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Two affordable, heart rate-enabled smartwatches and a hackable, 3G wearable for phone-free running with GPS, music, and Amazon Alexa.
Two affordable, heart rate-enabled smartwatches and a hackable, 3G wearable for phone-free running with GPS, music, and Amazon Alexa.
66,673 backers pledged $12,779,843 to help bring this project to life.

Go Full Circle with Pebble Time Round Special Editions + Get Building with the Pebble 4.0 SDK Preview

Posted by Pebble Technology (Creator)

"Yuuuge" update, coming in hot!

There’s two weeks left in our Kickstarter campaign for Pebble Core, Pebble 2, and Time 2. Our sleeves are sagging from the surprises we’ve been hiding up them. It's time to set the goodies free:

  • Pebble Time Round Special Editions
  • The Road to Rewards: Developer Experience & Tools

When we kicked off this project, we promised the campaign would showcase the entire Pebble lineup for 2016. Letting you pick the best mix of our new wearables in one place makes total sense.

The feedback from Pebble Time Round fans has been awesome. You're eager to see something cool for PTR during this project. We hear you loud and clear!

Thanks to you, we're bringing our lightest, thinnest, and most stylish activity tracking smartwatch to Kickstarter with a pair of Pebble Time Round Special Editions.



Get Smart, Snazzy, and Active with New Pebble Time Round Rewards

Pebble Time Round is the smartwatch for any occasion where timeless style is a must. Choose your own adventure with two Kickstarter Edition finishes in polished Gold or Silver.

The round, color e-paper display and marine-grade stainless steel chassis take center stage, balanced by luxe accents befitting this stylish timepiece. Smoked numbering at 03, 06, 09, and 12 o’clock adds subtle gloss to the jet black decorative bezel. The ebony, genuine leather band sports matching clasps and quick-release pins so you can easily swap in any 20mm band your ensemble calls for.

Breeze from boardroom to ballroom and everywhere in between.
Breeze from boardroom to ballroom and everywhere in between.


Get your smartwatch fix incognito: enjoy Pebble Health activity tracking, notifications, apps, and voice features in a design that’s less Inspector Gadget and more 007.

Manage Your Pledge

Backers who pledge for Pebble Time Round on Kickstarter will have these new models before anyone else and receive an exclusive laser engraving when they start shipping in September.

We’re giving backers a range of options to make these special editions their own, including a combo pack for those who want one Pebble for the gym and pool and another Pebble for date night or dinner with clients:

  • $199 for one (1) Pebble Time Round in polished Gold or Silver
  • $298 for one (1) Pebble Time Round + one (1) Pebble 2

Fun Fact: Even with multiple watches in your collection, Pebble Health seamlessly consolidates step and sleep stats between your Pebbles for one, unified view!

Need a wingman for date night AND a gym buddy? Make it so with the $298 Time Round + Pebble 2 Combo!
Need a wingman for date night AND a gym buddy? Make it so with the $298 Time Round + Pebble 2 Combo!


With new rewards to consider, current backers can easily change their pledges to a reward tier that suits them best while the campaign is live.

To pledge for a mix of Pebble rewards that don’t currently exist as an official tier, follow these steps:

1) Pledge for an official reward tier that best fits the mix of Pebbles you want.

2) In early July, we'll invite you to complete your Reward survey. This survey will let you choose color/finish preferences, set a delivery address, and add on and pay for any additional Kickstarter reward items you'd like.

3) Add-on items are priced at the Early Bird level, with the same shipping costs. Add-ons will not impact the shipping order of the original Reward you backed.

Easy, right?

The Road to Rewards: Developer Experience & Tools

We’re proud of the hardware foundation Pebble wearables have built since starting our journey four (whoa, time flies!) years ago, but that’s just half the story. What really makes our products sing are the watchfaces, apps, and experiences our developer community keeps bringing to the Pebble platform.


Making the Pebble ecosystem the most inspiring and delightful wearable platform to develop for is no small task. I’m regularly blown away by the ingenuity, hard work, and creativity our Developer Experience team displays to make herculean, behind-the-scenes work look and feel like magic.

