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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

Developer SDK availability

We were going to make a milestone at $2mm, but you guys beat us to it.

The Software Development Kit (SDK) will be available to EVERYONE before Pebble ships. We're also building a simulator so developers can test their applications even before they receive their watch.

Don't worry, HACKER SPECIAL're still getting your prototype units in August. This announcement just means that more and more apps will be available for Pebble the moment that the main batch starts to ship!

To learn more about the development capabilities of Pebble, you can follow the dev blog.

We're also working on some other cool announcements for the remainder of the 35 days! Man...that sounds like a long time, but I know it will go by quickly.

Eric + Co


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    1. Donald Hansen Jr. on

      @Pebblers: You know you want it. You have to have it... Because, you #ENVY it! Get it on your wrist! #VoteForENVY! #ColorMyPebble

    2. Idan Felix on


    3. Ahmed Khattab on

      We would like to have an app that can measure the distance, pace,time and arm strokes while swimming

    4. Ninji Roo on

      Why have a voters choice on only one colour? How about two... Female/feminine colour (please not pink) and Masculine colour?

      Also would pebble support jailbroken/root phones?

    5. James Billingham on

      ^ That'd be possible with a jailbreak. Unlikely without.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Enstone on

      An app which could mirror the Status Bar Notifications would do much of what I'd want, without needing all app developers to explicitly add Pebble support.

    7. Valentin Svahn on

      The simulator will be available for Mac too ?

    8. Michael Hunger on

      I would like to second the request for an open source sdk and also open source firmware, after all the community funded this more than enough.

      On the wireless charging, it would be great to become a witricity device (

    9. Missing avatar

      Jim Archer on

      I would like to see open firmware, or at the very least field/customer upgradeable firmware. No doubt someone will have a great idea that can't be implemented with the op sys as is.

    10. Lance R. Vick on

      Will this be a fully open platform, I.E. Will the full firmware be open source as well? Will the SDK be released in source form? What licenses are being considered? If I want to take the firmware and run it on my own ARM based dev board and adjust the driver code to work with my own e-paper display, or even an LCD, am I free to?

      I really think this being a truly open platform is the only way for it to really collect a sustainable engineering community... Very curious on the Pebble teams position on this.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ralph Jocham on

      +1 for BT 4f.0 - heart-reta monitor connectivity would be great

    12. Stuart Carnie on

      I too would like to see dual 2.1 / 4.0 support if possible. 4.0 would allow connecting to other LE devices like heart-rate monitors!

    13. Missing avatar

      Utku Demir on

      Thanks for this great product!

      Just a note for Bluetooth 4.0 requests, I also think it's nice, but don't drop 2.1 support. A lot of high-end Android phones don't support Bluetooth 4.0 and there is a risk to lose backers(like me :) ).

    14. Josh Kendrick on

      I would love to see an upgrade to bluetooth 4 for power conservation as well!

    15. m-p{3} on

      @Phil Gilbert
      You'll still be able to connect it to a non-bluetooth 4 device, but you won't have the low energy consumption benefits from it.

    16. mARK bLOORE on

      three buttons gives eight combinations, though one of them is the default state.

      but there are four buttons. i wonder if those plus some creative use of the accelerometer could make a usable chording keyboard?

    17. Missing avatar

      Phil Gilbert on

      I agree with bluetooth 4 capability to extend battery life...does the phone also require bluetooth 4 to work 'properly'?

    18. Missing avatar

      Mark Ryan on

      Audio? That's what BT is all about. Smartphones can get much larger with Pebble as the control and BT in your ear. The phone stays in the hipcase or briefcase and you only need Pebble and a BT headset. I like the combination.

      What I really want is the Pebble buttons to be configurable - not programmable. Give me an Android app that allows me to control all 3 buttons. 3 buttons represents 6 possible combinations. Double if you add long and short press. Like configuring a multi-button mouse, let me assign functions to each possible button combination. Do this and I will be beyond happy when my Pebble arrives.

    19. Missing avatar

      chilies on

      It has so many great specifications but you will really need to put output for headphones with mic so you will not touch the phone any more and allowing connecting of phone, watch and wireless headphone at the same time. I'm not requesting impossible requests such as others but I'm suggesting possible facts could be in this watch.

      Thanks for reading...

