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Bringing H.P. Lovecraft's Miskatonic University to life.
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This project is a followup to the well-received Arkham Sanitarium project, giving the same treatment to Miskatonic University.

The primary focus of the project is funding a limited run of collectible items and props based on H.P. Lovecraft's Miskatonic University. At a minimum the package will consist of an embroidered patch and lapel pin reproducing the school's logo, two vintage-style postcards, and a set of three vintage-style field notebooks. Additional items will be added as funding allows, with an emphasis on things that can't be easily reproduced at home.

The secondary purpose of the project is producing a variety of printable paper props and photographs based on historical materials. All the images and documents will be released under a Creative Commons license to that anyone can reuse and remix it as they see fit.

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    The Miskatonic University Prop Package. The package will include, at a minimum, a cloisonne lapel pin and embroidered patch, a set of three field notebooks, and two vintage-style postcards. More items will be added as funding allows. International donors are asked to pledge $28 to cover the additional cost of postage.

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