I’d like to celebrate the wearable tech wunderkinds on Pebble's Developer Experience Team for today's Road to Rewards spotlight. They're instrumental in helping our developer community make awesome happen. Launching the Pebble 4.0 SDK Preview and Emulator today are small tastes of the great things they have in store.

Please enjoy the update below by Cat Haines, Head of Developer Relations at Pebble.

Missed a past Road to Rewards feature? Recap them here and here.

A Wild SDK Appears

Developers, rejoice!

Today, we are releasing the first SDK 4 Developer Preview. SDK 4 opens the door to app development for Pebble 2 and lets you interact with some of the exciting new UX elements in Pebble OS 4.0, including Timeline Peek and the improved system launcher. As always, we’ve included plenty of valuable resources to help you better understand the new functionality and demonstrate how you can use our tools to build delightful user experiences!

For a full recap of what’s new, visit the SDK 4.0 Release Notes and check out the latest post on our Developer Blog.

Shiny New Emulator

The SDK 4 Developer Preview also includes an updated emulator with the 4.0 user experience and new features bundled in to help developers create and test their 4.0 apps and watchfaces. The emulator includes a launcher capable of displaying an App Glance, plus the ability to toggle the presence of Timeline Peek so developers can ensure their watchfaces look perfect in every context!

Lastly, developers can now install multiple watchfaces and apps to a single emulator—how exciting!

Looking Forward

The SDK 4 developer preview is just that: a first taste that will evolve with time.

The official version of SDK 4 is currently planned for a late-August release. The full Pebble 4.0 SDK will include support for simulating data in the Heart Rate Monitor API, the ability to build applications for Time 2, and the first version of our exciting new Embedded JavaScript SDK, Rocky.js.

Back to you, Eric!

Celebrate Pebble Developers TONIGHT in SF

Awesome, Cat! On behalf of the entire Pebble community—users who will enjoy the apps and faces built with the tools from our Developer Experience team—thank you! If you’re in the Bay Area tonight, you can thank them in person at our SF Pebble Meetup.

Get the details and RSVP here »

Pebble Meetups are where it's at :)
Pebble Meetups are where it's at :)

Project Odds and Ends

Until next time,

Eric + Team Pebble

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    1. Missing avatar

      north_guy on

      I was interested in adding the Pebble 2 to my pledge to add to my Pebble Time Round Kickstarter Edition, however am not willing to pay an additional $15 shipping. If shipping for both watches are combined under a single shipping charge (as they should be) I would still be interested in this. $30 shipping (US) is high for 2 watches....

    2. WNJ85 on

      @Peter McAndrew that's easy then... Pebble Time Round has 1-2 day battery life and is splash resistant (ipx7).

    3. Peter McAndrew on

      @Jeff: Thanks for the link, but it only covers half of the comparison table given in this campaign even though it provides a lot of other detail. Two main things covered in the comparison table in the campaign that that table doesn't give are water resistance and battery life.

    4. Missing avatar

      wildblue on

      I found the two watchfaces from the two new Pebble Round ones by myself...

      They are called Consensus and Banner...

      With best regards

    5. Missing avatar

      wildblue on

      Can anyone please tell me, where to get the two watchfaces shown on the new Pebble Time Round or how they are called? I definitely don't want to waste my time searching through thousands of possible choices.

      Thank you so much in advance...

    6. Jeff McLean on

      @peter The link below will break down the specs between all the pebble watches.

    7. Hei Liebrecht on

      I was hoping for a Time Round 2 :(

    8. Peter McAndrew on

      Could we please get the Round added to the comparison table on the campaign? I'd like to see how it compares to the other watches being offered.

    9. Matthew Halls on

      I (and most people in the comments) understand that this is purely a new design for the Time Round rather than a Pebble 2 variant, but you may wish to add a disclaimer stating as such on the project page - otherwise you may end up with people who think they're ordering a Time Round 2 (or even cancel their Time 2 pledge in favour of a Time Round pledge) and end up disappointed when it's not what they were expecting.

