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Finally, a hard working wrinkle-free shirt that doesn’t feel synthetic and will stay fresh for five days.
Finally, a hard working wrinkle-free shirt that doesn’t feel synthetic and will stay fresh for five days.
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Last day: Suggested Pairing Combos And Backer Reviews!

Posted by Stefan Loble (Creator)


Two big things to share on our final day: pairing combinations and the results of backer testing.

Suggested Combinations

One of the benefits of a plaid is you can get it to take on a different identity depending on how you wear it.

Here are a few combinations to get your ideas flowing:



Let me know if you have feedback. Maybe someday we'll rollout a styling tool where you can see the result of mixing and matching any of our products.

Backer Testing

We are so confident in this shirt, we released a few prototypes to backers for immediate review. And the results are in! Thanks to Preston, Rory, Wes, and Matthew for taking on the testing so quickly. You guys went all out. I'll be thinking of ways to properly thank you...

See below.

In Closing

Phew... almost done with Kickstarter campaign number four. I have to tell you, Kickstarter campaigns kick my butt a little bit. But on the flip side, they are such a joy, and we're really excited to be delivering you shirts so soon after the campaign ends.

See you on the other side tomorrow...




*** PLEASE NOTE: This test was for fabric more than fit, as these guys got shirts that weren't final fit; and we weren't always able to get them the right size.

#1 - Wes


The Meridian held up through an impromptu wrestling match with my little girls (Ollie 6 & Maris 2)...a weekend swim meet and a concert in Columbia, SC. Today, I'll be wearing it on a flight to Orlando, FL for a business meeting.

Fantastic wrinkles right out of the packaging. And after 3 consecutive's still crisp enough to wear with a sport coat. Cant wait for my Kickstarter delivery!!

#2 - Rory

 The shirt is great! It arrived this afternoon before we went apple picking and I was able to wear it along with the Bluffworks Auckland travel shorts. It was a warm day but the shirt held up well.

Thank you again for picking me to try the shirt. It's so nice, I feel kind of bad taking it our for a run so I'll just wear it to next Wednesday morning's November Project stadium workout.

#3 - Preston

Pics, review, and a video. The whole nine yards. Thanks, Preston!


Ok so here’s my review after four days. 

First Observations: I received the shirt and unfortunately the update on the new sizing came out the morning after I submitted my size. The shirt arrived too small but only because I used the old sizing chart.

Based on the new sizing chart the shirts should be very accurate.

I opened the box and it had very nice packaging. It arrived in a well-constructed box and encased in plastic with good folding. The shirt didn’t have any damage in transit. It arrived completely wrinkle free and even had nice Bluffworks metal collar stays. 

The fabric is unlike anything I’ve ever felt in a shirt. It felt durable and at first even a little stiff. But also a little bit stretchy too. Not too much - just right.

After wearing the shirt for the first day the fabric was broken in either through use or body heat and it had a much more natural feel to it. Even though the shirt was too small it still stretched a tiny bit to conform to my body. I had to wear it unbuttoned as you can see in the photos.

One of the best parts about the shirt was how it is cut and hangs on the body. A very natural hang especially around the collar area. I love the colors. I really liked the shirt pattern because they blended with everything. It can be worn with blue jeans, black pants, khakis – you name it.

The stitching is strong and immaculate. The buttons and stitching don’t have any loose threads. They are both strong and high quality. 

Wednesday - First Day: I wore the shirt on a nine hour trip to the San Francisco airport. When I got home I slept in the shirt for about an hour and it was too tight so I threw it on my chair. The next morning there were no wrinkles and it didn’t smell at all. Very impressive!

During the trip I noticed that the shirt did form some wrinkles around the shirt tails but because I was wearing it loose that part didn’t get close to my body. I think my body heat helped the rest of the shirt stay wrinkle free. So normal wearing of the shirt you shouldn’t see any wrinkles.  

Second and Third Day - Thursday/Friday Without washing the shirt I wore it to work for two more days. Even though the shirt was small I still received a compliment at work. When I came home my dog – a wolf hybrid with very large and sharp claws jumped on my back. She has done this a few times before and ripped shorts, pants and shirts. I felt the claws but the shirt didn’t rip! After that I played with her in the yard to give the shirt some more rough treatment. The Bluffworks shirt held up great!  

Fourth Day – Saturday Today on the last day I wore the shirt around the house and then had my two year old son jump on it for about 15 minutes. Afterwards no wrinkles and still no smell! My overall analysis after wearing it for four days: I absolutely love this shirt! Everything about this shirt is high quality. From the stitches to the way it hangs. The durability and wrinkle-free aspects are exceptional.

My only regret is that I wasn’t able to test a larger size shirt.  

And a shirt smash video -

#4 - Matthew






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