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Finally, a hard working wrinkle-free shirt that doesn’t feel synthetic and will stay fresh for five days.
Finally, a hard working wrinkle-free shirt that doesn’t feel synthetic and will stay fresh for five days.
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More On Fit, Solids, And Backer Testing

Posted by Stefan Loble (Creator)

Hi Guys,

Lots of things to update you on -

Better Fit Guidance

Over the years, we've communicated fit details in a variety of ways.

What we sent you last week were physical shirt measurements, and it threw everybody for a loop. Below is information on what size shirt will fit you based on your body measurements.


Once you know your measurements, see below on how we distinguish our two fits. Which one you choose depends on how you like to wear your shirt.



I hope this helps. We're happy to assist you with detailed questions anytime at

Backer Testing

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to test a shirt. We had a TON of response and if we didn't select you, good news is you're on the list for future testing.

Yesterday, we began sending shirts to: Wes, Matt, Preston, and Rory. I hope you guys act fast, and don't baby the shirt. Everyone is eager to hear what you think before the campaign ends.

Why No Solids?

To make our products balance performance with a classic look and feel, we go through countless different fabrics and wear testing until we land on something special.

The plaids we selected for the Meridian look incredible, with a really beautiful weave. You can see in the shirt -

But when it came to making solid colors, the weave didn't present the look we wanted.

We're experimenting with a twill weave and some other approaches. In short, it has to look amazing, just like the Meridian, before were willing to launch it. That's why you aren't seeing solids in this campaign. 

And Here's Why We Want Solids To Look So Good

For us, only the best will do...

Two Relevant Projects

Freedom Pack | The First Packable Anti-Theft Travel Backpack


I know a lot of our customers think about security while travelling.

The guys at Travelab have launched the world’s first packable anti-theft travel backpack. The backpack is designed to allow access to your travel essentials without ever taking off the bag. Plus it's water resistant and packs into a package so small that it’s a must have for your next wanderlust! See their campaign at:

Embr Wave: A Thermostat For Your Body


I found this interesting - the ability to control your body temperature by warming or cooling one small part of your body. Founded at MIT, backed by Bose Ventures & Intel Capital. See their campaign at:

Guys, we're almost there! Thanks for everything.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lance Gingell on

      Now THAT is more like the sizing I expected! Great! Small for me then. I might have to order another now...

      I agree, it’s a shame about the solids, but I understand the reason. Perhaps a less-contrasting pattern is an option?

    2. Ken Lau on

      Sorry, update #4 has it.

      I think I will go with small. Thx!

    3. Ken Lau on

      Hi Stefan,

      Can you also add shoulder length to the measurement as well?

    4. Stefan Loble 4-time creator

      Isaac, thanks for the note. We're working on it for sure.

    5. Isaac on

      That's unfortunate; I was really looking forward to a solid color shirt. I guess I'll just have to wait until you find an appropriate weave for a solid color, then. Best of luck, Stefan!