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Chose from a cute paper toy, a devious board game or some sweet paper dice. Biuld & Play with's launch kickstarter!

Papercraft is when you make things with paper. With this Kickstarter I am offering a cute toy mouse, a devious board game, and some dice purpose-built for modern RPGs and if we raise extra funds everyone gets some sweet bonus items added to their pledge!

I am re-launching and it will offer my latest papercraft projects. This kickstarter will raise the funds I need to print the next few projects and help pay for other expenses. My papercrafts are mailed to you cutout and ready to assemble with the help of instructional videos. My toys go well beyond what most think paper is capable of, including stunning features like smooth articulation and projectile firing weapons. They even assemble without the use of glue!

My site will also offer original papercraft games and accessories. This kickstarter will help me determine what sort of demand there is for papercraft gaming. If you are unfamiliar with modern tabletop gaming I encourage you to give it a shot— modern table top games are light years ahead of the board games you grew up with and are just as fun as other forms of entertainment.

If you're unfamiliar with papercraft you'll be surprised at how strong and useful well made papercraft can be. Papercraft game components enable me to make games and accessories for even the most obscure audiences and games. This micro publishing model will unleash new and wildly original products that are just not sustainable as mass or even hobby market ventures.

The Steampunk Mouse 

Melon is a brilliant engineer and inventor who never lets failure get in the way of her next big breakthrough! Her Auto Aperture wrench can fasten any bolt in a flash! Her Zeus Cannon fires bolts of lightning to protect her from ill-mannered mechanica!

This is the second toy in the Rodentia line and it goes well beyond the features of my last mouse, including hands that can hold and exchange accessories, functional gear movement and a bow that is much easier to fire and assemble. I chose a steampunk theme for my second mouse because I find papercraft and steampunk share the common bonds of DIY spirit! I also wanted to make a girl mouse in a pretty dress with steel toed boots!

Bluffing Style Chess

Did they move a queen or is it just a pawn pretending? In this chess game of hidden identities it’s your call! Catch your opponent in their bluffs and try not getting caught in your own. With BS Chess you will need less Strategy and more Skullduggery!

I have a great catalog of games and I chose to release this game first. It's exactly the kind of game that, despite being great fun, is almost impossible to publish traditionally. Publishing a chess variant is the least cool thing a publisher can do; all the other publishers will snicker and laugh at you behind your back. I don't care though. This game is fun! Micro publishing makes impossible products possible by significantly lowering the standards of success!

Check out the rules for BS chess here

Universal Dice

This set of 17 dice and one counter is purpose built to play well with modern RPGs. Fudge and Fate players will love the - & + symbols where Burning Wheel players will like that 1,2, and 3 faces are colored differently then the 4,5, and 6 faces. Of course, they remain functional as standard six sided dice.

The die carries a fun sci-fi theme and is fashioned after UI elements. Each face is immediately recognizable but reveals interesting details upon close inspection. The paper dice have been precision engineered to create a truly square die and have been balanced tested to ensure fairness. They also make a lovely sound when rolled.The dice set also includes one standard number counter. Use this to track health points or whatever numbers your game of choice requires; it goes from 00-99 and uses a simple wheeled interface.

Bonus time!

The more I raise the more time I can spend making sweet bonus stuff. These items will be added to your order for free if these funding levels are reached!

$500-Hammer & screw driver for mouse

The steampunk mouse adds a few conventional tools to her belt!

$1000-Modest Medusa and  Chapel Chronicles expansion for Bluffing Style Chess!

Medusa and Jake have found themselves transported to the dangerous realm of Bluffing Style Chess. This expansion adds Medusa and Jake to your game: Powerful new pieces that offer a new victory condition. Check out the Modest Medusa comic by Jake Richmond.

Update! you now have your choice of Modest Medusa characters or characters from Chapel Chronicles, Check out the Chapel Chronicles webcomic here By Emma Capps


I will make a pair of removable goggles for the mouse!

$5000 - Geared number counter for dice set

I Have a hunch that I can make an extra set of dials for the number counter that actually turn the 10's place automatically when the 1's place is moved past 9-0. If we reach this level of funding everyone will get these dials assuming they are possible.

10,000 - Bluffing Style Chess face lift

The game looks great as is but it could use a little more polish, if we reach this level i will give it a real good coat of visual polish including a hand painted game board, logo and a more beautiful rules presentation.

If we reach higher I have a few special plans i will reveal.

Thanks to musopen for providing the music for my video.


  • For my last Kickstarter each mouse was five dollars. Unfortunately I did not understand how the credit card fee structure effects small transactions. A five dollar transaction has a 70 cent fee when using Kickstarter. It’s not terrible but it hurt because I operate on a low margin. The pricing of this Kickstarter is what I hope to use on my final site, basically no matter the size of your order domestic shipping will be one dollar, international shipping will be two dollars. So the mice still cost five dollars I just added a dollar shipping to help cover the costs.

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    PLEDGE INFO, READ FIRST: Prices include shipping in the US. International orders please add $1. Unlike my previous kickstarter you cannot order extra mice by pledging extra money. (with so much great stuff on offer that type of order could get confusing).

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    MOUSE: 1 steam punk mouse.

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    DICE: 1 dice set including 17 Universal Dice and one counter.

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    GAME: You get one copy of Bluffing Style Chess!

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    TOTAL GAMER: 1 copy of Bluffing Style Chess, and one dice set.

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    A LA CARTE: Pick and choose up to 20 bucks worth of stuff! that's enough for one of each thing or any combination. up to two BSChess sets or up to four mice or dice sets!

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    LAUNCH PARTY: 1 Steampunk Mouse, 1 copy of Bluffing Style Chess, 1 dice set plus your choice of an extra mouse or dice set.

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    LAUNCH PARTY X2 You get two launch parties! perfect for you gift givers who also want to keep something for yourself!

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    ARTIST EDITION MOUSE + LAUNCH PARTY: Same as launch party but includes the artist edition Steampunk Mouse. The artist edition comes printed on the same super heavy rag paper the original was painted on. It is also assembled, singed & numbered and packaged in a decorative box. The artist editions are some of the best paper toys in existence.

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    ORIGINAL ART + ARTIST EDITION + LAUNCH PARTY: You get the original artwork used to create the Steampunk Mouse. The piece is painted in watercolor on heavy art paper mounted on foamcore board. You also receive the artist edition mouse and launch party package.

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    MASTER OF RODENTIA: You get to choose the period, gender, name and character of a papercraft mouse to be published in 2012! You also receive the original art work, artist editions #1 and #2 and 10 copies of the finished mouse. I retain all IP rights to the work. You also get two launch party packs. You may not request copy written or trademarked subjects, contact me for more details.

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    SUPER BFFs: You get to commission an original single page papercraft kit. You'll receive 50 copies of this kit along with all original artwork created in its production and two artist editions of the produced kit. it can be of anything excluding copyrighted or trademarked subjects that you do not own, or something that is overly graphic. Contact me for more details. You also get two launch party packs.

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