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A series of sound/ performance art collaborations exploring the intimacies of the human individual by Cathedral X Studios.

A series of sound/ performance art collaborations exploring the intimacies of the human individual by Cathedral X Studios. Read More
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About this project

Mission Statement

Cathedral X is a performance and sound expression forum designed to reveal, accentuate, and expose the human inner-self to the exterior social and geographic world. Cathedral X aims to explore, promote and define the internalized human self as an object of intimacy that can establish creative and intuitive connections though interpretative displays and sound. Cathedral X values transcendent drifting as a means of therapeutic discovery and relies on the humans natural response to reality to empower and provide inspirations for visual display--it is this faith and transference of the self that is believed to conjure human distinction and acceptance. To bring inspiration and create inquiry to the minds of all individuals in any environment or situation and promote self-actualization.

Spaces In Solitude Sound Performance DVD Release by Cathedral X

"Gruff-voiced post-punk singer Amanda Schoepflin has been building some buzz lately with the band Ghost Shores, but I’m even more excited about Cathedral X, her new project with visual artist Jessica Jeffery and Chairs Missing frontman Paul Remund. They’ve played only one live show so far, but the demos I’ve heard would excite any Sonic Youth fan who longs for a no-wave renaissance." - Notes from the SMOKING PATIO, San Diego City Beat Magazine 

"Glass Candy and Chromatics are both fine bands, but mostly I want to see Cathedral X, a new group that’ll perform “Night of the Anti-Woman,” an intriguing piece that features sound, visual projections and more." - If I Were You, San Diego City Beat Magazine

What We Want To Do:

Cathedral X is a small self-run collaborative studio of sound and performance projects by sound artist and designer Amanda Schoepflin, visual performance artist Jessica Jeffery and sound artist/ craftsman Paul Remund in the Art & Design District downtown San Diego, CA. 

Taken under the wing of Joey Viasusio, San Diego sculptor and owner of Jett Gallery a fine art establishment in Little Italy -- Cathedral X has been flourishing working together in his personal studio warehouse converting the storage room into a workspace.

The group is structured as Jessica Jeffery as the visual performance artist, Amanda and Paul as the sound art components.

Spaces in Solitude is our first official performance sound series where we self-design elements such as costume, lighting, sounds and environment to create 12 experiences representing the human in a individual state of intimacy. The moments are to be documented and released as a full length dvd.

How We Plan To Do It!

We will film performances in our studio as well as several off site locations and venues. We plan to build props and elements of each show in our shop/studio by working with creative minds in the community to bring each show to life.

What The Money Is For:

We plan to fund the project with our own personal money in addition to the funds we raise from this website. We need to cover the cost of the following:


Costume or Apparel is adjustable to each experience. We have already spent almost $1000.00 on funding the first three projects on our own, and in order to customize performances even further we would like your help. Many donations will go towards costume costs such as funding costs for our makeup artist, as well as adornments and fabric ensambles that would be designed and constructed by none other than Cathedral X! 


Lighting plays a huge role in adjusting the tone of the intimate experience. We are in deep need of upgrading our lighting abilities in order to enhance our presentation. For our first two performances inexpensive flood lighting from the hardware store was sufficient although we are exploring other avenues of light fxs that could further accentuate our ideas, we would love and deeply appreciate any donations that could help make our vision appear elegantly. Donations will also go towards our documentary video artist, to purchase camera lighting so that catching a performance moment or anything along the way can be seen clearly and shared with you!

 Staging Materials

Object art can be pricy, but we do our best to convey our ideas in the most financially reasonable position. Many of our set designs include objects found in the urban landscape, given away digitally via craigslist or other word of mouth opportunities. Although the avenue of recycled art is very important to us we have now seemingly ventured into a design build period where more set design is required to give life to the performance. Our first performance required a bathtub for Jessica to perform in (which was a free gift) as well as 9-10 ft tall dividers, our third performance required several layers of fabric to present the performance room in a dream like perspective. Cathedral X is constantly in need of funding for set design and staging materials--this is one portion of budget we as a group are constantly struggling though financially.   

DVD Release

We want Cathedral X's first DVD release to be something intimate and special. We envision the 12 experiences to be one cohesive art film with an original score of immersive performance. Funding would also go towards the initial material costs of packaging and printing ensuring the DVD physical package is complete with its casing and presentation. We would also love to curate a night of debut in a local gallery displaying pieces of art from within the film--as well as do a projected showing for our community. 

Travel Cost

In order to reach our stylistic goals in a more personalized degree--we are in need of funds that go towards a travel/ shoot budget. Some costumes evoke a further exploration in a more visual context. For example our second completed performance included costume attires with over 50 lbs in chain weight. The original concept was visioned with the costume in a Saharan/ dune context. A travel cost budget will help Cathedral X push it's context from a live performance on stage at a venue to an intimate moment in pure intimate geographic solitude. It is these more abstract visuals we desire to capture on film and express into the full length DVD release.

Tokens of Appreciation

We hope to share our intimacy and grow as individuals with your help and would love to show our appreciations with several different tokens. To read more about the different token options please visit our backer rewards section located at the right side of the web page. 


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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    Concept Collection Journal: If you donate ten dollars we would appreciate presenting you with the first token of intimacy. During our experiences we have been documenting our interpretations. The book titled "STAGGERINGS" is a compilation of excerpts, findings, recollections, images, manipulations, and other spell binding captured events.

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    Pledge $20 or more About $20 USD

    Concept Collection Journal + Small Personal Gift: This second token is a bit more stylistic and features a personalization interaction. In addition to receiving a copy of STAGGERINGS you will also receive a small attached gift made by either Jess, Paul or Amanda. All additional gifts include a theme : IF YOUR KIND OF ROMANTIC OR LIKE TO BE TICKLED. Exploring the side of self though object art interactions will be the purpose for this second token exchange.

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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    Personal Signed Copy of DVD "Spaces In Solitude": The third token is very special. We would like to award our third donator the order of our truest talesment, a copy of our final DVD with a letter of orientation within the package. The third token is one of our most prized forms of raw expresson. The "Spaces In Solitude" series is the absolute essence of the visual stimulus that Cathedral X has most definitely explored. You will also receive the following first two tokens of gratitude as a complete package of intimacy.

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    3 backers
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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    100 Acrylic Art Piece Installation: Developing our thoughts around this DVD Cathedral X agreed upon designing + building a 100 piece acrylic art wall instillation. The piece will explore using color depths to externalize an interior form of self. The collective art piece will be situated with 100 separate components but stand well together. To donators who pledge over 100 dollars they will receive one piece of the instillation with a signed document of appreciation in addition to the following two tokens of their choice previously listed.

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Original Mixed Media Art Piece: What are your desires in color and medium? Have you ever wanted to build something with it's own original purpose? This is an interactive inquiry token. Please 500 dollar token receivers, work with us to create and express an original idea. We would like to ask of our 5th level donors to write us or share something with us that we can respond with a distinctive interpretation sculpture. We will send you an object with a direct emotive response that has been manipulated and re-designed. Attached will be a written artist statement and personal message. In addition to this reward those who receive this token also receive the following tokens of their choice to indulge upon.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Exclusive Show & FREE admission to any Cathedral X performance. In addition to any or all of the previously listed tokens of appreciation. This token is very intrinsic and appreciated with deep honor.

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