    20. Kyler Stalte on

      Add a speaker and a microphone i want to look like james bond when i answer a call with my watch

    21. Francisco Meana on

      SMS for iPhone maybe solved in Pebble app itself by push notification, I think your friends will get the watch as well, kind of Pebble community, with the funding they can create a social network in the app that will help promote the device as well.

    22. Sam Beckett on

      Inductive Charging is a must for waterproofing. who wants a lame USB plug? The plastic USB plug is going to let water in. Siri is lame crap, but I want the microphone. I think reason this has done so well is because of the Android support. I would say cut the Iphone support because NAZIs in the app store, and iOS is a POS. A digital watch without an alarm is not a watch. Add a speaker, let us play music. and yes, a 1YEAR WARRANTY

    23. Fuzzy Puffin on

      @ Donald: You could jailbreak. Otherwise, leave apple feedback that you want them to open SMS to developers.

    24. Donald Smith on

      Any kind of workaround for the iPhone's lack of Bluetooth to SMS?

    25. Samuel de Castro Abeger on

      So many great ideas coming from people. How many are actually going to be entertained. My favorites would definitely be:

      Microphone for Siri commands
      Inductive Charging
      And a special "kickstarter" mark on the watch some place, be it engraved in the back or on the strap.

    26. Missing avatar

      Andrew Davis on

      Will the apps be free? Or will some cost? I hope they are free :)

    27. Shany on

      *justice ;)

    28. Shany on

      if only apple knew the base users for iphone wrist watch component .... oh steve jobs must have thought on it already, but never came the time for him to fullfil his lost idea. At least someone is making justing by giving us an iOS compatible wrist watch :)

    29. Christopher Pritchard on

      I'd hate to see this try to turn into an iPhone on your wrist, with headphone jacks, mic, dialer, siri etc. If Apple thought there was a market for it, they would've made it by now. A Nano on your wrist for example. Realistically, I can't see me using my watch to be the all in one device like James Bond or something. These guys are doing well by sticking with the basics and simple design and letting the SDK add the magic. The only thing I'd like to see is not having to worry about charging it every several days, and come up with a better method of powering the device.

    30. phoi on

      a little solar charging would be nice, even if all it did was extend the battery life a bit. an IR blaster would be gimmicky-fun. wouldn't be too keen on trying to use a wristwatch for speaker phone... it's bad enough on a full-sized handset. color would be nice, but I can wait a few years for that to get to a point where it'd be as fast and efficient as the current grey-scale display.

    31. Missing avatar

      Rene Balingit on

      I like the idea of adding a mic but why not go all the way and add a camera and mic for facetime?

    32. Missing avatar

      Shannon Pruitt on

      I will jump on the idea bandwagon for either initial release or your 2nd Gen -
      - a microphone as mentioned above with Siri ability would be excellent!
      - color touchscreen
      - full speaker phone capability (answer or make a quick call from your wrist)
      Best of luck in your designs!

    33. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cash on

      I'm not a programmer(at least not yet), but It would be AWESOME if someone designed a "Jawbone UP" like app for this device. At least the sleep tracking/alarm feature of UP would be cool. The alarm was the perfect way to wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, the Jawbone UP has been discontinued because of a few design flaws. Anyway, just a thought.

    34. Missing avatar

      Dr. M Usman Qureshi on

      Why not add a Mic to it? This way, calls could be answered or even Siri commands could be given for iPhine 4S. Also, It could be used to "Shazam" songs isn't it?!

      With a Mic, the possibilities are endless I guess...

    35. Kelvin Chin on

      Will there be a milestone for every million? It's $3mm now! I am speculating at least $8mm at the end of the funding period.

    36. Josh Pollard on

      The product seems amazing!! What I would request being a backer is week to week updates on product manufacturing, maybe some videos on the progress, and time line updates. That would make my Experiance top notch!

    37. D4rKlar on

      3 Million!! Only $350,000.00 to go to be highest funded Kickstarter project ever.

      Well done guys, congratulations!!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Alex T on

      Wireless charging would be icing on the cake.

    39. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      The only thing I can think that would make this watch perfect would be the nightstand recharge, I should be able to take it off at night, set it down on an inductive charging surface and put it back on in the morning. Keep the device simple that is what makes a sustainable great product, you have opened the sdk so people can develop peripherals, just make the hardware solid and intuitive, let the community do the rest!

