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We're road-tripping the US, MEX, & CAN to build forts and relationships w/ strangers. We want to visit you and grow community.

We're road-tripping the US, MEX, & CAN to build forts and relationships w/ strangers. We want to visit you and grow community. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on March 28, 2011.

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About this project

Dear potential fort building friends,

You might be wondering...


We’re hitting the road to build forts and community with strangers.  We're traveling through the United States, Canada, and Mexico during the months of June, July, and August of 2011.  While on the road we have a few specific focuses.  One of our focuses is to build forts.

A fort is a creative space that brings people together to ask questions, act on them, empower, and be empowered.  It's a safe space.  It’s a space to freely use your imagination and be yourself.  Somewhere you can start a conversation that will grow you, and your community into something exceptional.  We want to be inspired to live brilliantly, profoundly, and generously by building forts with others.          

Another focus is partnering with different organizations and institutions.  From art councils, education departments, urban gardens, refugee committees, youth programs, community projects to national parks.  We’ll be engaging with them via fort building, but also participating in the incredible things they’re already doing.           

In-between these partnerships, we want the time on the road to shape us.  We want the people we meet and the landscapes we see to greatly impact who we are, what we make next, and the community we are about to encounter.  We want to teach and be taught here.  We want to become better listeners.  We want to find and share in unexpected adventures with others. We want you to experience these adventures with us as we curiously explore the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

THIS IS OUR INVITATION TO YOU,                                                       WHEREVER YOU ARE...

We invite you to build a fort and send us a picture of it.

We invite you to ask a question and send it to us.

We invite you to give and volunteer your time with others and tell us about it.

We invite you to donate towards the creation of the project.


Building a fort creates an environment to ask questions of yourself and others.  We hope you ask questions of how you and your community can be made better.  Once you've asked, then you can act.  We hope you take action by giving your time/ volunteering in something that makes you thrive.  This process of building forts to build community has impacted our lives dramatically.  We want to offer what we've learned and learn from you as well.


This part is wonderful.  The only way the project grows is if people like YOU, spend intentional time creating something.  The project grows by you asking questions, taking action, and empowering others.  This bigger story grows by you acting brilliantly, profoundly, and generously to curiously create something with those around you. We would be honored if you would help us spread this project.


Your donations go towards two budgets for this project. The first budget goes towards a long list of functional items which are necessities for the road trip, as well as items needed to keep participants fully up to date with the progress of the project.  We have budgeted our funding so that we will be living as simply as possible.  In preparation for this trip we recognize there is no way around the high costs of some of the tools required to make this project possible.  A few items on this list include, a vehicle, gas for an entire summer's worth of driving, the technology and photo/video equipment needed to document and tell the story, etc. This money will also go towards the materials needed to create the sculptures, installations, illustrations, and other art we’ll be making throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. But the second budget is set-aside for another purpose. The goal of this budget is to be a gift to other people we encounter on the road. Here’s a few examples... art supplies for education departments, groceries to make and share a meal with strangers we meet, new soil for urban gardens we volunteer with, etc. 

In partnering with art education programs, there often comes the need on the behalf of the education department to offer an artist's payment to cover the costs of the partnership.  We want to do this differently.  If we are going to dream up such a huge project, we want to dream up our partnerships how we would ideally want to do them.  We are dreaming of a project where we can show up for a partnership as a group of artists and not accept a payment.  That way the education departments can save their money to do more good elsewhere.  In order to do this we need to raise a significant amount of money on the front end of the project.  Your donation will be going towards our ability to interact and partner with these education programs.

Your donation fuels an artistic process, the growth of communities and individuals, as well as the gas to get us there.  We see our fundraising growth as something beautiful and relational as well.  


Every single person backing the project has a voice and hand in shaping and creating of the trip because of the zine (see FAQ for zine definition).  They're interactive.  In Each zine there will be questions to you of how we can collectively make the project better.  Your voice will be heard and we want you to influence and impact our trip, even if you're only giving a dollar.  We're extremely excited about this element of the project.   


Yep.  The website will follow our time on the road building forts, asking questions, and volunteering.  It will show all our wanderings and explorations with the "inbetween".  You'll be able to see daily updates from the road, and use the site as a resource to grow your own community.  The site will be the home to the forts, questions, and stories of volunteering you send us.  You will be able to read and respond to the questions asked, and stories of volunteering.  You can get advice from others on the questions you ask.  A highlight of the website is an interactive global map that will show the forts sent to us from all over the world and the people who built them.  The map will also show the forts we make, as well as our route on the road. The website is one of our biggest tools to share and create this bigger story together.



Facebook: forts and the inbetween

Twitter: forts inbetween





DO I HAVE TO FINANCIALLY CONTRIBUTE TO BE A PART OF THIS PROJECT? No, we openly invite anyone to participate in the project.  Please visit our website to find out how.

WHAT IS A FORT? A fort is a created environment/ structure for self reflection or engagement with others.  It has the power to bring people together. It’s a creative safe space to ask questions, act on them, and empower.  A fort will look different for everyone.  Your fort can be made out of whatever materials you choose.  Old fence wood, sheets from thrift stores, sticks from the canyon, bringing a book and a flashlight in a closet, hanging styrofoam planets in your dorm room, Putting up a pennant flag in your office, whatever.  We suggest you use materials you can get for free or re-use.  Your fort can be as simple or complex as you wish.  Seriously, anything you want.    Use items and materials that are personal and important to you.  We’re excited to see everyone’s interpretations! 

WHAT'S A ZINE? A zine is essentially a homemade or handmade book.  We will send you a digital copy of the zine and a link to a video we post online showing how to assemble it.  In it there will be questions and thoughts of how you and your community can grow to be better, illustrations, maps, and questions for you to respond to, to help us to make the project better.  We're hoping you print and make a zine to keep for yourself, and then fill one out for us so your answers can help shape our trip.  You will print a tangible version of the zine, fill it out, and send it to us in the mail.  We will give you our mailing address.  We are looking forward to collecting a huge zine library made by project participants.

