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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Plastic Samples, iPhone 5 and More!

iOS 6 Update and iPhone 5

Bit of news: Apple released an update to iOS this week. iOS 6 is available for free on all the phones that Pebble supports (iPhone 3GS and up). We've had access to iOS 6 through the iOS Developers program for the last few months, and we've been testing our software with both iOS 5 and 6. The big news in iOS 6 is a new Bluetooth profile called MAP. We've integrated a MAP receiver into Pebble, but we still have a bit more testing to do with the iPhone 5. So far it's working really well! There is no reason Pebble should not work perfectly with iPhone 5.

Samples from our Plastics Factory

I mentioned in Update 17 that we were about to start the injection molding process. Creating molds or 'tools' is hard, literally. The process involves carving a Pebble-shaped cavity out of hard steel blocks and even with our accelerated schedule, it took 6 weeks. We had to make separate tools for each of the pieces of the watch (buttons, case, lens, strap). 

After weeks of work, we ran the first test shots of the mold. It's awesome to see the long, hard work of our industrial designer, tool designers and mechanical team pay off.

This is an important step towards mass production. Steve, our industrial designer, is in Taiwan right now evaluating samples which are literally hot off the presses. We think they look great for first shots, though we've got a bunch of tweaks to make to ensure that all plastic components work and look perfect. The only color we've made so far is black because we can't afford the down-time needed to fully clean the tool. As soon as we have samples in other colors, we will post pictures. 

We will leave color selection open past Sept 30 at (Entries can be submitted past Sept 30 now). We will email all backers before closing color selection. 

Case assembled with lens and strap (but missing buttons)

Top and bottom of the case

Tons of buttons!

Steve, our industrial designer, was on-site in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and took a bunch more photos (full album).

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Progress

In parallel to the plastics work, we've made several revisions of the circuit board. With each revision we eliminate more bugs and improve the design. In response to a problem we had with the antenna, we created 3 different potential designs and then prototyped and tested each sample extensively inside an anechoic chamber. The best design prevailed and we've integrated that solution into our PCB.


We've got the whole team working extremely hard on Pebble, but there is a lot of work left to do.

Software Development

On the software and firmware side, we're in the process of strenuously testing Pebble's ability to receive new updates wirelessly via a smartphone. This means that even after you receive your Pebble, you can update the software on your watch simply by tapping a button on your phone. Our software team is also busy writing the underlying code for Pebble's customizable user interface, as well as the apps, like watchfaces, notifications and more, that run on top of the Pebble operating system. 


Now that our plastic manufacturing process is up and running, we're able to make lots of test units and iron out the kinks in the software, as well as the hardware manufacturing process. We've designed a strenuous test plan that will put Pebble through its paces. Right now (before we go into mass production) each aspect of the design, from water resistance to button presses to battery lifecycle, is being tested. Then when the factory is in full production mode, every single watch will be tested to be in compliance with our quality requirements.


(This section has been reposted on our forums for discussion)

The last update we've published about Pebble's Software Development Kit (SDK) was in June, when we described what the Pebble Android SDK would look like and launched Since then we've been pretty quiet on the subject.

I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about our roadmap towards creating an awesome developer environment on Pebble. At the moment, we're focusing 95% of our software effort on writing the base operating system and features for Pebble, on top of test routines that run in our factory. The sheer amount of work is enough to keep our 5 person software team quite busy. We feel it's important to build a strong foundation that's highly usable for both users as well as developers.

Part of that foundation is the ability for Pebble to easily run third-party apps. We've built this into the core architecture of our OS. The following is our plan to enable developers to create software that works with Pebble. Please keep in mind that this is a roadmap, we'll be releasing more info over time.

  • Android SDK: It's easy to integrate new or existing Android apps with Pebble. Our SDK uses intent messaging, allowing other apps to push messages, notifications or even sports data to Pebble. As soon as Pebble ships, developers will be able to use the API calls described on to integrate their apps with Pebble
  • Notification API: Web developers will be able to add Pebble integration to their webapps as well. We're building an OAuth 2.0-enabled endpoint linked to the Pebble Account system. After asking Pebble users to authenticate, Notification API-enabled webapps will be able to push notifications, alerts and other data directly to a Pebble. The API takes care of all the communication between the web, phone and Pebble.
  • Watchface SDK: All the tools needed to create your own custom watchface for Pebble. This is our first experiment with 3rd party code running directly on Pebble's microcontroller. Developer tools and documentation are the most difficult part of this SDK stage.
  • iOS SDK: Things are a bit more complex on iOS. There is no simple method for doing interprocess communication between apps. We're pursuing a few different options. We're confident that the solutions we're building will work. 
  • Expanded Native SDK: At this stage we'll expand the featureset of the native development platform introduced with the Watchface SDK. Think games, sleep trackers, remote controls and other more complex apps.

