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Two affordable, heart rate-enabled smartwatches and a hackable, 3G wearable for phone-free running with GPS, music, and Amazon Alexa.
Two affordable, heart rate-enabled smartwatches and a hackable, 3G wearable for phone-free running with GPS, music, and Amazon Alexa.
Two affordable, heart rate-enabled smartwatches and a hackable, 3G wearable for phone-free running with GPS, music, and Amazon Alexa.
66,673 backers pledged $12,779,843 to help bring this project to life.

July Project News Roundup


Society sure has changed since Update 10—Pokemon has taken over the world!

Catching 'em all with Pebblers @hesahesa, @poggylicious, @PtarmiganDesign, and @milkbottlec on Twitter :)
Catching 'em all with Pebblers @hesahesa, @poggylicious, @PtarmiganDesign, and @milkbottlec on Twitter :)

In the meantime, we’re working to prepare Pebble Core, Pebble 2, and Time 2 for backer deliveries later this year. Let’s dive into the latest news.

  • Access Your Pebble Pledge Portal
  • Pebble Core Production Kick-off in Taiwan
  • Vote for Pebble Time Round at the 2016 IDEA Awards
  • Projects We Love

Access Your Pebble Pledge Portal

Start your engines!

As of this writing, all backers should have received email invites granting them access to their Pebble Pledge Management Portals. So far, more than 85% of our backers have logged in and updated their reward details.

The Pledge Portal is the one place for you to manage everything about your Pebble reward(s):

  • Shipping address.
  • Color and/or finish preference(s).
  • Add extra items to your official reward at the Early Bird price for any selected add-ons.
  • Adjust any selections or details currently submitted.
  • Pay for any outstanding balances or taxes (if applicable).

If you haven’t successfully received an invitation to your Pledge Portal, please click here and enter the email address you used to back our project on Kickstarter to re-send your invitation. Please be sure to check your Spam folder if you are not receiving invitations successfully.

Re-send your Kickstarter Portal Invite »

Remember: Until your reward is ready for shipping, you can change the information and selections you’ve entered into the Pledge Portal as often as you like. This year, Pebble rewards will be sent with standard shipping for all regions (USPS for the US, DHL for the EU, UPS for rest-of-world [ROW]). While we aren’t offering expedited delivery, the standard shipping chosen for each region will get your rewards home safe and sound!

Pebble 2 road-testing has begun! Stay tuned for Time 2 next ;)
Pebble 2 road-testing has begun! Stay tuned for Time 2 next ;)

When your reward(s) are ready to ship, we will email you to do a final review and make any needed revisions before locking your portal to further changes.

Unbox me, baby: Packaging mockup for Pebble 2 (Aqua)
Unbox me, baby: Packaging mockup for Pebble 2 (Aqua)

For more information about managing your pledge and our reward fulfillment plan, visit our Kickstarter Help Page.

Pebble Core Production Kick-off in Taiwan

This month, our Industrial Design and Production teams traveled to Taiwan, meeting with partners there to kick off the production process for Pebble Core.

The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) we’re collaborating with to plan out Pebble Core’s hardware design and production is very excited to get started. In the meantime, we’re whittling down the final tenths of millimeters from Pebble Core’s final industrial design, making it as sleek as possible.

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Stay tuned to future updates for more news about Pebble Core’s journey to you!

Vote for Pebble Time Round at the 2016 IDEA Awards

Pebble Time Round recently claimed Top Winner honors in the 36th annual International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). Recognized among a field of over 1,700 designs from more than thirty countries, Top Winner designs go on to compete for Gold, Silver IDEA Awards on Wednesday, August 17.

Vote for Pebble Time Round »

Make Pebble Time Round The IDSA's People's Choice!
Make Pebble Time Round The IDSA's People's Choice!

Pebble Time Round is also in the running to win IDEA’s 2016 People’s Choice Award. Voting ends Friday, August 12 and pits Pebble Time Round against the other IDEA 2016 Top Winners. Show Pebble Time Round love with your vote today!

Projects We Love

Thanks to our community, we encounter tons of interesting projects and ideas that enhance the Pebble experience or are just plain cool. Check out some creative projects we’re currently excited about.

The Smarthole Hoodie

Vote on Betabrand Think Tank »

Works with: All Pebble wearables, including Pebble Core

Designed with smartwatches and wearables like Pebble Core in mind, The Smarthole Hoodie wants to bring a piece of apparel we all love into the 21st century.

