distance that I walked with a glance without pulling out the iPhone. I don't like to pull out my iPhone if I don't have to because of the many phone theft nowadays.
      Thanks again for reading my comments.

    34. Pebbles on October 12, 2012

      I seriously need a "T-Shirt". I've been bragging so much about my watch that I have now been banned from saying anything "Pebble", until my watch arrives! Having a T-Shirt to wear could do my talking for me! Plus I look good in red! I'm just a Pebbler without a "T"! I'm also going to have to insist that all those who have banned me from talking about my Pebble Watch refer to me as Pebbles once I start wearing my watch! Maybe even Queen Pebble! I'm not sure yet? Please, Please, Please, Pebble Please Pick Me!

      Sandy (AKA Pebbles)

      ( I think I originally posted in the wrong area.)

    35. Missing avatar

      May Leong on October 12, 2012

      Thanks for your updates. I am very excited about the project and looking forward to receiving the Pebble watches.
      I am a volunteer Meals-On-Wheels driver and a San Mateo County Sheriff patrol volunteer. The Pebble watch will keep me informed and not having to search for my iPhone when messages come in. That is very important for me.
      Thanks so much and keep up the excellent work.

    36. Missing avatar

      c golvin on October 12, 2012

      I plan to log many road riding hours with my Pebble paired to my heart rate monitor and speed & cadence sensor so that I can monitor my performance with a glance at the gorgeous e-Ink display on my wrist instead of pulling out my iPhone.
      Red medium please.

    37. Norris Lewis on October 12, 2012

      my pebble will let me keep up with text messages while putting people in prison

    38. Missing avatar

      Ciaran Meehan on October 12, 2012

      I'll definitely be using my pebble to check on anything except lecture notes during lectures!

    39. Patrick Klein on October 12, 2012

      My Pebble and I will be connected at work and more importantly out and about working out, biking, running in outdoor activities.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sakib Sadat on October 12, 2012

      Thanks for the update. Just wanted to know if Eric and the pebble team will be conducting any cold weather testing. Such as testing functionality at -25C? will be using the pebble in Canada, so its important to know if i can depend on my pebble when the weather turns cold.


    41. Missing avatar

      May Leong on October 12, 2012

      Thanks for your update. I am very excited about the project and looking forward to receiving the Pebbles.
      I am a volunteer Meals On Wheels driver and a San Mateo County Sheriff patrol volunteer. The Pebble watch will keep me updated with messages without having to pull out my iPhone and that is a plus and important for me.

      If I do win a t-shirt, I prefer your grey one.

      Thanks so much and keep up the excellent work.

    42. Missing avatar

      David Ragone on October 12, 2012

      Phone usage is outlawed at my current job. I'd use Pebble to be able to interact with my phone without anyone knowing!

    43. Missing avatar

      Adam Hoffmann on October 12, 2012

      Howdy all, I plan on wearing my Pebble on duty. I'm firefighter so that means medical calls, car accidents, and of course the occasional fire. The watch that I currently use, though durable, is BIG to say the least and can't wait to get a Pebble rapped round my wrist. Not sure how but also trying to think of an app that would be good for the fire service. No need to pull out my phone anymore either. My wife can discretely send me a message w/out need to wait for an appropriate time to pull out my phone to check it. Go Pebble and can't wait for one to show up in my mail box.

      Not to mention looking good on the wrist, but that's what we'll all be doing.

    44. Missing avatar

      X on October 12, 2012

      I am planning on using my Pebble to tell me directions when I am biking through Chicago and for updating me on my total distance.

      On a side not please suprise me and make a BLUE pebble. It would look so much better than the Red one I have selected.

    45. harrison Huang on October 12, 2012

      control the world ^^

    46. Missing avatar

      Ian Matyssik on October 12, 2012

      Looking good so far, keep it up guys.

    47. Missing avatar

      Trinity Osborn on October 12, 2012

      I am a HS Art Teacher. I'm going to use my pebble to control my playlist as I have different classes and music for my students to listen to while drawing/painting. I'm also going to use it to control my iPad, which will be linked to my bluetooth projector, to help me swipe and control a power point slide, be able to maneuver through projected images for a discussion and/or lecture, and perhaps be able to turn it into a stylus - that I could use my finger to draw on the screen and have that line/drawing appear on the projection screen over an image. I want to browse through online art galleries with my gallery app and gather then read artist information with the touch of my watch! Not too mention, I'll also be able to see when I get a text or message and can be able to covertly check those during class :) I CAN'T WAIT to MEET my PEBBLE!

    48. Eric O'Brien on October 12, 2012

      My business partner and I work remotely and are often in meetings where one of us is there in person with a client and the other is on by phone. Pebble would be the perfect way for the person in the meeting room to receive notes and hints from the person on the phone. Kinda like passing notes in class, only more discreet (and a bit more expensive...).

    49. Paul Herbert on October 12, 2012

      I'm looking forward to reading the angry text from my wife on my pebble when I'm still playing 5 a side soccer and should have been home!

    50. Leo K. on October 12, 2012

      I will be using my Pebble watch to fight crime. Batman has his utility belt; I will have my Pebble watch. Plain and simple.