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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Pre-Production Samples + Video

(Can't see the video? Click here to view it on Vimeo)

Things are moving fast in Pebble land. We're progressing rapidly through our Engineering Verification test stages. We've been spending a lot of time in Asia working with our manufacturing team and the various vendor factories that are supplying parts for Pebble. Two weeks ago, we did a sample build of Pebble with the full assembly line. The output of that sample build was a few of the first assembly line manufactured Pebbles!


Pebble is not in mass production yet. These sample Pebbles are from an early pre-production test build. We only turned the assembly line on for one day to test the process.

One of the first Pebbles off the test assembly line. Check out the video above for a closer look!

A view of the test assembly line

Soldering the battery to the main printed circuit board (PCB)

David (tall guy from Dragon) examining the vibrating-motor-into-case assembly process

You can view the high resolution versions of all these images and more in this album.


Environmental Testing

Now that we have more complete sample Pebbles to work with, we're beginning environmental testing. This means putting Pebble through its paces and seeing how the hardware holds up in a variety of everyday (and not so everyday) conditions. Here are just a few of the tests that Pebble is undergoing:

- salt water test
- water proofing test
- UV aging test 
- Drop test  
- Twist test with bands 
- Lens impact test 
- abrasion test 
- button reliability test 
- tension pull test with wrist straps installed 

Antenna testing

We can confirm that the issue we were having with the antenna (Update 18) has been conquered! The latest samples have vastly improved range and meet all of our requirements. Originally, our design included a chip antenna (similar to this), a simple antenna that's easy to use. But after testing back in August showed degradation of the signal inside a test Pebble, we redesigned the radio-frequency (RF) path. We switched to a custom-built antenna solution that uses metal traces positioned to be higher above the bottom of the watch, allowing the RF signal to be clear of water-filled cylinder that is a human wrist.

2-3 test builds remaining before mass production

Before we get into mass production (ie manufacturing all 85,000 Pebbles), we have several more test builds to complete. A test build is when we get the whole assembly line into place and manufacture/assemble a batch (normally around 50-300) of Pebbles. These test builds give us the chance to test the end-to-end manufacturing process, catching problems, testing new solutions and eliminating bugs. These are our major opportunities to revise and fix any problems with the design or manufacturing process, so we're being extremely diligent and careful. 

Testing different variations of batteries, vibrating motors and backlight modules

For example, we have several different vendors lined up to provide components for Pebble like the vibrating motor, battery and flexible printed circuit (FPC). In these test builds, we are qualifying each vendor's components and making sure that they are suitable for us to use. Having multiple vendors available for high risk components allows us to switch one component out for another in mass production if issues or delays arise with that specific part.

Color Pebbles

Check out the video to see a few samples of the color Pebbles. We aren't happy with the precise colors, so we're still working on tweaking the plastics. As soon as we're happy with the colors, we'll post high resolution photos in a future update.

T-shirts giveaway!

Here's your chance to get one of our cool 'Meet Pebble' t-shirts that I was wearing in the video. All you have to do is tell us what you're planning on doing with your Pebble ("Checking email while paragliding" or "Skipping music tracks from the bath tub" or even "Writing an app to control the sun..."). Post your answer in the comments section below. We'll choose our 10 favourite answers and give the responder a red or grey a 'meet pebble' t-shirt (their choice).

Thanks again for backing us, Pebblers!

Eric + Pebble Team

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    1. Robby Timmermans on October 14, 2012

      Check who is calling me when doing laps in the swimming pool:
      - Business call: ignore
      - Wife: euh, ignore :)
      - Friends: accept !

    2. Ryan Larson on October 14, 2012

      I'm in social work. I'm going to use my watch to make sure that my clients are taken care of even during meetings. By being able to check messages I can see if emergencies are happening at every moment.

    3. Aren Patel on October 14, 2012

      I can't wait to use my Pebble to control the music playing on my boat as I swim around it!

