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This film took three years to complete. It is a labor of love. Help me show it to the world.
This film took three years to complete. It is a labor of love. Help me show it to the world.
92 backers pledged $8,301 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ashley Mackay on

      Hey Joe.

      Just saw the screener and I loved it. I knew from the moment I first saw the trailer that it was something special. It's hard for me to sit down at the PC and watch a full movie 'cause I get kinda antsy (need to watch these babies on my HDTV!) but this I sat down all the way through for.

      This movie definitely needs world attention.

      Congrats on a successful campaign and hope you get more recognition mate!


    2. Missing avatar

      Joe Stauffer (deleted) Creator on

      @Matthew @Ashley @Ramon Thanks guys, we really did squeak by at the last minute!

      I really appreciate the support throughout the fundraising effort! The digital rewards (soundtrack & online screener) are going out first thing next week... Stay tuned!

      Sorry for the delayed response, I have been catching up on sleep since the campaign is finally over... ha!

    3. Ramon on

      How did this happen? How did I not see this before? Joe, the trailer, the small video's,... they're awesome! I was on vacation two days ago when at some point I was able to get wifi access... I saw this project with 2 hours to spare,... glad I did! Really looking forward to it! I only had little time to check the options, so I had to choose quickly. But now I'm back from vacation and seeing more of your stuff I was wondering, any way I can bump my pledge to the $25 one? You've earned it!

    4. Marius Riley on

      Congratulations, Joe! I have to admit I was worried about the goal being met, but hot damn. Outstanding! Kickstarters came through again. Let there be dancing and a movie!

    5. Ashley Mackay on

      Wow... a day or two ago and I'd thought it wasn't going to make it but I'm glad it did 'cause it looks quite good!
      Congrats on reaching 8k!

    6. Missing avatar

      Joe Stauffer (deleted) Creator on

      @Matt Turner Thank you so much for the support! I really hope we can pull this off last minute....

    7. Marius Riley on

      Hey, Joe. I posted about your flick on my personal and professional FB pages and put in $25. I really like the looks of the trailer, and I'm rooting for you, man.