      As a side note, I'm not sure what the '20' next to the Time Round Kickstarter Edition graphic featured in this update and the project page represents, but it does feel a bit to me like that could confuse people into thinking it's a Time Round 2.

      Or I could be vastly overthinking this, but I figured I might as well bring it up just in case :)

    10. Pebble Technology 3-time creator

      Yes to those curious about reward mixes that aren't official tiers. Follow the instructions in this update/the FAQ to add on rewards when you manage your pledge post-campaign. Easy!

    11. Grant on

      @pebble @eric please get rid of the numbers from the bezel. then is would be PERFECT!!

    12. Grant on

      @olly they mean in the pebble app not on each of your watches

    13. Olly S on

      re PEbble Time Round SE:

      I'm slightly disappointed that there are no hardware improvements, only cosmetic ones, especially when these models are being released almost a year after the PTR was launched. My perfect Pebble would be round with less bezel, better battery and properly waterproof like the other Pebbles. HRM would be the icing on the cake. I'd totally accept a slightly thinker device tho get these features.

    14. Olly S on

      "Fun Fact: Even with multiple watches in your collection, Pebble Health seamlessly consolidates step and sleep stats between your Pebbles for one, unified view!"

      @creator Not in my experience. My steps recorded on one Pebble do not show up on the other. Is this feature coming in OS4? I'd really love a more seamless way to switch between using the Pebbles that I own.

      For what it's worth, I'd love if if our Health data was backed up to our Pebble account. I recently lost my old phone and with it all the health data I had captured for the last six months....

    15. Grace Less on

      Can we add a Round with the backerkit if we want to get the Time 2 and Steel 2 reward also?

    16. Missing avatar

      Yossi Seter on

      How about adding the Hebrew language support to Pebble?

    17. Bogdan Grigore on

      This is dissapointing. You should have updated the hardware.

    18. Mark Reed on

      how about a Time2 +PTR SE option?

    19. Brian Fried

      So just to be clear from this update: if we have pledged for a tier that doesn't include the round, we can still choose to add a round when the backer kit arrives? As an early bird backer, that will make a difference in what I do with my pledge.

    20. Sharlene Glennie

      I literally squee'd out loud in the car as I read this on the screen of my original pebble while stuck in traffic. Will be checking our the fine print one I can access on a computer but for now, #HappyDance

    21. Xavi P.

      The combo pebble 2 + Round have 30$ for shippment cost. If I add the round to the early pebble 2 will they keep the 15$ cost?

    22. Alick Reid on

      Scratch my previous comment - my pledge was for a Time 2 and a Core, so I need an option which adds a PTR SE to that at the early bird rate - please?

    23. Missing avatar

      Glen Morrell on

      Guys can we have some good closeups of the new round. Maybe a an extra ordinary offer 1 time2 round, 1 time2, 1 time2 steel,1 core.
      Looking forward to updatimg my old pebbles

    24. Alick Reid on

      There really, really needs to be a Time 2 + PTR SE option. Soon.

    25. Missing avatar

      José Afonso Santos on

      Unscratcheable Time-2 Titanium edition with quartz display please.
      Don't care if it costs twice as much.

    26. Nir Shafrir

      I also would like to upgrade my time 2 to time 2 + round. Thank you

    27. Chris M

      You need a Time Round 2, smaller bevel, better battery. Add that and I'm sold.

      Not going to buy the same old product for the same old price with a new set of paint.

    28. Missing avatar

      Javier Zayas on

      I would love to see a pebble time 2 + Time Round reward tier!

    29. Xavi P.

      So it's not a new round. The 2 days battery life kills me : /

    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    31. Chelsea on

      Re: battery life complaints:
      From what I've seen, the point of the Pebble Round is to provide a smartwatch option with a sleeker, more discreet look--which they accomplished in large part by making it much thinner. The battery life is presumably one of the trade-offs necessary to make that possible. It does sounds disappointing compared to a 10-day life, but it's still more than 2x the promised life of an Apple watch and what I've read indicates it takes less than 30 minutes to charge it fully, so it should be easy enough to charge it up while you shower or whatever. I would obviously love a longer battery life as well, but if it's a choice between that and the sleek design then I think they made the right call. I will definitely be purchasing one, but now the question is if I should wait until my husband's Time 2 arrives so he's not super jealous of me. :D

    32. Samuel on

      Will I get the exclusive laser engraving for the PTR if I add it as an add-on?

