The Ultimate Travel Shirt by Bluffworks

by Stefan Loble

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      Alexander on

      Would a reddit review work?

    2. Stefan Loble 4-time creator

      Yes, by all means. That would be awesome!

    3. David Helms on

      I'd be happy to try it out here in Virginia. Perhaps on bike rides around town, a hike in our Blue Ridge Mountains, or just daily use.

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      Gary Toakley on

      Would love to try the shirt out, I’m a locum pharmacist, have to drive 7 hrs to next gig in a regional town, then 5 weeks of 6days a week bachelor life a trial shirt that doesn’t need ironing or daily washing would be a huge bonus

    5. Missing avatar

      Kyle Heurich on

      When will you choose the backers to receive the advanced shirt? Posted on Twitter already but wasn’t sure on timing.

    6. Rory Dela Paz on

      Oh, I hope I'm not too late for this one. I just posted on Instagram as @rorydelapaz as to what I will do while wearing the Meridian shirt, if given the chance!

    7. Preston

      I am looking forward to reviewing the Meridian! I plan on wearing the Meridian for 5 days at work then spreading it out on my son's trampoline. My two year old will then jump on it for at least 15 minutes. I will then take it to Yosemite and get pictures of it in front of Half Dome and write a review�…

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      Luca Giuliano Salvatore Ruffing on

      Would love to try and review the shirt on my Europe jet set trip from 26th November to Mid-December. My goal is wear this awesome shirt always and looking good on my backpacking tour through Europe. The route is open, expect I will use it 100% on an Etna (Sicilia) bike tour, pretty though scenario to proof the shirts ultimate-ness.