    40. Brock Hughes Bender on

      I hope they don't make it magnetic. That would be pointless.

    41. Donald Hansen Jr. on

      The video showed it strapped around the handlebars. Might be easily mountable with Velcro, too??? Not sure what the watch back is made out of, but you might be able to go magnetic?!?

    42. AJ White on

      I'm getting a Pebble because I ride a motorcycle and use a blue tooth radio to listen to music and communicate with other riders. It never fails that I receive a call and wonder who it is or someone at a gas pump or stop light wants to ask about my bike. I have to pull over to fish out the phone to see the call I missed or shut off my connection to hear someone who wants to talk with me. How easy will the Pebble be for gloved hands to check the screen for who's calling (so I can decide to pull over or skip it) or pause my music to converse? BTW, can't wait for this thing to come out!

    43. Donald Hansen Jr. on

      Here's my write-up of what happened when I did a comparison of Pebble to the NEW SONY Smartwatch. Pebble won, hands down!

    44. Ethan Illfelder on

      the watch close ups make it clear that while the refresh rate looks phenoneminal the resolution is poor... I hope they can upgrade the pixel count before release...

    45. Bill Grant III on

      @Brad The video shows examples of watches with seconds hands, as well as a stopwatch which obviously needs to update quickly and often. Unless these were simulations and not the real display this should be possible.

    46. Caleb Young on

      @ian douglas, the reason i ask is that I work in an environment that Phones are not allowed, and I like to find a quiet spot and get a few minutes of reading in without having my phone on me, if you can read text messages or emails on it, whats the difference, i'm torn at this point wether this will be suitable for me or not. I read on my iphone, which is only 3 times bigger of a screen than this. If we have to read the watch face we should be able to read on it. Just saying. I may try my hand at coding if i get it. The water proof stuff is cool as well. Lets see the next update.

    47. Missing avatar

      Brad Hinrichs on

      @donald Hansen. With the epaper screen, providing a watch face with a second hand may be hard to do. As I understand it, the advantage of epaper is that there is minimal power consumption when the screen is static. Having a second hand would be counter-productive.
      Love this watch! September can't come soon enough.

    48. ian douglas on

      @LairdPopkin From what they've said on the dev blog, the SDK will be similar to inPulse, which is written in C and is similar to Arduino programming. I'm hoping that the Hacker Special will get us access to the SDK/Emulator as soon as funding closes so we don't have to wait for the August hardware to start developing.
      @Stephen, yes the hacker special will get you two devices, one in August and one with the general release in September.
      @EthanIllfelder looks like they respond to comments left on the dev blog.
      @CalebYoung an ereader app? On a tiny watch face with limited pixels? There may be enough ROM to write an ebook onto the device, but if you can only read a few dozen words per screen, is that really worth it?
      @BramBeirens yeah, pushing todo tasks would be handy, I'm interested in integrating Gina Trapani's todo.txt with the device.
      @Martin connecting to a PC/etc would be neat if there was simple bluetooth control, and your presentation software acknowledged bluetooth signals for things. Even simple forward/backward would be neat, maybe send the slide numbers to your device so you can see how many slides you have left. Neat idea, if PC connections are even possible.

      A few things I haven't seen specs on: final RAM quantity (just "12 times more than inPulse", which didn't have a RAM spec listed on that site either), or thickness.

    49. Donald Hansen Jr. on

      I notice that all of the watchfaces only display hours and minutes. Could we get a few that display seconds??? A sweeping second hand would be AWESOME. Some of us geeks, who are anal about analog, would love it! I work in television production. I think it would be neat to have a screen that displays times around the world. Another cool one would be a studio clock that shows hours:minutes:seconds.frames!!! One more slick idea would be to make a watchface that mimicks the science museum clocks where balls roll around a track and end up in racks to display the time. The more active the display, the less the battery life from the endless clock cycles, but I think we'd all love it. I had an old Arnette watch that had a text watchface, similar to the one you have displayed. Every quarter hour, there would be a different saying, or a picture of a skateboarder doing a trick. Arnette stopped making those watches, and I've been looking for something similar ever since I broke the thing. If you would offer watchbands in stainless, the same color as the watch bezels, I'd be highly interested as well.