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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Orange Wins! + Manufacturing Prototype Photos

Voter's Choice

Without further ado, I'd like to present the Voter's Choice color....Orange! It won with almost 2000 out of more than 10,000 qualified votes. 

I think it looks pretty snazzy! The exact color appearance may vary from this rendering as we work with our plastics supplier. And if you don't like orange, don't worry! As a color backer, you're entitled to pick any of the (now) 4 color options for each one of your Pebbles: Black, White, Red or Orange. We will send out a survey to request your selection later on in the project.

Manufacturing Update

The Pebble team has been bouncing back and forth between Palo Alto and Taipei a lot over the last 6 weeks. The factory that we selected has an R&D facility in Taipei while their main manufacturing and assembly locations are in China. Andrew, Steve and I have all travelled separately to Taipei to oversee the transition between the design and manufacturing stages of the project. In terms of our schedule, we're sticking pretty closely to an aggressive timetable we put together at the end of May (remember our first timetable was created before we launched on Kickstarter, when we were expecting to manufacture just 1,000 Pebbles). While we won't be able to start shipping Pebbles in September, our current schedule has us on track to go from manufacturing zero to 15,000 Pebbles per week as soon as possible.

Eric checking the power consumption of Pebble's backlight module

We're currently in a phase called Engineering Verification. During this phase, the factory produced samples of the entire product. We're currently evaluating each individual component (case, lens, circuit board, charge cable, etc) and we'll tweak the design as necessary. The design needs to be nearly perfect before we move into a phase called 'tooling' during which the factory creates hardened steel tools for injection molding Pebble's plastic components.

Prototype Lens

Remember our tiny printed circuit board (PCB) design from Update #15? Here it is in real life attached to our custom PCB test fixture.

Another key component in our design is a flexible printed circuit (FPC). See that empty space in the middle? That's where the battery fits in. 

Pebble Case samples getting their buttons installed

High resolution versions of each image will be available on our Pinterest page shortly.


Eric + Pebble Team

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    1. Kristian on July 25, 2012

      @Kit i only said girly because i was rage commenting and couldnt think of a better word, and i just would rather have something other than black because i paid extra for exactly that reason

    2. Missing avatar

      avreen on July 24, 2012

      Please make the black one and infact all others in matte finish ... A glossy plastic will look cheap like a kids digital watch

    3. Missing avatar

      avreen on July 24, 2012

      Please make the black one and infact all others in matte finish ... A glossy plastic will look cheap like a kids digital watch

    4. Kristian on July 24, 2012

      i understand that u guys r having problems t=with the delivery date and i wouldnt post a date either but i have no orange clothes at all nothing orange to match and i just want a watch to wear everyday, not one thats too flashy like orange... and i really dont wanna go with black because that would be a waste

    5. Kit Farman on July 24, 2012

      @Kristian 1) orange is not a girly color, 2) you're complaining about not having an "actual color" when you suggest GREY!?

    6. AJ Quick on July 24, 2012

      I agree with what is being said. There were several different options for blue and green.

      If you combined all of the blue and all of the green votes together, it would have likely surpassed orange. I personally voted for one of the two possible lime greens. I think it would be strongly in Pebble's interests to make a rainbow of colors... though I understand the potential limitations with that. It really shouldn't be a big deal to make a few thousand special colored Pebbles to appease the 14,000 people that paid extra for a special color. Afterall... 2000 out of 14,000 is hardly a majority. Pebble should know exactly how many of each color would sell given the voting system, so I think they should offer more colors to us that paid extra.

    7. Kristian on July 24, 2012


    8. Ken Valley on July 24, 2012

      I agree with Jeff A. Because there were 4-5 different shades of blue/grey and 4 different shades of green, I'm sure the color distribution for either of those added would be more than the one possible orange color...

    9. Missing avatar

      Lollie Eykyn on July 24, 2012

      What a shame they can't be made in the USA somewhere.

    10. Jeff A on July 24, 2012

      Since we are pushing the ship date back can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a 5th color option? I'm pretty sure if you tally the votes for the different shades of blue and gray they would far exceed the 2k for orange. Halloween only comes once a year and I don't feel like wearing a creamsicle on my wrist...

