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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Orange Wins! + Manufacturing Prototype Photos

Voter's Choice

Without further ado, I'd like to present the Voter's Choice color....Orange! It won with almost 2000 out of more than 10,000 qualified votes. 

I think it looks pretty snazzy! The exact color appearance may vary from this rendering as we work with our plastics supplier. And if you don't like orange, don't worry! As a color backer, you're entitled to pick any of the (now) 4 color options for each one of your Pebbles: Black, White, Red or Orange. We will send out a survey to request your selection later on in the project.

Manufacturing Update

The Pebble team has been bouncing back and forth between Palo Alto and Taipei a lot over the last 6 weeks. The factory that we selected has an R&D facility in Taipei while their main manufacturing and assembly locations are in China. Andrew, Steve and I have all travelled separately to Taipei to oversee the transition between the design and manufacturing stages of the project. In terms of our schedule, we're sticking pretty closely to an aggressive timetable we put together at the end of May (remember our first timetable was created before we launched on Kickstarter, when we were expecting to manufacture just 1,000 Pebbles). While we won't be able to start shipping Pebbles in September, our current schedule has us on track to go from manufacturing zero to 15,000 Pebbles per week as soon as possible.

Eric checking the power consumption of Pebble's backlight module

We're currently in a phase called Engineering Verification. During this phase, the factory produced samples of the entire product. We're currently evaluating each individual component (case, lens, circuit board, charge cable, etc) and we'll tweak the design as necessary. The design needs to be nearly perfect before we move into a phase called 'tooling' during which the factory creates hardened steel tools for injection molding Pebble's plastic components.

Prototype Lens

Remember our tiny printed circuit board (PCB) design from Update #15? Here it is in real life attached to our custom PCB test fixture.

Another key component in our design is a flexible printed circuit (FPC). See that empty space in the middle? That's where the battery fits in. 

Pebble Case samples getting their buttons installed

High resolution versions of each image will be available on our Pinterest page shortly.


Eric + Pebble Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jesse Armstrong on

      We need a runoff vote, top 3-5 so that the others who voted on the many options can recast for a finishing 3-5 colors.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kent Kanstad on

      Awesome pictures!
      And I like the orange, fresh! :)

    3. Shawn Connelly on

      @Shannon - Look to the right side pledges column... the estimated delivery date is Sept. 2012. Are you suggesting that this date has changed?

    4. Missing avatar

      Robzilla87 on

      Sooo no Pebbles in September... do you have an estimate of when you'll be able to begin shipping, and how quickly you'll be able to ship them? Great update, love the photos and the stories behind them, very interesting!

    5. Missing avatar


      Yay, getting an orange Pebble!

    6. Niraj Sanghvi on

      Any chance of a ballpark date, or maybe the date when you expect to have a better idea of the shipping time frame? Just curious...I'd rather you guys take the time to get it all right!

    7. Boding Zhang on

      Would it be possible to have the orange face with a white band? Please say yes :)

    8. Matt Waldinger on

      Chad - They didn't say "not everybody" will get them in September, they said "nobody" will. I understand they will ramp up as quickly as possible but this update shot idea of them even starting to ship before October out of the water.

      I guess at this point I'll hope mine comes before Christmas.

    9. Raul Pared on

      So are you saying that these watches Will not ship by September like you promised?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Thomson on

      Orange is nice, but will we have a choice of black or white strap as we could not vote on thast previously?

    11. Missing avatar


      I probably won't do orange, but daughter is enrolling at Illinois this fall. If you match their orange, she might give it a go.

    12. Missing avatar

      BFL-0611 on

      Exciting news! Do you have a new ETA for shipping or is it too soon to say?

    13. Callum Young on

      When will they be ready for shipping? If not in September?

    14. Yorik on

      That Orange is very KTM like.. Not bad.. I think I'll stick with Black or Red though, that might be a little too loud for me..

    15. Missing avatar

      Shannon Pruitt on

      I can understand your schedule shifting given the mass amounts of interest in the product. Can you advise, given your current timeline, when the Pebbles may start shipping?

    16. CaffeineJunkie on

      Great news guys. Good to see the components as they will actually look. Keep up the good work.

    17. Rom on

      hope i get mine by Christmas season :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Bruce Couch on

      I wish I'd saved $10 and just got black.

    19. Kit Farman on

      Orange is the compliment to Blue, so it works for me! Will definitely be choosing it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kamal Hussein on

      Oh, so they are not going to be shipped out in September then? Disappointing, but understandable due to the immense number of Pebbles that need to be made.

    21. chad kukahiko on

      if not everybody will be getting their Pebbles in September, when should we expect them - worst-case scenario. i'm dying to get mine!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ian Allison on

      AWESOME!! The orange looks great.

    23. Jeremy Hillis on

      is there any way to have removable face plates so they can be interchangeable?

    24. Missing avatar

      soccerkrzy on

      Aw man, that's a nice looking Clemson orange right there...kind of wishing I went for the color now! Keep up the good work Pebble team, looking forward to getting mine.

    25. Allen Miller on

      No blue huh, oh god, the other cowboys will kick my ass with an orange watch regardless what it can do...yep here comes just another device in black... yea