Also on zines: the 3 zines are created as a series.  Each of the three is different. They build off one another and the ideas are best illuminated over the course of the series. 

WHAT QUESTION SHOULD I ASK?  Ask questions about things you care about.  How do I become a better sister?  What does it take to be a better listener?  Why is there injustice in the world?  What is my biggest challenge today? Once you've asked you can investigate and learn.  People will be able to comment and give advice on your question on our website as another way of you being able to grow and learn.  We want this whole thing to be a conversation.

WHERE SHOULD I GIVE MY TIME OR VOLUNTEER?  It can be something like tutoring kids after school, or a hiking trail clean up.  But giving your time can also be treating an old friend to coffee, or simply asking a question to a stranger you meet at the grocery store.  We want you to apply yourself and live passionately with those around you.  We want you to thrive while you do this.  Everyone's gift of time will be unique. 

WHERE EXACTLY ARE YOU GOING ON YOUR ROAD TRIP?  We will have specific locations locked down which we will announce later, but we're open to suggestions and potential partners.

WHAT COMES IN THE FORT STARTER KIT? The Fort Starter Kit has some essential materials to kick off your fort building.  Some of our favorite fabrics, a strand of the hand printed pennant flags, fort treasures, additional questions, a download code for "A Film About a Fort" to watch in your fort, recipe for fort food, suggested fort playlist, plus a few other surprises. 

WHAT COMES IN THE MYSTERY PACKAGE?  The contents will be things we find, make, or are given from our time on the road.  There will be a number of different mystery treasures in each one, and each package's content will be different.  Anything from a gold tooth found in Boston, a vhs copy of Home Alone from Boise, a journal page from Ash, who knows?  Let your imagination and curiosity run wild...  

WHO IS "A NEW NORMAL"? See the links section for a music video.  Electronic, story based music project featuring our great friend Justin Wright.  Check out for more music.  It's great fort music.  

WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DONT RAISE YOUR FUNDING GOAL? Then the project receives no funding.  All charges are voided and no transaction occurs.


A shipping cost of $5 U.S. and $8 international is added to the $50 and $100 incentive in an attempt to help with the enormous shipping costs that will cut into our funding.  The more money we have to spend on boring shipping, the less money we have to make art with kids.  We're deeply grateful for your backing of the $50 or $100 incentive.  We hope you see where we're coming from.

If you back the $2,000 dollar incentive and want us to build a fort at your house, you have to live in the United States, Southern Canada, or Northern Mexico.  Unless you want to pay for our airfare, then we'll go to your house.  We'll be on the next flight to Siberia.

Please send us any thoughts or further questions...

We would like to thank everyone who has generously contributed to the creation of the project thus far.  Every friend who helped with the filming of the video, building of the ideas, or putting the project into action.  Special thanks to Jared Callahan, Bryan Bangerter, Jamie Netherland, Ben Weiland, Madison Dyer, and Justin Wright.  Thanks to Meg & Bryan/ The Whole Shebang for all the music in the video.

Thanks for reading.  We know that was a lot.  We hope you're inspired to participate this bigger story. Email us at with anything you'd like to say or ask.  Be well friends,

                     Emi, Max, Ash, & Wes


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    Everything in the $20 incentive PLUS a limited edition art print made by co-creator Wes Bruce, and a limited edition one-of-a-kind-hand-sewn-hand-screen printed fort pennant flag. Add an additional $5 to your pledge for postage in the U.S. and $8 International for shipping.

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    Everything in the $50 incentive PLUS Your fort FEATURED on the Forts & the Inbetween Website, and an exclusive song download of “The Inbetween” written by A New Normal specifically for this project. Add an additional $5 to your pledge for postage in the U.S. and $8 International for shipping.

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    Everything in the $250 dollar incentive PLUS The Mystery Package (a package we put together of mysterious treasures we make and find while on the road. see FAQ) AND original artwork made by Co-Creator Wes Bruce (see artwork to the left) AND a video postcard to you from us from somewhere on the road. The shipping fee is on us for The Mystery Package.

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    Everything in the $500 dollar incentive PLUS Your name will be added to our list as an official Sponsor on The Forts And The Inbetween Website. But that’s small potatoes compared to this... YOU'RE INVITED TO BUILD A FORT WITH US SOMEWHERE ON THE ROAD. For one whole entire epic day we can build forts, go swimming, and make a meal. It'll be a rad day. We’ll plan for you to meet us somewhere on the road for the day. Transportation is on you to meet us. BYOSB (Bring Your Own Sleeping Bag).

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    Pledge $2,000 or more About $2,000 USD

    Everything in the $1000 dollar incentive PLUS WE COME TO YOUR HOMETOWN AND BUILD A FORT TOGETHER WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS! AND we'll put on a PRIVATE HOME SCREENING of "A Film About A Fort" Directed by Bryan Bangerter and Wes Bruce, in your fort or living room.

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    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD

    Everything in the $2000 incentive PLUS A choice between two final incentives... Option #1 We collaborate with you to build/ create/ art direct/ design a fully one-of-a-kind event of your choice. Here’s some examples of how to use this incentive: Art Direction for your do it yourself Wedding, Set design for your Music Video or Concert, Fort-ify your house or classroom, birthday party, Bar Mitzvah, whatever. We’re open to your creativity and suggestions on this one. (see the links page to view previous Art Direction and Set Design) Option #2 We invite YOU AND A FRIEND TO JOIN US ON THE ROAD. Together we will experience all the adventure, findings, and forts, first hand!

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