Thanks for bearing with me through this long update. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Thanks again for backing Pebble!

Eric + Pebble Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alan on October 1, 2012

      Would love to see integration with the new iOS6 "Reply With Message / Remind Me Later" Phone feature.

    2. Aaron on October 1, 2012

      Hoping for an update soon I also wanted to thank you for the quality of the updates we have been getting, lots of great information!

    3. Adam Henson on October 1, 2012

      Great update, guys! Looks like you're making good progress.

    4. Missing avatar

      DUMAIL on October 1, 2012

      Quand pensez vous nous envoyer la montre avant la fin de l'annee

    5. Geof Aberhart on October 1, 2012

      @Chris: No way man, if we see this before 2013 I'll be quite pleasantly surprised. I'm sure it'll be awesome, but if there's one thing I think we can all say with certainty that it won't be, it's "[not] much longer".

    6. paul sumner on September 30, 2012

      crisopher buckley they have our shipping details is no itll be anyday now.They still havent got a working prototype.never mind tested it .

    7. mark cullen on September 30, 2012

      Hi Pebble watch makers,
      My I'm currently more excited than anxious.
      I've backed a project, one that I hope you get right for the near 69000 people who did the same.
      Keep the updates coming, nobody can complain about being over-informed.
      Still excited.

    8. Christopher Buckley on September 30, 2012

      It was an estimate to have it by September. If they have already got our shipping details then it's clear they aren't going to be much longer.

    9. Thed Weller on September 29, 2012

      I'm with Andrew on this one. Are we going to have our Pebbles by Halloween? Thanksgiving? Christmas? I thought I would have this watch before I got the OTA JellyBean update for my Nexus S from Sprint and Google.

    10. CaffeineJunkie on September 29, 2012

      @Tim Murray in update 3 they announced that Pebble would be waterproof.

      It's worth pointing out that most (if not all) waterproof watches say don't use the buttons underwater.

    11. Missing avatar

      Leo K on September 28, 2012

      I hope the iOS limitations don't hold up the Android release.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sullivan on September 28, 2012

      How come every time someone asks for even the barest hint of an update on shipping, someone else pipe up with "I'd rather they take the time to do it right." "Getting it right" and letting people know when they can expect their already delayed deliveries aren't mutually exclusive.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tim Murray on September 28, 2012

      If I remember correctly, this watch was never mentioned as being waterproof. It should be water resistant to a shallow depth.

    14. CJ on September 28, 2012

      It's better that the Pebble take a few months longer to be shipped completely waterproof and function properly than for there to be issues that will cause complaints.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tom Wilkinson on September 28, 2012

      Could you at least give an estimated shipping date? It getting frustrating not knowing if I wasted money for something I may never see.

    16. Missing avatar

      Bheleu on September 28, 2012

      With all those holes in the case/buttons, how are you making it waterproof and still be able to get the mechanical action in the button?

    17. Missing avatar

      ealmasy on September 28, 2012

      Definitely not a fan of the glossy finish, but I too would rather have high quality than fast shipping. The regular updates are appreciated.

    18. Missing avatar

      on September 28, 2012

      I must learn to stay away from the comments section. Too many Debbie Downers... Can't wait for mine, and I think you're doing a fine job at updating us. Keep working towards a great product, and I'll be happy.

    19. CaffeineJunkie on September 27, 2012

      My comment wasn't solely directed at you, as there have been a few comments asking why it is being made in china, so I apologise for lumping you in with them. I can't comment on your phone but U.S. law requires the country of origin of the product to be clearly displayed on the product, or on the product's container if it is enclosed, resulting in many corporations such as Apple labeling their products with "Designed by Apple in California, Made in China".

    20. mayfair2005 on September 27, 2012

      @Caffeine Junkie
      I dont mind it being made in china, i would just prefer it not say it on the back.
      Also fyi my phone was made in Taiwan but thats not written on the back if you care.

    21. Missing avatar

      RDO on September 27, 2012

      I have a $20 bet with a friend that you guys were going to begin shipping sometime in December. But it looks like it won't be until sometime early next year, in my uneducated, visceral guess.

