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This Brom hardcover art book will be the largest, most comprehensive retrospective ever published on this renowned dark fantasy artist.
This Brom hardcover art book will be the largest, most comprehensive retrospective ever published on this renowned dark fantasy artist.
2,374 backers pledged $235,319 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Brom and Flesk Publications Creator on

      Thanks for your understanding and nice words, Nikki.

    2. Nikki on

      *eesh* disregard the below please... I put this comment on the wrong page. Sorry!

    3. Nikki on

      I was very fortunate to be a part of the BROM project. So sorry you had to reach the 'not shipping international' decision due to the challenges with shipping costs and people not coughing up their shipping money etc. I wish you so much good luck with this Kickstarter, it looks absolutely beautiful.

    4. LateToTheParty7

      Saw this at Olympic Cards and Comics a few months back and boy does it look good on a shelf.

    5. Brom and Flesk Publications Creator on

      Thanks, Maximyz. It's now official that packages to Russia take the longest time to arrive. I wish it was faster, but am happy you got your package and everything is in good shape.

    6. Missing avatar

      Maximyz on

      Just received! Russia. It is awesome! Absolutely awesome! Great thanks to you, Gerald and to you, John.

      And what a fantastic bubble wrap!

    7. Brom and Flesk Publications Creator on

      Thanks for the notes, Heather and T. Rob!

    8. Missing avatar

      Heather Carter on

      It's here! It's here! And it's amaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!
      Thanks for packaging it so carefully -- everything seems to be in pristine condition.
      The book itself is gorgeous beyond anything I had imagined. Squee!

    9. T. Rob Brown Photography & Writing on

      Thanks to Brom for signing my book at Gen Con! :) Was great to meet him in person.

    10. Brom and Flesk Publications Creator on

      Fantastic, thanks Helder!

    11. Helder Lavigne

      I just receive mine in Brazil. I Was very anxious to get my hands on it, and what I saw untill now has far surpassed my expectations. The packaging was also intact and the book arrived perfectly untouched. This was a very enjoyable project.

    12. Brom and Flesk Publications Creator on

      Thanks, Alex. We've been putting extra effort into the international packages to avoid books arriving dinged. I'm glad you noticed.

    13. Brom and Flesk Publications Creator on

      Heather, I'm glad you left a comment. We have been trying to get a hold of you since you have not paid your international shipping yet. In case your Kickstarter email isn't working, can you follow-up with us at and I'll take care of you.
      Thanks, John

    14. Alex on

      Just got mine late yesterday (Canberra, Australia).
      I have only flicked through very quickly so far but it looks pretty awesome.
      The packaging was also really good, it looks like a lot of care was taken to make sure it arrived undamaged :)
      I'm excited to have a proper read of the whole thing soon.

    15. Missing avatar

      Heather Carter on

      Any chance I could get a tracking number? In Toronto, Ontario and my copy still hasn't arrived. :0(

    16. Brom and Flesk Publications Creator on

      Ha, thanks Jenico!

    17. Count_Grishnackh on

      Just received mine (South Africa) , and its not what I expected... Its even BETTER!!! Flesk Publications, amazing book, excellent quality, one thing though, Please do more art books! (Frazetta, Royo, Cleavenger, Giger so many to name). Brom .. your a true master, an inspiration to me and many other artists, your work...I cant even put into words... Its just beautiful man... Thanks to the both of you for giving us a chance to own this amazing book...*bows up and down chanting* "I am not worthy" XD

    18. Dane Winton on

      I received mine today! Top notch work on everything, the Deluxe edition is amazing :D This is one very happy Australian! Thanks for all your hard work Brom and John :)

    19. Brom and Flesk Publications Creator on

      Thanks for keeping the comments coming. I like knowing when books arrive!

    20. Missing avatar

      LokY on

      Got mine yesterday. Awesome stuff !

    21. Missing avatar

      Melody on

      Just received mine today in Singapore (:

    22. Missing avatar

      chrom on

      just got it:) thank you very much Brom and Flesk Publications.

    23. Lyndon Trafalski on

      Received my book and sketchbook today in Australia. Packaging was great. Thanks guys for all the hard work while I sat on my butt waiting for it to arrive. :D

    24. Brom and Flesk Publications Creator on

      I will send you an email by Wednesday when we are back in the office to take care of you. Don't worry, we'll get it all sorted out.

    25. Brom and Flesk Publications Creator on

      We are coming back to the office after being out for the week at Comic-Con in San Diego. I'll be responding to comments and messages at my normal daily pace starting again on Wednesday.
      Thanks for everyone for letting us know your books are arriving across the world. It's great news!

    26. Bran on

      I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me on the front porch today (Manitoba, Canada). The book looks fabulous and was neatly packed. A wonderful job and Kickstarter campaign.

