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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Pre-Production Samples + Video

(Can't see the video? Click here to view it on Vimeo)

Things are moving fast in Pebble land. We're progressing rapidly through our Engineering Verification test stages. We've been spending a lot of time in Asia working with our manufacturing team and the various vendor factories that are supplying parts for Pebble. Two weeks ago, we did a sample build of Pebble with the full assembly line. The output of that sample build was a few of the first assembly line manufactured Pebbles!


Pebble is not in mass production yet. These sample Pebbles are from an early pre-production test build. We only turned the assembly line on for one day to test the process.

One of the first Pebbles off the test assembly line. Check out the video above for a closer look!

A view of the test assembly line

Soldering the battery to the main printed circuit board (PCB)

David (tall guy from Dragon) examining the vibrating-motor-into-case assembly process

You can view the high resolution versions of all these images and more in this album.


Environmental Testing

Now that we have more complete sample Pebbles to work with, we're beginning environmental testing. This means putting Pebble through its paces and seeing how the hardware holds up in a variety of everyday (and not so everyday) conditions. Here are just a few of the tests that Pebble is undergoing:

- salt water test
- water proofing test
- UV aging test 
- Drop test  
- Twist test with bands 
- Lens impact test 
- abrasion test 
- button reliability test 
- tension pull test with wrist straps installed 

Antenna testing

We can confirm that the issue we were having with the antenna (Update 18) has been conquered! The latest samples have vastly improved range and meet all of our requirements. Originally, our design included a chip antenna (similar to this), a simple antenna that's easy to use. But after testing back in August showed degradation of the signal inside a test Pebble, we redesigned the radio-frequency (RF) path. We switched to a custom-built antenna solution that uses metal traces positioned to be higher above the bottom of the watch, allowing the RF signal to be clear of water-filled cylinder that is a human wrist.

2-3 test builds remaining before mass production

Before we get into mass production (ie manufacturing all 85,000 Pebbles), we have several more test builds to complete. A test build is when we get the whole assembly line into place and manufacture/assemble a batch (normally around 50-300) of Pebbles. These test builds give us the chance to test the end-to-end manufacturing process, catching problems, testing new solutions and eliminating bugs. These are our major opportunities to revise and fix any problems with the design or manufacturing process, so we're being extremely diligent and careful. 

Testing different variations of batteries, vibrating motors and backlight modules

For example, we have several different vendors lined up to provide components for Pebble like the vibrating motor, battery and flexible printed circuit (FPC). In these test builds, we are qualifying each vendor's components and making sure that they are suitable for us to use. Having multiple vendors available for high risk components allows us to switch one component out for another in mass production if issues or delays arise with that specific part.

Color Pebbles

Check out the video to see a few samples of the color Pebbles. We aren't happy with the precise colors, so we're still working on tweaking the plastics. As soon as we're happy with the colors, we'll post high resolution photos in a future update.

T-shirts giveaway!

Here's your chance to get one of our cool 'Meet Pebble' t-shirts that I was wearing in the video. All you have to do is tell us what you're planning on doing with your Pebble ("Checking email while paragliding" or "Skipping music tracks from the bath tub" or even "Writing an app to control the sun..."). Post your answer in the comments section below. We'll choose our 10 favourite answers and give the responder a red or grey a 'meet pebble' t-shirt (their choice).

Thanks again for backing us, Pebblers!

Eric + Pebble Team


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    1. Ricky Rowland on October 13, 2012

      I'm excited!
      When I get a Pebble, I'd check my emails as I impress some girls with such a dandy watch.

    2. Bahri ucar on October 13, 2012

      Looks good! I want to reject the call of my manager by my pebble while working for another things. :)

    3. David M Goldstein
      on October 13, 2012

      Check my stats when running and biking, check the lenght of my drives when playing golf...and keep score, check my email and incoming phone calls during business meetings, using it as a remote for my music with gloves on or off...and using it as an actual watch for the rest of the day. Boy - that was a fun day - thanks Pebble!

    4. Florian Arendt on October 13, 2012

      Nice update :) Feels good to see some progress.

      Here are two examples what I would do with my pebble:

      * Skipping a song while doing the dishes.
      * Scanning an email while I'm out on a sunny, freezing cold winter day. With gloves on!

    5. Missing avatar

      Rob Mullen on October 13, 2012

      Loved the latest update guys. Can't wait. I'm a painter so I'll be checking my pebble before I reach into my pocket to answer a call when I'm 30 feet in the air up a ladder, then using it to check my yardage before I pull out a club on the 8th hole...then of of course on the off days runkeeper will be letting me know how far my rotties have taken me for a walk!. rob

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Todd on October 13, 2012

      Write a little app to remind me to take my Asthma inhaler in the morning and evening

    7. Missing avatar

      Simon Joss on October 13, 2012

      .... finally hear (or feel) my phone ringing....

