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Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
Pebble is a customizable watch. Download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, get notifications from your phone.
68,929 backers pledged $10,266,845 to help bring this project to life.

We're waterproofing Pebble!

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

Thanks again to our amazing backers.

When we started this project, we dreamed of making a waterproof smartwatch that could be used for swimming.

With the amazing support that you've given us, we're going to make that dream a reality. We were originally going to make this a milestone at $1mm or something...but you guys are too fast!

All Pebble watches will be waterproof enough to swim with!

We don't know the exact waterproofness rating yet (ie 3ATM, 5ATM to be confirmed!), and we still have to work on the industrial design for the change. It's not going to be a dive watch, but it should be great for swimmers and people who get wet a lot! (I'm from Vancouver, Canada which is well known for it's rainy climate. I'll use it when I go home!)

In other news, answers to common questions:

  • Pebble can keep time even when disconnected from your phone. You can also set the time using the buttons if you'd like.
  • For color Pebble backers, you get to vote and choose your color option after the Kickstarter project closes (ie after May 17th).
  • Pebble's USB cable is custom cable because the watch will be waterproof and can't have a big hole for the regular USB socket. We will be selling extra cables as well.
  • Just want to remind everyone that Pebble includes a great strap, but if you'd like to swap it for one of your own, Pebble can accept any standard 22mm watch strap. I loved the photo of the NATO strap on the comments, I'm going to buy one for my Pebble!
  • The watch body dimensions are: 5cm x 3cm.
  • Pebble doesn't have a speaker or microphone, but it does have a vibrating motor for alerts.

Just wanted to let you know that we've started ordering components for your watches already. We're ordering A LOT more as well, and we'll keep ordering if you keep backing!

Also, we're going to have a major new milestone announcement tomorrow! (sorry for the delay)

Thanks again! And keep the app suggestions in the comments going. We're going to open up a forum pretty shortly.

Eric + Pebble Team


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    1. Donald Hansen Jr. on

      @Pebblers: You know you want it. You have to have it... Because, you #ENVY it! Get it on your wrist! #VoteForENVY! #ColorMyPebble

    2. Aron Gragnani on

      Curious as to why there's no speaker and mic. Are the components too large? I feel like that would be an awesome feature to combine with Siri. Do you think apple will eventually allow their SMSs to be ready on the watch interface?

    3. Missing avatar

      Tod Hosaka on

      question about the vibration feature. Will watch be able to vibrate when you get an incoming phone call??

    4. David Daniel Wouters on

      @Jason A. Styles Hi, that water proofing thing sure looks nice. thanks for sharing!

    5. Saint

      Hi ho, I am backing now. Regarding your waterproof for swimming. It needs to be at least to have a bare minimum of 10 bar / 10 atm certification, that you can go swimming with a watch! Please be aware about that. 5atm makes it only save against sweeding and rain and single water drops. Swimming is not possible at all with only 5atm.

      A div watch has to have at a bare minimum 20 atm.

    6. Edouard Morrissette on

      Great, sorry about the previous comment i made about Waterproofing.. See you got it covered! Way to go!

    7. Jason A. Styles on

      I sent my iPhone 4S off to Liquipel for water proofing nano tech add on after I saw a story on line after this last CES -- HZO is another company that suggested they may incorporate it into electronics in the future--

    8. Missing avatar

      Matthew Bernaldo on

      Those of us who summer in soggy South Florida appreciate your water-proofing efforts!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Robert Gauthier on

      Are they using Liquipel or HzO?

    10. Missing avatar

      Matt on


      I hope for more updates to the as the project becomes more successful.

      Sounds like mic and speaker combo assuming is doesn't make the watch bigger is a crowd favorite.


    11. Missing avatar

      mohammad on

      I already bought two pebbles
      but I didn't know how to choose colors !!!
      do I get just any color without choosing it or I should've chosen one !

    12. Thomas Shields on

      If you look at the left side of the watch it has a set of contacts for charging, allowing it to be waterproof

    13. Yoon Fai on

      i have a question..its waterproof..but since the usb charger hole is can it be waterproofed?

    14. Myron Lim Nepomuceno on

      Q: can you pair the pebble watch to more than one device at a time?

    15. Missing avatar

      Zefi on

      Check out the Garmin Forerunner sport watch charge system... totally waterproof.. might be the go!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Muescha on

      Standart usb cable is more important for me.

    17. Missing avatar

      Rod Smith on

      Being able to swim with it is far more important, particularly so if spare cables are readily available.

    18. Oeps on

      Please reconsider the non-standard USB cable of technical possible. Maybe the various waterproof compact camera designs can give you guys inspiration or have a look here where the offer a waterproof micro USB assembly:
      The IP67 of this micro USB is not enough for swimmers but who knows the can adapt.

      The big question: What is more important, swim with the pebble or use a standard charge cable and be able to use it in the rain (but not swim with it).


    19. Missing avatar

      velango on

      Windows 8/Windows phone 8 support will be supported in the future? :) Is it technically possible ?

    20. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Cruse on

      Maybe it'll be released sooner since it's raised so much dinero.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Cruse on

      What's the major milestone? Don't leave us hanging!!!

    22. Timothy Lee on

      I decided to support after this announcement! With the gyroscope and computer internals, it'll be possible to develop an app that acts as a digital swim lap counter (see

    23. Missing avatar

      Kim Nguyen on

      Honestly, September couldn't come soon enough. This is my first kickstart and I am very motivated to fund other projects.

      I wish I could stop refreshing this page but seeing it grow is pretty cool.