    11. Missing avatar

      Bernard T Clark on July 24, 2012

      Eric, don't let some of the poor karma on color or material texture bother you... press on, I'm sure it has been a long (short) slog. I hope you have the second development team now in place for the next watch... leap frogging product teams is the best way to get the most out of time, people & investments. And the accrued experience is unfathomable. Hope you make a bundle too.

    12. Missing avatar

      Peter Poon on July 24, 2012

      All I worry is that the final product will look like a cheap toy watch make of cheap plastic. Because this can be a sport watch, why can't the case be made of resin which is hard wearing and stable. The Swatch manufactured a lot of plastic/resin watch cases and they last.

    13. Matt Combes on July 24, 2012

      @Alex Brideau III is right ... ranked voting is how the poll should have been done, given the multiple shades of other colors versus the single orange.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Meyer on July 24, 2012

      that is awesome. I am excited for you and thrilled to have been part of the process.

      Congratulations and keep up the good work.

    15. Clement Tang on July 24, 2012

      Wow, so you are in Taipei now? I would love to see if there are any chance the manufacturer in Taiwan could cooperate with you, and maybe selling Pebble locally? :P
      You all knew that Taiwan manufactured a lot of Hi-Tech stuffs including computer parts, notebooks and smart phones, but ship them overseas to the States or EU then we buy it again on the website and wait for another few days for shipping them back is stupid and wasting resources.

    16. Missing avatar

      john armbruster on July 24, 2012

      It is painfully clear that few of the nay sayers have ever been in charge of the rollout of something, much less something new and revolutionary, before. Quibbling about how color choice should have been handled, Really? Making snide remarks about "that shiny, distorted piece of crap"..... (hint - just remove the protective piece of seran wrap when you get it, you'll be FINE. PEBBLE TEAM - this is your project, we've just chipped in a few bucks and most of us realize there will be bumps. Keep focused on the mission as you've laid it out, don't get distracted by the arm chair "developers" out here. I'm sure everyone remembers the first Apple. There's a up and down side of being the first at anything. You guys are doing a GREAT job with regular updates. Keep up the good work!

    17. Missing avatar

      Andy Hopkinson on July 24, 2012

      I'm with @Simon Roberts on this. Before all you 'don't be impatient' and 'it was a lot bigger than expected' apologists have a go at me, yes, this did take off exponentially, but hey, they also raised a huge amount of money! I would imagine economies of scale will apply. They should spend MORE to stay on track, or am I being a bit cynical to think they are just being a bit greedy? By the way, if the final watch looks like that shiny, distorted piece of cr*p in the 3rd photo - its going straight back for a refund.

    18. Alex Brideau III on July 24, 2012

      Just a suggestion for future "Choose your favorite ___" Kickstarter surveys: The color voting problems we've seen here would have been eliminated had ranked voting been used instead of the you-can-only-select-one method. (That way the multiple shades of green, blue, etc. would have been able to compete with the single orange option.)

    19. Missing avatar

      Mel (deleted) on July 24, 2012

      Thanks for the update guys - great to see the progress. I think you've done amazingly well given the demand for the product far surpassed your original expectations. Would much rather wait and have a great product than a rushed one. Also, I'm in Australia so never expected Sept delivery anyway.

      I do agree with the others about Orange winning. My vote was for blue, but as the others have said, there were 2 blues, several greys, couple of greens, so votes were split. I think you do need to review the tally and see whether the combined votes for the blues, greens and greys got more votes. Possible offer a 5th colour? You know its going to end up expanding colour wise in the future - would be fantastic to have a blue or gun-metal grey one in there (this coming from a girl as well!) as it would look more professional than orange, but still be something different from black or white. If the colour choices stay as they are at the moment, I think I'll end up with either red or black - just because I don't have another choice that works for everyday life. Seriously, is anyone who works in an office going to wear an orange one to work?!

    20. Paul Roodenburg on July 24, 2012

      @Dave Nelson LOL I am an avid iphone user. :-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Jose on July 24, 2012

      Is it possible to pay the $10 difference between Jet Black and Color in order to get an upgrade? That orange looks awesome.

    22. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on July 24, 2012

      That's the one color I would never want. I thought when I moved from Florida I'd be getting away from orange.

