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A modern illuminated manuscript based on one of the most important books in history.
A modern illuminated manuscript based on one of the most important books in history.
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      Kavi on

      Hi Kelly,
      I really hope you manage to get to the end of this awe-inspiring project.
      All the best from Melbourne, Australia

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      William Devrell on

      My pledge just pushed the total past the $12K mark; what's the next goal?

      This is a truly beautiful and inspiring piece of work; it's a privilege to be able to make a contribution. I feel like Ludovico now!

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      Alexander M Kerr on

      Gday Kelly,
      Indeed, Chuck was really into beetles, certainly early on, and theyre awfully purdy alot of them, but barnacles were his de facto organism for thinking about, working through his ideas on, and demonstrating natural selection prior to writing the Origin. Im not a partisan, im not into barnacles particularly, but i think he would miss barnacles in an illustrated edition of his book. Beyond that admitted quibble (of sorts), your project i think is fantastically important, the beginning of what is the wholesale reprioritisation, i.e., re-expression as art, of what are in fact the foundational works of rationality and thus civilisation. You seeeriously rock.

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      Barbara Williamson on

      Congratulations dear one! This is so exciting. Now your hard work really begins. I am psyched to hear about your progress. We are routing for you full-out! From one artist to another - never fear, you are more than up to it and we are solidly behind your talent and effort. Don't ya just love Kickstarter - the 2011 version of art patrons? I love it because it makes it doable for a person like me to bridge with an artist like you and feel so CONNECTED and INVOLVED. I am retired as an artist illustrator from Johns Hopkins. I am retired in McKinney Texas just a hop skip and a jump from DFW Airport. Hope to meet you in person some day maybe at next year's MBS Conclave in Asheville, NC? Hats off to you dear girl. Love, Barb

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      Barbara Williamson on

      Kelly, I am an MBS member, artist and collector. I think your project is stunning and am so glad to back your endeavor. I am excited to use Kickstarter to help you. I look forward to the miniature book too! Best wishes, Barbara Williamson