    27. Missing avatar

      Richard Mason on

      Should have said, if not already on record, my email is

    28. Missing avatar

      Richard Mason on

      Big problems here, sorry guys. I've received someone else's book! Went to pick up my package from post office (UK) and the outer bag was correctly addressed to me, but all the contents - box, shipping label, and book too - are addressed and signed to someone else.
      Please could you email me ASAP to figure out how we can solve this and where my book is :(

    29. PUMA on

      Received the 'Deluxe Edition' here in Aus. A big Thankyou, to Mr.Brom and Mr.Flesk, for the perfect volume of evil.

    30. Alan Warner on

      My deluxe edition (#97) arrived in the U.K. just a couple of days ago, & I'm absolutely thrilled with it. The whole production oozes so much quality, & of course the artwork is completely wonderful & out of this world. There are so many pieces that are new to me, as well as lots of old favourites, & without doubt this is the most beautiful art book of the many that I own. I love it.
      Thank you so much John & Brom, for all your hard work in putting this amazing book together.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jacinto Cunha on

      Just received mine. Wonderful book, wonderfull images, love the Brom pics :) Thanks you greatly Brom and Flesk again for this great book!

    32. Nikki on

      I am so damn happy I could scream. I received mine today (Ontario, Canada). It was amazingly packaged. The book is absolutely beautiful with stunning detail. The prints and sketchbook are the icing! This is, by far, the most incredible Kickstarter I have had the pleasure to back. I don't think anything will ever beat it. Thank you, so much, Brom and John for giving us this opportunity. You both surpassed yourselves in getting this done. I really hope I see another collaboration from you both. I cannot thank you enough.

    33. Marcus Anderson on

      I got my copy today in the mail from Sweden? Looks fantastic, very happy with it. Thanks very much guys

    34. Michael Erpelo on

      Just got mine today and I am still cleaning the ceiling of what's left of my brain when it got blown out of my skull. BOOK IS AMAZING!!! Thanks so much guys!!! It arrived intact in Toronto, Canada. Woot woot eh!

    35. Dick Groen on

      Yesterday I recieved the DELUXE EDITION WITH SIGNED SKETCHBOOK, the book is awesome and arrived in mint condition in the Netherlands.

    36. Nikki on

      Dead jealous of you all, anxiously waiting my goodies to arrive here in Canada! So excited :)

    37. Jennifer Milward on

      My boyfriend, Matt Chrich, and I have been looking forward to this since we first heard about it in September last year. Our package of signed book, sketchbook, and five beautiful prints arrived this morning - all in superb condition. We're in the UK.

      The art, presentation, and quality of the whole deal - product and service - from start to finish has been breath-taking. It is a true honour and privilege to have been a part of this. Kudos to Brom, Flesk Publications, and your army of helpers for all your blood, sweat, and tears - the results are unique and fabulous to behold. Bravo!

    38. Nicolas Delzenne on

      I received the book this morning.
      It is just fantastic, congrats... and thanks a lot !

    39. Sebastien on

      Just received this morning the deluxe edition signed with sketches and sketchbook,not a scratch, perfectly packaged! Thanks for that awesome book!

    40. Charlie Noodles on

      Another Dane here - I just got my hands on the book too.
      You really did a good job with the packaging - not a scratch or bend to be seen.

    41. Lucas Salim Sanches on

      Hi friends!

      Could I please have mine tracking number to check here? I´m from Brasil.

      Thanks for attention!

    42. Danny Jensen on

      Arrived in mint condition in Denmark...
      With joy I took a journey down a dark road..

    43. Brom and Flesk Publications Creator on

      Thanks so much for letting me know the international packages have started to arrive! I've been anxious to hear the good news.

    44. Zwerver on

      The package arrived today in good condition in the Netherlands. I'm enjoy reading it right now. Thank you very much.

    45. Sam Hogg on

      Hey John, just to let you guys know that I received the package here in the UK today in perfect condition! Such a gorgeous book, please pass my regards on to Brom, he's been an inspiration to me ever since I came across Nightbells over 18 years ago, and I attribute some of my success as a concept artist to him today! I'm delighted to have contributed to such a great collection!

    46. tybalt on

      Hi, I just received the package this morning, and i admit, i was really excited (as a kid), no seriously you've made a great work, and i'm really glad for having participated to your kickstarter project.
      And I've quickly made a littlle unboxing :)!album-1
      Thanks again !

    47. Aaron Nakahara on

      I was finally able to sneak to the post office to pick up my package and WOW, really impressed with everything. You guys did a fantastic job on everything from top to bottom, it's just an incredibly awesome experience! :) Thanks!

    48. Octavio Arango on

      Got my book and prints! So cool :D

    49. Brom and Flesk Publications Creator on

      I'm posting this in different areas to make it as visible as possible. Regarding the international shipping time frame, it takes 7 to 11 business days to arrive in the destination country's postal system. The remaining time will depend on the local carrier and customs. Hopefully not long! It looks like they should start appearing in mid-July.
      --John Flesk

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