The Smarthole Hoodie features an aperture to view your smartwatch in any situation, an internal pocket to keep your phone secure, and even a pocket and headphone channel for secure your Pebble Core.

Created by Pebble’s very own Head of Industrial Design, Mark Solomon, The Smarthole Hoodie is live now on the Betabrand Think Tank. With your votes and input, you can help improve the final product, unlock special savings if the project makes it to the crowdfunding phase, and earn early access to Smarthole Hoodie prototypes and first editions.

Kickstarted on Vimeo

Get 25% Off »

Kickstarted follows three passionate creators—a musician fighting a debilitating illness, a never-say-die filmmaker, and a pair of hopeful inventors—turning to the crowd to fund their dreams. Created by the team who produced our videos for both this year’s campaign and last year’s Pebble Time project, the documentary is a Kickstarter success in its own right, raising over $86,000 from more than 800 backers.

On the path to crowdfunding success, the creators featured in Kickstarted find out that making your project real requires a lot more than money. The film is available now to buy or rent on Vimeo. The Pebble community can enjoy the film for 25% off by clicking here or using the promo code “Pebble25” on Vimeo.

The Superbook

Back on Kickstarter »

The Superbook is a $99 shell that turns your smartphone into a laptop. The project hit the ground running, smashing its $50,000 goal with almost $800,000 from over 5,300 backers just six days in. Three stretch goals have been unlocked (Int’l keyboard decals, extra USB port, bigger battery) with a fourth waiting to be unleashed if the project hits $1 million.

We’ve proudly backed The Superbook ourselves. Be the first to have your own by pledging on Kickstarter!

Lignite Music for iOS

Back on Kickstarter » 

Works with: Pebble Time-Series watches (Time, Time Steel, Time Round, Time 2) paired with iPhone

Edwin and Philipp got their start making Pebble watchfaces and successfully launching a Kickstarter campaign for their collection. Their second project for Lignite Music looks to make the iPhone listening experience great again. Even better, Lignite Music will fully integrate with Pebble for beautiful music playback right from your wrist.

Until next time,

Eric + Team Pebble


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    1. Joe Oliveira on September 11, 2016

      Well, it will work with Apple Watch 2. Why not Pebble 2?

    2. Nick Esposito on August 1, 2016

      Seb and Radim, Time 2 formulate your questions more clearly..

    3. Missing avatar

      Radim on July 29, 2016

      Timeeeeee 2......................?

    4. Juan Manuel Rivas on July 28, 2016

      That Pebble 2 looks GOOOOOD!

    5. Missing avatar

      K3S on July 28, 2016

      When will we see some glimpes of Time 2??

    6. sboixg on July 28, 2016

      thanks for no say nothing important on this update only what you do with our money (plus VAT) in Taiwan.

      on kickstarter I don't buy nothing, I give you money for support your project and you give me a reward (PT2) I don't lie to you and don't give you wrong VAT surprise.

    7. David Ernesto Cuevas Castillo on July 28, 2016

      To the people who want Pokémon Go support: I want it like you want, but meanwhile, there're a couple of apps whose help to the hunt of pokémons, one of them is Pokehunt, it's on the store, I used it and is pretty precise, even in meters, in catched few but that's another story.

    8. Jeremie Lariviere
      on July 27, 2016

      great update, thanks!

    9. DZero
      on July 27, 2016

      I'd heard about that, seems like a stupid move on Nintendo's part. That's why I was wondering if you'd tried reaching out to them to become the "Official Smartwatch of Pokemon Go". Pebble is the least expensive and oldest manufacturer of Smartwatches on the market, not to mention the only ones that actually last more than a day! Seems like a match made in heaven (other than Nintendo's obsession with being a hardware company, when their software has always been better then their hardware, excluding their mobile gaming platforms).

    10. Pebble Technology 3-time creator
      on July 27, 2016

      We would be happy to work on a Pokémon Go app for Pebble. Currently, the game doesn't have any public APIs for outside developers to build with.

    11. sleepyasianmansam
      on July 27, 2016

      I also would like (and pay for) PokeGo support!

    12. DZero
      on July 27, 2016

      Any chance you've reached out to Nintendo/Niantec to see about being the first smart watch to get Official support for Pokemon Go? (Especially since their "smartwacth" is delayed ;) )

    13. SungLi on July 27, 2016

      Hope some Pokemon Go support :D
      Taiwan is the best =w=

    14. Foot Time Boys on July 27, 2016

      When can we get an app for Pokemon Go. Similar to Pokemon Go+