    4. Missing avatar

      Denis Ricard on October 14, 2012

      I'll create an app with astronomical data (sunrise, sunset, etc.), so I'll mostly use my Pebbles for that. I'll also create an app to tell time in an MMORPG called Clan Lord and use it when I log on.

    5. Missing avatar

      Symptomless Coma on October 14, 2012

      Pebble Rocks ! I will be able to sneakily looked at texts and Facebook updates at work without anyone knowing I have my phone turned on ! I feel they underestimate the sneakiness of I !

    6. Steven McMahon on October 14, 2012

      I have some medical issues which affect my mobility a bit. I try to do light exercise as much as possible to help me with my physical issues. I plan to use my pebble as a compa ion device to my iPhone. I will keep up on my emails and tweets etc with it as we'll as controlling my Bluetooth headphones while wearing both the headphones and the watch.
      But really I just want to go to get together a then let ppl watch me get alerts and such through the watch. Haven't had a cooler gadget since my pico projector!

    7. Missing avatar

      Alexander Hoffmann on October 14, 2012

      I can't wait to keep the party going as I remotely control the music vibe from my pebble - swtiching thru songs in the playlist.

    8. Robrecht Vandemeulebroecke on October 14, 2012


      There once was a caveman from Debel
      Who thought of himself as a rebel
      Made arrowheads, fire
      And bearskin attire
      All with a shiny black pebble.

      They say that young David from Judah
      Shot down -- using just a pea shooter
      And one teeny, tiny
      And probably shiny
      Black pebble -- a giant intruder.

      A wizard in ancient Cologne
      Who sought the philosopher's stone
      Believed it to be
      (Between you and me)
      A black-colored pebble that shone.

      Sir Newton took -- where? on the head!
      An apple, all shiny and red
      Well that's what they say
      But I tell you: nay
      A black pebble hit him instead.

      Fast forward to somewhere in Cali
      Where speeding to its grand finale
      A shiny and glowing
      Black Pebble is growing
      Not flint, but pure Silicon Valley.

      Today, in (of all places) Flanders
      A young geek excitedly ponders:
      The Pebble is back
      Still shiny and black
      Still capable of doing wonders!

    9. Missing avatar

      del gillogly on October 14, 2012

      I would like to use my pebble watch while skydiving.

    10. Tom Wilson on October 14, 2012

      I'm most excited to wear my pebble and stay linked in while I snowboard.

    11. Missing avatar

      Bernie on October 14, 2012

      I would love to try Flyboarding wearing my Pebble and talking to my partner who will be wearing her matching red Pebble. I have to admit that the first thing we will be doing is SHOWING OFF our matching Pebbles and although I am almost 60 years old, I am immature enough to make sure I flash my Pebble in the face of a younger friend and colleague who was showing off his Nike Fuel band Friday. Our red Pebbles will complement and definitely upgrade our 10 year old red Thunderbird and red Mustang.

    12. Kevin Coughlin on October 14, 2012

      Gaining experience with working with limited memory by writing a morning playlist shuffler for Android and my Pebble.

    13. Missing avatar

      Glen Bender on October 14, 2012

      Just killed my iPhone 4 in the Hot Tub last night. With the Pebble, I could have left the phone in the house and just relied on the Pebble for notification. I have a customer service oriented business and need to answer customer calls 24-7. When I am 20 feet up a ladder, crawling on my belly through 2 feet of attic insulation or in a quiet zone like a restaurant or church, I do not like to pull my phone out needlessly, so the Pebble will be perfect for me. Also, when I start training for the half marathon that I promised my daughter I would run with her, this geezer will definitely be monitoring his heart rate and what easier way than with a Pebble. Oh, and don't forget the possibility of getting vital info from my, yet to come, Sersordrone which will work with the iPhone 5 I just ordered . Yes, I do like my toys and I am going to love my Pebbles (one for everyday and one unscathed for dressing up).

