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Man-Made Mythology is a Comic Book RPG that allows players to create almost any kind of comic book themed character imaginable.
100 backers pledged $6,057 to help bring this project to life.

We hit our goal, but it's only halftime.

Well, we've done it. Thanks to all of our amazing supporters and fans we have met our minimum funding goal of $3,000.

Why do I say "minimum"? Well, this was what we calculated as the necessary amount to get our project off the ground. But, the more backers and support we have, the more we'll be able to do. This weekend, the team will be meeting to determine what kind of stretch goals are possible and what we can do upon reaching them.

We've also got a few new levels that we will implement that we know many will be interested in upgrading to. And we're going to be doing some leg work to find out how to offer some different rewards in a cost effective manner.

But right now, this moment, I feel we've accomplished something great. Many have given us advice and pointed us down the right path -- such as Sean Patrick Fannon, a gentleman giant in the gaming industry who despite all of his own accomplishments, gives his advice freely and enthusiastically for everyone who wants it. We took his advice and guidance and ran with it.

Not everyone was as supportive as Sean or our other fans. Many people looked at what we were doing and gave us an almost patronizing pat on the head saying "Well, good luck with that." and some just outright said to our faces that being no-names in the market, we could never compete.

Our book isn't to press yet, and with every accomplishment comes the realization that "Now the real work begins", but we are 100% on track and things are going exactly, if not better, than we planned.

So we wanted to thank everyone who has already supported us in making this possible. You won't be disappointed. And we wanted to remind everyone else that it's not too late to back us and get your copies of our book locked in, as well as our other special tokens.

Thanks so much for your support.



    1. Creator Harry on July 21, 2012


      This is a great project you have here. Keep it moving forward and show those naysayers just how limited their foresight was. I look forward to seeing the new stretch goals and the new pledge levels!