    22. john on September 27, 2012

      my pebble better arrive before christmas!

    23. CaffeineJunkie on September 27, 2012

      Whilst I can appreciate (though not understand) why some may not want "Made in China" printed on their watch, remember that Pebble was designed primarily by Canadians, and backed by people from all over the world, so where exactly do you want it to be made. The chances are that the smartphone you will be connecting your Pebble to will also have been made in China.

    24. mayfair2005 on September 26, 2012

      Looking good but i wish it didn't need to have "Made in China" on it and would love to see a "Kickstarter edition" or something. Keep the updates coming :)

    25. Missing avatar

      John on September 26, 2012

      @Dustin Wood
      "My comment wasn't about removing the Made in China label. It was a comment about the origin of manufacturer. I would have much rather have seen a Made in the USA stamp."

      If you were truly concerned that it was being manufactured outside of the US, you should and would have commented in any of the earlier updates where they said it was being made in China - they even provided pictures of the factory.

    26. Missing avatar

      Juan Felipe Urbina on September 26, 2012

      Hey guys... after all the BB10 tools announced on BB Jam yesterday, are you considering to make the pebble app for BB10?? Seems that the OS will be pretty slick

    27. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sullivan on September 26, 2012

      Yes, I bought one as a gift...for a birthday at the end of October. So much for that plan.

    28. William Horvath II on September 26, 2012

      It sounds like you're working hard to ship, and personally, I'd rather wait for you to get it right. I think it would behoove you to ship ahead of the holidays, however, as undoubtedly a lot of people want to give them as gifts.

    29. Rich Cockrell on September 26, 2012

      Yeah, I'm almost at my wits end too. Getting an update about the plastic case and nothing about a delivery date is poor PR for the company. Especially, when you see images of raw components and unfinished watches. What further annoys me is that my colleagues (Droid users) are currently purchasing i'mWatches, which have color displays and appear to have more features, while I'm waiting for my Pebble. I feel like Fred Flintstone trying to convince people that my bare feet are far more superior at stopping a vehicle than disc brakes. The bottom line is that we are patient...but it's a disservice to your customer base to promise a deliverable date, miss it and then provide no approximate delivery date. It's like being pregnant...forever.

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sullivan on September 26, 2012

      Missing the originally promised September date is no big, in my book, but yeah, the continued deflection on giving true shipping updates is pretty annoying. I've said previously that my patience on getting the watch would expire with 2012, and I stand by that, but it's become clear to me that my patience with not being told anything of substance on the expected finalization of production is going to run out much, much sooner. Probably by the end of October.

    31. Missing avatar

      Gerben Van Duyl on September 26, 2012

      I am surprised that backers are getting impatient. This is the largest, most successful Kickstarter project ever, that was over-subscribed ten-fold. Eric and his team are now basically creating a company and a product in the public eye, doing in six months what other, established companies would take at least 18 months to do. I for one want the Pebble to be GOOD, not rushed... Give them the time they need. A few months won't kill you.

    32. Missing avatar

      Roel Wijmans on September 25, 2012

      Being that Pebble is now in the testing phase for production as well as bug testing, surely there is now an estimated time for actual production times. Backers are obviously getting frustrated with the timing of delivery which is understandable as we're now a month behind without any indication as to the actual shipping date. Surely an estimation could be made. Considering its just about October, surely we could get an update that Pebble will ship at least this year. I understand there is a lot involved and making a comment on shipping only to have that fall through is not desirable but the production process should now be far enough to make an educated guess. Perhaps not which week, but surely which month or at least which year!

    33. Missing avatar

      Gerben Van Duyl on September 25, 2012

      @dtdw: these are samples. If my experience with plastic molding is anything to go by, the 'finish' gets added to the mold, after the sample parts themselves have been approved, for dimensional accuracy, etc. The level of 'matt' is a additional process that is applied to the surface of the mold. You can only do this if you are certain you do not want to do any dimensional changes any more...

    34. Missing avatar

      Julian Corson on September 25, 2012

      @dtdw The video they released at the very start of this project shows a glossy watch, why would you expect the final product to be any different?

    35. dtdw on September 25, 2012

      about the gloss issue. i actually expected that since its waterproof and stuffs they would at least make it professional looking closer to the finish product. But after backing and photo samples start coming, this confirms my suspicion that its really really glossy.