    14. Missing avatar

      Kalle Müller on October 14, 2012

      I want to Monitor my Speed during wakeboarding. Hopefully BT 4.0 Supports this Distance. I am Looping forward to have it on my wirst sooooon. Thanks for Keep us Updated. International Customer.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark Metcoff on October 14, 2012

      In my house, I'm basically everyone's pillow. I'm going to use my pebble to check messages, control music and video, and other fun stuff while covered in cats, women, and children.

    16. nmnemonic on October 14, 2012

      I hope to make an app for showing sailboat instrument data from my on-board PC on my pebble.
      Having boat speed / wind speed / vmg etc. available on my wrist would be awesome!

    17. Missing avatar

      seshu chunduru on October 14, 2012

      I work in a building with metal tiles that looks beautiful but does not allow cell phone signal.I would be leaving my phone close to a window and use pebble to not loose any important notifications.

    18. Scott Pike on October 14, 2012

      I'm going to use my pebble to identify pebbles on the beach

    19. ira ruderman on October 14, 2012

      After today I think I am going to get some Red Bull and see how high we can take this Pebble....maybe break the sound barrier with it! Seriously though, I would buy a t-shirt!

    20. WICKED_CARN1 on October 14, 2012

      I am going to use my pebble as a watch to tell the time like everybody else i hope. Just because it does things fancy doesn't mean i have a smartphone. I just figured it would look sweet on my wrist. Oh and give the second pebble as a gift to my brother who has a smartphone so he will use it to its full potential.

    21. Thomas Malcolm Ross on October 14, 2012

      I'm going to use my pebble to monitor the status of the data that the AI I am working on for senior thesis are collecting.

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Henson on October 14, 2012

      I'm going to write an app to countdown to when I actually receive a watch........

    23. Missing avatar

      Gerald Shifrin on October 14, 2012

      I plan to use it as a silent meditation timer.

    24. Mark Smith on October 14, 2012

      Map circadian rhythms to wake at right time to get to my morning meeting and read emails while I look like I am encouraging everyone to be brief in their briefs. X-large either color. Thx

    25. Missing avatar

      Stuart Zissman on October 14, 2012

      I am hoping to use mine whilst tumbling through a seawater waterfall and reading emails, with my keys held onto the strap and in bright sunshine of course - so hopefully the environmental testing with cover salt water, uv etc etc! And if no waterfalls are available then it will be the 2013 iPhone 5 "look at me, I've got one, you haven't " accessory.

    26. David Ashton on October 14, 2012

      Writing an app to control Nest from work

    27. Missing avatar

      Surekha on October 14, 2012

      My family and friends live in different time zones. I'll use Pebble watch to alert me to call them at times convenient to both of us. Specially on anniversaries.

    28. Grace Getzen on October 14, 2012

      Once I get my Pebble I'm going to use it to sync up with all the other Pebble users. Then I'm going to access it's cool new app to access the other Pebble users phones and find out which ones are single and available to date. Once that is accomplished it will then parse out which ones are the best looking... (still in beta testing but what the heck right?!) My Pebble with then send each candidate a text message with my photo and phone number attached and LOVE will conquer ALL!!!!!

    29. Rodrigo Toca on October 14, 2012

      I can't wait to hide a wireless speaker in the ceiling of the meeting room synched with my iphone and suddenly music appears! And it changes! And it gets louder or softer... who is it???

      Who will know that I'm controlling it through my incredible Pebble!?!?

    30. Mitch Maddox on October 14, 2012

      With a Pebble my wife will know she's getting a call even when her phone is in her purse. For that matter, maybe with wider adoption there will be fewer ring tones in the world, especially in public places.

    31. Missing avatar

      pmtheone on October 14, 2012

      Waiting to see next update! In the meanwhile.... Go so on!!

    32. Barbara Orthman on October 14, 2012

      I'm a 57 years old lean manufacturing facilitator and I can fully appreciate and understand what you are going through in this pre-production phase.. .good luck ! I plan to take my Pebble on many a trip on my Harley. ..through wind and weather. ..lots of hot sun. ..hope there is not too much glare. ..can't wait :)

    33. Robrecht Vandemeulebroecke on October 14, 2012

      There once was a caveman from Debel
      Who thought of himself as a rebel
      Made arrowheads, fire
      And bearskin attire
      All with a shiny black pebble.