    33. Missing avatar

      Paul J on

      Really, so this is just the PTR but with silver or gold? At first glance I assumed it was going to be a Time 2 but round. Until they offer the specs of a Time 2 but in a round version, I'll hold off.

      I feel like they need to explicitly note that is is just a PTR, Not a PTR 2 (or whatever they might call it) to be more clear about what you're really getting.

    34. fluffy on

      Oh wow, the PTR SE looks wonderful! A shame there's no Round with the heart rate monitor though - that's the main reason I'm in for the PT2.

      I love my PTR and of my three current Pebbles (original, Time Steel, and Round) it is by far the one I wear the most, as it's the most stylish of the the set (and far nicer-looking than any other smartwatch out there IMO).

    35. Missing avatar

      R Ho on

      Could we get a specs list comparing the different models please? I'm currently backing a Pebble 2 and am interested in backing the Pebble Round as well but the diameter seems awfully small at 20mm...

    36. Elon Svärdhagen on

      No way to get a Time 2 + Round?

    37. Missing avatar

      Grrrrrene on

      The new Pebble Time Round is beautiful, but so sad to see that again there is only 2 days of battery life. That is a deal breaker for me. If you brought out a PTR with 7 days of battery life that is a bit fatter, you'd make me very happy. For now the PT2 remains my ideal smartwatch :)

    38. Adam Cooperman

      Can we get the Pebble Time Round 2 compared specs and photo-wise to the pebble time steel 2? (Jesus these names are getting confusing... I want to compare all the new metal ones with color screens. Call them whatever you want.)

    39. Missing avatar

      Frances Koo on

      I love the new Pebble Time Rounds! How about a Pebble Time Steel 2 and Pebble Time Round 2 combo? Or a How about a Pebble Time Steel 2, Pebble Time Round 2, and Pebble Time Core combo?

    40. Dara Robinson on

      I'm a little confused by this Pebble Time Round watch, is it a round version of the Pebble Time 2? If the specs are exactly the same I'll most likely get it but this announcement does not specify, I think you should be clearer, it will confuse some and others will assume its a round version of the Pebble Time 2, and if it is not that will create some very unhappy campers

    41. Nícolas Óliver on

      "We hear you loud and clear!" No, you have not!

      We want a new PTR, with 53% larger screen and heart rate monitoring. Thats not the case here. These PTR announced today are just the OG PTR with a new coat of pain.

    42. Alexey Shtol on

      It's just another case for PTR. Gold and silver. There is no anything new.

    43. Darren Ang on

      i'm thinking about the round as well.. but so little information on the things it has. HRM/water resistance etc etc. dont wanna miss the chance to get this..

    44. Joshua Morgan on

      Grant, how hard is it to do a return?

    45. Joshua Morgan on

      William - it's the same as the pebble time round that's out now... just a different finish.

    46. Jamie Ngo on

      Wait, so does this PTR have the heart rate sensor and the same 30m water resistance like the Time 2? and why does the battery only last 2 days, that is really short.

    47. Pebble Technology 3-time creator

      Pebble Time Round specs can be found here—they apply to the PTR Special Edition finishes introduced today.

    48. William Karnesky on

      More specs on the Time round please, you don't mention Water resistance, heart rate monitor, or any other aspects like battery life. Is this the same as the time 2 in a round package, or just a fancier looking original Round?

    49. Missing avatar

      Craig Rose on

      Both those polished chassis look fantastic, but I'll stick with my silver PTR. Now if it had the HRM, a larger battery, and a larger screen with less bezel, you'd have my money.

    50. Stephen Prokopchuk on

      I'll wait another 5 minutes in case a new, better PTR is introduced...

      The colours are right, now you just need the battery life and Time 2 features...