      Not sure what the new milestone announcement could be, one could only hope 'shipping next month', but I digress. Very impressive progress, very impressive product. As much as I want to be the only cool kid in town, I have told my friends to back the project as well. I caught the news from wired a couple days back, but after going back to read the (p)review I decided to switch to the verge.

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I'm waiting for the "major new milestone announcement" That was to be today.

    25. Wayne Coburn on

      A custom cable? D'oh! If I had to choose I'd really rather it use a standard cable than be water resistant. Oh well.

    26. Missing avatar

      Tony Alexander on

      Most of us carry 2 phones with us - work and personal. So it would be cool if this could operate like a multi-point watch connecting 2 iPhones or 2 androids or android & iPhone at the same time.

    27. Tyler Smith on

      With this many being sold, you may need to release a HACKER SPECIAL upgrade... ;D

    28. Andrzej Haskiel on

      autoquartz (eta or something similiar) would be awesome, that would be probably the 1st wearable computer that doesn't need recharging. you may keep usb as a backup so we won't need to buy a winder :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Steven Logsdon on

      Any chance this will work with a Windows Phone also?

    30. Josh Yates on

      Wow...LOVE the kinect charging idea. So excited for this watch! My wife let me order my birthday present early through Kickstarter! :)

    31. Simone Aloisio Cucci on

      Forget the solar panel and focus on kinect charging. Bt4 is a priority. SMS from iPhone would be terrific, but I do not know how could you overcame the IOS blocks.

    32. Paco_777 on

      Great watch !
      i'd really love to have a simple buzzer (that could produce different kind of tones, and controllable via SDK). Almost all the watches i know can trigger short sounds (when the alarm is elapsed, for instance). Vibration is great but cannot replace sounds in all cases.
      Thank you !

    33. Peter Glodz on

      GREAT job with the products and keeping everyone in the loop with updates. Congratulations on a great product and the $2M milestone.. My guess you'll be over $5M in no time!!

    34. Missing avatar

      Vicker on

      Is non English characters supported for the Android to Pebble SMS messages? Let's say Chinese or Japanese.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Cheung on

      a special kickstarter engraving would be nice.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mitch Albert on

      QUESTION: If add more watches do I go to the end of the line or keep my place in line?

    37. christian biesbrouck on

      Great Guys, Love your initiative on getting the money togheter
      You got my vote and money LOL

    38. Missing avatar

      Sarah Nathan on

      First off, congrats guys! Second, I know it's probably not possible in this iteration, but worth reiterating as others have. A microphone to be able to communicate with Siri would just be the best icing on the cake. I can't help but wanting to feel like a true James Bond (if James bond was a girl) while wearing the pebble.

    39. Alec Augustine-Marceil on

      I can't imagine adding solar charging without detracting from the sleek looks. Inductive charging, however, could make it easier to waterproof, and get rid of the issues with a proprietary cable. Failing that, I agree with the majority of commenters asking for a micro/mini USB cable. The cell manufacturers finally got that much right, at least.

    40. Bram Beirens on

      Waterproof will come in handy in rainy Belgium.. :p
      An induction or kinetic charger will make it more easily to make the watch waterproof.
      A mic would be handy indeed, but it can't be waterproof then.

      I'd really suggest to add Bluetooth 4.0, it's much more battery friendly for iPhone 4S users.
      I'm wondering how iOS can push notifications to the watch without being jailbroken..?

      Keep up the good work!

    41. Missing avatar

      Devonair on

      With all this extra and unprecedented backing, I just ask for 2 additions: stay on schedule (i.e., "stay on target" *wink*), and add Bluetooth 4... pretty please *batting eyelashes* haha

    42. Matteo Silvestro on

      Great news! I can't wait to get my hand on it!
      About the discussion above, I should say that:
      - first of all (for me) comes semplicity
      - I think the beep and speaker are almost useless: you have in on your wrist, you feel the vibration!
      - waterproof is a very great decision! In that way I'm less concerned about ruining it :)
      - bluetooth 4, solar and inductive charge can be good, but for me it's not a priority
      - a standard cable would be great, or at least an adapter to use a microusb or miniusb cable!
      By the way, as it is now it's already fantastic :D

    43. Missing avatar

      Mark Wood on

      So when you cross 2m$, can we get kinetic-motion-charging/boosting
      ( or solar or inductive charging ? )

      @ 3m$ maybe add a normal-digital-watch-type vibrate-the-phone-backing speaker
      (this is fully internal, doesn't affect waterproofing (re: Jonathan Weadon @ 13apr ~ 10-am) )

      @ 4m$, Bluetooth-4?

      ... Unfortunately, I know enough real-world circuit+product-engineering that essentially you've likely frozen the core circuitboard design and bill-of-materials, so a minor tweak like improving the rubber-gasketing-at-the-buttons-for-waterproofing is do-able but changing your entire power and electrical system, mounting the oscillator+spring (with a hole in the middle of the systemboard) or changing to BT4 (not drop-in ... likely changing the chips and wiring for everything connected) ... all of that is probably not practical with a time-comittment to ship-by-august+september ...

      So ... how about if you cross the above thresholds, you aim to have the 2013 model revision version-2 to have kinetic-charging, beepers and BT4?

    44. Missing avatar

      Michael Brewer on

      Is it possible to have a screen time out and a button to turn it on to see the time? Might be a cool option for some people who want longer battery.

    45. StephenO on

      So pumped about this! Super glad to be a part.

    46. Gregory Clerc on

      Ordered! Can't wait. Great project guys!

    47. Missing avatar

      Michael Coddington on

      This may sound like heresy, but the single best feature ever would be to not have to charge it at all -- just work like a Seiko Kinetic (which I have, and love the lack of battery or winding).

    48. Missing avatar

      Andrew Dear on

      Ordered. Much love from Vancouver.