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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Plastic Samples, iPhone 5 and More!

iOS 6 Update and iPhone 5

Bit of news: Apple released an update to iOS this week. iOS 6 is available for free on all the phones that Pebble supports (iPhone 3GS and up). We've had access to iOS 6 through the iOS Developers program for the last few months, and we've been testing our software with both iOS 5 and 6. The big news in iOS 6 is a new Bluetooth profile called MAP. We've integrated a MAP receiver into Pebble, but we still have a bit more testing to do with the iPhone 5. So far it's working really well! There is no reason Pebble should not work perfectly with iPhone 5.

Samples from our Plastics Factory

I mentioned in Update 17 that we were about to start the injection molding process. Creating molds or 'tools' is hard, literally. The process involves carving a Pebble-shaped cavity out of hard steel blocks and even with our accelerated schedule, it took 6 weeks. We had to make separate tools for each of the pieces of the watch (buttons, case, lens, strap). 

After weeks of work, we ran the first test shots of the mold. It's awesome to see the long, hard work of our industrial designer, tool designers and mechanical team pay off.

This is an important step towards mass production. Steve, our industrial designer, is in Taiwan right now evaluating samples which are literally hot off the presses. We think they look great for first shots, though we've got a bunch of tweaks to make to ensure that all plastic components work and look perfect. The only color we've made so far is black because we can't afford the down-time needed to fully clean the tool. As soon as we have samples in other colors, we will post pictures. 

We will leave color selection open past Sept 30 at (Entries can be submitted past Sept 30 now). We will email all backers before closing color selection. 

Case assembled with lens and strap (but missing buttons)

Top and bottom of the case

Tons of buttons!

Steve, our industrial designer, was on-site in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and took a bunch more photos (full album).

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Progress

In parallel to the plastics work, we've made several revisions of the circuit board. With each revision we eliminate more bugs and improve the design. In response to a problem we had with the antenna, we created 3 different potential designs and then prototyped and tested each sample extensively inside an anechoic chamber. The best design prevailed and we've integrated that solution into our PCB.


We've got the whole team working extremely hard on Pebble, but there is a lot of work left to do.

Software Development

On the software and firmware side, we're in the process of strenuously testing Pebble's ability to receive new updates wirelessly via a smartphone. This means that even after you receive your Pebble, you can update the software on your watch simply by tapping a button on your phone. Our software team is also busy writing the underlying code for Pebble's customizable user interface, as well as the apps, like watchfaces, notifications and more, that run on top of the Pebble operating system. 


Now that our plastic manufacturing process is up and running, we're able to make lots of test units and iron out the kinks in the software, as well as the hardware manufacturing process. We've designed a strenuous test plan that will put Pebble through its paces. Right now (before we go into mass production) each aspect of the design, from water resistance to button presses to battery lifecycle, is being tested. Then when the factory is in full production mode, every single watch will be tested to be in compliance with our quality requirements.


(This section has been reposted on our forums for discussion)

The last update we've published about Pebble's Software Development Kit (SDK) was in June, when we described what the Pebble Android SDK would look like and launched Since then we've been pretty quiet on the subject.

I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about our roadmap towards creating an awesome developer environment on Pebble. At the moment, we're focusing 95% of our software effort on writing the base operating system and features for Pebble, on top of test routines that run in our factory. The sheer amount of work is enough to keep our 5 person software team quite busy. We feel it's important to build a strong foundation that's highly usable for both users as well as developers.

Part of that foundation is the ability for Pebble to easily run third-party apps. We've built this into the core architecture of our OS. The following is our plan to enable developers to create software that works with Pebble. Please keep in mind that this is a roadmap, we'll be releasing more info over time.

  • Android SDK: It's easy to integrate new or existing Android apps with Pebble. Our SDK uses intent messaging, allowing other apps to push messages, notifications or even sports data to Pebble. As soon as Pebble ships, developers will be able to use the API calls described on to integrate their apps with Pebble
  • Notification API: Web developers will be able to add Pebble integration to their webapps as well. We're building an OAuth 2.0-enabled endpoint linked to the Pebble Account system. After asking Pebble users to authenticate, Notification API-enabled webapps will be able to push notifications, alerts and other data directly to a Pebble. The API takes care of all the communication between the web, phone and Pebble.
  • Watchface SDK: All the tools needed to create your own custom watchface for Pebble. This is our first experiment with 3rd party code running directly on Pebble's microcontroller. Developer tools and documentation are the most difficult part of this SDK stage.
  • iOS SDK: Things are a bit more complex on iOS. There is no simple method for doing interprocess communication between apps. We're pursuing a few different options. We're confident that the solutions we're building will work. 
  • Expanded Native SDK: At this stage we'll expand the featureset of the native development platform introduced with the Watchface SDK. Think games, sleep trackers, remote controls and other more complex apps.

Thanks for bearing with me through this long update. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Thanks again for backing Pebble!