    8. Missing avatar

      Ceedjee on October 13, 2012

      A special app that translate some keywords in images on pebble when we sens each other a sms

    9. Missing avatar

      Ceedjee on October 13, 2012

      First of all : thanks for you commitment on quality !
      Here's for the contest:

      My girlfriend will be sooooo happy I stop keeping my phone in my jeans pocket to feel the vibrator and that I'm not "burning" you-know-what. As we backed for a pair of pebbles, we'll run together using runkeeper. At home, we'll have it synchronised with a home automation soft of our own, that way I'll be able to monitor kitchen's timer when I cook, she'll be remindered 10min before her Tv show begins, we'll be able to switch on/off lights, washing machine...
      And we'll also have

    10. Missing avatar

      berndsg on October 13, 2012

      Using my pebble as a bike computer while surfin through my Music playlists to pick up some titles for the coming uphill! :)))

    11. Jim Hearn on October 13, 2012

      To begin with, my friends and I float down the Guadalupe river in tubes every summer. To make the float more enjoyable, I have built a custom radio that fits inside an igloo cooler. The radio consists of 4 300watt speakers and is powered a deepcycle marine battery and a 1500watt amp. To provide the jams, I use my iphone in one of those waterproof bags that can connect via a headphone cord to the amp. The problem with this: changing songs creates a hassle especially since you must almost always risk water getting into the system or the phone. With my pebble, I will be able to leisurely change the jams without contaminating the rest of the radio!

    12. Eric Hansen on October 13, 2012

      I plan on creating an app that will make the Pebble vibrate if I get too far from my phone so I never forget it again.

    13. Missing avatar

      Bob Kressley on October 13, 2012

      Winning big in Vegas! Hmm, what time is it? Oh a pair of aces on Player 4,, 3 has zip, time to raise

    14. Missing avatar

      Randall Kahler on October 13, 2012

      I'll use mine to finally work up the courage to ask my wife very nicely if she'll do the dishes for once.

    15. Matthew Hall on October 13, 2012

      I will use mine to collect treasures in Traveler's Quest.

    16. Missing avatar

      Pablo Molina on October 13, 2012

      I will use my Pebble to get my iPhone out-of-sight while watching the Flintstones!

    17. Missing avatar

      cesar rivera on October 13, 2012

      I will use it to get the delorean up to 88 mph.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jason Shidler on October 13, 2012

      Gonna dazzle my 13-month old with the Pebble's array of lights and sounds - then pray he falls asleep...

    19. Robert Rice on October 13, 2012

      I am gonna finally ignore my wife call with out digging into my pocket. YES

    20. Sengmeng on October 13, 2012

      I am going to pick up software programming and achieve little dreams with my Pebble, and show my kids this marvelous e-companion, what is kickstarter, about you guys, and lastly... how to dream, and make their dreams a reality. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Eric Weiss on October 13, 2012

      I can't wait to set the alarm on my Pebble to wake me up when I am finished taking the tact times of my thirteen employees simultaneously using my fantastic Pebble.

    22. Missing avatar

      Stephen on October 12, 2012

      Wow... I Can't Wait To SHOW OFF My New Pebble E-Paper to All My friends that Don't Have one!!!!!!!

      One thing I have notice in All of Pebble E-Paper Updates, is that the Group that I Picked to support a project are really trying to delivery a High Quality Product... And Understanding All the Backers want a Quality Product....! Thanks I can't wait...

    23. Missing avatar

      Cathy Fitzgerald on October 12, 2012

      I plan to use my Pebble to keep me stylish and on task as I achieve world domination.

    24. jdswirsky on October 12, 2012

      Here Pebble Pebble Pebble.. Come on Come here..

    25. Missing avatar

      Scott Weiss on October 12, 2012

      I plan to use Pebble to turn back time. Literally. I want to have an app face with a calculator so I can look as cool as I did with my Casio in middle school.

    26. Chris Scott on October 12, 2012

      1. Load pebble into slingshot.
      2. Swing slingshot around head.
      3. Launch at Goliath.
      4. Retrieve pebble, use to play victory song.

    27. Missing avatar

      Donald Burlack on October 12, 2012

      I am going to use my pebble to display any scan codes I need to authenticate me....such as boarding passes or admission to events or secured access to buildings or offices or even automobiles when they have scan code readers.

    28. James Carlisle Holder on October 12, 2012

      Get a ping every time I sell a new subscription to my serialized novel. An exciting way to interrupt my day!

    29. Anton Schneider-Michallek on October 12, 2012

      Since i am using my Samsung Galaxy Note to stream movies onto my TV (connected via HDMI) i gonna use my Pebble to remote control my SG Note, to pause the current movie etc. Also i will use Pebble to find my Note, when i have lost it once again in my house. One press of a button and i know where my phone is.

    30. Missing avatar

      Robert Lacroix on October 12, 2012

      For me, I really hope the Pebble can do these things:
      1. Show me who's calling so I don't have to take my phone out of my pocket to do the same;
      2. Tell the time, in the right time zone, automatically, wherever I am on the planet;
      3. Pawn pesky callers off to voicemail, right from Pebble, with the click of a button
      4. Check the latest incoming SMS from my Pebble while I'm reading a Kindle book on my Android handset on the bus

      Oh, and if I could conduct a phone call by talking into it and have it talk back to me, like a retro-sci-fi quasi-communicator, that would be cool :) - does this thing have speakers and mic? How about the toothpick you pry out the side of the casing, like my old Swiss army knife? Corkscrew, anyone? A little vino with my SMS, please...