      Glossy and not glassy, makes it look cheap. at least like the iphone and s3, tho it has part plastic, but its not glossy, so there's the pro look on it. This sample however, looks like a cheap toy watch.

    36. Simon Yeats on September 24, 2012

      great update, thanks for all the detail!

    37. Missing avatar

      Simon Roberts on September 24, 2012

      How will the serial number be done? Also moulded into the plastic or a sticker? Where will the CE mark be?
      Will the waterproof depth also be mentioned on the back?

    38. Dustin Wood on September 24, 2012

      @Paul Sumner. After backing this project and a few more since, I have stopped backing projects on Kickstarter because I've realized that their time frames are not realistic. I just can't have my money tied up for that long. I will for the most part, be waiting until the product becomes a real product to buy, and pay full price for it, if I still want it.

      I've dropped out of a few projects because I've even lost interest in the time before the project ended.

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris Mcnally on September 24, 2012

      Can you post photos of people wearing the prototypes? I'd like to see all the colors on people's wrists (with the matching band).

    40. Missing avatar

      Claes H on September 24, 2012

      This was a welcome update. It certainly seems you are well on track with the manufacturing. I am in no great hurry to receive the watch (I want it soon but not before it is ready), but I am concerned that the software side looks behind. A Pebble without a software ecosystem is not that special.

    41. paul sumner on September 24, 2012

      I said at the time of funding ending, that youd probably see pebble q2 2013.I remember people rubbishing what i posted.I have worked in electronics production.Was a bold estimate sept/aug considering, they didnt have a working prototype.The watch in the video was a mock up.Not a working prototype.Watch had no cpu etc.Was all on an external andruino board with the wires hidden.I felt 8 months was more realistic.Would you have backed a project that would give you a watch in 8 - 12 months time?.youll get one allright but in time.Stuff magazine has it on its top ten wish lists

    42. Ryan Tivis on September 24, 2012

      RE: Alvaro

      It will arrive.. but with the SDK Kits coming first still and no samples for colors yet I would bet that it'll be Q1 or Q2 2013..

    43. Missing avatar

      Alvaro Valdenebro on September 24, 2012

      No shipping dates yet... Starting to think it won't never arrive

    44. Dustin Wood on September 24, 2012

      "Educate yourselves.

      As Andrew Beard said, per the FCC, permanent country of origin labels are required on intentional radiators (exceptions for extremely small devices, etc.)"

      My comment wasn't about removing the Made in China label. It was a comment about the origin of manufacturer. I would have much rather have seen a Made in the USA stamp.

    45. Sebastian Görick on September 24, 2012

      You talking so much about iOS and the iPhone...what about Android?

      Is all alright on this site? Will the App following the Android design guidelines?

      Maybe a sneak peak of the App UI? Tablet Interface aswell?

    46. Max Sablosky on September 24, 2012

      I would actually just like a list of what is ordered and in, what still needs to be finished and what is complete for production. That would be awesome as an Electrical Engineering I do realize there has to be a far amount of bugs, production issues thats cool understandable but that would be cool.

    47. Missing avatar

      Nilesh Chauhan on September 24, 2012

      @Alex Wendler. I dont normally leave comments but having seen yours I had to say something. You are rude and obnoxious. If people want to leave a comment it is up to them. The people that have backed pebble are enthusiastic and excited about their purchases so please don't ruin people's enthusiasm. You can see from the projects you have invested in your are some strange geek who probably probably has OCD about everything.

    48. Zachary Touba on September 24, 2012

      @Rob Yes: When pre-selling an item on ebay (selling an item that you yourself do not have yet but promising to ship it to someone else when available) you must GUARANTEE that you can and will ship the item to the buyer within 30 days of the auction end. Since we do not have the pebbles in hand this rule applies. If you find Pebbles for sale on ebay you can report the listing to ebay for violating their policy.

    49. Tom Carlson
      on September 24, 2012

      Do people not understand why they're not providing a shipping date?

      It's because folks (mainly first-time backers) went nuts complaining when they said they wouldn't make their initial estimated shipping date, mainly due to surpassing their initial goal by two orders of magnitude.

      The people complaining about not having a shipping date are, with few exceptions, first-time backers. The few who aren't are second-time backers, with one exception.

      Seriously, I did go through this entire thread and check. There's *one* person asking for a shipping date who has more than 2 projects under their belt. (And, his is the most polite request.)

      You didn't pre-order a product; you backed a development process with a product as an eventual reward.