Eric + Pebble Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      John on September 22, 2012

      Dustin Wood, Mike Sung, Dustin Kerber, Phil Ward, Tim van Dalen,

      Educate yourselves.

      As Andrew Beard said, per the FCC, permanent country of origin labels are required on intentional radiators (exceptions for extremely small devices, etc.)

    2. Tim van Dalen on September 22, 2012

      Thirded the China comment

    3. Douglas Bailey on September 22, 2012

      Thanks for the update! Communication is key and I think you're doing well.

    4. Ingo
      on September 22, 2012

      I'm hoping the OAUTH implementation will lead to integration...

    5. Andrew Beard on September 22, 2012

      It's on the back of the watch, is it really a big deal? IIRC country of origin labels are required for finished goods somewhere on the product, wouldn't the back of the case be one of the best places where it's out of the way while the watch is in use?

    6. Phil Ward on September 22, 2012

      x 2 with the China comment

    7. Missing avatar

      Dustin Kerber on September 22, 2012

      Love the update! How stuck are you on the "Made in China" stamp on the back? It really detracts from the design of the Pebble.

    8. Ian H. on September 22, 2012

      After having gone through the debacle that was the Adam tablet with its slipped ship and then delivery dates, I am content knowing that progress is going forward. As long as the updates keep coming, I don't need an unverified/unreliable ship date estimate. Thanks for keeping us informed!

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel Batchelor on September 22, 2012

      Thanks for the update, the more the better. I have to agree that we should get an estimated shipping date. As another pebbler commented, it sounds like you've gotten through some of the more "unknown" aspects of the process and should be able to give us some kind of window. I understood your reasoning for not providing a shipping date earlier, but I think when you announced not making the Sept. shipping window, a lot of backers had Oct. in the back of their minds, so I think as we approach Oct. you're going to hear a lot more grumbling from your backers. Personally I want you guys to build the best product you can build, but I do expect to have some idea of when that will be. As yet another pebbler commented, give us the same respect and benefit of the doubt as we've given you. I get the whole not making the Sept. ship window, and I know you're all work hard. If you give us a window and if for some reason you run into glitch, give us the benefit of the doubt and know that must of us will understand given an explanation, such as the excellent updates you've continued to post. Thanks :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Sven Johannsen on September 22, 2012

      Thanks for the great update. Love the relevance and detail. Another Kickstarter watch thing I'm participating in just keeps updating new case and band styles as they think of them.

    11. Missing avatar

      James Hefner on September 22, 2012

      Thank you so much for the updates. I'm in no hurry, so get it like you want it!

      Jim Hefner

    12. Missing avatar

      Trevor Cotton on September 22, 2012

      Does Bluetooth MAP mean SMS messages on the watch when paired with an iPhone 5?? I hope so!

    13. Brad McGonigle on September 22, 2012

      What does MAP allow? Anything beyond the original scope of functionality for iOS?

    14. Francesco Gianni on September 22, 2012

      Well my wife is a bit disappointed about the new iPhone 5 and plans to switch from her iPhone 4 to the new Nokia Lumia 920, so I too would love to see Windows 8 support. I am under the impression that a lot iPhone users are a bit underwhelmed by the iPhone 5.

    15. Allen Huang on September 22, 2012

      I was hoping that we would get a clear back with just the pebble label and everything else on the inside of the case. I like a clean design. I hope it's not too late to change it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Hamilton Hutchinson on September 22, 2012

      The last update mentioned we would be able to see more realistic rendering of the gray version. Is that going to come out before Sept. 30th?

      Also, even if not an expected ship date, some idea when the first production run occurs would be appreciated. The timing of that event is not affected by how many have to be built.

    17. Francesco Gianni on September 22, 2012

      Looks good, however it would be nice to have a new estimate (even a range of date) on the shipping date; is it to be expected to be before Xmas? Before Easter? By next summer?

    18. Simon Dahlbacka on September 22, 2012

      FWIW, I would also love to see Windows 8 support.

    19. Hugh Isaacs II on September 22, 2012

      Will Pebble support Google TVs (the ones with Bluetooth)?

      Also it'd be great to have Pebble apps for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, will there be a device agnostic API at any point? (Aside from Bluetooth MAP support)

    20. Colin Karpfinger on September 22, 2012

      Awesome progress. Very good news about MAP profile.

      I think you guys are doing the right thing not announcing a ship date yet. Keep on truckin'.

    21. Mike Sung on September 22, 2012

      Back of the case design with "Pebble" & "Made in China" located centrally doesn't seem to be ideal. I can imagine taking the Pebble off of my wrist and seeing a "tatto" of them.

    22. Doug Broda on September 22, 2012

      Extending the color selection past 9/30 for backers suggests a substantial delay is possible. In light of the the need to address iOS 6, the general overenthusiasm of any startup, and the huge increase in scale from the Kickstarter response, I'll be happy if my Pebble arrives before Christmas (though I do think we deserve additional updates as to where the process stands). After Christmas, I'll start to worry.