    31. Mike Baker on October 12, 2012

      I'm not that good at programming (I don't even call it coding, that's how bad I am!), having not done much since university, but I think even I could have a stab at making something for my Pebble.
      I make a lot of long distance calls, so I would love it if my Pebble could recognise that I'm on a call, and check the information in my contacts so that it could adjust itself to display the local date and time for the person I'm calling.
      It's not a big chore, looking at a clock and counting back a certain number of hours, or remember what date daylight saving kicks in (we don't have that where I live so it's easy to forget), but I'm not expecting the Pebble to revolutionise my whole life or change the way I do things; I just want it to make the things I already do a little bit easier, a little bit faster, and a lot more convenient.

    32. Missing avatar

      wendie barbee on October 12, 2012

      I can't wait to show off my Pebble and tell folks I was one of many to back production!!! My Pebble will be worn 24/7. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Kristine Dudgeon on October 12, 2012

      Wow its all so amazing and coming to together into a little package of awesomeness! Since I am a geologist, I can imagine myself using my pebble to control time so I could go back and live among the dinosaurs like a reverse Jurassic Park! BUT coming back to reality, I might just have to stick to using my pebble to tell me where I am in the world so I don't have to get my phoneGPS out of my bag, lose it and then get REALLY really lost on some brilliant rock outcrop....or maybe that could be a fun thing...just me, my pebble and the rocks.

    34. Michael King on October 12, 2012

      With Pebble I plan to check for new text messages on my left arm while using the other to manipulate the razor-sharp flaming bayonet on the end of my porcupine shooting laser cannon in order to fight off hoards of evil robotic pirate space bears. Pebble allows me to remain updated with all my friends while still maintaining a free arm to do other things, such as protecting the people of Earth. Thanks Pebble!

    35. Tu Tran on October 12, 2012

      I bought a Pebble over a Rolex because I'm a geek!

    36. Samuel Tarquinio on October 12, 2012

      Hi Eric, good luck with the progress. I can't wait to see my pebble in my watch box and hope to wear it with your red pebble t shirt. Will look so cool!
      Thanks for the update 21. Good luck!

    37. Connie S Post on October 12, 2012

      I am giving the two Pebbles to my two sons, but don't tell them, its a surprise!!

    38. Scott Faust on October 12, 2012

      I can't wait to get my Pebble so that I can yell at my students for having their cell phones out, all the while giggling because I can check mine without anyone knowing! Muahahahaaaaaaa!!!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Valwryn on October 12, 2012

      Looking forward to checking alerts without dropping my phone down the slope... again.

    40. Missing avatar

      Dionaso on October 12, 2012

      Pebble is the first device that pushes me and makes me want to learn how develop an app... And thanks to your idea i'm studying some basic APIs! :-)

    41. Missing avatar

      Ann-Marie Beck on October 12, 2012

      I can't wait to get the two Pebble watches, My husband plans on taking his for a crazy 100km bike ride to put it though its paces and my son has plans to stay even more connected than a 17 year old already does and making all his friends jealous, because his Mom is so cool and up to date on this technology.

    42. Billy Loftis on October 12, 2012

      Really Lookinf forward to getting my Pebble! I can't wait to control my devices with my watch! That is going to be so cool!!

    43. tetfsu on October 12, 2012

      I plan on using my pebble to read unimportant Facebook Status updates from friends. Like "Today with the first time I ate a turkey sandwich in 4 whole days." -Bob. Just imagine the time this will save me from having to go and read them on the computer.

    44. Yev Pusin on October 12, 2012

      I'm just going to unpack my Pebble, fire it up, and then stare at it for a couple of hours. Afterwards I'm going to tell everyone I know via social medias how awesome each intricate detail is. Then I shall attempt to create an application that will make funny faces at me via the watch face. This will make me happy.

    45. Sal "Lasareath" Cameli on October 12, 2012

      I'm so fat that the t-shirt would look like a halter top on me. I'll wear it while roller skating around my town and scaring all the small children!

    46. Tim Patterson on October 12, 2012

      Would love to show off my Pebble to my family and kids who know I'm a total geek for this stuff. This would clean their clock, so to speak...

    47. Nicolas Van den Eynde on October 12, 2012

      I'd write an app to remind me every so often to stand up and walk a while when I sit down to work for a long time on the computer. I always find myself clumsy after an absorbing work !

    48. Destin Pierce Smith on October 12, 2012

      Turning my phone alarm off 4 times from bed in the morning... without having to reach for it.

    49. Missing avatar

      Lu on October 12, 2012

      Chicks dig the Pebble. I'll be using Pebble to pick up chicks!

    50. Jon Gauti Guðlaugsson on October 12, 2012

      And I look enormously forward to get one of those missing links in my geeklife.

      Keep on the good work.