      Today, of all places, in Flanders
      A young geek excitedly ponders:
      The Pebble is back
      Still shiny and black
      Still capable of doing wonders!

    34. Missing avatar

      Gary on October 14, 2012

      Not much to say. This is such a mind-blowing device the wait is nerve-racking. There two hyphenated words in one sentence. Keep up the awesome job and loved the latest update.

    35. Missing avatar

      kamingusu on October 14, 2012

      I want to look down at my Pebble in a meeting that is going on too long and say "Uh oh, my sources tell me a crisis is brewing in Dubai!" and rush out of the room.

    36. Jaswant Tan on October 14, 2012

      i would use pebble to prank my friends who have iphones? LOL but mainly to keep me away from using the ihpone and getting distracted from work

    37. Missing avatar

      David Van Bogaert on October 14, 2012

      T-shirts giveaway -> I've got iCoyoto on my iPhone ... That's an APP for Traffic information and radar control. If there are alerts, I need to look on my iPhone while driving. It would be nice to see if there could be an interface on the e-Paper Watch so you can keep your hands on the steering wheel ...
      Success and looking forward receiving my new watch ...

    38. Nasser alnuaimi on October 14, 2012

      It was too hot last two months in Dubai (Arabia) but it cooldown thease days,
      But I'm sill feeling hot waiting my Pebble to cool me down. Hip Hip Hooray for Pebble team.

    39. Missing avatar

      P on October 14, 2012

      I plan on using mine while I salsa dance in front of the mirror and I am TRYING to stay away from social media on the Droid...(i can stay away, because of my pebble)

    40. Missing avatar

      Richard Askew on October 14, 2012

      I'm looking forward to kite surfing and being able to skip a track forward when when my iPhone not so random, randomiser becomes fixated with only playing Joy Division tracks (not that I have any issue with Joy Division tracks ... they just weren't written with kite surfing in mind).

    41. Brian Scott on October 14, 2012

      Driving, cycling, running and hanging out with my lover... until my pebble I could never deal with calls, emails or texts without taking my hands of the "wheel". Now a quick and subtle glance is all I'll need to do to stay current and still remain "in the moment"!

    42. Brian Scott on October 14, 2012

      Driving, cycling, running and hanging out with my lover... until my pebble I could never deal with calls, emails or texts without taking my hands of the "wheel". Now a quick and subtle glance is all I'll need to do to stay current and remain "in the moment"!

    43. Missing avatar

      Peter Sellers on October 14, 2012

      I can't wait for my pebble I work in a production shop and it is going to be grat to be able to turn my phone ringer completely off and still get the notifications that I need.

    44. Myron Lim Nepomuceno on October 14, 2012

      i'm a chef, so while cooking, i can check who is calling or texting me... i'll never miss a call or text message ever again (since my phone is not always with me)... and i will be able to control the music playing in the background!! isn't that awesome!?

    45. Radwa Ali on October 14, 2012

      I'm going to talk to Alpha and Zordon, teleport to the power chamber, and morph--go, go, go!

    46. Eric Martens on October 14, 2012

      I'll be like "Brain" from Pinky and the Brain! I'll make an App for the Pebble and then try to take over the world with it.........

    47. Fraineal Bituin on October 14, 2012

      When I get my Pebble, I'm going to make an app to communicate with my car whom I will call KITT.

    48. Missing avatar

      Warbreed on October 13, 2012

      When I get my Pebble, I'm going to count down the seconds until my Kickstarter exclusivity ends and any old shmoe can get one.

    49. Oliver Attias on October 13, 2012

      When I get my Pebble I am going to make a app to control the music that is played at the office.
      Because most of the time it bad and lame.

      The Pebble is going to Rock when I get it. I can't wait.