      If I get white, can I paint it? :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Dave Nelson on July 24, 2012

      People....... it will be done when it's done

      Thanks for the update guys, I look forward to getting this in the not too distant future. Ignore the whingers, that's what you get for supporting iPhone users :P

    24. De la Sad (deleted) on July 24, 2012

      From Update 14 (8 June):
      "One thing I want to say up front: we are not planning on announcing any new dates or timeframes relating to manufacturing. This is our first major production run and we don't want to start making promises like 'next week we'll have the first samples!'. We'll update you as much as possible, but we won't be mentioning dates."

    25. Missing avatar

      Kjell Nolke on July 24, 2012

      Ok. So they thought different before they were handed 10 million $. September could never happen now. Christmas would be great. They will need to beat the dec mail rush though. But either way I would prefer a great product than a rushed product. I agree with too many shades of grey offered. Don't know how orange is going to be wearable daily. Oh. And a swim app would be great !

    26. Paul Roodenburg on July 24, 2012

      @Kristoffer Wessel I disagree. Yes you back a project. And yes if you back with enough funds you get one of the products. But that doesn't make it a pre order. Not even basically. Because then basically every kickstarter project you funded would basically have to provide you with the product even if they don't get funded.
      That's not going to happen. You don't lose your money if a project doesn't get funded. If it does get funded you get a product if that corresponds with the amount backed. The project still has to be realised after the funding is established.
      The same goes for any other project that is funded the traditional way. There is an idea ( and if possible a prototype) someone sees potential and decides to provide the funds to develop and market the product.

      The time schedule between prototype, eve, dvt and production ready doesn't differ. So yes that is the way that kickstarter works.

      Important side note for kickstarter projects is: DON't mention a possible delivery date, ;-)

    27. J Tyler Brown
      on July 24, 2012

      Can we find a way to upgrade our color options, if we chose to get the Black Pebble to get the Orange instead?

    28. Paul Roodenburg on July 24, 2012

      @Mark Olwick No no one official said that. I said it. And That's all there is to it. And you may be right. But the never part is totally ridiculous. It will get produced, i have no doubt about that. Furthermore Let's play the guessing game. If they don't get production started until the first week of october then they will still produce the first 85000 pebbles by the second week of november. Let's take one week to ship stateside and one week to reach the customers. Then the last of the first batch will still be delivered before Xmas. Okay by me.

    29. Kristoffer Wessel on July 24, 2012

      @lars dahl firstoff, there will likely be a warranty, if thats what you mean. secondly, kickstarter, in my mind, has become much more of a pre-order and company funding platform then a platform for crowdfunding. if i back the production of a product by essentially preordering that product - albeit at a slightly reduced price - i am effectively a customer. therefore it is basically a pre-order with certain characterisics of a special offer (no monay back). don't get me wrong. i think kickstarter is an amazing platform for getting businesses and projects off the ground, and i certainly am proud to back the brojects i decide to back, because i do believe in what the creators of those projects want to accomplish. but that doesn't change the way kickstarter works.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mark Olwick on July 24, 2012

      Why is October being bandied about? Has ANYONE official said that? It could just as easily be February. Or never, if they run into manufacturing problems.

      Come on guys, give us a date!

    31. Chris on July 24, 2012

      UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE, I read the terms when I signed up, and I also read that September was an ESTIMATED date. Having worked on many very large projects, I understand how schedules can slip. I would much rather have it right than have it fast. I would think that the 10K members would feel even more strongly about that.

    32. Paul Roodenburg on July 24, 2012

      @Evan Kramer thx there :) and @Simon Roberts. It is a good product right? So it will still sell if delivered in October? So what's the harm? Will one moth of waiting kill you or the others?

    33. Missing avatar

      Evan Kramer on July 24, 2012

      @Simon....yes please ask for a refund for the love of god.

    34. Paul Roodenburg on July 24, 2012

      @Simon roberts Thx. First time someone called me a fanboy :)
      But why don't you just ask for a refund. They will probably give you one even if you are one of the 31. Are you?

    35. Missing avatar

      pzboyz on July 24, 2012

      +1 for a choice of another sensible/neutral shade, that Orange is foul.

    36. Missing avatar

      Giorgio Davanzo on July 24, 2012

      Such a long post to say "we will be late".
      Reading the post I do not see any delay related with the huge ordered quantity...

    37. Missing avatar

      Simon Roberts on July 24, 2012


      A fan boy is a fan boy, without knowing what he is talking about, welcome to your box.