    23. Tony Harris on September 22, 2012

      Whats the most realistic estimate of when we're getting these now- 2013??

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on September 22, 2012

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    25. Missing avatar

      Kjell Nolke on September 22, 2012

      Great work. Very interesting being partial to the development process of such an interesting project. Thanks for the update. I for one am happy to wait until its ready. Like a good pint. Worth waiting for.

    26. Laurie Stoker on September 22, 2012

      I really appreciate seeing these updates - it makes me feel like a part of the team! The photos are great!

    27. Geocas1 on September 22, 2012

      Here my vote for more info on a shipping date, be it estimated, hopefully, unrealistic ....but more information on the shipping date. I think everyone knows this is probably going to take longer then expected but give us the respect to answer shipping date questions the same way we answered your request for our investment in your product. We don't have a choice but to wait and it will make it easier knowing something rather then nothing.

    28. Missing avatar

      Thomas on September 22, 2012

      Really great to see these updates. I'm a backer for SmartThings too, and wish they have these kind of detailed, passionate production updates also.

    29. E. Simon on September 22, 2012

      I'm also very interested to know if Windows Phone 8 will be supported.. Thanks

    30. Missing avatar

      Ben Myers on September 22, 2012

      When can we expect an actual SDK release along with an emulator? The Android SDK preview was released in June. Is it ready? Can we see it working? We were promised the SDK and emulator to be released before Pebble ships so we can start developing for it.

      We really would like to see more updates for the software side. Can you post more videos of how things are progressing with the OS and SDK development?

    31. Missing avatar

      JimG on September 22, 2012

      Same as Rob above, impressed with professionalism. I really appreciate the full-length updates. It really seems you are on top of things, even though it looks like you're submerged with work. Of course, like everyone else can't wait to get it asap, but you guys need to make sure you do things right. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Keep pushing and thanks for your efforts.

    32. Rand Chua TL on September 22, 2012

      Thanks for the update man. I really appreciate it, hope to see another new update soon ^_^

    33. Simon Simson on September 22, 2012

      Another lumia 920 question. I'm jumping ship ios6 hasn't impressed me and the new iPhone is what the 4s should have been.
      Pretty bummed if it won't as I predict the Nokia is going to be a big hit and get Nokia a chunk of the market back.

    34. Mimi on September 22, 2012

      Please give us an idea of how long the delivery date has slipped.. I think most people want to know.

    35. Missing avatar

      rob kuhling on September 22, 2012

      I am impressed with your professionalism and perserverence. Go team. (from a VC of 25 years who has seen the good, the bad and the ugly)

    36. Missing avatar

      Raphael Mintgen on September 22, 2012

      Guys you have to announce a new shipping date. People are going to lose patience.
      Can you also give a date for SDK release ? Thx

    37. Lucas Swartsenburg on September 22, 2012

      Have you guys considered a more open sourcy approach? I would - for example - have no problem with spending some of my free time on development...

    38. Phil Wilson on September 22, 2012

      Have you chosen a new ship date?

    39. Missing avatar

      Ratna Teja on September 22, 2012

      Android FTW!!
      Dial color and strap color are somewhat different.

    40. Montrale Hammonds on September 22, 2012

      What about Windows Phone 8 support? With the new Nokia Lumia announcement they have Bluetooth 4.0 built in the 920 & 820. Is in the time tables for this year?

    41. Missing avatar

      Ethan Zmoos on September 22, 2012

      Since there is a MAP receiver will iOS users be able to see text messages on Pebble?

    42. Missing avatar

      Eric Rucker on September 22, 2012

      Re: the iOS comment... there is one way to do it that would be incredibly ugly, but would definitely work.

      Web API.

      Make the iOS app go out to the web API, then go back to the Pebble driver on iOS that way.

    43. Pebble Technology 3-time creator
      on September 22, 2012

      @Carlos, we definitely realize this. Don't worry, we have several options, just working on selecting the best one.

    44. Kraksx Hacks on September 22, 2012

      est delivery: sept... now....?

    45. Fuzzy Puffin on September 22, 2012

      Wow, still a lot of work to do. I'm guessing January.

    46. Carlos on September 22, 2012

      Well... I am an iOS developer and I know that moment were going to arrive: the moment when you face that iOS doesn't let you communicate easy with the watch. It will be funny to see how you guys deal with it, because MOST of the 10M $ backers ... are like me, iOS users!

    47. Stefano Figura on September 22, 2012

      Can you guys send test units out to the people that has bought 10+ pebbles as a thanks for being patient? ;)

    48. Simon on September 22, 2012

      Thanks for the update. I really appreciate it

    49. Oletros on September 22, 2012

      Thanks Eric for the update.

      Can we expect shipping end October?