    38. Paul Roodenburg on July 24, 2012

      @Simon Roberts

      Like I already said they should and probably will ship the first pebbles to the high roller backers. And furthermore
      1 the inpulse sold around 1000-5000 pieces? So that's a whole different kind of ball game.

      2. An established company or a company that gets funded the original way will have the support and expertise of the funding companies. Kickstarter is different.

      3. The whole process of P&P has to be done with the manufacturing company and that company won't play ball if the funding is not in place (e.g. before getting their kickstarter money they couldn't P&P beyond their prototype.

      4. True they should not have mentioned september. But well they did. Every body makes mistakes. Also companies (big and small)

    39. ceeKay on July 24, 2012

      Seems like a lighter/brighter orange than the one in the vote (…) . Which of the #ColorMyPebble ones was this (to get an idea of an alternate render).. General Lee? Punkin?

    40. Paul Roodenburg on July 24, 2012

      @harry spector 100% right

    41. Missing avatar

      Simon Roberts on July 24, 2012

      @all you people that dont know what google is

      I am 100% behind that project,support,backer,starter idea...

      But this is not that, they created inPulse, they are an established company, Pebble is just an evolution of a retail product that already existed.

      So all you "hey man chill, this is like just an idea" sorry no it isnt, when i give money to a company (not a start up) i expect at least a plan(tooling,testing,validation) that matches what i expect from a company with that experience, they created and manufctured the inPulse after all.

    42. Missing avatar

      Harry Spector on July 24, 2012

      There is ZERO point whining they won't be ready in Sept. but the Pebble team did make a marketing mistake giving a planned Sept ship date before they were anywhere near getting to a production model. But the reality is impatient people are impatient period. I laugh at people who whine when a company doesn't launch a product slated to ship "in month X," on the very first day of that month.

      All of us want the best Pebble watch possible so I'm happy the Pebble team isn't trying to rush out a product to meet an arbitrary deadline. Even if it ships in Nov you'll still have it in time for the holidays if you bought for a gift.

    43. Missing avatar

      inVader on July 24, 2012

      Although orange might have gotten the single most vote it probably isn't actually the peoples choice. See, I've voted for lime green but I still would prefer to buy a gray one over the current four colors available. With several geay choices available, it's even more likely that most of them first and foremost would love to have a gray watch with the actual shade not mattering too much. It's an inherent problem of the voting process. Since you're going to produce so much more watches than expected, I'll second the idea that adding a fifth color to the line-up shouldn't be that much of problem. For many guys here, it'd probably make up for the delayed production a little.

      And again: MATTE FINISH PLEASE. Glossy plastic looks awfully cheap.

    44. De la Sad (deleted) on July 24, 2012

      @George McCongo: I paid to support a project, which is what Kickstarter is all about. Kickstarter is not Amazon. The watches are a reward for financially backing a project. Kickstarter isn't about transactions for goods and services. It's about providing seed money to get ideas off the ground.

    45. Paul Roodenburg on July 24, 2012

      O come on all of you "they promised september" people. What I really really want is a thoroughly checked and produced product for the money I spent. I do understand the high roll backrs though. They will be the ones who will be helping the pebble team further market the pebble to the mainstream audience. So I expect the pebble team to recognize this and make sure the first 3100 pebbles go to them :) BTW last week of september is still september :)

      And yes ORANGE rocks. Shame I opted for the black one. Any change to change this ( me being a Dutchy and really loving the color Orange ;-) )

    46. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Miller on July 24, 2012

      It really doesn't matter when you get them out to us. It's pretty obvious that we went far beyond what they planned for thus it isn't surprising that they would have to push the date back.

    47. Missing avatar

      Simon Roberts on July 24, 2012


      Please educate me to the insight from manf & veri that you have gained, apart from a company that has a retail product in the same market sector that completely failed to live up to its predictions.

      And yes now im going to say it "Orange? WTF? I do not believe one word of it, we are all not that stupid"

    48. Missing avatar

      Mark Johnson on July 24, 2012

      Looking good! Ready for my birthday mid-October?

    49. Missing avatar

      Eric Gervais on July 24, 2012

      So... when is the new shipping date? It's one thing to mention that the original deadline won't be met, it's another not to provide a new estimate...